@HBO .@jaycaspiankang is living in the bitcoin bubble #VICENewsTonight
Why #Cuba cannot “get to Denmark” through economic development alone | By José Azel
Financial conditions have never been easier, or as the BIS would call it a paradox
Exhausted staffers making errors in GOP tax bill: report
The other, mostly forgotten, time that Trump bragged about sexual harassment
Palestinian-Israeli conflict doesn’t need a made-in-America solution
Saudi Arabia lifts 35-Yr old cinema ban, calls it watershed moment.
Mass evictions of migrant workers in Beijing
Are we on the threshold of another #Watergate—or something worse? #ConstitutionalCrisis
12 December 1991 - Actor Richard Gere (42) weds super model Cindy Crawford (25) in Las Vegas.
@HBO David Loshbaugh is a Commander in the United States Navy, and hes also a midwife #VICENewsTonight
Three Trump accusers seek Congressional probe of sex misconduct
#5Things - Bitcoin debut - China cracks down - Rate hikes loom - NYC bombing - Eco on tap
SpaceX/Dragon CRS-13 Whats on Board Science Briefing
Robots will definitely take our jobs but they might give us better lives in exchange
Unequal on sex charges
@HBO Democrat Doug Jones is winning among women in one Fox News poll #VICENewsTonight
China credit impulse edges lower in November, underlining tough trade off between growth and deleveraging
Government agencies announce plan to police the internet after net neutrality is repealed
Balis rumbling volcano is slashing tourist numbers for the year-end holiday season
AP Top Stories
“The state of Alabama deserves better”: Republicans condemn Roy Moore ahead of election
Shohei Ohtani might be the most underpaid man in the world, writes @JVenook
How blockchain works for bitcoin
What is going on with Lindsey Graham?
Venezuela running out of fuel for air travel, leaked PDVSA memo reveals.
Putin and Erdogan warn US Jerusalem move risks escalating regional tensions
You should make fermented veggies—for science
Doug Jones Roy Moore Neck and Neck on Eve of Alabama Senate Election #AlabamaSenateRace
The rich are waging class war. And theyre winning.
A manager of $42 billion fears bubble in worlds biggest stocks
Gary Johnson: When pro-Clinton trolls went after me during the election
Trump to open the door for oil drilling off U.S.’s East Coast
Trump makes robo-call for Moore as Democrat Jones takes lead in Alabama race via @Reuters
Commemorate where you came from or where you want to go with Urban Grid Jewelry:
This $100-million Startup Plans to Put Chips Into Human Brains to Enhance Intelligence
Warren shreds Treasury analysis of GOP tax plan: They made up the numbers
Glomar Offshore lands standby vessel contract in Gabon
Dutch police retire convocation of drone-catching eagles
The IOT - More than just the sum of the parts #technology #cities
Source: @jeffdeist
A Gold Guys View of Crypto, Bitcoin, and Blockchain - @alexstanczyk
Job openings in the U.S. fell by 181,000 in October to 5.996 million #JOLTS
WATCH: Reporter asks Sarah Huckabee Sanders if shes ever been sexually harassed
@DavidBCollum --- House party enthusiast
It’s neither Obama’s nor Trump’s economy, and heres why via @WestWingReport
No, Christmas classic ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is not about rape | By Ben Jackson
Where are all the Foreign NGOs in China? See our interactive map
Jony Ive is reportedly taking back control of design at Apple
A Park Slope barber is helping men fix their fascist haircuts
Senate chairman presses nuclear regulators on Uranium One exports
Want clean air? Get your checkbook out, China @shuli_ren @gadfly via @BW
I feel like this chart could use a few more variables
Jimmy Kimmel donates to Doug Jones after feud with Roy Moore
The dark side of Trump’s moon landing is Mars gets ignored
Now available on Amazon:
China wont cut off North Koreas oil lifeline. Heres why
Apple and Walmart are helping China crack down on polluters
TEN wins new charters
2017 was a year of female rage
This company is about to flood the U.S. with cheap HIV drugs
Venezuelan Dictatorship Bans Major Opposition Parties from 2018 Presidential Elections.
The Republican overseeing the Alabama election doesnt think voting should be easy
New drug may combat deadly #Huntingtonsdisease
US Treasury halts pension investments to avoid debt default
Nairobians Frustrated By Madness in City Streets: #Kenya
JUST IN: Senate advances Trump judicial nominee labeled not qualified
Can a new UN “Road Map” ease Libya’s chaos? @reportingLibya asks:
New Yorker fires reporter Ryan Lizza over improper sexual conduct
Appealing to the 14-year-old @Bloomberg user...
12/11/2017 -- Multiple Volcanoes erupting off the West Coast of California?!
Jupiters North Pole as seen by @NASAJuno during Perijove 4 [G.Eichstadt]
#Earthquake magnitude 4,2 - 182,8 km from #Salta - #Argentina
Earnings Insight: Q3’17 By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC] $ $
Add Alaska Native tribes to the long list of casualties from the Republican tax plan
German director Fatih Akin gets Golden Globe nod via @dw_culture
Obama urges Americans to keep signing up for ObamaCare as Trump deadline approaches
Put the world’s smallest bottle opener on your keychain
#US | The dangers of @RonPaul ’s hyper non-interventionism. | By @LATINAMERUPDATE
Judge questions Manafort’s bid to travel among three homes
The Rise of the Fintechpreneur, and Why It Matters - Dataconomy
Why does coffee make you poop?
Stories can be reduced to a handful of familiar shapes, according to Kurt Vonnegut.
Exit through the gift shop: DCs best museum stores by @BNKennedy10 #travel
Snapshots from outside the #RoyMoore “Drain the Swamp” rally in Midland, AL.
Ex-Trump aides expect Bannon to be questioned by Mueller: report
Does Ethiopias new TV channel mean more media freedom?
Dataviz: Visualizing The Lifespan of Every U.S. President
CNN accuses Trump of online bullying after attack on Don Lemon
Gadgets are getting a big discount on Amazon today
A detailed map of U.S. wildfires since 1980 reveals the growing role of human causes
FREE: How could the Opec deal survive a sharp decline in Venezuelan oil production? #OOTT
Global destruction ‘is only one impulsive tantrum away,’ antinuclear group’s leader says
You probably shouldn’t bet your savings on Reddit’s WallStreetbets
Times Square subway bomber tells police he’s a follower of Islamic State
Important Update; Why you should want a second passport
How #Airbus uses virtual reality and #3Dprinting to help make and sell planes
Ivankas criticism of Roy Moore compelled Trump to back him: report
2017 #Cooperative Issues Forum: #coops #gocoop
Renault Unveils SYMBIOZ Demo Car — Rolling Prototype Of “Electric, Autonomous, Connected”…
From an interesting, now deleted, article.
#US | Supreme Court hands @POTUS major win on travel ban. | By @LATINAMERUPDATE
The Guardian front page, Tuesday 12.12.17 | Grenfell: call for families to be heard at last
Congresss tax scorekeeper breaks with GOP: Tax bill wont pay for itself
RT ForestJay: At #AIWorld ? Stop by the Affectiva booth #18 to chat with us.
This William Pickering 20-year-old port from @berrybrosrudd is among the best Ive ever tasted
New York City terror attack is the new normal
2017/12/7 SWC F/A-18B VFC-12 Fighting Omars AF-12 CAG スホーイを模した黒ホーネット…これを谷で撮影できている現実が一瞬受け容れられませんでした
How did highway stimulus spending turn into a dead end?
Monsanto is giving cash to U.S. farmers to use its controversial weedkiller
Manhattan falls victim to an attempted attack – get the latest on the #nycbombing on
RT WalterSdeWit: AIWorldExpo Artificial Intelligence: Follow the Money NLinBoston NLintheUSA IAnetwerk
GOP donors furious over RNC support for Roy Moore: report
Berniecrats Score Another Major Win Against the Democratic Establishment:
New Yorker Cartoon • Nov 5, 2017
Police say New York subway attack suspect wore a “low-tech” explosive device
Republicans concerned over tax bills unpopularity:
Arms sales are increasing around the world, according to @SIPRIorg
Judge orders Ala. to save digital ballot images
Top Dems call for Trump to resign over sexual misconduct allegations
Russians dont need gears.--Alexander Gerschenkron
Pro-Trump group sends 12-year-old girl to interview Roy Moore
How spanking affects adult relationships, by @jameshamblin
Are Farmworkers Immigrants Being Left Behind Amid Raging Southern California Wildfires?
56% of the U.S. public approves of the 2010 Affordable Care Act while 38% disapproves
In winter animals seek cars for warmth, always check before you drive away.
The Supreme Court hits pause on gay and lesbian rights
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah pledges to focus on the Palestinian cause
What is the true cost of a panda?
Can you really die from a broken heart?
We need tax havens to protect against greedy and corrupt governments. | By @DANIELJMITCHELL
Man used Trumps Social Security number in effort to obtain his tax returns
Why the nodding donkey is struggling in the U.S. shale revolution | @DavidWethe
Are Farmworkers Immigrants Being Left Behind Amid Raging Southern California Wildfires?
Lindsey Graham: Roy Moore winning would define GOP for 2018 elections
#Bitcoin could implode and it wouldnt be a big deal @SallyPancakes
Thank you @LedleyKing for signing this lovely piece for my charity DM me Bids
Trump Treasury Dept: Trumps future policies will pay for GOP tax cuts
Used tires and mosquitoes come together to solve a medical mystery:
European Union short on influence in Middle East diplomacy by @terischultz
China commodity consumption
Advancing Urban Resilience One Decision #climateresiliency #resources #technology #cities
“Alabama’s definitely in the forefront of voter suppression efforts”
Track what the Trump administration is saying about China
The “dark fiber” beneath our streets could be coming back to life
Military to hold rapid response air drill over DC on Tuesday
from @nathanheller on Estonia,
How to manage AI and keep slaughterbots theoretical
What About Florida? Energy Efficiency, Solar Energy, Regulatory Backwardness In The…
We deserve this hell
All Bronze Age iron came from space, new study shows
Is Alexa really eavesdropping on you?
There Will Be No Talks Aimed at a Political Settlement With Odinga - Kenyatta: #Kenya
RT @business: Republican tax-cut plans darken the financial outlook for colleges
War in #Yemen: The world isnt paying enough attention
Supreme Court refuses to hear LGBT workplace discrimination case
Gary Oldmans performance as Winston Churchill could be his finest hour
The future of Japans run of good fortune all comes down to wages
U.S. and the EU team up against China in blasting world trading system
White House claims it will provide list of eyewitnesses who refute Trump accusers
The original #Community #LandTrust: via @communitiesmag
Where to go in January for wildlife and nature #travel
Akastor announces new CEO as Kristian Røkke takes on investment role at Aker
NTSB meets to determine cause of El Faro tragedy
Trump’s Treasury Department uses bogus numbers to sell Republican tax plan
Woman Drives Car Into Pedestrians in South Bank
Silicosis - Were Close to a Deal With the Mines, Says Miners Attorney: #SouthAfrica
#PanAmPodcast: The Deep State and its planned coup d’etat. | By @LATINAMERUPDATE
10 naturally pink lakes
Trump directs NASA to send astronauts back to the moon
US President Donald Trump tells NASA to return to the Moon
The new NZ govt has some interesting ideas about housing
Why Mueller left out possible crimes from Flynn’s plea deal
Mesa, Arizona, Police Officer Acquitted in Shooting Death of Hotel Guest #DanielShaver
#Earthquake magnitude 4 - 120,5 km from #Iquique - #Chile
Train Services Suspended in Western Cape: #SouthAfrica
This is what a Kiwi looks like. Studies show its the closest living relative to the largest bird to ever live.
#Venezuela | @NicolasMaduros regime touts new #cryptocurrency after destroying the bolívar.
Italy: Romes #Pantheon to start charging entry fee for tourists
NYC explosion: What we know so far
Adventures of an interplanetary architect:
Kentucky state lawmaker accused of molesting 17-year-old girl: report
Alabama’s Senate race is also about voter suppression.
Abu Dhabi says it paid ‘right’ price for $450 million Da Vinci
Turkish family forced to flee the country tells Euronews their story
SEC halts initial coin offering from restaurant review app via @Reuters
USDJPY 3 M basis swap year end Dollar demand is
Remember this, from 37 years ago? $AAPL
Here’s how important the new marine reserve in Mexico is:
To fight bikelash, get your boss to back protected lanes
Mom Pop Take Bitcoin Plunge @thebubblebubble
Palestinian stabs Israeli in Jerusalem; anti-Trump protest flares in Beirut via @Reuters
From the South | Funeral tribute for the 14 killed U.N. peacekeepers in the DRC.
US coal firms try to rebrand amid climate change anxiety, reports @robertmooreitv
VERBATIM: Sanders accuses media of misleading Americans
US decision on Jerusalem is destabilizing Middle East: Russias Putin via @Reuters
Trumps Jerusalem move will hasten Israels destruction: Iran via @Reuters
From the South | Egypt invites Palestinian President Abbas for talks .@Noor_Harazeen
Hupa spear fisherman watches for salmon, in 1923.
CNN accuses Trump of online bullying after attack on Don Lemon
Turkey, Russia will meet to finalize S-400 defense deal in coming week via @Reuters
Airlines collect $1.2 billion from baggage fees over three months
From the South | EU tells Israeli President Netanyahu that they reject .@realDonaldTrump s Jerusalem declaration.
From the South | Islamic womens groups march against Trump in Palestine.
The 2017 Trump Christmas ornament explained (via @kdrum)
Ukraine judge frees opposition leader Mikheil Saakashvili
Nearly half of Americans still oppose Republican tax bill: Reuters/Ipsos poll via @Reuters
Why do fingers get pruny when wet?
From the South | Russian President Putin orders a partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria.
We have some questions for you. Could you take a quick survey?
Canadian dollar near flat ahead of Fed decision, Stephen Poloz speech via @Reuters
Women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct seek congressional probe via @Reuters
Will 2018 bring better freight rates?
Gift of the Givers to Unveil Aquifer Project in Drought-Stricken Beaufort West: #SouthAfrica
Government agencies announce plan to police the internet after net neutrality is repealed
Why Cuba cannot “get to #Denmark” through economic development alone | By José Azel
Obama blasts GOP for trying to sabotage ObamaCare
From the South | Resistance builds in Mexico as territories are being given to foreign companies.
Global arms sales rise for first time in five years
From the South | 20% of land in Mexico are given to foreign companies for extractive projects.
German neo-Nazi charged 17 years after terrorist attack
US dollar rebounds before Feds expected rate hike via @Reuters
Finally getting some use of my snow ❄️ tires. So calm outside!
@RobinWigg This sounds like a strong warning to issuers and exchanges?
China to Clarify Market Access With No-Go List for Foreign, Domestic Capital
Alabama votes — What you need to know on Tuesday @MylesUdland
RT @business: How blockchain works for bitcoin
Boeings quarterly dividend will rise 20% to $1.71 a share
Senate Republicans to move forward with judicial nominee rated “not qualified”
From the South | Still no signs of the missing submarine in Argentina where search efforts have fallen off.
Apple to purchase Shazam
The Port Authority is all SWATted up tonight.
Alabama newspapers urge conservatives not to vote for Roy Moore:
From the South | Police assault opposition member of parliament in Guyana.
MPC Container Ships acquires Harmstorf boxship trio
From the South | Opposition wants a total recount of all election ballots .@HeatherGies
This natural liquid silk is starting to replace oil-based plastic:
US Congressmen demand experts join investigation into “sonic attacks” in Cuba
Will SP 500 Report Record-Level EPS In 2018? $
Tax Cuts Are Reason For Market Gains: Jeremy Siegel $
SEC-Clayton statement on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Seems capital formation regulation.
Pentagon to allow transgender recruits on Jan. 1
From the South | PSUV and allies won 308 of 335 municipalities after Sundays municipal elections in Venezuela.
Women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct want Congress to open an investigation
GOP lawmaker: Why drilling in the Arctic doesn’t add up
BART Ramps Up Renewable Energy Program
From the South | In Honduras, the army starts clearing protestors from the streets.
Erdogan was a target in bribery inquiry, Turkish officer says
Ivanka Trumps criticism of Roy Moore backfired: report
FEATURE: Food to forge friendships:
Seniors Face Return of Obamacare Tax in 2018
How Jews, Christians and Muslims exchanged knowledge for a millennium
LISTEN to this #podcast breaking down Trump’s visit to Asia
From the South | Socialist PSUV party wins huge in Venezuela municipal elections.
Amazon music gives Spotify and Apple a run for their money
Relics from Trumps former Taj Mahal casino are on display at Art Basel
California wildfires: More evacuations as Thomas Fire rages on
An inspiring yogi contorts her body into incredible poses to promote inner peace
Pineapple juice is more effective than cough syrup. #pineapple #flu #naturalhealth
Alien hunters to explore whether mysterious interstellar asteroid has artificial origins
DeepMind’s simple tests might prevent Elon Musk’s feared AI apocalypse
#COTTON – Well that went well…
Will the Launch of Bitcoin Futures Lead to a Price Surg... via @btc_manager
Right-wing group sends 12-year-old girl to interview Roy Moore
Venezuela running out of fuel for air travel, leaked PDVSA memo reveals
Five rad and random things I found this week
Is the two-state solution dead? via @AJUpFront
JUST IN: Congresss tax scorekeeper breaks with GOP: Tax bill wont pay for itself
Microsoft takes path less traveled to build a quantum computer
New Loans in November Beat Forecasts to Grow 70% From October
Artists raise millions for Hurricane victims during telethon.
Charles Barkley campaigning for Doug Jones one night before Alabama Senate election
Bitcoin is easy to hold and secure -- all you have to do is follow these 78 simple steps!
Heres a not-so-short list of risks facing investors in the coming year
How Single Kenyans Are Getting Into Relationships Via Twitter Challenge: #Kenya
Happy Birthday Tanzania #Tanzania
New Yorker fires reporter Ryan Lizza over improper sexual conduct
In Nigeria, the governments anti-corruption campaign relies in part o #technology #cities
No, Christmas classic ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is not about rape | By Ben Jackson
#Syria: Russias Vladimir Putin orders partial withdrawal of troops
JUST IN: Virginia warns children could lose their health coverage if Congress doesnt act
The big money behind naming a “color of the year”
How Chinas debt crackdown could start weighing on the economy
View from the new London Office
UK Snow: Travel disruption as the country experiences the most snow in
Alexander Solzhenitsyn Dec. 11, 1918 - Aug. 3, 2008
Two more senators call for Trump to resign over sexual misconduct allegations
The Way You Speak Reveals Your Subconscious Stress
US judge clears way for #transgender military recruits to enlist
What is happening in California could happen anywhere.
#Gold vs US Dollar Index today (Dec. 11, 2017) - via
#Gold Price in Euro vs Euro/USDollar today (Dec. 11, 2017) - via
Trump Treasury Dept. Analysis of GOP Tax Plan Ripped as Pure Propaganda
#Gold/#Silver Ratio today (Dec. 11, 2017) - via
How to stop rogue ads that can set you up for malware @robpegoraro
ICYMI! #debt addiction really spread in the last three decades!
The best books of 2017 are about music, nicotine and the tsunami in Japan
#Gold and #Silver down 0.56% and 1.04% today (Dec. 11, 2017) - via
Pro-Trump group has 12-year-old girl interview Roy Moore
Did anyone do an update of this chart? Looks like it could use one.
FOMC will release a statement and economic projections Wednesday, and Chair Yellen will hold a press conference
Saudi Arabia to reopen cinemas after 35-year ban
This Photo Shows A C-5A Galaxy After It Performed A Gear Up Landing At Travis AFB in 1983
A pickup in U.S. growth may spur the Fed to raise rates earlier in 2018

George Magnus

Why Brazil’s economy is all going nuts again

6 months ago

As a corruption scandal rumbles on, Brazil struggles to emerge from recession. Where’s a commodity boom when you need one?