This video interview is a reprise, but it is so insightful, so spot on, that I thought it would be useful to bring it back now ahead of the fall elections.

How soon we forget, with all the distractions and dog and pony shows served up.

Not that the corporate wing of the Democratic Party will listen to reason. The pay is too good, and they will fight to retain their privileges until the bitter end.

They may begin to fake listening to their own broad base, not just the millionaires, more aggressively.  They are good at faking concern and feeling your pain while doing very little.

Change will come only as the Progressives turn the party over on its head from the bottom up, at the primary ballot box and the elections.

Obama was a well polished and timid sell-out, from his first 100 days.  But Bill and Hillary were  venal carnies from the first.    I never voted for either of them.  But I have family in Arkansas, and their nature was well established back then.

And may have been proto-fascists too, if you remember the two highest profile law enforcement actions of the Clinton administration: Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Obama was not much better if one recalls the brutal way in which dissent was suppressed under him, with the historic use of Espionage Act, and the coordinated crushing of Occupy movement and just about anyone else who stood against him.   Like so many verbally acute figures he was given over to paranoid overreach when words failed.

So whenever a hard core Democrat tells me how awful the Trump voters are, and there are some pretty ugly actors in that crowd, and how tragic it is that they failed the country at the polls, I want them to remember this video.

Make no mistake, Trump is embarrassing, and anyone with a view to history can see the damage he is doing with his dilettante, con man's approach to policy.   I forecast that in their anger and frustration people would grab the wrong solution from the shelf, and here it is.

But all things considered, we can thank the arrogant willfulness of Hillary and her corporate stooges for it.   The rise of a demagogue almost always owes something to the long term failure of the governing elite.

How did Monica Lewinsky save Social Security from Wall Street?  Watch the video to find out.

The Democratic establishment and highly placed party functionaries do not want to change—   they are dedicated to their own personal power and control, and all about getting paid off first and foremost. 

And their greed is killing us.

And for good measure, here is a specific discussion of the details of the election blunders and fatal complacency fueled by arrogance and disdain for the common people.