Much had been written about growing political partisanship in the US and the reasons for it. Via the Internet, more information is available to all than ever before – probably good. But certainly Trump, the uncompromising party battles in Congress and Social” media have contributed to the warring factions in the US.

In addition, cable TV is contributing to the increasingly strident tones expressed by the American public. Conventional thinking has Fox News supporting Trump, Republicans and conservatives (none of these are the same) while MSNBC and CNN tilt the news towards the Democrats and “progressives.”

The following table provides 4PM to Midnight data for these three cable stations. The bottom line: Fox is the big winner. The counts in red are where the Fox total is greater than the CNN + MSNBC total. However, the total of CNN and MSNBC come close to matching Fox. In only one case does a CNN or MSNBC show top the Fox show – Williams beats Bream in the 11PM slot.

Total Viewers (in thousands)