The NZD/USD is now -1.50% trading at 0.7044 as millenial Jacinda Ardern emerges victorious.
The ‘Live’ Giant Robot Battle Was Edited and ‘Filmed Over a Number of Days’
Bonds weak, stocks saw a global sell order flood , London stocks -10%
.@FlameTreeGroups subsidiary Flame Tree Africa acquires petroleum jelly brand Sylva as it entends FMCG portfolio.
Parliament Agrees to Penal Code Amendment: #Rwanda
Fire guts luxury hotel in Yangon
Swiss insurer expects $700m bill following autumn hurricanes
German footwear brand Puma powered to higher profit forecast by Rihanna, Bolt
BREAKING: At least 43 Afghan troops killed in Taliban attack - officials
#ClimateChange sets the world on fire #COP23
Wisconsin bill would ban university doctors from performing abortions and training students
Weekly Broker: Supramaxes top interest
Lets play a game I call name that stock index. Without looking see if you can name it
German stocks -9.4% and stock exchange trading session was extended by 30min, US dollar down, pre market also weak
Steel Boom in China Stutters as Xi Parades Green Credentials via @jasminengzt
Thursdays Sports cover
Spain-Catalonia standoff set to intensify as leaders take hard lines
Mogherini lashes out at Trump, says EU is the ‘only credible’ global power
- Stocks pause - Catalonia deadline - NZ dollar plunges - China GDP data - Oil around $52
The UKs $86 billion pension problem is about to solve itself via @LukanyoMnyanda @rpenty
(the rise of passive investing) The big changes in US markets since Black Monday, chart @FT
Rwigaras Bail Ruling Set for Friday: #Rwanda
Chinas Q3 economic growth slows as expected
Chinese startup gets $4b to battle Alibaba amid ‘local ecommerce’ boom
Lest we forget about those crafty badgers (as I had until @PickardJE reminded me)
Settlement proposed in North Carolina transgender bathroom lawsuit
The cholera vaccine was on its way to Yemen back in June, then it wasn’t. What happened?
Iran: ‘US will be beaten and defeated’ – Khamenei
Jimi Wanjigi - The Rich Man Quietly Controlling Kenya #Kenya
#PanamaPapers: Africas elite are plundering their countries
Economic boom isnt going to save Czech premiers party at the upcoming election
2017s coolest tech for your home
Boost For Small, Medium Enterprises in Nigeria #Nigeria
In Kentucky, women’s access to abortion is made even more difficult now
Bush ethics chief: Trump has no understanding of human emotions
Harvard economist Iris Bohnet on how to design a hiring process that’s fair for everyone
#Marawi City destroyed in #Philippines longest urban war
SparkLabs gets in on blockchain frenzy with $100m VC and cryptocurrency fund
Gifted and generous, Gord Downie proved cynicism does not always prevail @GlobeArts
#Hungary Gross Wage year-on-year at 13.2%
Peru prosecutor says Odebrecht investigation risks impunity
#BigData is changing the #future of #NBA scouting - Dataconomy #MachineLearning #AI
Kneeling during the national anthem is a religious issue
When is Diwali and how is it celebrated?
Deal Offered to Post Office on Social Grant Payments: #SouthAfrica
Nestle accelerates restructuring as sales growth stays tepid
New documentary portrays nuanced view of Africans’ experience living in China
France: Hennessy expands to satisfy Americans insatiable thirst for Cognac
Midnight parties held for Philip Pullmans latest book
Women have been driving UK jobs boom over the past year via @lucy_meakin
VIDEO: Vitol CEO Sees Oil Above $60 Without Kurdish Supply #OOTT
#ICYMI from a year ago
Brexit isnt the biggest talking point at the EU summit in Brussels
From the AP archives: AP Reporter adds context to Joshua Boyle statement
FC Barcelona ask for dialogue in Catalonia crisis
Japan votes: #Hokkaido fishing town anxious about #NorthKorean missiles, what Abe can do
4,350 Aged, Disabled Benefits From Buhari N5000 Monthly Allowance in Taraba: #Nigeria
What you need to know about the #Rohingya crisis in #Myanmar and #Bangladesh
Swiss foreign trade 3Q2017: Exp: +2.5%, Imp: +7.4%, surplus: CHF8.5bn, chart EZV
.@RachelDonadio on #BalanceTonPorc—Frances version of #MeToo
The OECD-Greece partnership for more resilient and sustainable growth
15,000 under fives die from preventable illnesses each day: UN
#Apple Explains How Hey #Siri Actually Works #fintech @iDropNews #AI #MachineLearning
There’s probably just one headline that could end the party in emerging markets
Senate committee seeks to interview key FBI informant in Russian nuclear bribery plot
Hartmann finds buyers for AHTS fleet
NFL chief: no talks with Trump over anthem flap
Marburg Fever Kills Two: #Uganda
Here’s what happens when an engineering team updates a software daily
China Services: Headline SMI growth remains modest in October. #SMI
Insects decline dramatically in German nature reserves: study
Swiss government backs Sion 2026 as date set for Valais vote
Daphne Caruana Galizia: We knew establishment was out to get her - family - The Guardian
Very Scary: Tajikistans Registry Frightens Gays, Alarms Rights Activists
Someone posted the English translation of the Xi Jinping speech. Censors deleted it.
10 Years Since the Murder of Reggae Star Lucky Dube #Rwanda #SouthAfrica
Chinas growth will benefit US, says Beijings top envoy to Washington
What are you drinking?
Heres a picture of Japans annual inflows of population from abroad...pretty substantial! Yet no crime.
Solar finds unexpected champion in Sean Hannity via @technology
Fascinating to listen to @dtapscott discussing 2nd wave of net revolution centered on blockchain. Hes right.
New Zealand First says supports Labour Party for government
19 October 1805. The Grande Armée of Napoleon Bonaparte defeated Austrian forces at the Battle of Ulm.
New Zealand election kingmaker @winstonpeters announces support for Labour
Go around the world in 23 curries. Top chefs share tips for the best Indian restaurants
India moved to curb gold-trade irregularities
London Stock Exchange CEO Rolet Fires Back at Aramco IPO Critics
Who is #NewZealands new prime minister? A profile of Jacinda Ardern
Help double @ICIJorg’s impact. During #Newsmatch your donation will be doubled!
Hung Tong in Hung Hom offers Chinese comfort food with a view
Weah to Campaign Vigorously in Liberias Runoff Elections #Liberia
Govt Media Agency Head Tells Former EU Envoy Not to Come Back: #Uganda
We think were an equal society, but harassment happens here too
Reasons You Are Not Happy in Your Relationship/Marriage: #Kenya
Jeff Sessions never thought ‘religious freedom’ would allow anti-LGBTQ discrimination
This country has more Netflix ultra binge-watchers than anywhere else in the world
Top startup investors see mounting backlash against tech
What would happen if Earth started to spin faster?
Asia stocks shed gains after data shows slower China growth
Cruz tweets reference to meme alleging hes the Zodiac killer
Forget Peak Demand, Norways Oil Chief Wants More Crude to Pump via @mikaelholter #OOTT
Pillarstone goes all in on RBD Armatori’s rescue plan
Underperforming — Dilbert today
Japanese exports grew by double digits for a third straight month in September
Why there will be a trade deal between Britain and America - CapX
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Good #China morning! Chinese #GDP growth was 6.8% YoY in Q3, even as focus on deleveraging intensified.
Ex-Googler’s startup gets funding to solve ‘online fashion’s oldest problem’
Junk-free humanitarian news and analysis email alerts from @irinnews
Study finds regulating ship speed could cut emissions by a third
Toyota, other Japanese carmakers say hoods containing Kobe Steel aluminum are safe
Marijuana Businesses in Uruguay to Reach New Heights with More Potent Strains
Decision time for Puigdemont on Catalan independence push
The best time to invest? Perhaps, but don’t lose sight of the Three Es
Italian students are learning a new subject in school: How to identify #fakenews
#Brexit blame game is a clash of styles that makes talks tougher via @IanWishart
Model Wema Sepetu Slams Rumours of Affair With Diamond: #Tanzania
#Nikkei ends higher for 13th consecutive day, longest streak in 30 years!
#USCompanies Are NOT Holding Too Much #Cash
Large Property Tax being mulled
Critics of the mainstream media, argues @conor64, would tear down what they cant replace:
Dont Waste Money, By-Election Returning Officers Cautioned: #Tanzania
JUST IN: Jacinda Arderns New Zealand Labour will form government for first time in 9 years
Drone forces suspension of air operations battling Bear Fire in Santa Cruz Mountains
#Turkey seeks extradition of German citizen in #Ukraine
Hatch takes hundreds of thousands from big pharma, calls Marino report ‘baloney’
19 October 1989 - After serving 15 years in prison, the Guildford Four are released.
Scott Atran: People need purpose and meaning to embrace Europe
Nigerian Govt Ratifies Two Global Treaties On Climate Change - Official: #Nigeria
How Nigerias 36 States Spent Billions to Service External Debt in September: #Nigeria
Would it hurt them to use uppercase Ts? @roweafrs latest cartoon. For more: #Trump
ICS ‘deeply concerned’ by Ottawa’s bid to ban tankers off northern British Columbia
Sig Hecker knows N Koreans the US can talk with. Read this:
China central bank Governor Zhou says likely to retire soon
Zanzibar Imams Want Severe Punishment for Homosexuality: #Tanzania
The Ugly Truth About Online Dating: #Africa
When global investment banks right things like this about China, its no wonder they have no credibility
Young people in Sweden more likely to question information online
May to use EU showdown to plea for faster #Brexit progress via @IanWishart @TimRoss_1
Morgan Freeman as a DJ, 1971
Congo National Shipping Line on the hunt for more chartered MPPs
Fire destroys landmark hotel in Myanmars largest city
Chief Trust Officer: Building Business Relationships on Trust
The White House has told the EPA to stand down on ethanol quota changes, sources say
This letter from a Puerto Rican artist friend captures it all.
Jeff Sessions again changes his story on meetings with Russian ambassador
Neutron star collisions may have created most of the gold in the universe
An Alibaba-backed fintech company founded by a 34-year-old just had an amazing IPO
Ghana, Cote dIvoire Join Forces on World Cocoa Pricing Regime #Africa #Ivorycoast #Ghana
MT @lptravelnews: WATCH: exclusive 360 aerial video of North Koreas #Pyongyang @nknewsorg
Former Super Eagles Goalkeeper Enyeama Returns!: #Nigeria
Not so fast: Macron and his farmers get trade onto ‘full’ EU summit agenda
#Switzerland Balance of #Trade at CHF2.918B
#AgeLimit Rallies - 8 Things Police Have Banned: #Uganda
Haitis police clash with protestors over budget bill
The Redwood Wars: A History of Environmental Direct Action
Republican National Committee backs candidate who supported criminalizing homosexuality
The kingmaker #WinstonPeters picks #Labour and the #Greens to form a Government @1NewsNZ
Sabah opposition leader Shafie to be questioned by Malaysian anti-graft agency
Al Ghurair - 18m Ballots for Kenya Repeat Poll Ready: #Kenya
World Bank Explains Stance On Nigerian Govts Debt: #Nigeria
State Oil Firm Bosses Kachikwu, Baru Meet With VP: #Nigeria
Cristiano Ronaldos Facebook Post Attracts Strange Comments From Kenyans: #Kenya
Bubbel — @van9t5
The town at the heart of China’s black market in ivory
One Person Feared Dead As Police Block Opposition Rally: #Uganda
Spain-Catalonia standoff to intensify as deadline looms
Why #SpaceData Is The New #BigData #fintech #insurtech #AI #MachineLearning @BernardMarr
Could the 1987 stock market crash happen again?
Los Angeles: Chevron Oil Refinery Fire Sends Smoke into Neighborhoods
Deadly protests in #Togo against President @FEGnassingbes continued rule #TogoDebout
Monkeypox - Suspected Cases in Nigeria Spread to 11 States - Minister: #Nigeria
How Rivers Govt Fuelled Rumours of Vaccination of Schoolchildren By Military: #Nigeria
#Brexit is no longer the biggest talking point at the EU summit via @v_dendrinou
A continued $SPX $SPY grind upwards
Brilliant Pascal Lamy summary of what the Brexit talks are all about, in @FT today.
Champions League: Olympiacos Bows to Messi and 10-Man Barcelona (video) #Greece
Thoresen Shipping confirms Songa Bulk supramax acquisition
MORGAN STANLEY: It might be time for Harley Davidson to think more radically (HOG)
Beware of Organ Harvesters, Minister Warns Nigerians: #Nigeria
That huge helium deposit under Tanzania is even bigger than we thought
Tencent has come up with a novel way to applaud Chinas president
I Owe No Apology for Inviting Zuma, Erecting His Statue - Governor: #Nigeria
Ugandan Singer Bobi Wine Banned From Performing At Music Event #Uganda
Judge shocked to learn NYPD’s evidence database has no backup.
Spain-Catalonia standoff to intensify as deadline looms
What does the Boy Scouts decision mean for the Girl Scouts? @elainejgodfrey reports:
New big #Fintech Incubator starts in Germany (Art. German): ☛ #insurtech
China central bank warns against Minsky Moment due to excessive optimism
#Indonesia to raise tobacco excise by 10.04 per cent on average in 2018
ESP GER Gov Bond yields spread, chart @BloombergTV
Facing public outcry, New Mexico restores evolution and global warming to science standards
It’s decision day for Catalonia – and Spain via @bbmadridbc @estebanduarte4
EU summit begins with ultimatum day in Catalonia
Engage with leading science and security experts at our annual meeting:
7 things you need to know about Xi Jinping’s ‘new era’ for China
U.S. wants stronger India economic, defense ties given Chinas rise: Tillerson
Trump does not support Alexander-Murray healthcare bill: White House
How to promote a #culture of #data stewardship for your #startup
How to remove malware from your computer
What happens to your student loans if you die?
THE MEMO: Families of fallen soldiers criticize Trumps treatment of them
The Big Short Bridgewaters $1 billion short position in Italian banks is broken out below
Neoliberalism: The manipulation of the many to benefit the few
@BaldingsWorld Yup
Why being #human still matters in the world of #cybersecurity #fintech #insurtech @ITPro
Heres how cities can get the most out of their parks
USD vs. Chinese Renminbi, chart @BloombergTV
President Zuma to Unveil Life-Size Statue of OR Tambo #ORTambo100 #SouthAfrica
China’s economic data, chart @BloombergTV
China GDP in 3Q, chart @BloombergTV
A Mississippi school named for Jefferson Davis is being renamed after Obama
Italians have perfected the art of waiting it out via @VTSilver
Dollar firms to two-week high versus yen, bolstered by rising U.S. yields
If it doesn’t rain, I will be left with nothing. It is like this everywhere in Turkana.
Champion of Land Redistribution Mugabe to be Honoured in Russia - Report: #Zimbabwe
Analysts really, really want to be liked
Theres not much left of Yangons iconic Kandawgyi Palace Hotel after last nights fire. Photo by @soezeya.
#China | Annual change in GDP has been between 6.7-7.0% in EVERY quarter since the start of 2015.
Italy breaks up a Libyan gang smuggling low quality fuel into Europe
The acronym at the center of Trump’s war on Obamacare, explained
Garden-tending robot shoots plants and pests – with water
Scorpio Bulkers secures funding for Golden Ocean ultramaxes
Mogherini lashes out at Trump, says EU is the ‘only credible’ global power
Trumps whiplash on Obamacare jeopardizes a bipartisan deal, @russellberman reports
ECB: The main QE recalibration options and their implications for bond scarcity, chart @PictetWM
Toshiba probed by Japan securities watchdog over results filing: source
Ron Mohr is Alaskas first Hall of Fame bowler
India cracks down on air pollution as Diwali begins
Today in History for October 19th
The weirdest products @realDonaldTrump has ever licensed (from 2016)
Trump said ISIS “gave up” because he’s president
ECB: QE rescaling, not tapering expected, chart @PictetWM
Catalonia to formally declare independence if Spain suspends regional autonomy - source
New headway in desalination technology for brackish waters #cleanwater #WaterIsLife
India cracks down on air pollution as Diwali kicks off
Britain isnt at war with the EU, its at war with itself
President Kenyatta - I Wont Hold Talks with Anyone: #Kenya
A massive blaze tore through a #Myanmar five-star hotel on Thursday, one person has died
US holds #Myanmar military responsible for crackdown on #RohingyaMuslims #Rohingya
Seven times the Supreme Court got its facts wrong
Secular stagnation is no longer the dominant investor outlook @bySamRo
Jeff Sessions continues unprecedented stonewalling of Congress
They are killing all our democrats. Keeping Boris Nemtsovs memory alive in Russia
The years most important innovations in security
U.S. FDA approves Gilead cancer gene therapy; price set at $373,000
What dairy really does to your body. #Vegan
South Africans Personal Details Leaked in Massive Data Breach #SouthAfrica
Video: Jack Ma tells entrepreneurs ‘Don’t be scared’
Top Obama official: Trump used Obama plan to kick ISIS out of Raqqa
Election Boss Reads Riot Act to President and Opposition Leader #ChebukatiSpeaks #Kenya
Mexico corruption - over 1000 people under investigation
Older consumers take more OTC drugs than younger consumers when they are sick @WSMI_GA @ASMInews #ausbiz
Stunner on Birth Control: Trumps Moral Exemption Is Geared to Two Groups
Swiss interest rates forecast, chart @sgkb_news
#US | Feds Kaplan: Says he closely watches 10Y #TSY yield and shape of yield curve
Education of 4.5M million children in Yemen threatened by ongoing conflict
Nasa to Hold Countrywide Demos on Election Day: #Kenya
It’s Now Easier to Open a #Bank Account Than Sign Up for #Cable #fintech @ozy
Drug Czar Nominee Rep. Tom Marino Withdraws over Opioid Scandal
Canadas #Quebec passes bill banning covered faces in public services
Sleep and sleep problems plague the modern consumer @WSMI_GA @ASMInews #ausbiz
Revisit the Crash of 87 w/ stories from the Wall Street players who lived it
One-Person Shops Face Two-Pronged Choice When Hanging Out Shingle
Protests Against President Gnassingbes Continued Rule Turn Deadly: #Togo
#China central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan says likely to retire soon
Poorest countries are having hardest time ramping up food output
Trump just lost a big court case because he’s a terrible liar
Senate committee seeks to interview key FBI informant in Russian nuclear bribery plot
New study: The 50 U.S. cities with the most rats.
US judge orders government to allow abortion for undocumented teen
Claims of Foul Play Make Parties Hesitant to Choose Sides in Runoff Poll: #Liberia
Are Qatars guest workers modern slaves? @iamanasantos
Top startup investors see mounting backlash against tech
SURPRISE! #China | Q3 GDP Q/Q: 1.7% V 1.7%E; Y/Y: 6.8% V 6.8%E
WOAH better make a run on the currency my bros
$NZDUSD having a few wobbles as rumors #NZFirst will go with Labour/Greens... #decision17
Trailers could house those displaced by fires in California wine country
How the end of CSRs will affect people on Obamacare, from @olgakhazan:
#WhiteHouse debates #DonaldTrumps visit to DMZ along #NorthKorean border
How one hedge fund ignored the China bears and made a 65% gain
Former England captain Terry Butcher devastated by son Christophers death
This Japanese Internet maverick wants you to pay $180 for a steak
South Korea holds rate at record low as investors see a hike on the horizon
Protecting Against #AI’s Existential Threat #fintech #insurtech #MachineLearning
Police restrict medics ahead of Richard Spencer protest at University of Florida
How to Spice Up Your #BrandVoice $ $
Best #Python libraries for #MachineLearning and #DataScience (Part 1) #BigData #DeepLearning
Graph of the Day: What we need, what we’re getting #auspol
#Kyrgyzstan: President-Elect #Jeenbekov Should Make Rights a Priority @MihraRittmann
ICYMIChOTD-10/18/17 A Halting Development In The Global Equity Rally? $EAFE $EFA Post:
Muslim women feel targeted as Quebec passes face veil ban
United Airlines profit falls, sees margin decline this quarter
The terrifying way fire ants take advantage of hurricane floods
Toshiba investigated by Japans securities watchdog: source
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors is perhaps Ai Weiweis most ambitious public project yet
Amazon is now literally building its way into people’s lives
Former NYT reporter: Editors killed my 2004 Harvey Weinstein expose after he met with them
When it comes to the universe, nothingness is actually really important:
#Netherlands #Unemployment Rate at 4.7%

George Magnus

The government’s economic plan has been torpedoed by a productivity shift

8 days ago

Theresa May’s government is creating enough of its own bad news without any help from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), created in 2010 to provide independent and authoritative analysis of the UK’s public finances. Yet in today’s “Forecast Evaluation Report,” the OBR has pretty much holed the Treasury and the government below the water line at a crucial time in the Brexit negotiations, and just weeks before the Budget.

For the last seven years, the OBR has continuously assumed that the UK’s disappointing productivity (output per hour worked) performance would revert to a pre-financial crisis trend of 2 per cent per annum over the medium-term. Ever hopeful, it anticipated that a rise of 1.5 per cent in 2016 heralded just such an outcome, but this proved to be a false dawn, and now the OBR has thrown in the towel. In its report, it says……Read more: