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The Future is Now ✴️⤵️ #futureofwork #Industry40 #fintech #insurtech #IoT #Entrepreneurship #innovations
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Trump increases level of federal aid to Puerto Rico after hurricane
SEC chair grilled by Senate panel over cyber breach, Equifax
Join us now for a live broadcast of #FromTheSouth: FB Live: Website:
this is what happens when I get up for just a minute
amazing quote from @georgeeaton piece in New Statesman
Σε δυο τουι , ολη η παράνοια που επικρατεί.
Tusk praises UK attitude change, but says more progress needed in Brexit talks
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The World Transformed events were powered by committed volunteers activists. #TWT2017 #Inspiring
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Seeing Economy as Rigged for Rich, 65% Say Corporate Taxes Too Low, Not Too High
Hot Debate: Steben Says A Managed Futures Investment Can Be Timed $
Median Stock Valuation In 99/100% Percentile In Terms Of PEG, PS, EV/EBTIDA, P/B, But… $
Fed Governor Lael Brainard says inequality may sap U.S. consumer spending
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dont let your phone blind you
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Home prices in 20 U.S. cities rose more than forecast in July
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JUST IN: Treasurys Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctions 26 individuals in North Korea, nine banks
Huh! Lets see how she feels when they invert the curve. Conundrum possibly?
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what if they fight for... none of these things.
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Trump administration to collect social media information on all immigrants
I know most Americans are too busy trying to survive to watch this crap, but if they did theyd be freaked out.
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Markets at midday: TSX slides with commodity prices From @GlobeInvestor
Nearly two-thirds of Americans have experienced some form of data theft
#VoterRegistrationDay: The surprising genius of the “I Voted” sticker (from 2016)
Water and some Food Scarce as #PuertoRico Emerges from Storm
Homeland Security to monitor social media accounts of immigrants and citizens
Serious question: would you ask a date about their credit score? @FARNOOSH explains:
Century bond fanfare dims as Europe may be slow to mimic Austria via @johnainger
New Yorks first gay marriage:
Gods final oil prophecy comes true... @ja_herron @JavierBlas2 #OOTT
Over 100 students protest outside Sessions event on free speech
Quantum machine learning
Blockchain, and Cryptos – “The Future Or Fraud?” Asks One Big Bank $
Watch: ‘Flying motorcycle’ is put through its paces in Russia
Two men plead guilty in New Brunswick prison assault of Dennis Oland
Freedom Caucus chair: We shouldnt combine tax reform with ObamaCare repeal
Ip Man star @DonnieYenCT talks about starring with Andy Lau in Chasing the Dragon
Emerging-market inflation is rebounding from an 8-year low
Thanks to @MissEllieMae for her excellent chairing of our #Lab17 event with an amazing all female panel
Uber shareholder sues company, ousted CEO for fraud
Honoring Gus Schumacher, Food Farming Hero. 1940-2017 @wholesomewave @michelnischan
Feds Yellen says gradual hikes should continue, despite weak inflation
YELLEN: My colleagues and I may have misjudged…”
Angela Merkels Bavarian allies CSU threaten rightward shift #GermanyDecides
December rate hike odds approaching 100% on Yellens hawkish speech
The retiring Equifax CEO will take home $18 million ... at LEAST!
Trump says will visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday, promises to help
A weak Antarctic ice shelf just lost an iceberg four times the size of Manhattan: @yulsman
Fans Celebrate 24-Hour Marriages at Nax Vegas Rugby Festival: #Kenya
United Arab Emirates issues law to combat abuse of domestic staff
New polling shows that 62% of Americans oppose Trump and Ryans plan to give higher-income people tax cuts
soooooooooo, this int good for all those ponzies know as social security
Deep waters spiral upward around Antarctica
A board with private equity goons on it is keeping Puerto Rico on an allowance right now because reasons.
Inflation Fed Chairs:
.@RogerJStoneJr emerges
Blockchain, and Cryptos – “The Future Or Fraud?” Asks One Big Bank $
1. Nothing like a man explaining to Dr. Kings daughter what her father was/wasnt about.
A new book dissects Boris Johnsons London
Top general: North Korea hasnt changed military posture amid heated rhetoric
#Maduro Dictatorship Ups Repression, Arrests Brother of Candidate for Governor
#TakeAKnee for humanity.
US Residential Grid-Tied Energy Storage Will Overtake Off-Grid Storage in 2017
#Gold Pulls Back On Options Expiry @Investingcom
Trump: I was disappointed in so-called Republicans opposing ObamaCare repeal bill
Naomi Kleins Speech to Labour Conference
Finland is giving refugees bank cards that use blockchain technology
Cracks appear in Germanys AfD
Amazing Time Lapse of Aurora Borealis From Space
9/ These elasticities, along with inflation adjusting, bring the 25k loss estimate to 15k. Heres a table.
Trump went bankrupt so much because hes a bad businessman a crook but most U.S. bankruptcies are health-related
Even more evidence that we’re eating all wrong
Denmark minister Stojberg posts racist caricature online
Experts told us what would happen if North Korea detonated a hydrogen bomb underwater
Chinese university building mocked for looking like giant toilet
The iPhone 8 is a perfect example of why battery life never gets better
Put people above debt, Puerto Rico official urges amid Marias devastation
The Central Asianist Podcast with @NateSchenkkan: Nationalism in Central Asia
Its your final chance to register for our free #Dallas #oil #gas forum - September 28

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Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. He operates the blog MISH'S Global Economic Trend Analysis and believes in the Austrian School of economics.

ISM-PMI Divergence Widens: Markit Estimates 2nd Quarter GDP at 1.1%, Says Profit Squeeze Underway

5 months ago

Unlike their counterparts at the ISM, Markit sees growth in both services and manufacturing weakening with U.S. private sector growth at a seven-month low in April.

Markit notes that a profit squeeze on businesses. Input prices are rising faster than final prices on goods and services.

Markit’s chief economist keeps his 1st quarter GDP estimate at 1.7% but estimates the 2nd quarter will get off to a rocky start at 1.1%.

Key Findings

  • Flash U.S. Composite Output Index at 52.7 (53.0 in March). 7-month low.
  • Flash U.S. Services Business Activity Index at 52.5 (52.8 in March). 7-month low.
  • Flash U.S. Manufacturing PMI at 52.8 (53.3 in March). 7-month low.
  • Flash U.S. Manufacturing Output Index at 53.4 (54.3 in March), 7-month low.

At 52.7 in April, down from 53.0 in March, the seasonally adjusted Markit Flash U.S. Composite PMI Output Index signaled a further slowdown in private sector output growth. The latest reading pointed to the weakest rate of expansion since September 2016.

April data also revealed the weakest rise in private sector payroll numbers since February 2010, driven by a softer pace of staff hiring among service providers.

There were signs of a squeeze on operating margins in April, as input price inflation reached its strongest since June 2015. At the same time, prices charged by U.S. private sector firms increased only marginally and at the slowest pace since November 2016.

April data signaled a sharp and accelerated rise in average cost burdens across the manufacturing sector. The rate of input cost inflation was the fastest since December 2013, which survey respondents linked to rising commodity prices (particularly metals). Meanwhile, pressure on
margins from higher input costs contributed to the strongest increase in factory gate charges for almost two-and-a-half years.

Comments by Chris Williamson, Markit Chief Economist

  1. “The PMI data suggest the US economy lost further momentum at the start of the second quarter. The surveys are signaling a GDP growth rate of 1.1% after 1.7% in the first quarter.”
  2. “The vast services economy saw the weakest monthly expansion for seven months and the manufacturing sector showed signs of growth
    slowing further from the two-year high seen at the start of the year, despite export orders lifting higher.”
  3. “The labor market also continued to soften. The surveys signaled a marked step-down in the pace of hiring in March which has continued into April. The latest survey data are consistent with only around 100,000 non-farm payroll growth.”
  4. “The survey responses indicate that some froth has come off the economy since the post-election bounce seen at the end of last year. However, with inflows of new business picking up slightly in April and business optimism about the year ahead also brightening, there’s good reason to believe that growth could revive again in coming months.”

Business Optimism

My only quibble with Williamson’s comments is in regards to business optimism in point four above.

At best, business optimism is a spillover Trump effect but more likely it is a strong contrarian indicator as well.

Divergence with ISM Grows

The ISM did not forecast second quarter GDP yet but its first quarter estimate is a fairy tale 4.3%, well above any other forecast I have seen.

There should not be a huge difference between the ISM reports and the Markit reports because both companies survey the same industries, but there is.

For further discussion, please see my April 5 column, Another ISM/PMI Divergence: Non-Manufacturing.

Is there a reason to believe Market over ISM? Yes. Markit is more in line with actual hard economic numbers whereas ISM matches sky-high sentiment numbers.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock