"Thousands of Honduran migrants hoping to reach the U.S. stretched out on rain-soaked sidewalks, benches and public plazas in the southern Mexico city of Tapachula, worn down by another day's march under a blazing sun.

The caravan’s numbers have continued to grow as they walk and hitch rides through hot and humid weather, and the United Nations estimated that it currently comprises some 7,200 people, “many of whom intend to continue the march north.”

However, they were still at least 1,140 miles (1,830 kilometers) from the nearest border crossing — McAllen, Texas — and the length of their journey could more than double if they go to Tijuana-San Diego, the destination of another caravan earlier this year. That one shrank significantly as it moved through Mexico, and only a tiny fraction — about 200 of the 1,200 in the group — reached the California border.

Some have questioned the timing so close to the vote and whether some political force was behind it, though by all appearances it began as a group of about 160 who decided to band together in Honduras for protection and snowballed as they moved north.

“No one is capable of organizing this many people,” Mujica said, adding that "there are only two forces driving them: hunger and death.”

Associated Press, October 23, 2018

These poor families are only over a thousand miles away, walking on foot, trying to escape the brutal oppression of a government we help to sustain in Honduras.

And they are coming for your freedom. And maybe to meddle in our elections.  See the usual clickbait and tinpot internet sites for details on this looming menace.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Seriously, if they can make it to Texas in the next couple of weeks, over a thousand miles on foot at the most direct and punishing route, I say let them in.

They may be good prospects for our Olympic teams.  Especially the women and children.

And we could use some resourceful and self-reliant people, because we are obviously becoming a bunch of hysterical nincompoops who will believe just about anything.