The United States and China are the two largest national sources of carbon dioxide emissions on Earth. We thought it might be interesting to compare their annual CO2 outputs, from 1959 through 2015, which we've visualized in the following animated chart.

Animation: U.S. and China Annual Territorial Emissions of Carbon Dioxide, 1959-2015

As an interesting aside, from 1988 through 2015, both nations have emitted approximately equal amounts of carbon dioxide. Looking at the first and last years of that period, the U.S.' carbon dioxide emissions totaled 4,889 tonnes in 1988 and 5,093 tonnes in 2015, peaking at 5,790 tonnes in 2005.

Meanwhile, China emitted 2,368 tonnes in 1998 and 10,216 tonnes in 2015, with a peak value of 10,294 tonnes in 2014, almost doubling the U.S.' carbon dioxide emissions in that year.


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