While necessity is the mother of all invention, the father all inventions is a problem that's begging for a solution.

That's really the only explanation, other than ruthless corporate marketing, that explains the existence of the Euphori-Lock, a technological marvel developed by the Ben & Jerry's Homemade Incorporated, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unilever for the purpose of denying unauthorized access to the standard pint container of the premium ice cream maker's products once it has reached your home freezer.

The following 60-second commercial demonstrates the kind of problem that the Euphori-Lock was made necessary to solve.

Before you ask, yes, it's a real thing that you can actually buy via Amazon or at Ben & Jerry's stores. We found out about out the ice cream pint lock from Core77, who had this to say about the sad need for the invention:

If you cannot restrain yourself from stealing another person's food or dipping into another person's ice cream, you are an animal who's wearing clothes. I hope you fall down an escalator that's going up.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Ben and Jerry's questionable ice cream technology has been featured at Core77.

And we haven't even mentioned the company's latest evil, of which we can only say that at least it's not a BRRR-ito!