Once written off as dead, the Aral Sea has returned to life. @denechen @WeidmanPhoto @NatGeo
April colors #wisteria #Kitakyushu
#ICYMI Canada’s nostalgia for the factory has become a barrier to growth
Japanese woman, believed to be worlds oldest person, dies at age 117
Rape as a political tool in India? — #AJOpinion
Climate change revealed this U.S. military secret
Surge in anonymous Asia #Twitter accounts sparks bot fears
White Sox struggle in wake of Farquhar brain hemorrhage
Police arrest man in connection with Hither Green burglary
Why are married millennials keeping their finances separate? @CAKitchener reports.
Video: US brands China and Russia forces of instability
Toshiba eyes cancelling chip unit sale if no China approval by May: media
#Malaysia carries out autopsy on Palestinian gunned down in #Mossad hit
A proposal to solve two of New York Citys biggest problems at once
A new show of French garden art at the Met explores the politics of verdant leisure spaces.
Turkeys Erdogan says U.S. should look at its own actions if it wants jailed pastor freed
Japan is having an anime EMERGENCY
Mass evacuation in Berlin to defuse WWII bomb
Taxi drivers, #Uber square up on #Istanbuls roads
Japan may soften trade stance as U.S. keeps up pressure
Startlingly real sketches draw big response #sketching
24 hidden settings that can maximize your Mac
Child rape case heightens Indias Hindu-Muslim divide
Lyrid meteor shower to peak on Earth Day #EarthDay
Antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea cases expected to emerge worldwide
Avatar director Cameron says he still hopes to film four sequels
#Iran vows to vigorously resume enrichment if US quits nuclear deal
Crisis brewing in PKR over candidate list for #GE14: The Star #Malaysia
London Marathon runners face hottest race on record
New South African church celebrates drinking alcohol.
Wolves seal Championship title as Sunderland are relegated
Republican governor embroiled in sex scandal charged with computer tampering
Is James Comey helping?
EU and Mexico agree new free trade pact
Tesla’s Secret Weapon
Hunt threatens irresponsible social media with news laws
Conspiracy theorists just want to feel special
From the AP archives: Radio Station Gets Multimillion Dollar Gift
Islamic party aims to hold the key in Malaysias election
The Comey memos are more revealing than they seem, argue @benjaminwittes and @qjurecic:
Lets allow chemical weapons inspectors to do their jobs in Syria
Barbara Bush laid to rest
Corbyn blames May’s immigration policies for Windrush scandal
Value of the pound continues to slide after Mark Carney puts May interest rate rise in doubt
Dont be fooled: blockchain WILL kill the invoice. #blockchain #finance
Is Chinas space laser for real?
Robot designed for faster, safer uranium plant pipe cleanup.
‘Pressure is on Cardiff’ after Fulham edged back into promotion places
No Brexit deal would be disastrous for the food industry, MPs warn
From the AP archives: Ronan Farrow on being part of Pulitzer conversation
Weather: a humid morning in the southeast and cloudier elsewhere
Barcelona thrash Sevilla to win Kings Cup again
Claim free tickets to the Country Living Spring Fair
Johnson, Landry tied for lead in San Antonio
Butt-breathing turtle that can stay underwater for 72 hours is endangered
The game show host who became a daytime TV legend with ‘Supermarket Sweep’
Even ants stay away from this poison. #aspartame #foodfreedom #health
Hubbles 28 years marked by shot of wild stellar nursery
This YouTuber fixes up ugly websites and the results are really satisfying
RT @LPtravelnews Ski from the roof to the slopes at this new Swiss hotel
10 Things You Need for #Wilderness Survival #Nature #Outdoors
Europe not choosing sides in U.S.-China trade dispute
Donald Trump to host glitzy White House state dinner for President Macron
People perform tasks better when people are watching, study finds
From the AP archives: US senator, lawyer, react as US pastor in court in Turkey
U.S. banks push mortgage apps as home lending slows
Limited edition Doc Martens pay homage to Great British painters
Heartbreaking photos of eviction day in America
Cities Can’t Prejudge Winner in Green v. Grey #Infrastructure Battle
Senior MPs join forces to counter Russian threat
#Earthquake magnitude 4,5 - 222,1 km from #Shiraz - #Iran
Trump calls Comey a liar and leaker
Can online retail solve its packaging problem?
Theresa Mays Brexit divorce bill could cost billions more than her estimate, auditors warn
Ten protesters shot dead by Sandinista government in #Nicaragua - World Socialist Web Site
Cryptocurrency millionaires are pushing up prices on some art and collectibles
Chelsea legend Roy Bentley has died, aged 93
German minister urges Russia to cooperate in solving Syria crisis
Building firms waiting more than a year for bricks as raw material costs rocket, study shows
Woman dies after fire rips through care home for people with learning disabilities
Britains Queen Elizabeth celebrates 92 years with star-studded concert
Are you being ripped off by the gig economy?
.@davidlsims on whats at stake in Canness battle with Netflix
Bill Gates, arrested in Albuquerque in 1977 for speeding in his Porsche
Why more school districts are holding class just 4 days a week via @pewtrusts
Check out the Great American Eclipse in motion in this guest blog by Matt Francis.
With his latest decision, Gorsuch did Scalia proud (if not Trump).
The CIA writes super salty movie reviews complaining about how its portrayed in the media
Italy continues without a government - World Socialist Web Site
We’re giving away $500 of Ethereum to one lucky reader
Men get up to £29k more than women in state pension than women, study shows
Japan may soften trade stance as U.S. keeps up pressure
Understanding the great Connecticut taxpocalypse
From the AP archives: Indian PM Modi arriving in Sweden
Charity money raised by teenager whose sister died of cancer stolen by thieves
Bolivia to invest in billion-dollar lithium deal with ACI Systems
School leader quits over governments curriculum reforms with emotional letter
Anti-government rally in Hungary focuses on media freedom.
One fewer female FTSE 100 CEO as Royal Mail boss Moya Greene announces retirement plans
Ruth Davidson named one of Times 100 most influential people of 2018
.@OKGo’s videos are internet gold. Their first VR experience is even wilder
Arsene Wengers message to Arsenal fans after confirming he will step down
Theres still a piece of Canada stuck to Australia
Rose Wylie, review: Few painters are more arrestingly, pleasingly odd
From the AP archives: Salma Hayek attends UNICEF Ball
U.S. Treasury chief may visit China as trade tensions simmer
Dwayne The Rock Johnson responds to girls prom request, rents out theater for her.
Chemical weapons watchdog: inspectors have samples from Douma
BBC reporter admits he had an understanding with a detective over Sir Cliff Richard raid
This might be the most poorly timed Trump tweet of them all
Family of Palestinian scholar shot dead in Kuala Lumpur blames Mossad
Guild Wars 2 has been using spyware to catch cheaters
Here’s an amazing new picture of the Lagoon Nebula to celebrate Hubble’s 28th birthday
Turkey, rebel allies have lost hundreds in Afrin fighting, Erdogan says
#US family travel experts share their best trips
Add Your Voice to the Many Others Fighting for Change! #Petition #TakeAction #Resist
From the AP archives: AP reporters debrief on dramatic revelations in Cohen hearing
Turkeys Erdogan says U.S. should look at its own actions if it wants jailed pastor freed
US Senators introduce Clean Coast Act to codify safety rules for offshore drilling
#Earthquake magnitude 4,6 - 105,2 km from #Rafsanjān - #Iran
How to make caramel at home without losing your mind
Number of wars each European country has been involved in since WW2
This town took on Waze. Who won?
Installations and artworks headlining Coachella 2018:
Japan may soften trade stance as U.S. keeps up pressure
I run “facial recognition” on buildings to unlock architectural secrets
Woman playing Pokemon Go finds missing man with dementia in park.
Tens of thousands of Hungarians protest against PM Orbans rule
More tourists in Australia now come from China than New Zealand
Mexican Pop Up Serves Great Vegan Food and Helps Shelter Cats Find Homes
The crisis of pro-Trump journalism:
How to become a space tourist: 8 companies (almost) ready to launch
Armenian PM says country needs him as opposition stages ninth day of protests
Layers of laser-cut plastic were used to create these chandeliers by artist Jorge Pardo
Nadal cruises into Monte Carlo final
The DNCs lawsuit is making the parallels with Watergate hard to ignore
The first observational evidence for a black-hole cluster at the Galactic Centre
Protecting Cities Critical Assets #infrastructure
Incident in Saudi Arabia Sparks Tweets About Unconfirmed Possible Coup Attempt.
Adele writes essay praising Rihanna for Time100 list
Scott Pruitt May Have Violated Oklahoma Ethics Rules as a State Senator
Timber retreat tucked away in the shadow of a Chilean volcano
What a Disentangled Net We Weave: Representation Learning in VAEs
Japanese volcano erupts for first time in 250 years
No criminal charges to be filed over death of singer Prince
Breaking down the military aid provided by the US to Israel
Leadership gap opens at Alaska agency responsible for climate relocation
Why so many diamonds are making science headlines this week
#Earthquake magnitude 4,8 - 95,3 km from #Thessaloniki - #Greece
Inflation will fall as soon as rates lowered, Turkeys Erdogan says
Facial recognition technology reunites lost man with his family
Why I failed to deport illegal immigrants as a Foreign Office minister
How to use dry shampoo (and why it works)
Philippines Duterte sets window for peace talks with communist rebels
Former Louisville recruit Brian Bowen entering NBA draft
The Latest: Trump says US wants Kim meeting to be a success
The Latest: Trump: US is seeking to free Americans in NKorea
Honour, morality and the lost art of ‘doing the right thing’
The airplane saddle is a standing seat for super-economy flights
Conflict of interest? #health #CDC
Britain just went more than two days without using coal for first time in a century
6 Animal Species With Strong Family Bonds #Animals #Love #Compassion
A brutal trek through Toronto’s Brutalist architecture
Comey memos expose major problem in Trump’s story about his night at the Moscow Ritz
Five rad and random products I found this week
Why teachers are adopting a more militant politics:
EU and Mexico agree new free trade pact
US sorghum growers fear China tariffs could cost them dearly
Tomorrows @independent front page #tomorrowspaperstoday To subscribe to the Daily Edition
Death toll in Nicaragua protests rises to six
Swaziland king officially renames country kingdom eswatini
Barbara Bush laid to rest
Heres why the humble bicycle, not self-driving cars, will save our cities:
Sir Alan Parker resigns as chairman of Save the Children after aid agency is investigated
Verne Troyer, actor who was Mini-Me in Austin Powers films, dies at 49
Politics-driven ‘secret science’ initiative isn’t going over well with EPA staff
What is a blue moon?
Es Devlin creates afrofuturist scarred mask for The Weeknds Coachella set
What we learned from Kanye West’s first week back on Twitter
Red Cross says employee killed in Yemen
Patriotic Britons are increasingly afraid of showing national pride in public, says study
Alvaro Morata reveals reason for furious reaction to being substituted
One killed, 16 injured as Madagascar police disperse protests
Experts: North Korea talks likely to happen, but maybe not likely to succeed
Top 10 unexpected company origins
Toby the cat walked 12 miles to get back to the family that didnt want him
August Wilsons Two Trains Running: an intimate portrait of displacement
Carlo Ancelotti refuses to rule out replacing Arsene Wenger as next Arsenal manager
Erdogan calls for peace with Greece
13 Climate Justice Leaders Imagined as Comic Superheroes @amplifierart
North Korea suspends nuclear tests in latest concession to Trump - World Socialist Web Site
Stop looking at James Comey like some kind of hero
Russian attempts to woo American white supremacists have backfired
Canadians Get Almost Half of Their Calories From Ultra-Processed Foods
The EPA is considering a controversial process to deal with sewage overflows. Again.
Britains Queen Elizabeth celebrates 92 years with star-studded concert
If Taxis Want to Survive, They Should Learn From Uber
American Express 1Q profits rise 31 percent, helped by taxes
US senator takes her newborn baby to vote
Clashes at Madagascar opposition protest leave one dead, others wounded
Verne Troyer, best known for playing Mini-me in Austin Powers, dies aged 49
Trump calls Comey a liar and leaker
Getting A Rooftop Solar + Tesla Powerwall 2 System Installed In Vermont
Gunmen shoot dead Palestinian lecturer in Malaysia
Students are about to be hit with another eye-watering loan interest rise
Nice! This US city is the latest one to sue Big Oil over #climatechange. Whos next?
Stephen Lawrence: The murder that shook UKs racial dynamics
Big data is a sham
Where myth meets science: The northern lights in Nuiqsut, seen inside a portable planetarium
#Malaria in conflict zones threatens global progress against the disease
DOJ reportedly investigating Verizon, ATT
Frances legendary Ritz hotel breaks record in furniture auction
How Trump is using the fear of one gang to crack down on entire immigrant communities
Sessions threatened to quit if Trump fires Rod Rosenstein, news report says
How to repair your phone in a pinch
Four things the Comey memos reveal, from @GrahamDavidA:
Classic cannabis songs from the Jazz Age on 420
FAA orders emergency inspections of 352 engines following deadly Southwest incident.
Macron calls Sisi to discuss Syrian crisis
British teenager who cyber-terrorised US intelligence officials is locked up
Ghent house by Atelier Vens Vanbelle features arching spaces extruded into new white volume
Scientists Implanted Tiny Human Brains Into Mice
This device could change the lives of people with epilepsy for good:
Smallville actress charged in self-help gurus sex traffic case
Heres everything you need to know about the brand new Nintendo Labo
EU, Mexico say agree preliminary free trade deal
This matchmaking agency brings people together just to have children
Ahead of Arizona vote, Republican Debbie Lesko holds a clinic in tamping down expectations
Colin Kaepernick receives a humanitarian prize — but no NFL job offers
US manufacturers seek relief from steel and aluminum tariffs
Oklahoma teachers warn: Don’t trust the unions - World Socialist Web Site
From the AP archives: Michael Cohen Arrives for NY Court Hearing
The protest movement in Armenia has the potential of introducing genuine change — #AJOpinion
Anyone can compost their food waste (and everyone should)
Doctor who treated Prince agrees to pay $30,000 fine after fatal overdose
U.S. regulator permits Chinas ZTE to submit more evidence
Trump Is Considering Another Presidential Pardon
Britains #QueenElizabethII celebrates 92 years with star-studded concert
Arsene Wenger was a revolutionary who built teams for those who loved football
Door to US-China trade talks seems to open after #IMF meeting
Chemical weapons watchdog: inspectors have samples from Douma
Swimmer catches 2,000-strong shoal of rare migrating cownose rays on camera
Smart Local Policies Will Build a Renewable Energy Future for Cities #governance
P*** off! Sam Allardyce on the defensive as he admits Everton slipped up over fan survey
More Guns Won’t Make Us Safer. Here’s What Might.
WATCH: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA’AM: The Queen celebrates 92nd birthday #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
Researchers May Have Solved HD Streamings Battery Problem
Frida Kahlo Barbie doll banned in Mexico
Tens of thousands of Hungarians protest against rule of PM Viktor Orban
Avicii’s fortunes mirrored the money-spinning rise of electronic dance music
A war survivor in Yemen struggles to provide education to women and girls
Already accused of sex assault, Missouri governor indicted over fundraising felony
These drones plant trees by firing seed pods at the ground
English as an official language around the world
Eleven teenagers injured after car drives into crowd at football match in Wales
This bridge is the product of 6 straight months of 3D printing
Democrats Are Asking Two Sandy Hook Parents to Run for Congress. It’s Not an Easy Decision.
Why New York City stopped building subways
Natalie Portman responds to critics of her decision to skip award Israeli award ceremony.
Turkey, rebel allies have lost hundreds in Afrin fighting, Erdogan says
How to beat anxiety without medication, according to a new scientific study
Former Texas education official asks biracial student if he got into college ‘on merit’
Shadow-boxing tough guy should protect home-alone Japanese women
ICE cold: How a loyal Obama bureaucrat became the face of Trumps deportation force
Movies you Might Have Missed: Rachel Getting Married
The Latest: Trump says Pompeo had great meeting with Kim
The first photo ever taken of the Rolling Stones, 1962
Kansas militia members convicted of Somali refugee bomb plot
Turkish government calls snap election for June 24 - World Socialist Web Site
Capturing a lost era in Sanlé Sory’s studio portraits in Burkina Faso:
NRATV host blames Obama for Parkland shooting, demands apology
Here’s an amazing new picture of the Lagoon Nebula to celebrate Hubble’s 28th birthday
U.S. sanctions on Vekselberg have $1.5-$2 billion assets frozen: sources
6-digit iPhone passcodes arent safe anymore
Violence against Rohingya exposed in shocking photographs
Michael Cohen may have to declare Stormy Daniels case could affect criminal probe
Ral Castro just stepped down as Cubas president. But the Castro era is far from over.
One killed, 16 injured as #Madagascar police disperse protests
Dead Gaza teenager ignored mothers warning
How to find a job that gives you a sense of purpose
Video shows British tourist snorting cocaine off drug lord Pablo Escobar’s grave
Pressure on Theresa May grows after 2004 immigration comments resurface
Barcelona is forcing banks to find tenants for properties they own, but leave empty
Trump lawyer reportedly apologized to Melania Trump for Stormy Daniels payment
Dont let snow shoveling give you a heart attack
Can You Get An Exorcism From a Catholic Priest Over the Phone?
The Botched Rolling Stones Show in Athens 4 Days Before the April 21, 1967 Coup
Hopes for debt deal low amid EU-IMF discord
Gap Between EU-IMF over Greek Debt Remains
CHOGM Communique Conveys Leaders’ Support for Cyprus
Family of Myanmar policeman who described sting on Reuters reporters evicted: family
Man admits killing pregnant girlfriend who was found shot and stabbed in suitcase
‘Tell my mum I love her’: Boy trapped under van seat dies after calling 911
All-white home by Bloco Arquitetos sits on compact plot in Brasília
Iran issues warning to White House over nuclear deal
CDC expands E. coli warning for romaine lettuce
NYC to ban most cars from Central Park
UK aid aims to tackle child labour and trafficking in the Commonwealth
From Brexit to tactics: What it was like to cover Arsene Wenger and why Ill miss it
German shoppers sample burgers made of buffalo worms
The problem with fetishizing midcentury modernism
Sergio Garcia feeling at home in Texas Open
VERBATIM: Jeb Bush remembers mom Barbara
Farmworkers Are Living 20 to a House in California’s Bountiful Salinas Valley
The Latest: SpaceX rocket booster lands on floating platform

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