One day one day I was walking along
I heard a voice I didn't see no one
the voice to me you know it sounded so sweet
it sounded like Jesus talking to me

and I know, I know I've been changed
I, I know I've been changed lord and I know
I know I've been changed
the angels in heaven done signed my name.

Chris Rodriguez and The Spoon Lady, Angels In Heaven

Spoon Lady certainly puts her heart into her work.

I like the way that the dog casually walks across the 'stage' during their performance.

We live in times of a plague on the human spirit. What then are we to do?

The only way to fill the emptiness of a heart broken by loss or made unquiet by worry is with love, of God and of God in others. Defy the world with love, and a light will come into your life. 'If they drive God from the earth, we shall shelter Him underground.'

Read poetry, comfort the afflicted, make music, care for the weak among His creatures, love beauty, feed the hungry, fall down and get back up, sing songs of joy and thanksgiving, be ready to lend a smile and a helping hand, and always stand with your brothers and sisters, lifting your eyes up to heaven, and shine its light, brightly, into the darkness.