• 4 minutes ago

Here's more evidence why BEE will never work - IRR - @IRR_SouthAfrica

  • 5 minutes ago

NEWS: CFTC Aligns With SEC: ICO Tokens Can Be Commodities (CoinDesk)

  • 9 minutes ago

Pentagon chief asks Congress to not hinder cyber defense

  • 9 minutes ago

Panama Papers - Africa's Elite Are Plundering Their Countries: #Africa

  • 9 minutes ago

Here’s why you don’t feel a thing when a mosquito launches off of you, according to physics.

  • 9 minutes ago

CCTV shows moment when moped thief snatches woman's laptop from coffee shop

  • 9 minutes ago

Will Xi Jinping build on Deng Xiaoping’s legacy – or unravel it?

  • 12 minutes ago

Excellent reporting by @alexbkane on Mahmoud Shaalan, a Palestinian-American killed by IDF with no accountability

  • 12 minutes ago

Big elevator companies blast Ontario bill, safety agency in new report from @GlobeBusiness

  • 18 minutes ago

Jeremy Corbyn to meet top EU Brexit negotiator Barnier in Brussels

  • 19 minutes ago

Iraj Abedian: Three big holes in McKinsey story about its role in Gupta Eskom graft -

  • 19 minutes ago

Rio Tinto charged with fraud in US and fined £27.4m in UK

  • 20 minutes ago

Kenneth Chenault to step down as AmEx CEO next year

  • 20 minutes ago

New documentary portrays nuanced view of Africans’ experience living in China

  • 21 minutes ago

Opinion divided over Quebec ban of face coverings for public services

  • 21 minutes ago

Former AG Eric Holder: "Stop the damn lying."

  • 28 minutes ago

U.S. expert accuses China of 'weaponizing' N. Korea

  • 29 minutes ago

The loss of these health care subsidies could save many consumers money, although it will add to market confusion.

  • 30 minutes ago

Blackness remains the great challenge to writers of fiction on all sides of the color line.

  • 32 minutes ago

An MRI-Compatible Robotic System for Breast Biopsy

  • 35 minutes ago

Japan's new digital age brings together the old and the new

  • 37 minutes ago

Eagerness to go on TV has warped the liberal media, Glenn Greenwald tells TV host

  • 40 minutes ago

#Volvo hopes to take on #Tesla in China’s electric car market

  • 43 minutes ago

Pillarstone goes all in on RBD Armatori’s rescue plan

  • 44 minutes ago

From the AP archives: Venezuelan opposition hopes for victory in regional elections

  • 47 minutes ago

Google, Toronto and the city of tomorrow.

  • 51 minutes ago

The best time to invest? Perhaps, but don’t lose sight of the Three Es

  • 54 minutes ago

Senate Democrat blocks vote on EPA air nominee

  • 55 minutes ago

I Cannot Guarantee Credible Election - Kenya Polls Boss #Kenya

  • 1 hour ago

Cuban migrants hope for release from a Panama detention camp.

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