Right on schedule the barrel and catalyst —  in the form of Gary Cohn’s resignation — cue up to take stocks over the waterfall.

Let’s call it what it is, “The Niagara Navarro Falls“.

Navarro Falls_Mar6


Cramer’s Mad Money

Wow, it looks like Jim Cramer was lip synching his cheerleading.  They just cut into the Mad Money program and patched in the announcement of Gary Cohn’s resignation.

Market Impact

Dow futures down 300 hundo since the open just eight minutes ago and S&P futures down 30 points.

We suspect foreigners are fast losing confidence in the management of USA, Inc.   This could get brutal for the big three:  bonds (unless major risk-off triggers flight to quality), the dollar, and stocks.

Now let’s see if the real sellers come out.

Stay tuned.