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Tonto is very busy and important
Putin’s foreign policy is rooted in an epic myth of betrayal and redemption.
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Frauke Petry, co-chair of the far-right AfD, reportedly quits the party
Could North Korea shoot down U.S. bombers?
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North Korea may struggle to shoot U.S. bombers out of the sky
Magnus Heystek: South Africa, a country of no growth, is losing the global race
Tributes pour in for @itvcorrie actress Liz Dawn, who has died aged 77
Letter in yesterday’s Times, by a distinguished jurist and former Judge at the #ECJ
Introducing France
Germany’s Greens Consider Climate Change Priority In Coalition Talks, Leaders Say
INSIGHT: The Olympics newest and fastest sport
#Russia Corporate Profits at RUB 5.6T
A statement by the President:
Socialist parties in Europe keep losing for the same reason: @Bershidsky via @BV
National Association of Evangelicals blasts GOP effort to repeal Obamacare
The latest Trumpcare bill would make recessions worse
Reducing Urban Poverty by Creating Ample Jobs: #Ethiopia
Three Israeli guards and a Palestinian gunman have been killed in an attack near Jerusalem
Villa X is a Dutch house with windows that protrude inwards and outwards:
Euro falls to lowest in a month as Angela Merkels win shakes investors confidence
BHP, worlds largest miner, says 2017 is tipping point for electric cars
CBO: Millions of people will lose health insurance under Graham-Cassidy bill
Goose bump moment: I am the ONLY person at magnificent #Edzná #Campeche (aka get up early) #LPinMexico #Maya
#Gold down in European trading today (Sept. 26, 2017)
Trump once won a lawsuit against the @NFL — but the result was an embarrassment
Norway elk hunt threatened by wolves: hunters
U.S. companies urge EU to refrain from unilateral moves on Web tax
#Chinese ‘office chef’ becomes an internet hit
Scuffle Breaks Out At Parliament, City Hall Over Age Limit Debate: #Uganda
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S. Korea says winter Olympics will be safe despite nuclear threat
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The euro hits a one-month low as investors confidence is shaken after the German election
Zanu-PF Wars - VP Mnangagwa Threatens to Sue Rival for $3 Million: #Zimbabwe
Jonathan, Is Perhaps, the Most Abused in Terms of Hate Speech - Okupe: #Nigeria
Coronation Street legend Liz Dawn passes away aged 77
Putin and Merkel hold phone call after German polls: Kremlin via @Reuters
Western Digital to seek injunction to block Toshibas $18 billion chip unit sale
PE firm Brookfield completes investment into Teekay Offshore
Cape Town Gets Tough With Delinquent Water Users: #SouthAfrica
Our quote of the day is from English author T.S. Eliot. Download our Espresso app here
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Road rage parent drives into teacher
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Africa needs infrastructure, China wants to build It. So what’s the problem?
Why new U.S. sanctions on North Korea could actually bite
Worth looking at that gold move again. #METL
LBMA #Gold Price (AM) is USD 1,306.90, EUR 1,105.38 (Sept. 26, 2017)
#Gold Currency Index (Top 20 GDP Weighted) vs Gold in US Dollar (Sept. 25, 2017) - via
Maybe it sounds more family friendly with an American accent.
Coronation Street actress Liz Dawn has died
World in Pictures
Botanic gardens across the globe should work together to preserve plant diversity:
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Euro hits one-month low after worst day of 2017 via @Reuters
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North Korea war cries stifle stocks, euro still groggy
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#Digital transformation is the way to go for the #shipping industry
Marc Anthony to Trump: Shut the f-ck up about NFL and do something for Puerto Rico
Eminem stock follows in footsteps of Bowie Bonds as producers aim to cash in
Mexico is by far the top country of origin for active #DACA recipients
Introducing Melbourne Victoria
Introducing Europe
Introducing Egypt
Introducing Central Asia
VIDEO: Randall Oliphant Says Industry Is Approaching Peak Gold
People in Lewisham are sad.
Hipsters are sad.
Spanish PM Rajoy flies to the US in last minute bid to halt referendum #Andalucia #Lead
Mukura Bank Accounts Frozen Over Unpaid Taxes: #Rwanda
Tensions rise as Iraq Kurds defy Baghdad in independence vote #AFP
Republicans revolt again, seemingly doom Trump’s latest effort to repeal Obamacare
Goldman is pretty bearish on iron ore
Police Chief Orders Removal of Roadblocks Nationwide: #Nigeria
Civil Servants Get Pay Rise: #Zambia
Chief Justice Maraga Draws Cheers in Tanzania: #Kenya
Venezuela: Trump’s travel ban is “political terrorism”
How many refugees will Trump allow into the U.S.? @kcalamur looks at the debate:
Bad ideas for promotional stunts in #China - a story in 3 pictures
In Pictures: Celebrating Durga Puja
#Germany 2-Year Schatz Auction at -0.72%
The biggest diamond found in more than a century has finally sold (for $53 million)
Polish, French labour ministers debate EU posted workers #news via @New_Europe
@queenofchartz could b worse
Should #cash be abolished?
Polls Body Promises Transparent and Accountable Poll: #Kenya
Balis menacing volcano puts some tourists plans on back burner
#Mexico to cease search and rescue operations for #earthquake survivors by end of Thursday
Holidaymakers warned of flight disruption amid fears Bali volcano will erupt
#Thai junta says knows whereabouts of former PM #Yingluck Shinawatra
#Kuwait Private Bank Lending year-on-year at 3.1%
Rival automakers are ticked off that theyve helped fund Tesla via electric car credits
Discovery is a Star Trek series for the Trump era
Trumps state-tax plan could cause headaches for 52 Republican lawmakers
Amid dismal ticket sales, Pyeongchang 2018 gets help from South Korean banks
British Airways Probes Racist Comments About Nigerian Passengers #Nigeria
Trump Foreign Policy Still Being Driven By Fox Friends
Bali’s menacing volcano puts tourists’ plans on back burner
Tomorrows agenda. #macrothemes @SarahRapp
Why consumers pay the price for hurricane fuel shortages
West Wing actor: Trumps rhetoric goes against the values America was built on
London luxury home values are set to rise by 20% over the next five years via @sharonrsmyth
SP: #highyield default rate in Europe might hold at ~2% for near year or so; Avg is 3.2%
I reviewed @Richard_Floridas book on the New Urban Crisis for the NS
What makes a thriving and interesting city? Something called collision density.
As urban housing gets squeezed, it’s time for smart street furniture
The entire universe as we know it in one spectacular photograph (from 2016)
How housing intensifies the racial wealth gap
.#BannedBooksWeek: 13 books you perhaps didnt know were once banned
Three Peacekeepers Killed in Mali #Mali
Flight Attendant in Shocking Racist Rant About Nigerian Passengers
.@UKLabour members who make anti-Semitic remarks should be expelled, says @JonAshworth
Integrating Formal and Informal Transportation Services into a Hybrid Network
WTI CALENDAR STRIP is back above $50 per barrel which should spur renewed interest in hedging from U.S. shale firms:
Fintech Firm to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange in South Korea
Obamacare repeal on the ropes as pivotal Republican rebuffs Trump
Chinas iQiyi considers U.S. listing as early as 2018: source
Fertilizer has saved billions of lives, but it also has a dark side
Nigerian Arms Importers Plead Guilty, Opt for Plea Bargain #Nigeria
#US | The Latest Slap in the Face for the Establishment: Mark Zuckerberg?
In-Flight Wi-Fi to make you worth $4 more to airlines every trip
Levi Strauss, whose name is synonymous with blue jeans, died on September 26, 1902.
From the archive: Namie Amuro to retire
Baitasi House of the Future features moving walls controlled by a smart TV
Australia just ramped up the super-pit fight between top gold miners via @daniellebochove
How much longer can #Libyas NOC defy political gravity? #OOTT
LeBron James defends NFL protests: It’s powerful what all these athletes are doing.
Japan has the worlds most attractive stocks, according to State Street
Abu Dhabi Ports eyes expansion overseas
Venezuela slams US travel ban
#Belgium Industrial Production year-on-year at 3%
Alstom shares advance as Siemens deal draws nearer
Success Story - From Janitor to Lecturer At the Same University: #Sudan
Sanders: America must guarantee healthcare as a right for everyone
What our 2 obvious mistakes on beta testing and user feedback taught us
Prince Johnson - Liberia Will Go Back to War If Weah Becomes President: #Liberia
Defender la tierra, el agua y los recursos, cada vez más peligroso
look @izakaminska crypto investors w ambitious aims: wonder whats left after stripping away all speculative value
#Belgium Industrial Production month-on-month at 1.7%
#AfD sparks media interest at first parliamentary meeting. 94 AfD representatives will be in the new #Bundestag
Novogratz weighs in on Bitcoin
Leave IMO in charge of shipping’s decarbonisation: Esben Poulsson
A Palestinian gunman has killed three people at an Israeli settlement west of Jerusalem
Citi says get ready for an oil squeeze
The Merkel model - or how to keep succeeding in German politics
Trump ignores 3.4 million U.S. citizens and focuses on football
Were Harvey, Irma, and Maria merely flukes?
As Baidu Retreats, Alibaba and Tencent Battle for O2O Dominance
Somewhere over the rainbow there are police ready to pounce
Nigerian Ruling Party Calls Rights Activist Rogue Elephant #Nigeria
Mattis seeks deeper ties with India amid China assertiveness
Port Tampa Bay green lights plan for $60m expansion of Big Bend Channel … ##24sep #NotiMar
New owners of SAL Heavy Lift reregister six ships back to the German flag
Venezuela doctors in protest urge stronger WHO stance on health crisis
Intel’s New Chip Design Takes Pointers From Your Brain
#NEWS: President Xi Jinping opens INTERPOL General Assembly - #INTERPOLGA
Aποσπάσματα από την ομιλία του @yanisvaroufakis στην εκδήλωση του DiEM25 στην Πάτρα.
Shoe trousers, £1,795. Its a no from me.
Three reasons to reconsider digital bunker procurement #shipping
CMES acquires shipping assets from Sinotrans CSC -
Cash is in short supply in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico
12-year-old from Doncaster offers to help out at Ryanair:
Track what the Trump administration is saying about China
Veresen tries again for FERC approval for Jordan Cove LNG terminal in Oregon
Rowan linked with $4bn takeover of Maersk Drilling
Crewman airlifted from tanker offshore New York after being injured in fall #shipping
Hapag-Lloyd sends three boxships for scrap
Boskalis secures works for Triton Knoll offshore wind farm #shipping
D’Amico International Shipping seals another sale and leaseback
Chinas push for a greater role in fighting global crime
New index to help investors gauge food diversity
Goldman on the ECB taper and what it means for bunds
Big Four Chinese Bank to Launch Blockchain Bancassurance Product
Morning all, some possible talking points in markets today..
Hundreds of young asylum seekers choose to disappear in Switzerland
North Korea’s ‘countermeasures’ mean the war of words might turn into actual war
Where the software industry is growing outside Silicon Valley
Last week in tech: It’s Stardate 2017
Alibaba takes control of logistics business, pledges $15 billion to expand network
No, coal is not coming back
September 26 1687: The Parthenon in Athens is partially destroyed caused by the bombing from Venetian forces.
Howard University Students Disrupt FBI Director James Comeys Speech #ReclaimConvocationHU
Opinion: How Donald Trump’s visit can make China and the US great again
Black lawmaker kneels on House floor in protest of Trumps attacks on NFL players
From the archive: Australian national in Malaysian court on drugs charges
Nestle sets margin goal, to speed up buybacks
Disability advocate Yetnebersh Nigussie receives @rlafoundations Alternative Nobel Prize
Europe Could Attract $417 Billion With Higher Wind-Power Target via @Jess_Shankleman
Jancis Robinson on the best current champagne
Baltimore isnt done fighting over monuments
Detox the healthy way with these filling #vegan whole foods!
Wild wolf cubs born in Rome for the first time in 100 years
How can Uber save its place in London’s taxi market?
Trump Healthcare bill dealt new blow
Dars Maiden Geopark Eyes U.S.$10 Million Financial Boost: #Tanzania
Asias bike-share boom may impact sales of fossil fuels
Letter in the Times that shines a sharp light on Mays words and coats them in shame.
EU Immigration – A Gateway Drug
Ministry Has Mobile App for Citizens to Report Infrastructure Issues: #Liberia
Have we reached “peak” passive investing? Don’t bet on it, says @John_Stepek
.@PatChappatte on the German election.
Sitting in the batmobile outside @cnbc in NJ waiting for hit at 5:30 on the banks.... $C $GS
From Dishwasher to Millionaire, Refugee Achieves American Dream: #Ethiopia
Seven arrested in Egypt after raising rainbow flag at concert
What was the criteria used in this least unhealthy list of countries? #Africa
Who is Frauke Petry, the AfDs controversial co-chair?
ONS: We continue to see small year-on-year improvements in average life satisfaction ratings.
Meanwhile in #oil... #Brent price at the highest level in more than two years.

Mike Shedlock

Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. He operates the blog MISH'S Global Economic Trend Analysis and believes in the Austrian School of economics.

Empire State Manufacturing Survey Turns Negative: Welcome News?

4 months ago

The Empire State Manufacturing Survey kicks off the list of regional surveys by the Fed.

The Empire State report turned in a composite reading of -1.0 vs an Econoday consensus expectation of 8.0.

Econoday calls this welcome news.

Activity in the New York manufacturing region is flattening out this month following a run of unusually strong growth. May’s Empire State index came in at a lower-than-expected minus 1.0 with new orders also moving into the negative column to minus 4.4. Unfilled orders, which were very strong in April and March, also moved below zero to minus 3.7.

But the strength in prior orders is keeping production up, at a very solid plus 10.6 this month, and is also keeping hiring up, at 11.9 and only 2 points slower than April’s 2-year high. Delivery times continue to slow though to much a lesser degree than prior months which points to easing congestion in the supply chain. Inventories are flat and price pressures still increasing though, once again, less than before.

The slowing in this report is actually welcome news, giving time for supply constraints to ease and reducing risks of overheating. This report points to easing for Thursday’s Philly Fed where another month of enormous strength is currently the expectation. Yet despite the strength of anecdotal reports like Empire State and Philly, definitive factory data out of Washington have yet to show outsized acceleration. Watch for the manufacturing component of tomorrow’s industrial production, definitive data where only a moderate rise is expected.

Current and Expected Business Conditions

Industrial Production Manufacturing

Concerns about overheating seem more than a bit ridiculous in light of actual manufacturing production.

Once again, economic parrots are squawking about diffusion indices that have no basis in reality. The graph makes it pretty clear that the “strong rebound” was exaggerated by a lengthy period in recession-like negative territory.

Tomorrow we see actual industrial production numbers for April.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock