It is All Hallow's Eve once again, and here at Political Calculations, that means taking time out to engage in what some might call pure silliness, but we call a public service. Because on this day, as on Halloweens past, we find the fear in furniture, where everyday objects lose their comfort and charm and instead become something... sinister.

This year's journey into the dark side of seating begins with a truly terrifying design concept: the Terra! Grass Chair. This was a Kickstarter project that combined a cardboard pattern, dirt and grass seed to create outdoor seating. The kind that you can easily hide bodies under.

Terra! Grass Chair

As a general rule, seating is meant to facilitate social activity, where sharing comfort is key. But what if you despise such things?

Perhaps then, you might consider the Delirium Chair, which has been described as "a tribute to a balance between city and nature, artificial and natural, Techne and Psyche", whose "form flows organically but also reminds us of rigid systems like highways".

Delirium Chair

You can see artistic shots of the Delirium Chair interacting with people (or rather, a professional model) here, where if you pay close attention to the design, you'll appreciate its potential application for use in public settings where preventing homeless people from sleeping upon the public's furniture is a desired objective.

Meanwhile, for those who do like to occasionally have friends over, but who don't want to invest a lot in their comfort, the Social Chair Set, which is the result of a student design project, solves the problem of how to have extra chairs when you need them and also how to store them when they're not around.

Social Chair

On the other hand, it does beat the alternative of those folding card table-style chairs!

Now, what if you don't like having people over, but still have to have them anyway? You can sent a strong message about how long they should stay by providing the illusion of playful comfort while keeping them continually off balance with the "Teeter and Tot Chairs".

Teeter and Tot Chair

This furniture concept requires a quote from the student designers:

Teeter and Tot look unsuspecting as chairs. When sat on, they unexpectedly collapse. George Duan and Megan Lee designed Teeter and Tot chairs for office lounge spaces to revitalize risky play in everyday adult lives. The person who sits on Teeter or Tot will experience a sudden, unexpected drop. This falling sensation will inevitably send a strong adrenaline rush through his or her body. Sitting on Teeter and Tot is a chance for adults to experience something unexpected, exciting, and fun in their mundane office lives.

We carefully designed the structure of these chairs to ensure the safety of users, while creating risky, fun experiences for them. Through several prototype iterations, we adjusted the mechanism of the chairs to drop in height just enough to surprise users, but not fall off the chair. Teeter and Tot are upholstered from head to toe with soft materials to absorb the shock from the drop while providing another layer of safety protection for users.

Our final chair of terror is a futuristic concept that makes it possible for you to sit anywhere. Meet the Lex Bionic Chair, which isn't a chair so much as it is a fanny pack that stows two wearable legs that allow you to sit anywhere there isn't a chair, with perfect posture. Watch the video....

Believe it or not, this is the "most funded exoskeleton on Kickstarter". The future of furniture has arrived, and it's just as terrifying as we all have hoped!