WATCH LIVE: Trump gives remarks at 2017 National Scout Jamboree
Should the U.S. play hardball with China on trade?
Kenya: Business Confidence for the near term falls in July. #SMI
Harrowing details revealed in deadly alleged human-smuggling case in Texas:
#Panama IMAE Economic Activity year-on-year at 6.49%
Schumer: Trump used working people to get elected, then abandoned them
How politics drives Foxconns manufacturing aspirations in America
Global hydro production has increased about 4.5 times since 1965. It is still growing strongly!
This graphene filter could make it cheaper to drink seawater
Russia deploys military police at “safe zone” in Syria
Jared Kushners denials of collusion with Russia are about as convincing as Trumps.
Will clean cars save us from climate change deniers?
Want to analyze your DNA to help you lose weight? Theres an app for that
Mums plea for missing teddy bear with tragic sons voice
Are you a ‘Monster Parent’? Experts say trend worsening in Hong Kong
This college has the “world’s first academic program for non-humans.”
Giuliani breaks with Trump: Sessions was right to recuse himself from Russia probe
This artist has completed a gigantic pen ink drawing after 3.5 years
Buyers from these 5 countries spend the most money on US homes @melodyhahm
How Email, Checks Sabotage Faster Supplier Payments -
Judge Clears Way for Trump Commission to Collect Voter Data
Monsoon displaces over 25,000 people in Indias Gujarat
Roomba vacuum maker iRobot betting big on the smart home
Jul 24, 1917 - Group of British WAAC car drivers at the English Channel port of Dieppe, France #100yearsago
i mean.....christ......
Trump criticizes Senate Republicans for not doing their job in Obamacare fight.
Cockpit of the Space Shuttle Columbia.
Japan inks defense deal with Germany amid China threat
McCain may return to Senate despite brain cancer diagnosis to vote on ObamaCare repeal
How Venice Beach became a neighborhood for the wealthy
Tillerson thinking about resigning soon: report
Doklam has always been under Chinas jurisdiction @IIAIC
Chart of the Day: Everything Is Awesome—Including Record Margin Debt!
The most crucial design job of the future
Italian state plan for Colosseum gets thumbs-up after court fight
Middle School Suicides Double As Common Core Testing Intensifies
Four fishermen wounded in Indonesian navy shooting, says Vietnam
WATCH: Protester asks Kushner to sign a Russian flag
Consumers only use a few brands in each Sharing Economy vertical
GOP Science chairman praises the benefits of climate change:
Easy-Bake ovens aren’t selling so Star Wars is Hasbro’s only hope
@UN Israel removing metal detectors from al-Aqsa compound
Bank of England warns more defences may be needed against consumer credit
Invest in Resilience Before Disaster Strikes
Trainee doctor dives into Hong Kong harbour to help save man
New CDC head used Coca-Cola funding for anti-obesity programs
July 24 FX Commentary: Bob Iaccino
McDonalds, GM, and Dominos — What you need to know in markets on Tuesday @MylesUdland
Congress took action on Russia — now it must act on the Middle East
Lockheed Martin is building a prototype moon habitat from old space shuttle parts
Poll: Only a quarter of Americans think Trump will definitely serve a full 4-year term
WaPo Worships Principled, Humanitarian McCain That’s Never Existed -
Trump Justice Dept nominee used to represent Russian bank with ties to Putin:
Michael Fallon: UK equipped to deal with terror threats abroad
US Hospitality Price Index for July: 131.5, previous: 131.9 (change: -0.3%) #WPI
Kem and Amber voted winners in final of hit #Mallorca show Love Island 2017 #Lead #Mallorca
Exclusive: Goldman Sachs retreats from ETF lead market making: by @trhunnicutt
Whats the problem with metal detectors in Jerusalem? @YasmeenSerhan explains
Is this what Earth looked like a few billion years ago?
The Guardian front page, Tuesday 25.07.17: Bank warning over big rise in personal debt
Exclusive: Goldman Sachs retreats from ETF lead market making
Comparing education, income and job data for immigrants vs. native-born
Need some chill time? Check out where to go in September for relaxation #travel
Macrons Francafrique
Russell Clarks exposure
Jewish council says anti-Semitism in Germany is increasing
Were not the only ones who like to play. These animals know how to cut loose too:
What astronomers are learning from the oldest rocks — from Earth and beyond:
How movies helped me recover from substance abuse:
Israel removing metal detectors from al-Aqsa compound
Congressional Black Caucus demands Sessions resignation: He keeps lying under oath
The shipwreck that yielded the Antikythera device is giving up more treasures:
Company offers totally not creepy #microchip implants to employees #fintech #payments
Also, recall Feds Yellen years ago voiced oblique concern about froth in certain sectors, social media was one:
Venezuela Maduros Despacito political remix backfires quickly (bad pun alert):
Finally OPEC has something to be happy about: APC CapEx just peaked
RT @Splash_247: Fortune Ocean Shipping orders four bulkers at Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding
Opinion: Here are a few subversive thoughts for breaking #HongKong’s property deadlock
RT @SuperiorMar: M-Maritime orders two handysizes at Saiki Heavy Industries
Fencing: Italians and South Korean teams on top in Leipzig
The GOP sticks with Trump because he’s given them wins in areas they care about.
Macrons Francafrique: #Africa
No End in Site in Darfur Student Strike #Sudan
Reuters: ICE to Launch Nationwide Raids Against Undocumented Teenagers
South Sudan Block Access to Independent Media #SouthSudan
Kellyanne Conway thinks Donald Trump’s lies are ok because ‘he doesn’t think he’s lying’
Trump misspeaks, says ObamaCare has been around for the past 17 years
Star Wars sneaks into science journals in bogus paper
The ICC promised to make #Libya a priority in 2017. Is it making any headway?
Trucker Charged with 10 Deaths in Immigrant-Smuggling Case #immigrants
Last week in tech: Everything you missed while nerding out on Comic-Con
Russians are protesting against their governments crackdown on the internet #FreeSpeech
7/24/2017 -- English Channel Earthquake struck as expected -- New Europe EQ watch
Tanker acquisition opportunities going ‘begging’
Stubbs, Talkeetna’s honorary ‘mayor’ cat and beloved feline fixture, has died at 20
Franken demands Trump Jr. and Manafort testify under oath before Congress
A reminder of where all that market performance is coming from. Which of these $SPX sectors is leading the others?
#Venezuelan President Maduro dances to his own version of #Despacito for la Constituyente
A tequila for billionaires on #NationalTequilaDay
Unrealistic: BIP 91 Creator James Hilliard Has Choice Words for Segwit2x
European Commission targets antiquities sales to curb terrorism
At $16.6 billion, Snapchap is worth $2 billion more than Twitter. That doesnt make much sense to me. $SNAP $TWTR
July 24 Energy Commentary: Alan Knuckman
July 24 Bonds Commentary: Todd Colvin
#LoveParade disaster court case to be one of Germanys biggest
Poll: Dem and GOP candidates tied in high stakes Virginia governors race
Israeli forces begin to remove metal detectors from al-Aqsa compound gates, says director of al-Aqsa mosque
Congratulations everyone. Its a sign! Your preferred healthcare outcome is assured.
Bring on the seafood!
12 states sue Trumps EPA over delay of Obama-era chemical safety rule
Protein From Solar Energy Carbon Dioxide Could Slow The Pace Of Climate Change
Frances Macron confirms aid targets in meeting with U2s Bono
The Hadrianic aqueduct of Caesarea Maritima, Israel. Continued to supply water to Caesarea for 1200 years.
Alphabet has nearly doubled its headcount since 2013 to more than 75,000
#BillyBragg #watercolor #portraits in progress at the @radioopensource HQ earlier today! #wip
55% of voters think the average American is getting squeezed out, while the rich get richer.
I mean at least cover them properly
Trump’s approval rating in every state.
21 Unique Monopoly Board Game Versions You Can Buy Online -
Protection against a dollar plunge is the costliest since 2009
Luxury train debuts in Japan on Yokohama-to-Shimoda route along Izu coast
Howard Dean: Trump needs psychiatric help
Limbaugh blasts Trump for public criticism of loyal supporter Sessions
Boutique hotel in Cabo offers design store, food carts and mezcal bar:
Is Al Gore good for the environmental movement?
GOP amendment would cut dozens of employees from CBO staff amid attacks on the office
Trump angrily rants that ‘Obamacare is death’ – and it backfires hilariously
Second key section from Charlie Gard judge
A spectacular aerial illusion of an underwater waterfall
As German spat deepens, Turkey draws tourists from elsewhere by @DiegoCupolo
Italy Petrol Price Index for July: 105.5, previous: 107.6 (change: -2%) #WPI
These 14 social entrepreneurs are getting a boost from @redbull:
Those opining on Charlie Gard case should read judges summary , and two key sections. First
Asia’s wait for a second major winner continues but Li Haotong becomes overnight sensation
Poll: Trumps job approval rating is 50 percent or higher in 17 states
Is surfing more sport or religion?
The best keyboards for serious typists
Democrats take aim at big companies in economic blueprint
Tonight … Go young moon hunting at dusk
EU leaders worried by possible further US sanctions on Russia
Alphabet beats Wall Street estimates; revenue up 21 percent
How to make all your social media posts truly private
ChiNext is about to be cheaper than the Nasdaq for the first time
How do the Kenyan elections work?
What the infamous Koh-i-Noor diamond reveals about empire and conquest in India and beyond
Syrian refugees rebuild their lives in Istanbul
How coders hacked back to rescue $208 million in ethereum
Democrats need a better idea than the better deal @rickjnewman
IMAGES: This is how scientists are tracking a warming Arctic: @NSF
Amazon closes at an all-time high while the following retailers hit 52-week lows... $TJX $ROST $FL $DKS $BBBY $HIBB
3 mobile app challenges for banks in Asia via @Enterprisei
Trump pleads with #USRepublicans to keep their promise, roll back #Obamacare
• Based off these qualities, when did you feel like a hero?✨
South Korea prepares to take in 30 Burmese refugees next week
#hurricanehilary Forms in #Pacificocean Off #Mexico #weather #hurricane
Introduction to Data Science: How to Big Data with Python #datascience #Python #bigdata
@TyphoonDisplay heading up for a dirty roll @SunAirshow twilight display on Friday @RAFTyphoonTeam
Another shot of @TyphoonDisplay @SunAirshow on Friday evening during a sunset display
Nasdaq hits record, JJ drags Dow
IGAD: War in South Sudan must end
Zimbabwean Govt Moves to Curb Teen Pregnancies: #Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Elections Body Clarifies Proof of Residence Requirement: #Zimbabwe
4-year-old boy cant contain emotion during stepmoms heartfelt wedding vows
Giuliani breaks with Trump: Sessions was right to recuse himself from Russia probe
With one tweak, @DavidCayJ helps Trump keep his Day One tax promise. @econjared
The rain wasnt good for my hair...but it WAS good for spluffy stuff on Saturday @SunAirshow
MSNBC host Hugh Hewitt: “Medicaid is paper insurance that isn’t actually health care”
Kid Rock brags about poll showing him ahead of Dem in Senate race
Google is still growing 21 percent — and its cloud segment is growing even faster
After delays, SpaceX and Boeing aim to launch astronauts next year
#Gold vs US Dollar Index today (July 24, 2017)
Chipotle closes at a 4-year low, down 7 days in a row and 55% from its all-time high just 2 years ago. $CMG
US leading indicators point to no imminent recession risk
#Gold Price in Euro vs Euro/USDollar Exchange today (July 24, 2017)
Chainsaw attacker targets insurer in Swiss rampage, still on run
Opinion: Do Palestinians have a legal right to armed struggle?
No one knows what health care bill the Senate will be voting on, including the president
Vietnam’s rivers are key pathways for global ocean’s plastic waste. #water
Putin told Trump that Russian hackers were too good to get caught: report
#Gold up 0.08% and #Silver down 0.06% today (July 24, 2017)
RT DoDandrea: #Entrepreneur is the driving force of the whole market system #MisesU #MisesU2017
#Entrepreneur is the driving force of the whole market system #MisesU #MisesU2017
#Gold/#Silver Ratio today (July 24, 2017)
Four owls, three of them v. fed up with friend who cannot just chill. By Joris Hoefnagel, d. OTD 1601.
Dem lawmaker to propose bill making it illegal for a president to pardon himself
Chinese Yuan ETF closes at a 52-week high, up 7.4% YTD. $CYB
Uruguay comienza a vender marihuana en farmacias
Greek Student Wins Gold in Mathematical Olympiad #Greece
Watch: Trump masks used in Italian cashpoint robbery
The Berkeley Global Campus: Vision and partnership in Richmond #ucberkeley
Jared Kushner denies colluding with Russia after Senate Intelligence Committee meeting
In conversation with Japan’s 82-year-old porn star
Why scientists want AI regulated now before its too late @DanielHowley
July 24 Equities Commentary: Bob Iaccino
July 24 Bonds Commentary: Todd Colvin
From todays #IceBridge flight: A sea ice floe with significant algae discoloration surrounded by many broken floes.
Trump administration picks 2 new DC Metro board members to replace Obama appointees
heres how #JaredKushner went over in london:
Senate moves to vote on ObamaCare repeal bill without knowing which bill they’re voting on:
The Amazon economy. $AMZN
Protester trolls Jared Kushner, asks him to sign Russian flag
The world is leaning less on its biggest economy to sustain the recovery via @atanzi
The Elites Are Privately Warning About a Crash - @JamesGRickards via @DailyReckoning
#Venezuelas inflation soars above 786%. New recent high.
Ikea just totally ditched the Ikea look
Scaramucci already being considered to replace Priebus as chief of staff: report
Via @mikeallen, heres a native ad attacking Qatar, funded by Saudi Arabia.
.@petergklein discusses the Austrian understanding of entrepreneurship at #MisesU.
Facebook: new all-time high. Snapchat: new all-time low.
702 to Engage Social Media Producer for Dog Vs Baby Tweet: #SouthAfrica
Ryan defends special counsel Mueller: Hes anything but a Dem partisan
You can watch the total solar eclipse from 35,000 feet this August
Alphabet rakes in a $26 billion quarter, but the stock is sliding
Brazil Recreation Index for July: 130.3, previous: 131.2 (change: -0.7%) #WPI
Syrians taking refuge in Jordan find comfort and hope in telling their own stories.
I still cant get over the fact that apparently only 15% of traders even remember the dotcom bubble.
Snapchat hits another all-time low, now down 52% from its post-IPO peak on March 3rd. $SNAP
The rivers of the U.S., collected into a nifty subway map
The tiny, skiing Soviet rovers that died on Mars: @astVintageSpace
Tearful parents of UK baby Charlie Gard agree to let him die
Explore #Maines Great North Woods by a canoe moose safari #travel
There is no money in a cure... #BigPharma #health
Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum Announces 2017 Preliminary Agenda and Speakers
Uber and Lyft are here, but Alaska still trails other states in the growing gig economy
Minnesota is pushing the gender identity debate on Kindergarteners.
SP 500: 6.9% annualized volatility thus far in 2017, on pace for 2nd lowest in history. $SPX
China prepares for a crisis along North Korea border:
Anthony Scaramucci advises Sarah Sanders on her hair and makeup
James Bond will return: 25th film announced for 2019 with no mention of Daniel Craig #Bond25
Berlin bookstore shuts down after leftist boycott
African wild dogs cant take the heat, face extinction from climate change: @NerdyChristie
@michaelbatnick @abnormalreturns Yes we can.
A few fun facts about the worlds largest cruise ship. #ImpossibleEngineering
Swedish light artillery on sleigh, Great Northern War- by Gustaf Cederström - 1845.
#SouthKorea Consumer Confidence at 111.2
Opinion: Chinese activists cannot depend on the US to help preserve the legacy of Liu Xiaobo
What part has moral luck played in your life?
GOP Science chairman praises the benefits of climate change:
President Trumps latest explanation of Trumpcare is nonsense @ewolffmann
The facts of the ugly dispute threatening Snopes, by @alexismadrigal
French wine production could hit historic low after Aprils cold spell
Meanwhile, the medium-term (3mth) $VXV volatility index has dropped to record low last week:
Ownership society? Its more complicated than that. Structure of US housing in one handy chart @SoberLook
Question submission is open now!
Italy Food Price Index for July: 95.1, previous: 94.5 (change: 0.7%) #WPI
Spanish researchers discover possible zika treatment:
The US Army funded astral projection and hypnosis research in the 80s

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Bitcoin Nears $1,900: How High Will Bitcoin Go?

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The price of a bitcoin hit fresh record near $1,900 amid increased political risk says CNBC. How crazy can things get?

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