Happy Friday
Milo Yiannopoulos: I want to see Bannon crush his enemies
Cities around the world are looking for creative ways to prevent vehicle attacks.
Bannon, Donald Trumps chief strategist, leaves White House and returns to Breitbart
Granderson heads to Dodgers for post-season push
#Trump mulls new #US strategy in #Afghanistan
Bangladesh will open up its seaports to global port operators, via @Mar_Ex
The week in pictures: From Kenya protest to alt-right rally
Pitsou Kedem designs colourful screens based on Japanese kites for Tel Aviv bistro:
U.S. Sales Managers’ Index at 2 Year High in August. #SMI
Opinion: Air Berlin break-up poses challenge to Lufthansa
WATCH: Stock market traders cheer as news breaks of Bannon ouster
On #WorldPhotoDay, read about visual journalism and the fight for freedom of the press:
Racial Gerrymandering Ruled Unconstitutional in Texas
Why China is obsessed with marathons
#UK’s #blockchain #job market #fintech @BankingTechno
UN demands more humanitarian access to Yemen
.@AJ101East examines the troubled legacy of the India-Pakistan Partition #PartitionAt70
Cant find safe eclipse glasses? Make your own eclipse projector instead.
Indias central bank governor says state banks need more capital
Flooding at #Cuban airport could cause delays for weeks to come, officials say
Bitcoin is literally soaring into space after a rocket-like surge
Pretty and purple! #vegan
Donald Trump’s trade chief starts investigation into China’s ‘unreasonable’ policies
Mueller’s Russia probe focusing on Trump Jr.: report
Fix My Finances: Should I pay off my mortgage or credit cards first?
How the unicorn became marketing magic (Were looking at you, Unicorn Frappuccino.
Will The New NAFTA Benefit Ordinary Citizens or Corporations?
Australians like to think they invented pavlova, but actually... From @1843mag
1,000-year-old massive, perfectly circular Viking fortress discovered in Denmark:
UK second home ownership jumps as generational split hardens via @_DavidGoodman
#ThisWeek Three risks and three scenarios for Ukraine
How to survive posh restaurants with your uncivilised children and your pervy spouse
On our blog, 10 cartoons for #WorldHumanitarianDay:
Global Manufacturing: Factory output prices ease for the third consecutive month. #SMI
High security as #Afghanistan marks independence day
Democratic Rep. says Trump presidency unraveling before our eyes
(books) I m enjoying the inspiring ambiance @AkateeminenCOM in Helsinki
Dave Barry on something that is easier to get than gold. #igwt17
Dem senator calls for lawmaker to step down after posting about Trump assassination
Venezuelas former top prosecutor is in Colombia, authorities say
Moscows taxis are among the worlds cheapest (if you manage not to be ripped off)
Catalonias Islamic extremism problem
(Awesome) Im in the largest bookstore of north Europe: Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, Helsinki
Heather Heyers mother speaks at memorial for her daughter murdered in Charlottesville
Venezuelas ousted chief prosecutor flees to Colombia
UK second home ownership jumps as generational split hardens via @_DavidGoodman
Im really enjoying this podcast, @CitationsPod.
How do you measure the value of a historic site to a city?
White House insists Trump decided to end arts council before its members resigned
15 of the most famous sculptures you need to know
Barcelona van attacker may still be on the run
Why Miami’s Public Works Transit Department Merger is a Game-Changer
Indias Infosys approves up to $2 billion buyback of shares
19 August 1561, Mary Queen of Scots arrived in Scotland to assume the throne after spending 13 years in France.
Questions remain for Ancelotti and Bayern despite opening day win
Why you should consider buying Alibaba if or when the market tanks
Who am I memes have taken over Wechat, this one from the Supreme Peoples Court
If we want bionic limbs that actually work, we might need smarter amputations
The coast: Olivia Sudjic learns to love the land of her forebears
Bannon says hell go to war for Trump
Seriously Bloomberg WTAF
Opinion: Was the Kenyan election either free or fair? asks @Nanjala1
Solar eclipse to be streamed live for first time, from balloons
Cautious welcome online for Steve Bannons exit
All Blacks flanker Kaino returns home for personal reasons
President of #Venezuelan Supreme Court wants to increase maximum sentences to 50 years
Globally, more people see U.S. power and influence as a major threat
Here are the top 10 highest-paid actresses from 2016-2017: via @Moneyish
Kenyan opposition challenges election result at Supreme Court
Farewell Sonny Landham, 76 Tracker Billy Sole in PREDATOR. The criminal Billy Bear, being tracked in 48 HRS.
Kyrgios sweeps away Nadal in Cincinnati quarter-final
Carl Icahn leaves role as Trumps regulatory adviser
Global Economy: Price rises fall to more modest and controllable levels. #SMI
Another one bites the dust: Pastor becomes first to quit Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board
19 August 1897 - London’s first horseless taxi is introduced by the London Electric Cab Company of Lambeth.
A New Drone First: Capturing a Total Solar Eclipse
“It does strange things to you to realize… - Perfect State (…
Aid workers at risk on #WorldHumanitarianDay #WHD2017 #NotATarget
Bank of #Russia is said to approve a credit line for #Otkritie Bank
Germans and drugs: marijuana use grows among teenagers
Judge rules against forcing IRS to release Trumps tax returns
Mongolia: Headline SMI stays in positive territory. #SMI
Pujols ties Sosa for most homers by foreign-born player
Heres the beginners guide to joining the #circulareconomy
11 US states added jobs in July
Erdogan tells Turks in Germany to vote against Merkel
US judge rejects Roman Polanski victims bid to close case
#ThisWeek Environmentalists worried as UK sells off Green Investment Bank
I guess this is why the rent too damn high
Where to go in September for the journey #travel
Krauthammer: Bannon pulled a classic Scaramucci before leaving Trump White House
What should Trump do in Afghanistan? @kcalamur looks at the options
On average, American teenagers trail their peers, especially maths whizzes from East Asia
National parks are bracing for eclipse crowds
Kenya opposition files challenge over election results
Spanish police detain 4th suspect in Barcelona attack
Can the bitcoin community stop neo-Nazis from using the currency?
Doklam then and now: from British to Chinese interests, follow the money
Drones will fly into the path of the eclipse to study weather
Kenyas opposition files challenge over election results
Muguruza outlasts Kuznetsova, next faces Pliskova in Cincinnati
Bill Gates has made his largest donation since 2000
These are the 10 happiest countries in the world
The 10 best diving sites in the world
#Turtle-shaped pavilion comes alive in #Chinese city
Its here! The official list of the friendliest cities in the U.S.
Avg. portfolio allocation to large cap tech stocks was flat Q/Q in 2Q, chart @MorganStanley
Seouls 5 best Korean barbecue restaurants
.@Badiucao cartoon: Tumped Eagle @realdonaldtrump #trump
Nowhere does climate change quite like Greenland
Bannon, Donald Trumps chief strategist, leaves White House and returns to Breitbart
Thousands of students and alumni petition university to take back Trumps honorary degree
Minor negative HY risk appetite divergence $SPX $SPY $HYG $JNK
Senator McCain completes first round of radiation and chemotherapy
How religious and non-religious people view the apocalypse:
China’s NPL (non-performing loans) ratio for large commercial banks, chart @MorganStanley
Are you in the global middle class? Find out with our income calculator
Erdogan tells German Turks not to vote for Angela Merkel
How might climate change and new technology cause upheavals in our sensorial landscape?
KKK Members Who Worked as Prison Guards Convicted of Plotting to Kill Black Prisoner
The 10 most expensive college football games to attend this year
Top White House aide to step down amid shakeup
Urban Innovator of the Week: Gétro Jean-Claude
Trump makes no decision on Afghanistan strategy
Read any good books lately? We’ve found plenty that are “Bound to Please.” #BookReview #書評
Opinion: Sowing hatred
Dem senator: Trump is not morally or politically capable of leading
@Qualcomm outline #AI research roadmap #fintech #insurtech @TechNative #MachineLearning
Top on #tiajobs today: Software Engineer (Java) at Knorex
Still trying to decide what to do this weekend in Moscow? Let us help!
The consumer sentiment index has climbed to 97.6, back near a 13-year high
Barclays Puts in Sensors to See Which Bankers Are at Their Desks
Insane Facts about #Bitcoin #fintech #blockchain @Paybefore
.@UN demands more humanitarian access to Yemen
Lebanese army targets last ISIL frontier on Syria border
The biggest check I’ve ever written was given to the wrong person
Big Data needs Data Science but Data Science doesnt need Big Data #bigdata #datascience
NBA superstars @StephenCurry30 and @Andre are getting into tech
#Russia calls #US @POTUS’s threat of military action in #Venezuela “unacceptable”
There are horrible things lurking on your counterfeit contact lenses
Chinese Nobel laureates widow makes first appearance since funeral
India in the mirror: how a nation sees itself at 70
Reading books may add years to your life, but news articles don’t count (... sorry)
Seventh Australian senator referred to High Court as citizenship crisis deepens
What are the Top 10 ways to Reduce the Risk of a #CyberSecurity Databreach? #infosec #security
Pedro the Little Robot Arm - Tindie Blog
All things are difficult before they are easy - Thomas Fuller
How schools are introducing drone education, by @nsnix87
Catalonias Islamic extremism problem
Whats burning Alibabas cash?
Mother of Charlottesville victim: I refuse to talk to Trump
McDonalds employees vote to strike over pay and zero-hours concerns - The Guardian
Is MealPal worth it? What I learned after 30 days chasing my subscription lunch
Far-right protests leave U.S. cities scrambling to balance safety, free speech
This is not a joke
Four-in-ten seniors now own smartphones, more than double the share that did so in 2013
Journalist arrested while interviewing students at public college in New York City
Future of #finserv, special report by @Raconteur via @SpirosMargaris #fintech #Blockchain
Eclipse-chasers trot the globe, addicted to #Moons shadow
#Switzerlands road agency bans Porsche Cayenne new registrations
NAFTA’s Sales Managers’ Index Increases to 2 Year High. #SMI
Boston determined to avoid repeat of Charlottesville
Nationals Scherzer placed on disabled list with sore neck
Lebanese army begins military offensive against ISIL on border with Syria
Sync your calendar with the solar system
IMAGE: German magazine Der Spiegel portrays Trump wearing KKK hood
Im ok for outerwear on my journey today, but its good to know the railway station cares.
The truth about cat and dog food
Judge rejects bid by Polanskis 1977 rape victim to end case
President Urges Kenyans to Maintain Unity, Shun Violence: #Kenya
How To Write Fake EV Press Releases (Template)
Older millennials are leaving the city for a new kind of suburb @melodyhahm
Dem bill calls on Trump to immediately undergo mental health exam
Between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, South Koreans wonder who is crazier
Reduce pain naturally! #vegan
Hollywood and Apple are considering a plan to rent out new movies
Hong Kong’s Marco Fu exits China Championship on day of shocks in Guangzhou
Good Night and Good Luck
#British TV star Bruce Forsyth dies aged 89
NAACP to Trump: Get rid of Miller and Gorka next
With The Defenders, Marvels universe clicks into place, @sophieGG writes
come on... (via )
Mayor says Lee statue must go as debate over U.S. slave past rages
Member of Trumps religious advisory board resigns over conflict in values:
Try a FREE one-week subscription to The Japan News. (0120) 431-159 (toll free)
Steve Bannon declares: The Trump presidency is over
Trump fires Bannon
Questions remain for Ancelotti and Bayern despite opening day win
200 Chinese scam suspects take over 11-storey block in Cambodian capital
Stephen #Bannons departure tips trade scales in favour of White House globalists
Pelosi endorses censuring Trump over Charlottesville remarks
3 Mantras To Guide You to 2050 #dear2015
Finnish police quite certain about attackers identity: local media
Google removes alt-right social media site for hate speech
Scientists aim for stratospheric view of Mondays eclipse
Kenyan opposition challenges election result at Supreme Court
Driver of van that ploughed into pedestrians in Barcelona is believed to be still at large
Is #Charlottesville now safe? What is the latest on the ground?
Be Skeptical Of What You Read In The NewsPaper – Question Everything $
JUST IN: 6 police officers shot in 3 US cities Friday night; 2 confirmed dead
Over 5 million Britons now own a second home
We live in a comedy sketch with no straight man. (Pun intended.)
mangosteens, painted by amanda almira newton, 1915
#Ecuador | @Lenin expresses concern over deaths and “political prisoners” in #Venezuela
Samsungs Bixby voice assistant is ambitious, powerful, and half-baked @pogue
WATCH: Tina Fey returns to SNL to slam Trump: Nazis are always bad
The last baseball-glove maker in America refuses to die
Bayer, JJ win third U.S. trial over Xarelto bleeding risk
Jared Kusher and Ivanka Trump socialized with a billionaire ally of Putin
McIlroy plans to defend FedExCup title: report
What were ex-Trump adviser Stephen Bannons policy wins and losses?
Trump weighs strategy shift in 16-year Afghan war
Bannon, Donald Trumps chief strategist, leaves White House and returns to Breitbart
New York Post crosses Bannon off in updated Survivor cover
#ThisWeek Egg crisis: Fipronil traces found in eggs from 2016
Barry R. Posen writes that its high time to make Afghanistan someone elses problem
This interactive proves just how wrong our world maps really are (from 2016)
Opinion: Why the North Korea nuclear crisis will return with a vengeance
Asian American groups rip Trumps Transportation chief for Trumps Charlottesville remarks
Switzerlands road agency bans Porsche Cayenne new registrations
NAFTA negotiators hone in on origin rules, dispute settlement
Farmers Insurance turns to Kespry for roof inspections UASMagazine
Steve Bannon exit statement to Weekly Standard
How to achieve a post-work future
Seattle police department trolls Alex Jones
Investor #CarlIcahn steps down as adviser to #US President Trump
Top black Democrat to Trump: Now fire the other white supremacists in your administration
Americans are more gung-ho about the economy in August, consumer sentiment survey shows
Germans and drugs: marijuana use grows among teenagers
How one mans 40 years of weather records became a treasure trove of climate change data
What were ex-Trump adviser Bannons policy wins and losses?
Jon Stewart: Everybody who is a Nazi seems to love Trump
Watch the suns magnetic field twist and turn in this NASA visualization:
US judge rejects Roman Polanski victims bid to close case
Breakfast, billionaires and big buildings: how do Hong Kong and Singapore really compare?
The white supremacists of the Trump era have no need to don the hood.
MT @lpkids: Thinking about a city trip with kids but worried itll be hard work? By@Abiwhere
Nairobis Domestic Air Travel Capacity Grows Fastest in Africa: #Kenya
UN demands more humanitarian access to Yemen
Red Cross, Salvation Army pull fundraisers from Trumps Mar-a-Largo resort
Facebook cant solve our political divide with an algorithm
Europe launches major search for Barcelona attack suspect
How to photograph the solar eclipse: The only guide you need
NuTonomy hopes for second-quarter 2018 launch of paid Singapore self-driving car rides
Cutting back on sugar? So is much of the world
#Cubans want the Government to “withdraw a bit” from the economy.

Mike Shedlock

Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. He operates the blog MISH'S Global Economic Trend Analysis and believes in the Austrian School of economics.

St. Louis Fed President Criticizes Rate Hike Expectations as Too Aggressive: Is He Correct?

3 months ago

Citing weak inflation expectations and weak economic reports, St. Louis Fed’s Bullard says expected rate hikes ‘aggressive’.

The Fed’s expected plans for rate increases may be too fast for an economy that has shown recent signs of weakness, St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard said on Friday, making the case for a continued go-slow approach as inflation progress stalls.

A recent dip in inflation and inflation expectations means the Fed may not make as much progress as expected toward its inflation target, and at a time when risks are increasing that political gridlock in Washington will continue.

Expectations that tax, regulatory and other changes may boost growth have buoyed business confidence and markets since the start of the year, but are looking less likely as the Trump administration faces continued controversy.

Bullard said that recent events in Washington, on their own, have not changed his expectations for an economy anticipated to slog along at a 2 percent annual growth rate. But they have coincided with weaker inflation, and a dip in long-term bond yields that seem counter to the Fed’s faith it should continue to raise interest rates, Bullard said.

Inflation readings “are weak, they’ve come down and they are too low for the Fed to reach its inflation target,” Bullard said in comments at the Association for Corporate Growth. “They’ve gone in the wrong direction and a little bit too sharply for comfort.”

Fed Clueless

These continual debates show the Fed is clueless about where interest rates should be. Of course, that has long been proven given the dot-com and housing bubbles the Fed directly sponsored.

I don’t know where the rate should be and they don’t either. What I do know that they don’t is the Fed blew yet another bubble.

The current bubble is not related to technology or financials. It’s closer to an everything bubble.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock