"A family develops with a loving woman at its center."

Karl Friedrich Schlegel

"Caesar was swimming in blood. Rome and the whole pagan world had gone mad.

But those who had enough of transgression and madness, those who were trampled upon, those whose lives were full of misery and oppression, all the weighed down, all the sad, all the unfortunate, came to hear the wonderful tidings of a God who, out of love for them, had offered Himself up to be crucified, for the forgiveness of their sins."

Henryk Sienkiewicz, Quo Vadis: In the Time of Nero

And true life develops around a central core of grace with its two great gifts: repentance and forgiveness.

I have family arriving from out of town, Maryland and Ohio, some now and the rest later tonight. lol.

I spent the afternoon getting things ready for them.

A big pot of chicken gumbo soup and a loaf of hearty bread is a fine way to greet a traveler.

Here are the updated charts and information for today.

There is nothing better than a house full of family.

Defy the world with love, and a light will come into your life.

Have a pleasant weekend.