New Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez picked up where his profanity-laced tirade left off last month at the DNC’s “Come Together Fight Back” tour in Portland, Maine Monday. As reports, Perez again went on a rant against Republicans, slamming their new “sh**ty” budget" and dismissing their health care plan, insisting the GOP "does not give a sh*t about the people they are trying to hurt."

However, his appearance was doomed from the start, judging by the reaction he got during the introductions.

After a rousing ovation at the mention of "the Vermont Senator," the leader of the Maine Young Democrats mentioned new DNC Chair Perez, and got quite a different reaction...

So much for 'unity'?

However, that was not the worst of it for Perez, as the following 'drop' seemed to analogize the Democrats perfectly...

American flag crashes to floor when Tom Perez mentions Hillary Clinton's name. Ominous sign for the Democrats.

— Kevin W. (@kwilli1046) April 18, 2017