Sinking ground will make rising sea levels worse in the Bay Area
Meredith to cut about 1,200 jobs, sell some Time publications
What population boom? Were facing a population bust
Fed rate hikes hitting consumers in the wallet
Report: Italians seize NGO migrant rescue ship in Sicily
The world’s best-paid MBA grads hail from these 20 schools
Jeff Sessions Pushes the Death Penalty for Drug Dealers
Police: Here’s what the counterfeit money circulating in Anchorage looks like
11 deaf men helped NASA leave Earth: @astVintageSpace
Photos Released of Dave Bautista in ‘Master Z: Ip Man Legacy’
Ralph Macchio Resurrects Old Rivalry for ‘Karate Kid’ Sequel
German grand coalition shifts sharply to the right - World Socialist Web Site
Inability to audit U.S. elections a national security concern: Homeland chief
Trump asks Saudi Arabia to share its wealth through investments
Slow Down – Get yummy #vegan recipes with One Green Planets Newsletter! #AnimalRights #Eco
Fifteen Years After Iraq Invasion, Torture Has a New Address
International students from China rally around #NotMyPresident campaign
United CEO acknowledges airlines mistake in puppys death
Punished for doing their job: Burmese journalists appear in court for 11th time in 100 days
How to Delete Your Facebook Account
BLOG: The US #ITC Was Reinstated for #FuelCells: Is it Enough to Recharge the Industry?
WATCH: Officials provide update after Texas bombing suspects death
Still standing out: Europes unique enclaves and their complex histories
These boots are made from old plastic bottles recovered in Haiti:
France: Sarkozy leaves police custody after being charged with corruption
Academic in Facebook storm worked on Russian dark personality project
The health-care gap between red and blue America
Facebook really only has itself to blame for this mess.
HIV researcher Robert Redfield is the new head of US public-health agency
Moscow slams Boris Johnson for comparing Russias World Cup to Nazi Olympics
Dont Mow Your Lawn and Help Save the Bees
Tesla’s Proposed Compensation Package For Elon Musk Approved After Split In Recommendations
Spending Bill May Include Tougher Background Checks For Gun Purchases
Senators challenge Trump administration claim that its working hard to stop Russian hacking
Big Data, Automation, and the Future of Transportation #mobility
Tired of carrying around your plans and papers like a chump? Use a City Tote instead!
Are you eating margarine? Heres how its really made... #margarine #health #foodfreedom
Police fired at unarmed Black man 20 times because he was holding a cell phone
11 gadgets and apps to speed up your morning routine
Birds in rural France wiped out at dizzying rate
Hezbollah leader says Lebanon public finances threaten disaster
Zuckerberg promises changes after data scandal
Uber #selfdrivingcar kills pedestrian in Arizona:
The Senate just passed a bill that could put sex workers in danger
House panel passes bill handing Federal Reserve control over Volcker Rule
Will #GOP leaders ever stand up to #Trump?
Younger adults are more likely than their elders to prefer reading the news
Lukewarm bidding response to US’s biggest offshore energy rights auction
Rep. Keith Ellison: Why Shouldnt There Be a Maximum Wage? @sarahljaffe
Amid bipartisan anger, Trump defends his congratulatory call to Putin
How is the family a mechanism for the reproduction of class?
Peru president #Kuczynski resigns ahead of impeachment vote
Here is what has become of Saddam Husseins family and former ruling party members:
Its theoretically possible to record your dreams. Scientists are already trying:
ABC just reported that Andrew McCabe had authorized a criminal probe of Jeff Sessions
EU unveils digital tax on tech giants
Mario Carpo: The Second Digital Turn | Talks at Google
In Canada, driverless cars learn to see in the snow
French feminist groups sceptical over on-the-spot fines for sexual harassment
Why #MeToo is not a positive development in the workplace
10 ways space changes the body:
#Earthquake magnitude 5 - 52,9 km from #BandarAbbās - #Iran
Tusk lays bare EU split on Russia with Putin reappointment dig
PM to broach soldiers, Turkish aggression at EU summit
After 2017 election, US poised to fight fake news - in Kenya
Unexpected Cincinnati: Ohios quirkiest city by @karlazimmerman #BestintheUS
Indulge your sweet tooth with these new products. Discover more: #Cookies #MakesMeWhole
9 Ways You Can Use the Midterm Elections to Build Local Power By: @sarahvangelder
Cambridge Analytica was offered politicians hacked emails, witnesses say - The Guardian
“We made mistakes: Zuckerberg finally weighs in on Facebook data scandal
More than 800m people need to travel 30 mins for safe water, report finds - The Guardian
The Austin bombings were terrifying. But were they terrorism?
The Nearly-Lost Art of Hand-Painted Faux Woodgrain
Mark Zuckerberg has broken his silence over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Read more:
What is your go-to dinner
Britains Boris Johnson compares Russian World Cup to 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany
Reports: 56 People, Including Children, Killed in Syrian Gov’t Bombing in Eastern Ghouta
Trump still weirdly obsessed with ‘getting along with Putin,’ despite everything
Palestinian teen on trial for striking Israeli soldier agrees plea deal
No comment on Merkels reported involvement to help #Greek soldiers
Uber withdraws job offer to top Amazon exec after discrepancy discovered
Scientists may have found the secret environmental factor behind your personality
5 unusual ways to keep your house warm #cold #snow #snowday #SNOWMAGGEDDON #WinterStormToby
Former PPC CEO, #Mytilineos to face kickbacks-for-contracts charges
Federal prosecutors told to seek death penalty in drug cases
Fuming #DonaldTrump defends congratulatory phone call to Russia’s #VladimirPutin
Greek Female Fighter Pilot Impresses in Air Force Exercise
A study finds that infants think before they speak.
How America’s brutal 15-year war in Iraq changed its environment forever
New opportunities arise in healthcare sector
Anti-racism demonstrators stage march in Athens
Greens win at home, Reds go down in Moscow
How Miami Has Come Out Ahead in the Transit Industry
New @NavigantRSRCH report looks at adoption of #48V mild-hybrid technology. Learn more:
Karen McDougal is the woman with the best chance of bringing down Trump
Finally, an excuse to cancel all your plans: staying in is good for the environment
A tale of two hotels: Italys bad loan sales hang in the balance
What are the links between Cambridge Analytica and a Brexit campaign group?
Former Israeli spy chief and team of elite hackers form cybersecurity firm
The dawn of wealth inequality:
Its too late to protect your Facebook data from being sold, laundered, and used
#WorldPoetryDay: Lessons in design research from an unlikely source: poetry (from 2017)
#Peru President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski of Peru announced his resignation. #AFP photo by Luka GONZALES
Fed raises rates and signals faster path next year
Deadly Texas blast suspect was quiet, home-schooled
We made mistakes over Cambridge Analytica data scandal, says Facebooks CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Trump faces mounting legal threat from accusers
#MarkZuckerberg breaks silence over data row, says Facebook must step up
Trumps Tariffs Throw US Workers Under the Bus, Yet Again
#Greeces PM @tsipras_eu to ask EU leaders to step up pressure on #Turkey, govt sources say
Senate passes bill that would endanger sex workers
Fed raises rates, signals confidence in strengthening economy
Land conservancies enter unfamiliar territory: the city
We made mistakes over Cambridge Analytica data scandal, says Facebooks CEO Mark Zuckerberg
BREAKING: Today is a dark day for the Internet. Congress just passed the Internet censorship bill SESTA/FOSTA.
Heres our list of nine animals that have found unexpected ways to defy the laws of gravity.
Mark Zuckerberg breaks silence on Cambridge Analytica: This was a breach of trust
Infographic: 2.77 Million U.S. Service Members Have Deployed Since 9/11 - from @Statista
Mark Zuckerberg finally speaks about the Cambridge Analytica scandal
After broken hand, Flight of the Conchords tour postponed
Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook ‘made mistakes’ in Cambridge Analytica data scandal
Breakthrough for Ghanas Cocoa Farmers #Africa #Ghana
Woodpeckers use a wood-eating fungus to make their pecking easier:
Living green in a country ravaged by war and insecurity
FM in landmark visit to Skopje amid rift at home
Over 700 confiscations are made every day
The Austin bombing suspect was a homeschooled Christian conservative.
Papastratos factory inaugurated at Aspropyrgos
Customs officers refute port stalling
Diamond device paves way for first practical microwave lasers
Scientists develop brain scanner in a helmet
Negotiators tight-lipped after unofficial Korea nuclear talks
Ubers Fatal Crash Is About More Than Just a Car and a Pedestrian
This expanded Toronto subway system features a huge curved roof covered with mirrors inside
Cryptocurrency issuers clean up, shun U.S. investors as SEC gets tough
Negotiators tight-lipped after informal Korea nuclear talks
Trump Defends His Congratulatory Call to Putin
#Live | @ppkamigo: The only solution is for me to resign the presidency.
If you want to find Nemo, you may need SoFi, the robotic fish
#Live | @ppkamigo: Unexplained things have continued to happen like the succession of lying reports.
Israel Confirms 2007 Strike on Syrian Nuclear Reactor
U.S. top trade diplomat says nobody wins trade war but readies China action
U.S. midterms a potential Russian target: DHS Secretary
This is the part of your brain that understands social interactions
MITs Robot Fish Can Blend in and Spy on Real Sea Creatures
The story of human evolution is written in ochre:
Where Smart Cities and Utilities Overlap #infrastructure
Charlottesville prosecutor loses cases against hate rally organizer for the dumbest reason
Your private browsing isn’t as incognito as you want it to be
Peru president tenders resignation to Congress: government sources
Trump administration may leave biofuel reform to lawmakers: Perdue
Cambridge Analytica could not have swayed election
Afghanistan: Dozens Killed in Nowruz Attack in Kabul, ISIS Claims Responsibility
Caption this image...and then dig into the story to learn whats going on here:
YouTube bans firearm sales and how-to videos, sparking backlash from gun enthusiasts
Stavros Niarchos Foundation pledges millions for hospitals
The trouble with tuna poke bowls
Dewalt Debuts Sledgehammers and Axes With Carbon Fiber Handles
Marvin Gaye family prevails in Blurred Lines plagiarism case
HelloFresh’s sales are growing five times faster than Blue Apron’s
How America’s Brutal 15-Year War in Iraq Changed Its Environment Forever
Politics of Design: critical positions from FH Potsdam #exhibition #review
Germany: Merkel highlights importance of integration in first Bundestag address of new govt.
Switzerland: RUSADA says its doing everything to comply with global anti-doping standards
Scotiabank CEO shoots down global watchdogs’ red flags over Canadian’s debt
Commentary: India’s most vital hub city isn’t in India
US-Russian Crew Blasts Off for ISS
Americas growing guard labor force
CNN’s Christiane Amanpour talks sex and love on Recode Decode: transcript
Foundation Funds Major Boost to Greek Health Service
Tastes of Ontario: Exploring Canada’s culinary capital by @TomDoesTravel
Writer’s Greek Paradise to Become Intellectual Center
Six out of Ten Greek Debtors will See their Assets Seized by the State
Sacramento police kill unarmed black man in yard
Snowpack in the West is far lower than usual this season: @yulsman
Aurora-CanniMed reasons offer ‘reasonable guidance’ for future takeovers: lawyer
Unreal Engines synthetic human shows the cutting edge of 3D graphics
How to get millennials to invest
Militants free scores of abducted Nigerian schoolgirls after month in captivity
Times Navigation linked to Chinese kamsarmax trio
YES!!! This recipe is gorgeous!
China Is Experimenting with Remote Controlled Tanks
How Uber #selfdrivingcars see the world -
Vatican communications chief resigns over Lettergate scandal
What the Cambridge Analytica scandal means for the rest of the tech industry:
Appeal of anarchists Irianna and Periklis begins in Athens
How changes in barometric pressure affect the human body
U.S. makes contingency plans in case Iran nuclear talks fail
LIVE: Powell says Fed does not think that changes in trade policy should affect outlook
#WorldPoetryDay: Woven portraits capture poets and artists as they really are (from 2014)
Italys new parliament is younger, more diverse and more female
Winter ends in Europe - or does it?
You can send ThinkProgress tips over encrypted email using using PGP software
Man dies after getting head stuck under Vue cinema seat in freak accident
Self-driving cars controlled by remote control
Scientists May Have Found the Secret Environmental Factor Behind Your Personality
Facebook, Cambridge Analytica sued in U.S. by users over data harvesting
Cambridge Analytica could not have swayed election
Milky Way nestled between the light pollution generated by Ellensburg and Yakima, WA.
Two Americans, one Russian blast off for #ISS
U.S. House Republicans - minus Don Young - needle the EPA on recent Pebble mine decision
Cervical cancer to double across Middle East without vaccines
Are Cambridge Analytica tech geniuses or tech cowboys? | by @Peston
High Taxes, Low Investment Dog Greek Recovery
Unlocking the Keys to Refugee Integration
Trump accidentally touts key role of Cambridge Analytica in 2016 campaign
How to find out what Facebook knows about you
RT @setl_io: CFTC Leads on #Blockchain Innovation @TabbFORUM
Salesforce to buy MuleSoft for $5.9 billion
Germany condemns Turkish military offensive in Syria
Conflict and Convention in Dynamic Networks via @criedl
The Y chromosome has never been completely sequenced and assembled, writes @sarahzhang
We may have found billions of exoplanets outside of our galaxy: @astronomymag
USAF RQ4 Global Hawk UAV drone 5 hours on - 52,000ft over Ukraine via @CivMilAir #Ukraine
Why the Canadian dollar and Mexican peso have diverged recently
Are feral cats the answer to rat infestations?
ATHEX: Stocks drop for seventh day in succession
Jeff Sessions pushes the death penalty for drug dealers
Emergency Evacuation of Smoke Filled Plane
Why rural land conservancies are looking to the city
Scientists develop brain scanner in a helmet
Wall Street rallies after Fed decision
Africa agrees to giant trade bloc, but Nigeria, South Africa sit it out
#Greek migration minister to tour islands receiving refugees and migrants as of Thursday
Middle and outside-lane hoggers to be fined in Spain #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
Fed raises interest rate, steepens path of hikes as outlook strengthens
Gaddafi’s son offers to give evidence that Libya funded Sarkozy election bid
Millions of commuters along the U.S. East Coast face fourth #noreaster snowstorm this month:
Video Explainer: Understanding survey question wording
Every Saudi coalition air raid on Yemen
Trump, Macron - Need action on Russia in UK poison case
Fresh scandal isolates Peruvian president on eve of impeachment vote
Senate Rejects Bill to End U.S. Involvement in Saudi-Led Bombing of Yemen
UPDATE: SP 500 extends session gain to 0.7 percent after Fed rate hike
African states sign up to colossal trade bloc
Wall Street starts to trim Facebook targets as shares fall
U.S. Federal Reserve raises rate a quarter point: Read the official statement
A new explanation for the diverse composition of planetary bodies in the inner Solar System
This blind cave fish should have diabetes, but somehow it doesnt, @edyong209 reports
Five ways to make parched cities cooler @ArupGroup
Tokyo’s Akihabara district: from electronics to maid cafes
A dramatic death, but few clues, from Austin bomber suspect
A claim-by-claim analysis of a climate denial news story
Holocaust denier Arthur Jones becomes Republican nominee in US state of Illinois
Nigeria Announces Date for 2018 Budget Passage #Nigeria
In 2020, the Chinese stout market is expected to be double the size of the USA’s.
Cloud adoption on the rise for marketing and sales companies as AWS and Azure dominate
Girl captured by Boko Haram tells her story
Sparks fly in Moscow as Russia and Britain trade accusations over spy poisoning
Ontario Teachers takes $400-million stake in Assassin’s Creed producer Ubisoft
Americans Say #Teachers Are Important, But Dont Want to Be One... #BreakingPoll
Boko Haram releases scores of kidnapped schoolgirls
What Were Global Voices’ Readers up to Last Week?
Record-size U.S. offshore oil lease sale draws modest bidding
Daring rescue in Dead Zone
Scientists may have found the secret environmental factor behind your personality
Deceit and destruction behind FAO’s forest definition #IntlForestDay
Israel for the first time admits bombing suspected Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007:
Oops! Trump just sent a tweet that undercuts his own administration’s anti-immigrant lawsuit
On World Down Syndrome Day, a mothers tribute to her daughters exceptional community.
Saturday Night Takeaway presenter Ant McPartlin charged with drink-driving
Trump’s Immigration Stance Is Making the Census More Difficult Than Ever
Watch members of Congress go off on Betsy DeVos at a budget hearing
Iraq rejects UAE claims of Qatar funding paramilitaries
Avalanche-closed road to Hatcher Pass could be reopened late Wednesday, state says
Energy stocks, Facebook bounce lift Wall Street as Fed decision nears
Danish court views videos in submarine inventors trial
.@Starbucks generates an astronomical amount of waste—can it stop?
U.S. prioritizing election security over other critical sectors: DHS chief
The NSA tried tracking Bitcoin users In 2013:
Detained African migrants stuck in limbo in wartime Yemen
As flakes fly, Congress toboggans toward a budget deal
Protecting Cities Critical Assets #infrastructure
Suspect in deadly #Texas blast was quiet, home-schooled v
Tackling competitiveness in Canada now ‘job 1’ for Bill Morneau
Before facts are in, NRA exploits the deadly Great Mills High School shooting
Yes, monkeys are having sex with deer. Why would they do that?
G20 agrees to monitor cryptocurrencies but no action yet
12,000 tons of orange peels brings a jungle back to life:
From the AP archives: UN staff in Geneva strike over pay, austerity measures
Unofficial U.S.-North Korea talks end in vagueness
France drafts sexual violence, abuse and harassment prevention bill
Boko Haram Reportedly Returns Abducted Dapchi Schoolgirls #Nigeria
Illinois Republicans just nominated a Holocaust denier to run for Congress
Danish court views videos in submarine inventors trial
Five South Africa peacekeepers face sexual exploitation paternity tests
UK accounting regulator urges break up of Big Four firms KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, EY
Doctor denies murder but admits ‘medical error’ in patients death
.@ExtendFertility CEO on why design in healthcare matters
Arguing, the civil way
A normal Third World country
Naoto Fukasawa inserts Issey Miyake store into 132-year-old Kyoto townhouse
RT @business: The paradox of European stocks failure to catch up with the U.S.
Tesla shareholders approve CEO Musks $2.6 billion compensation plan
Cambridge Analytica Ruffles Feathers With 2017 Poll Claims: #Kenya
Nigel Farage dumps dead fish into Thames in protest against Brexit transition deal
LIVE: NASA astronauts lift off to the International Space Station from Kazakhstan
Boris Johnson likens Russia hosting this summers World Cup to Hitlers 1936 Berlin Olympics
Top Toy Trends That Will Impact 2018
WATCH: A new business for insurers - active shooter policies for schools. via @ReutersTV
5 things we learned as Merkel laid out her vision for the next four years
Vatican communications chief resigns over Lettergate scandal

George Magnus

The government’s economic plan has been torpedoed by a productivity shift

5 months ago

Theresa May’s government is creating enough of its own bad news without any help from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), created in 2010 to provide independent and authoritative analysis of the UK’s public finances. Yet in today’s “Forecast Evaluation Report,” the OBR has pretty much holed the Treasury and the government below the water line at a crucial time in the Brexit negotiations, and just weeks before the Budget.

For the last seven years, the OBR has continuously assumed that the UK’s disappointing productivity (output per hour worked) performance would revert to a pre-financial crisis trend of 2 per cent per annum over the medium-term. Ever hopeful, it anticipated that a rise of 1.5 per cent in 2016 heralded just such an outcome, but this proved to be a false dawn, and now the OBR has thrown in the towel. In its report, it says……Read more: