Rarely has any story been so distorted for political reasons, so shamefully and shamelessly, since the run up to the invasions of Iraq.

Who is feeding this 'army of military age males.'  Who seeks to undermine the safety of the greatest power on earth?   I was reading some online rubbish from a hysterical blogger who says we should seek out these enablers and take care of them, if you know what I mean.

Yes, let us not only not help the afflicted.  Let us seek out any good Samaritans and kill them.
"On Sunday, the caravan paused to rest after a week of walking in oppressive heat through the state of Chiapas and reaching the town of San Pedro Tapanatepec in Oaxaca state.

Throughout the day migrants lined up for plates of tortillas, beans and meat stew that parishioners of the town’s main church, Parroquia San Pedro Apostol, dished out. Women who identified themselves as volunteers from the office of the local municipal president distributed bottles of water from the back of a pickup truck as it inched through the streets, drawing crowds of parched migrants."
These fools.  How dare they advance this military peril against us?

Because of the law of posse comitatus the 5,200 US Army troops being deployed to the border can only act in support roles for the border police. Unless of course we declare war on the caravan or suspend the law against military rule in the US.  So it is likely just a headline grabbing gesture.

Because of the Constitution, Trump cannot 'issue an executive order' denying the birth rite of citizenship to anyone. It would take the process of law to do this.  So it is like just another headline grabbing gesture.

Unless of course the President were to grant himself extraordinary powers so that he could deal with this terrible threat, these poor families escaping violence in their own lands.
“I want to address for a moment some of our political leaders who were here. Ladies and gentlemen, it has to start with you as our leaders. Stop the words of hate. If it comes from you, Americans will listen. You don’t have to follow the prone to evil path. We can also be prone to good. If you decide to take that path, it starts with speech. Words of hate are unwelcome in Pittsburgh.”

Rabbi Jeff Meyers, Tree of Life Synagogue
The stoking of fear and hate ends in blood.  Have we learned nothing?

We seem to have no shame, no sense of history, and relatively little decency in our public life.

It is all about power and money.   People are just tools, objects, and collateral damage.