The Fact of Gambling Causes Mental Disorders

Gambling Causes Mental Disorders

Gambling is a game that involves betting in it, where the winner of the gamble will take the property of the loser in gambling. Those who win will be happy, and those who lose will be miserable and may feel the bad effects where gambling causes mental disorders.

Gambling is something that is prohibited from being circulated in Indonesia because it has a lot of bad effects or impacts that will be obtained by gamblers.

Even the government has officially stated firmly that it will take strict legal action against those who are already involved in the gambling.

Gambling causes mental disorders is one of the effects given by gambling. And that is only one of the many other effects, including poverty, destruction, misery and much more.

Many people experience mental disorders due to gambling too often or too long. You can see a lot of news circulating on television or the internet, gamblers are willing to end his life by committing suicide due to the effects caused by gambling, namely gambling causes mental disorders.

A gambler who is reported to be someone who is addicted to gambling, the gambler is reportedly unable to stop his gambling activities.

Until one day the money he had ran out, all was left because he lost from gambling.

Then a gambler who is already addicted is willing to owe money to moneylenders to still be able to fulfill his desire to gamble. Until finally he lost again, this caused the money he got from the debt to run out of nothing.

It also made it difficult for him to pay the debt and was forced to deal with moneylenders until he decided to end his life.

Gambling that is widely circulated among the public and is detrimental to society today is online gambling including online poker gambling, online domino gambling, online slot games 138 sites.

Online gambling is in demand because gamblers think that online gambling can be done much easier than offline gambling that has existed from the past.


That gambling causes mental disorders is not a lie, besides the news above, there are many more examples of news that you can read for yourself through social media.

In addition to causing suicide, gambling attacks a person’s mentality by creating depression for someone who gambles.

The method is the same as spending the money that the gambler has. Besides that, of course, gambling can make you devastated and poor in the economic field, not even a few people have their families destroyed just because they gamble too much.

Gambling is something that does a lot of harm, so it is appropriate for all people to stop or stay away and never approach gambling. It is not easy for people to stop gambling, because distributing gambling narcotics also creates an addiction for those who gamble.

The first way you can do is to cut off friendships between friends who are still in the gambling circle so that you don’t think too much about gambling.

The second way is to look for more positive activities because by looking for positive activities you can certainly stop gambling. Seek support from your family. Ask them for advice on how to stop gambling, because it is only from your closest family that you will be able to stop gambling and of course you will not get the bad effects of gambling causes mental disorders.

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