China’s largest air show will be held in the coastal city of Zhuhai from Tuesday to Sunday, is a traditional event for Beijing to demonstrate its expanding aviation sector in front of aerospace executives, world leaders and defense buyers from over 40 countries.

According to the Asia Times, four J-20 stealth fighters from the People’s Liberation Army Air Force buzzed Zhuhai last week ahead of the event.

Warplanes and civil aircraft from Chinese to foreign manufacturers have already descended on the city.

#Pakistani military aircraft have arrived in Zhuhai to attend the upcoming air show, including a C-130 transport aircraft and three JF-17 fighters.

— China Plus News (@ChinaPlusNews) November 1, 2018

Urumqi Air debuts its COMAC ARJ21 at Zhuhai International Airshow. The airline becomes the 3rd operator of ARJ21.

— ChinaAviationReview (@ChinaAvReview) November 3, 2018

Here they come! China's J-20 stealth fighters on Saturday conducted flight test above S China's Zhuhai Airport for the forthcoming 12th Zhuhai Airshow on Nov 6 #J20 #AirshowChina

— People's Daily,China (@PDChina) November 4, 2018

Welcom @AirBaltic @Airbus to China , AIRSHOW (Zhuhai) ! Airbus A220 ;)

— Harry Lee (@HarryLe75405629) November 5, 2018

Gulfstream’s G650ER and special mission G550 make Airshow China debut #airshowchina

— Business Jet Operator (@BizJetOperator) November 5, 2018

Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder at Zhuhai Airshow. Its Chinese designation "FC-1 Xiaolong" 枭龙 means "Fighter China-1 Fierce Dragon"

— Carl Zha (@CarlZha) November 5, 2018

The six-day event is located at Zhuhai Jinwan Airport will feature J-20 aerobatic performances, even though the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority had yet to confirm the PLA’s fifth-generation fighter is on the list of scheduled events, the Global Times reported. 

The South China Morning Post also quoted one military source as saying this would be the public's first glimpse of the J-20.

The PLA's heavy transport plane Y-20, the H-6K bomber, the KJ-500 early warning aircraft, the GJ-2 unmanned aerial vehicle, and the J-10B fighter will be other aircraft featured at the airshow.

Chinese state-run media has also revealed that a tiltrotor drone, developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. and named the CH-10, will have its maiden flight at the airshow.

Here are other drones that are currently being featured at the airshow-

China’s new drone makes debut at air show #China #drones

— CCTV+ (@CCTV_Plus) November 5, 2018

An unmanned aerial vehicle believed to be the CH-7 is displayed at the booth of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. ahead of the Airshow China 2018 in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province on Sunday. (Photos: Yang Sheng/GT)

— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) November 4, 2018

Combat drones get star billing at Airshow as China moves closer to US capability in drone design, production. #AirshowChina

— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) November 5, 2018

According to Army Recognition, the CM-401 anti-ship missile will be another weapon system featured at the airshow. 

The CM-401 missile is a new type of supersonic anti-ship missile, using near space trajectory, and capable of all-course high supersonic maneuverable flight. It seems as the missile system is geared towards protecting China's militarized islands in the South China Sea. 

Also, the Defense blog reported that an unknown Chinese defense company will unveil a new LW-30 laser weapon system prototype.

The LW-30 is a short-range laser weapon designed to counter unmanned aerial vehicles, light aircraft, and commercial drone threats.

Other exhibits at the airshow include space stations modules, rocket engines, and unmanned land-based robots with mounted machine guns.

Replicas of China’s manned launch vehicles, space station core modules, new generation of carrier rockets and other spacecraft were debuted at Air Show China 2018 on Monday.

— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) November 5, 2018

Take me fly in China ZHUHAI air show

— MarkGuo (@kwokairforce) November 5, 2018

Unusual unmanned vehicle displayed at the Zuhai Air Show#china #UGV #unmanned #AutonomousVehicles #zuhai #airshowchina

— Melanie Rovery (@MelanieRovery) November 5, 2018

Overhead view of the tracked, combat UGV tracked fitted with remote weapon station (RWS) at Zuhai airshow#UGV #China #AutonomousVehicles #Zuhai #airshowchina @SamBendett

— Melanie Rovery (@MelanieRovery) November 5, 2018

Seems as though the airshow has given us a glimpse of the war machines that China plans to use against the US if the trade war spirals out of control into a hot war.