Vegetarian diet just as effective for weight loss as Mediterranean diet, study claims
‘How a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Ireland transformed my understanding of who I am’
Pompeo braces for a key Senate vote
#ParaguayElections | Closing of polling stations in Paraguay starts. #ParaguayElige #ParaguayVota
Michael Bloomberg to write $4.5 million check for Paris climate pact
Worlds oldest person dies in Japan aged 117
60 Minutes report details progression of Alzheimers
8,000 Disneyland tickets stolen from youth farming group
How HBOs I Am Evidence demands justice for victims of rape.
22 April 1145: 19th recorded perihelion passage of Halleys Comet.
Dominican Republic Banned the Sale of Captive #Dolphins! #EmptyTheTanks #Animals
Trump administration health announcement is latest blow to transgender Americans
No quid pro quo for soldiers detained in Turkey, Greek PM says
Why nuclear clocks will be the most accurate clocks on Earth
No trust in Malta #PilatusBank #Malta #DaphneCaruanaGalizia
You can love your possessions, as a mirror and gallery of yourself. From the archive:
Hunt filmed chasing deer on National Trust land
European firm wins contract for post-Brexit UK passports #Brexit50
Merkel stresses importance of free trade ahead of visit to US
PAOK wins volleyballs Greek Cup against the odds
Straight from the Harp - The Lyrid meteor shower reaches its peak tonight!
Violent political protests rack Nicaragua for fifth day
Millions of voters would back new centre-ground party, says poll
HNA cuts stake in Deutsche Bank: filing
Think twice before revealing what you were paid at your last job
Getting Ahead of AI for Smarter Cities
This is why Ive stopped saying Im fine, thanks when people ask how I am
Syrian military pummels ISIS-held districts in Damascus.
Football: Record seekers #ManCity thrash #Swansea to celebrate title
Scientists Discovered These Beautiful, Doomed, Purple Octopuses
This weekends editorial cartoon by Brian Gable. To see more cartoons:
French Symbolist painter, printmaker, draughtsman and pastellist Odilon Redon born #OTD 20 April 1840 Bordeaux.
The human impact of Theresa May’s hostile environment policies
Two people who helped Scott Pruitt buy an Oklahoma City house now hold top jobs at the EPA
Iyi Party approved to run in Turkey polls, 15 MPs join its ranks
Books to give kids who love science
An aging suburban megacampus gets a second life
This Moss Naturally Clears Arsenic From Water
Merkel stresses importance of free trade ahead of visit to U.S.
A brutal trek through Toronto’s Brutalist architecture @gmarchitourist
New political party gets go-ahead to run in Turkish elections
Evzones Turn Heads at Greek Independence Day Parade in New York
Trump says long way to go on North Korea crisis
Its #EarthDay2018, and fossil fuels are on trial. Read about the various lawsuits:
Steven Spielberg lying in the mouth of Bruce the shark on the set of Jaws, 1975
Amazon to double down on groceries; foray deeper into fresh produce in India
Olympic great Walsh Jennings announces beach volleyball tour
Tennessee AD Fulmer signs new deal running through 2021
#G7 foreign ministers seek to put pressure on Russia, Iran at Toronto summit
Large, modern church loft snapped up in Summerhill
Star Bulk adds 16 bulkers in all share transaction
The Latest: Doctor said Prince doesnt look really well
Howard commencement to feature Black Panther Boseman
Ancient coins, bracelets looted from Romania return home
Why Isn’t Nutrition Education a Priority in Public Schools?
Sessions threatened to quit if Trump fires Rod Rosenstein, news report says
How 3 Brands Are Using AI for Enhanced Creativity. #ArtificialIntelligence #AI
Neolithic surgeons might have practiced their skull-drilling techniques on cows
As chairman investigated over graft, Chinas Huarong told to control risks
Here’s an Adorable Video of a Baby Tree Kangaroo Taking Its First Hops
Oil, gas drilling in pristine Alaska refuge takes step ahead
Macris Argentina Has Become a Hotbed of Neoliberalism and Police Violence
Banks will issue call to firms to seek extrajudicial debt settlement
Alexandroupoli to be the next port conceded
Buying Greek property makes sense
Brexit raises fears among Gibraltar population #Brexit50
Koukaki sees property sale rates soar
Tesla Model S Crushes Luxury Car Competition In USA
Death toll rises in fifth day of Nicaragua protests against government
Brexit minister reveals how MPs can force Theresa May to accept fresh referendum
Dear adults: Here’s what kids think you should know about Facebook security @WencyLeung
Is the North Korean nuclear issue about to be solved? Not at all, writes @andreilankov:
Eight things you probably never knew about the Queen
Kangaroo dies after zoo visitors throw rocks to make it hop
Corker supports his potential Senate replacement—but he wont campaign for her
Kenya’s Vivian Cheruiyot wins London Marathon but Paula Radcliffe keeps
A large number of Amazon workers rely on food stamps for assistance
The funeral of Manfred von Richthofen, the notorious German flying ace known as the Red Baron,” 22 April 1918.
Nows your chance to send your name hurtling into the Suns atmosphere
Syria and the beginning of a new Cold War — #AJOpinion, by @russia_mideast
Guns were a huge part of my life growing up. Should we talk about them differently now?
The Catalan Robin Hood: In Conversation With Activist Enric Duran Giralt
A sandstorm approaches in Yazd, Iran, and more photos of the week:
The 17 worst sequels to great films, ranked
A new study shows the stunning amount of food people toss in the garbage every day
Why ocean cities need green engineering above and below the waterline
SEV tells gov’t to think like an investor
Building a shield
Recovery needs a plan
Germanys Social Democrats choose first female chair in hope of revamp
Artist transforms discarded aluminum cans into incredible hand-sculpted art
Man jailed for 50 years for stealing $1.2m-worth of fajitas
Gardening is fun, but a hell of a work: 2x 5 hours over the weekend.
A Year Later, Fewer Deportations in Cities That Adopted Welcoming Policies
#Earthquake magnitude 4,5 - 129,7 km from #Chinandega - #Nicaragua
Trump says long way to go on North Korea crisis
This is when married couples are happiest in their relationship, according to study
See 5 houses that architects built for themselves
The Global Crisis of Plastic Pollution
How losing US Temporary Protected Status will lead to economic chaos for some Salvadorans
As a black woman, I hate the term people of colour
HKFP Lens: Samuel Chans daring shots of Hong Kong from atop skyscrapers
NRATV host blames Obama for Parkland shooting, demands apology
22 April 1915: The use of poison gas in World War I escalates when chlorine gas is released as a chemical weapon.
11 easy ways you can help save the planet this Earth Day
Amazon has patented a method for identifying Bitcoin users for law enforcement
Indias Modi to visit China this week as rapprochement gathers pace
Why we need to bring back the art of communal bathing. From the archive @JacMackay
Diana Shipping fixes panamax bulker to Glencore
Fendi launches exclusive capsule collection with Net-a-Porter
Business will find its way, Brexit deal will be rational, say Czech optimists #Brexit50
He grabbed my butt. I dumped an entire tray with 10 glasses of red wine on him.
Chinas ZTE seeks resolution of U.S. export ban
More than 20 dead in #Nicaragua protests
Foreign ministry condemns paint attack against French embassy
Alexis Sanchez reveals his text message exchange with former boss Arsene Wenger
Of all the things we could celebrate, St Georges Day is the worst possible choice
Verdict expected in Abdeslam Brussels trial
Cairo warms up for Ramadan with Mo Salah lanterns
Donald Trump, Ivanka, Don Jr were asked very easy math problems. They got them very wrong.
Manfred Weber: We have to find consensus with France via @tagesspiegel
Former Texas education official asks biracial student if he got into college ‘on merit’
For the booze business, going green is a matter of survival
Body found on uninhabited island in search for missing Somerset father
Britpop: 25 years ago today Britain taught the world to play guitar
Armenian police detain almost 200 in protests
The 10 fruits and vegetables that can boost mental health when eaten raw, according to study
Talk of exchange of Greek soldiers ‘unacceptable,’ says PM’s office
Bowhead whale songs are as complex as jazz music
Cooking-gas crisis forces Yemenis to turn to firewood and rubbish for fuel
Mother arrested after son, 7, arrives at school high on cocaine
How to build a DIY pinball machine
India approves death penalty for rape of girls under 12
American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, also known as the father of the atomic bomb, was born #OTD in 1904.
People may be leaving Facebook, but social media is here to stay
Self-Immolation as the World Burns: An Earth Day Report
The Ultimate Recipe Guide to Philadelphia Favorites: Veganized
Ahead of Arizona vote, Republican Debbie Lesko holds a clinic in tamping down expectations
Happy #EarthDay!
A new study on concussions and Parkinsons provides one more reason to protect your noggin
In bumpy road to confirmation, Pompeo faces committee vote
This is what would happen if terrorists detonated a nuke in Washington, DC
How Better Treatment of the Mentally Ill Could Reduce Mass Shootings
An ugly truth behind ethical consumerism
Wales first minister is to resign after darkest of times
Trumps travel ban faces U.S. Supreme Court showdown
Parents Not Pushing For #StandardizedTesting #school #education #testing
Democrats think theyre poised for huge victories in these 10 states
From @theatlvideo: The tax experiment that failed
One man is on a quest to remove 13 million kilos of waste from Mumbais dirtiest beach
One Payment System is Needed For All Transportation #commonwealth
Police detain protest leaders in Armenia
Worlds oldest person Nabi Tajima dies aged 117
Celebrate #EarthDay with these renewable energy milestones
#MichaelBloomberg to write $5.9m cheque for Paris climate pact
Houston has a really bad plan to save itself from the next hurricane
A Sobering Look at Fake Online Reviews
LocalBlox found leaking info on tens of millions of individuals
Trump lawyer reportedly apologized to Melania Trump for Stormy Daniels payment
22 April 1972 - Increased American bombing in Vietnam prompts anti-war protests in L.A., N.Y.C., and San Francisco.
The fumes from spray cleaners and perfumes are a major source of air pollution
Most Americans think big tech should be regulated like big banks
Is climate change a part of Gods plan? Evangelicals remain divided
A Medieval Man Used a Knife as a Prosthetic Limb
Macron taps into U.S. Marines lore with tree sapling gift to Trump
Activists Defend Faith-Based Adoption Agencies From Assault by Left
Turtles have led us to their secret seagrass meadows
Anarchist group vandalizes French embassys wall
German Press: Greek Banks Pass ECT Stress Tests
FYROM Premier: We Never Came This Close to a Naming Solution with Greece
Breathtaking Aerial Views of Corfu, the “Lady of the Ionian” (video)
#DIY projects to play your part in ending plastic pollution. #EarthDay
Video: US brands China and Russia forces of instability
As U.S., North Korea plan to meet, Iran warns against Trump deals
A Syrian dancers journey from hell to the Paris stage
Spring has arrived! Happy #EarthDay
I almost died: abused Filipino women hope divorce will become legal
Emily Thornberry calls on Amber Rudd to quit over Windrush scandal
Upgrade your workspace with these stellar desk accessories
Matchmaking is big business at an outdoor Shanghai dating market. Aeon Video Editors’ pick:
Frances president says he has no plan B for Iran nuclear deal
Donald Trump once said he could learn everything he needed to know about nukes in 90 minutes
Ajit Pai’s ‘Broadband Advisory Panel’ plagued by corruption accusations
Happy #EarthDay!! The surface of the Earth is the shore of the cosmic universe-- Carl Sagan.
7 Secrets to Perfect Compost #EarthDay
Macron taps into US Marines lore with tree sapling gift to Trump
Farah unhappy with marathon staff despite record-breaking result
Comey’s Handling of Hillary Clinton Shows Us He’s No Hero
I was a successful journalist when a doctor first handed me opioids
Are you smarter than a pigeon?
Malaysia election: All immigration counters in Johor to open on polling day, official says
The hidden masterpieces of the @NYCTSubway
While inflation pressure heats up, Stephen Poloz comfortable with keeping his powder dry
Macrons party divided as France debates immigration law
Several Britons have been killed in a coach crash in Saudi Arabia
A Truly Solar-Powered Car — #Electrifying Chat With Sono Motors
Colin Kaepernick receives a humanitarian prize — but no NFL job offers
Can you survive on bread and water alone?
Romney fails to win GOP senate nomination
On this day in History, The Oklahoma land rush begins on Apr 22, 1889.
Volcano in southern Japan erupts for first time in 250 years
First female leader for Germany’s Social Democrats
Muslims in America: Immigrants and those born in U.S. see life differently in many ways
How a Skeptical High School Teacher Learned to Take Teenagers Seriously
Trump: US has conceded nothing to North Korea
Britain says web firms turning blind eye to children, threatens regulation
Trump administration health announcement is latest blow to transgender Americans
Why Antarctica’s prehistoric forests might foreshadow its future
Season 2 of Westworld adds new layers to its puzzle, @sophieGG writes:
Plant-killing pests and diseases have an ally in climate change | @thinink reports
Meanwhile in Amerikkka...
For #EarthDay2018, eat as if the planet mattered:
Is he even a human? North Koreans on Donald Trump
Thomas Feichtner bases Octagon chair on wire fencing and shopping trolleys
Air strikes pound insurgent enclave close to Damascus
A heartbreaking study shows what happens to women after they are denied abortions
Two people who helped Scott Pruitt buy an Oklahoma City house now hold top jobs at the EPA
Celebrate Earth Day with 10 images of Earth from space:
V.I. Lenin was born on this day in 1870.
The unlikely pairing of Louis Armstrong with Ella Fitzgerald is (still) pure bliss
Inside the dark, opulent world of Ghanas churches. @BaKlaVaRhInO @HUCKmagazine
The Turn-of-the-Century Pigeons That Photographed Earth from Above
The building of the Bastille fortress in Paris began on 22 April 1370.
10 Classic and Délicieux French Dishes Done Vegan!
The reality of black anxiety in white spaces: a QA with Elon James White
How the NRA taps into a specific kind of fear to sells guns in America today:
UK opposition likely to seek broader BoE mandate if in power
Georgia rally is latest disappointment for American extreme right
Most Likely to Skip #Comey’s Book, Question Its Accuracy #AHigherLoyalty #Trump
Israel rejects Hamas assassination claim
V.I. #Lenin was born on this day in 1870.
From the AP archives: NZ PM: US would have to renegotiate to rejoin TPP
From the AP archives: Vinh Long, RVN (ie, S Vietnam)
Conservatives seen keeping power as Paraguay goes to the polls
Solar Chimneys Solar Updraft Towers 101
Residents in northern Athens suburbs protest toll plans
Three people have been killed and one injured in a shooting at a Waffle House in Nashville
22 April 1500 - Portuguese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral lands in Brazil.
Sessions threatened to quit if Trump fires Rod Rosenstein, news report says
How to set up voice dictation on your computer and save your aching fingers
In honor of Earth Day, here are 8 epic videos of our planet
Read EPW Editorials in 7 languages:
This is how Facebook’s record lobbying spending compares to other tech companies
From the AP archives: Indian PM Modi hails relations with Sweden after talks with Lofven
Investigation is underway in Tennessee following fatal shooting in a Waffle House
Iraqi shrine tablets offer blessings, cures and a living
Watch a super-intelligent robot build a $25 Ikea chair in minutes
#Armenia detains anti-government protest leader Nikol Pashinyan
Against all odds, hospitals in Gaza continue to deliver life saving care — in pictures
JUST POSTED: Our May 2018 cover story by @jdickerson: How the Presidency Became Impossible
Kipchoge wins third London Marathon as Farah breaks British record
It’s Sunday Morning So Trump Is Tweet-Yelling at His TV Again. This Time About North Korea.
Happy #EarthDay
Take a short break to appreciate the wonder of nature: #EarthDay
#ICYMI: What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls
Meet The Greek American Who Is Indiegogo’s Muse
Turkey should understand how independent justice works, says ND
Meet the prosecutor experts say could be Robert Mueller’s Supreme Court closer.
“Look closely. The beautiful may be small.” - German philosopher Immanuel Kant born #OTD April 22, 1724.
How the Republican Party’s proposals to reform the food stamp program will keep people down:
WTH?! Police Officers in Iowa Are Shooting Feral #Cats #Petition #Animals
Leadership gap opens at Alaska agency responsible for climate relocation
Germanys Social Democrats choose first female chair in hope of revamp
Tourist jumped to death from luxury cruise ship in Spain #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
Your online purchase might get declined for no reason anyone is willing to tell you
Mountains in the Sky #NASA
Bots in the Twittersphere
Nut rage sisters leave Korean Air, father apologizes
The weirdest ways that U.S. cities are celebrating Earth Day
Opportunity with Dignity: Lessons from Multiculturalism in Toronto #society
.@Nike hacked a 3D printer to make the shoe that debuted at today’s #LondonMarathon
We must raise public awareness over sustainable growth, ND leader @kmitsotakis says
Naked gunman kills four at Waffle House in Tennessee
Swedish Avicii fans pay tribute to star DJ at Stockholm event
The latest research on disciplining kids will make you a better parent—and a better spouse
22 April 1964, the New York Worlds Fair opened.
Politics-driven ‘secret science’ initiative isn’t going over well with EPA staff
Because no-one wants to live on a plastic planet #EarthDay #BreakFreeFromPlastic
UPDATE: #Trump says #NorthKorea crisis ‘a long way from conclusion’
Heres how Trump is rigging democracy at the voting booth
Blast at election centre in Afghan capital kills dozens #Afghanistan #Kabul #KabulBlast
Indias Modi to visit China this week as rapprochement gathers pace
Chinas ZTE seeks resolution of U.S. export ban
Slash, Duff, Lars Ulrich, Sebastian Bach, Axl Rose
Michael Cohen says hes never been to Prague. He told me a different story.
Trump tweets attack on sleepy eyes Chuck Todd
Former Texas education official asks biracial student if he got into college ‘on merit’
We are probably not in the “end stages” of Trump’s presidency.
There’s still time for us to save the Great Barrier Reef
Death toll from Afghan blast reaches 48: official
15 Unique Smoothie Bowls You Can Make at Home!
Canada is pulling diplomats families from Cuba over mysterious acquired brain injury
Shadow-boxing tough guy should protect home-alone Japanese women
PPC protest action may lead to brief electricity outages
Our quote today is from renowned environmentalist and writer Rachel Carson
Happy #EarthDay #DiaDeLaTierra!

George Magnus

Why Brazil’s economy is all going nuts again

10 months ago

As a corruption scandal rumbles on, Brazil struggles to emerge from recession. Where’s a commodity boom when you need one?