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JUST IN: Trump to name Scaramucci as White House communications director: report
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Unsupported claim: 10,800 RTs Retraction: 23 RTs Apology: 9 RTs (h/t @CounterMoonbat)
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• The only end well ever face is when this life ends. Otherwise, its a lesson to be acknowledged learned. ✨
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FTC probing allegations of Amazons deceptive discounting
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Trump picks climate skeptic with no science degree for top USDA science job
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Conference call bingo.
Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo due to visit Singapore on Friday
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Kamala Harris and Rand Paul introduce bill to reform bail system to help the poor
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Seriously, what could be this bad about Trumps tax returns?
Bill criminalizing #BDS is about the Israel lobby’s presence inside the Democratic Party
China Moves Again to Rein in Insurers #insurer #Anbang
Property Rights in CAR a Cause for Concern - Rights Group #CAR
Percentage of Young Adults In Europe, aged 25-34, Who Still Live With Their Parents
People might be surprised to learn that this was Hugh Freeze in The Blind Side
Software engineering 101 for front-end developers

Mike Shedlock

Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. He operates the blog MISH'S Global Economic Trend Analysis and believes in the Austrian School of economics.

Growing Number of Companies Complain About Inability to Find Workers: So Why is Wage Growth So Low?

4 days ago

Since 2010, the highest year-over-year wage increase in any month for production and nonsupervisory employees is near 2.6%.

For a two-year stretch between summer of 2011 and summer of 2013 wage increases less than 2% were the norm.

Yet, firms complain about labor costs while simultaneously complaining about the lack of workers.

Bloomberg reports Firms Under Pressure as Labor Drought Grows, U.S. Survey Shows.

A growing number of companies are finding it difficult to recruit skilled workers, which threatens to curtail profits and growth, according to a quarterly survey conducted by the Washington-based National Association for Business Economics.

The results of NABE’s July Business Conditions Survey published on Monday showed that 34 percent of respondents have had trouble hiring skilled employees over the last three months, up from 27 percent in January. The Washington-based association polled 101 panelists, who are economists from companies and industry associations.

In response, companies are sponsoring foreign workers, expanding their search and hiring more independent contractors, according to the survey. They’re also boosting automation, stepping up internal training and in some cases improving pay, Jankowski said.

Perhaps at least partially as a result, more than a third of respondents cited labor costs as having the largest negative impact on their profits so far this year.

Year-Over-Year Wage Growth

Year-Over-Year Wage Growth

Is 2.6% wage growth too hefty even as corporations complain about a lack of workers?

What’s Going On?

  • It’s not just salaries. Obamacare and benefits are hurting many companies.
  • Cheap money from the Fed keeps zombie companies alive.
  • Cheap money from the Fed induced (and still does) overexpansion fast of food restaurants and retail stores of all sorts.
  • Workers really are not worth benefit costs plus an extra 3% so companies seek to automate.
  • Are McDonald’s workers worth $15? Please be serious.
  • Amazon and online shopping are weakening retail profits.

Finally, I suspect the survey is deeply flawed. Does some random small to medium-sized company have the same weight as Walmart?

The regional Fed manufacturing and ISM surveys seem to have that defect.

Yet for now, enough stores are still expanding which adds to job growth despite automation. Apparently, the goal is a McDonald’s or a Walmart on every corner.

We will not quite get that far. Rampant expansion will turn on a dime at some point, most likely globally.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock