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Ara: Political prisoners.
#NewZealand Annual #Inflation at 1.9%
#NewZealand #Inflation Rate QoQ at 0.5%
China is building a mega-airport in Beijing that will open in 2019
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This is from July. EPAs given me way more evidence since I first did this story
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This website will help you understand what its like to live below the poverty line:
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Looking forward to tonights chat with @coasttocoastam
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morons united
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For the kids
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Artificial Intelligence on your mobile: Does it really deserve the hype?
Trump might feel positive about himself, but not about the world around him.
Try clicking on @realDonaldTrumps followers and finding a real human being.
Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck, 88, given six-month jail sentence
Conservative think tank blasts Trump Energy Dept plan to boost coal and nuclear energy
How did I do this entire thread without posting this old XKCD?
Totally legit.
Netflix is up over 17,000% since its IPO in May 2002, an annualized return of 40%. $NFLX
Trump is becoming a failed president
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Voyage (Udacity Spinoff) Testing Self-Driving Vehicles In San Jose Retirement Community
A day as a social worker in the heart of the opioid crisis:
ScotiaMocatta Commitments of Traders (CFTC) Report (Oct. 13, 2017)
Netflix Revenue Growth, YoY: 30.6%. Netflix Stock Price, YoY: +100% $NFLX
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Plan for “what if” economic scenarios using our Macro Model #mrx
Netflixs revenue has increased 30% year over year to over $2.9 billion.
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Netflix adds 5.3 million subscribers during Q3, beating analyst estimates
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#Bitcoin as an asset class.
Clinton breaks toe while running down stairs
LIVE: @MylesUdland tells us what we can expect in the markets tomorrow -
Pricey coastal markets would be most affected if GOP dulls mortgage tax deduction
Trump says sexual assault accusations against him are fake news
#MeToo: Sexual harassment stories sweep social media after Weinstein allegations
We are trying to be the solution for working women. @RenttheRunways @Jenn_RTR
MORE: Netflix says it plans to spend $7-8 billion on content in 2018 $NFLX
Artist Slammed Over Graphic Depiction of ANC Hopeful Dlamini-Zuma: #SouthAfrica
150K of the Dec Midcurve 97.875 Puts(EDZ8) traded this afternoon. Feels like protecting the 98.125/.00 1x2s
Kale chips. Duh. #HalloweenCandySubstitutes
Trump claims Obama didnt call families of fallen soldiers, then walks back claim
Five Arrested In Connection To A Murder That Dates Back Three Decades | NBC Nightly News
MORE: $NFLX reports third-quarter revenue of $2.99 billion, sees Q4 revenue of $3.27 billion
Netflixs international subscribers continue to grow more quickly than those in U.S.:
#Opinion | #WorldFoodDay: Hungry for Change
US Claims Cuban Regime Could Have Stopped Sonic Attacks against Embassy in #Havana
Global Timber Forestry ETF continues to hit all-time highs, up 44% in the past year. $WOOD
Commerce secretary transferred $2 billion to family members after Trumps election: report
Netflix beat its own projections by adding another 5.5 million subscribers in Q3
Huawei unveils its challenge to smartphone rivals
Lumber closes at a 13-year high. $LUMBER
RT: UE: We have seen tragedies happen because of plastic: David Attenborough on Blue Planet 2 …
A quick look at the economy over the past four years:
LIVE: @RenttheRunways @Jenn_RTR talks about the companys business
Angela Merkel denies major damage after conservatives local election loss
I guess the curse has been lifted @no_pullbacks
Netflix shares rise in after hours trading after Q3 subscribers beat estimates
Netflix shares rise in after hours trading after Q3 subscribers beat estimates
The quest to design a smarter road
Neutron-Star Collision Shakes Space-Time and Lights Up the Sky
China offers to buy 5% of Saudi Aramco directly - sources
McConnell: Senate to vote on bill banning abortions after 20 weeks
UK is said to fear #Brexit breakdown ahead as May, Juncker meet via @TimRoss_1
Tim Jackson: The High Price Of Growth
Six of the world’s top 50 bars are now in #Singapore
Trump says administration to make opioid announcement next week
The Iraqi government will pay a heavy price, says the Kurdish Peshmerga General Command
LIVE: Uber for dogs draws scrutiny -
GM ends Canada plant strike after workers cave on Mexico demands
What does this Daisy Scout and early entrepreneur think about money? See full story:
Colorado political candidate promises to give his seat to an app
EU rallies behind Iran nuclear deal
Sector Rankings Trends (October 16): Leadership group holds steady
Trump attacks past sexual assault allegations against him as fake news
Activist Short Seller #DanDavid Is The Reluctant Star Of “The #ChinaHustle” $
me voilà à dormir sur Paris, alors quon a une couleur superbe en Bretagne...
Federal Tax Collections
Dow closes at an all-time high for the 11th time this month and 49th time this year. Anyone tired of winning?
Now or never $SPX
Conservative columnist: Bannon used to leak against Trump
Opinion: EU should learn from the Catalan crisis
Ahead of earnings, Netflix stock price closed at an all-time high today: $202/share
Off-the-beaten track destinations for epic adventures
A man tortured in Chechnya for being gay dares to go public with his story
Mexico finance minister says NAFTA uncertainty hitting peso
LIVE: Tech icons pushing long term stock exchange -
October 16, 1793 - Marie Antoinette is executed.
@SETIInstitute And here a picture of half the room during his talk which has just started
Theres one fall trend that just wont go away.
LIVE: Peak oil demand is around the corner - @jj_under explains
Whos Telling the Truth - the Police or Davido?: #Nigeria
Luxurious London mansion on sale for 18 mln pounds - bitcoin accepted
New Yorker profile on Pence sheds new light on how close Trump was to not picking him as VP
Earnings could propel the Dow past 23000
It looks like were in for another La Niña winter. What does that mean?
Transform your idea into a scalable product or service. (via @NSF) •

Mike Shedlock

Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. He operates the blog MISH'S Global Economic Trend Analysis and believes in the Austrian School of economics.

Thud: Housing Starts Plunge 6.8% as Sentiment Soars

6 months ago

Unless housing starts data is another one-time affair, and it could be given the volatile nature of housing starts, this recovery is nearly over just as sentiment is peaking.

Econoday notes a 6.8% decline in housing starts for March to 1.215 million units seasonally adjusted annualized (SAAR).

The reported dip is vs an upward revision in February from 1.288 million SAAR to 1.303 million SAAR. Thus, the effective dip vs the as-reported number last month is an oversized 5.7%

The first quarter ended with a thud for housing starts which fell a very steep 6.8 percent to a 1.215 million annualized rate which is the weakest since November. Posting similar declines were both single-family homes, at an 821,000 pace, and multi-family, at 394,000. But both components do show nearly double-digit year-on-year growth though quarter-to-quarter rates are only slightly positive.

Permits appear to be the positive offset in this report, up 3.6 percent in the month for a 1.260 million rate that hits Econoday’s high forecast. But strength is entirely on the multi-family side, up 14 percent to a 437,000 rate, while single-family homes, which have more price punch, actually fell 1.1 percent to 823,000.

March data are often difficult when seasonal factors, including heavy weather, are often at play. But the weakness in starts and strength in permits do point to a possible and favorable theme for the first-half economy in general: weakness in the first quarter followed by a sizable rebound in the second. And a 1.5 percent gain in homes permitted but not started does hint at a coming rebound.

Recent History

Optimism among home builders has been very strong and acceleration is beginning to appear in actual residential construction.

Incessant Econoday Cheerleading

Econoday’s recent history comment about “acceleration” is amusing.

Those looking for a positive interpretation to any economic report need only turn to Econoday. If Econoday cannot find something positive to say, no one can.

Today meets the typical pattern as Econoday looks forward to that famed second-half recovery.

Plodding Along

If one looks at actual trends, not much has changed as this Census Bureau chart shows.

There is no reason to expect second-half acceleration. However, a one-month decline does not constitute a downward trend either.

My opening statement remains accurate, but with weakening economic data in numerous place, especially retail sales, worrying signs have picked up.

Finally, and in contrast to Econoday, this report does not change my economic forecast for first-quarter GDP, but it does lower my expectations for second-quarter GDP.

My first-quarter GDP forecast remains 0.4%.

For further discussion, please see GDP Forecasts Dip Again: Forecasts Compared.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock.