How It Works

Alternative Economics has a simple yet powerful system for collecting, organizing and disseminating content.

1. Alternative Economics authenticates publishers and individuals verifying they are who they say they are. 

2. By authenticating publishers and individuals we make sure the content we serve is of significance and of value to our readers.  

3. Users contextualize content - By sharing content and links across the internet on social media, blogs, etc. you are contributing to providing a range of different perspectives and a diverse  set of opinions. Readers 'curate' content, deciding what is newsworthy, fact-based, transparent, and of high quality. 

4. All such content is aggregated on our platform, which provides tools for discovery customization for all our readers. 

5. Alternative Economics's algorithms and layout provides a high quality reading experience customized whether they start by visiting our site directly, find the news content via search engines or social media.

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Tips & Tricks:

Share Articles: Use the share button to share articles on social media, article snippets on email or by getting a short link

Find Articles by Author: Clicking the author link loads the content library from the specified source

Bookmark your Favorite Articles: By bookmarking your favorite stories and articles you will always be able to find them back later by logging in and entering 'my account' settings


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