Defeat Senate Deregulation Bill S 2155!

Since the financial crisis, the nation's biggest banks received billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidized bailouts, paid billions of dollars in fines for a range of criminal and quasi-criminal activities, bought billions of dollars of their own stock due to a cheap money policy sold to the public as a means to stimulate the economy, rather than lend to average citizens, had access to trillions of dollars of loans from the Federal Reserve to bolster their health, and reaped record profits. Now, as a swipe to safeguards put in place under the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, proposed bill S-2155 will enable the next tier of banks (including foreign holding companies of financial miscreants like UBS, Deutschebank and HSBC) to engage in riskier activities with less regulatory oversight. It would allow mid-size banks to issue riskier mortgages which the big Wall Street banks could again package and diffuse throughout the world in the form of toxic assets, and it would reduce consumer protections. It is a reckless act, devoid of vision or historical perspective on how crises occur. Our nation can not afford to have it pass. Demand that your Senator doesn't enable mid-size banks to imbue more systemic risk upon the economy at the expense of American taxpayer financial stability. Tell him or her to vote NO on S-2155.