This is going to get so ugly before it's finished.


I think it will likely crescendo before the next Presidential election.  Or when Trump leaves office, whichever is sooner. 

Major stock dislocations are very tough to predict, and almost impossible to time.  It is easy to predict an accident when you see someone driving drunk nearly every day in a car that is not maintained.

But timing it, well, that's the issue for most, and a preoccupation for just about every amateur and the pundits that make their living selling them the 'inside scoop.'  If they really knew, they wouldn't sell that kind of information.

Traders make up for this kind of uncertainty with their reflexes, and if they are good, with an aversion to betting their egos rather than their wallets.

We may even see a Goldfight at the OK Corral before then, if these paper pushers keep it up too long.

Have a pleasant evening.