• 2 minutes ago

Centralized nervous systems might have evolved more than once, new evidence suggests. Great N&V by @CarrieOcto & Cl…

  • 3 minutes ago

#Saudi women will also be allowed to drive motorcycles and trucks

  • 7 minutes ago

Carpinteria still rosy after California wildfires spare flower farms

  • 9 minutes ago

A sudden fault in North Korea’s outdated power grid can potentially trigger a nuclear meltdown, and it may have tro…

  • 11 minutes ago

The community you grow up in shapes your likelihood of inventing

  • 17 minutes ago

California wildfire close to becoming third largest ever in state

  • 17 minutes ago

Back from the Global Voices Summit With a New Reason to Learn a New Language

  • 17 minutes ago

The last known thylacine died on 7 September 1936. The species’ complete genome now offers clues to its decline, an…

Italian Consul Guelfo Zamboni: Thessaloniki’s Schindler

  • 17 minutes ago

Why are Hong Kong parents not reading to their children?

  • 20 minutes ago

Tesla Trucks Will Dominate The Market

  • 20 minutes ago

An elegant, delicious host gift made with two ingredients in 15 minutes

  • 23 minutes ago

Poloz ready to stop ‘playing defence’ as Canada’s economy rebounds (subs) From…

  • 25 minutes ago

'Nothing to fear' as Austrian far-right enters government

  • 30 minutes ago

Silicon Valley Techies Still Think They're the Good Guys. They're Not.

  • 34 minutes ago

An in-depth overview of different mobile wallets

  • 37 minutes ago

China’s mobile payment giants forcing incumbents to innovate

  • 39 minutes ago

Couples who dress alike: 'It looks like we’re from the same cult'

  • 41 minutes ago

Portland: Homes for Everyone, or Not in My Neighborhood

  • 43 minutes ago

Eat and drink your way through Mexico City’s Polanco From @tgamtravel

  • 45 minutes ago

Blame it on political chaos, corruption or a deteriorating law and order situation, Chinese enthusiasm for the mult…

  • 47 minutes ago

U.S. Justice Department, AT&T settlement talks failed: court filing

  • 59 minutes ago

RT: Resurgence_mag: RT RobGMacfarlane: Word of the day: “mell-moorin” - a fall of fine, drifting snow; a blizzard o…

  • 1 hour ago

AC Milan faces UEFA financial fair-play penalties

  • 1 hour ago

A new poem by @BenOkri, on Brexit and our times:

  • 1 hour ago

Strong winds that will enhance the fire danger will shift from northern to southern portions of California as Satur…

  • 1 hour ago

Many of the ties that bound society together in the middle of the last century have fallen apart, writes…

  • 1 hour ago

Venezuela talks to resume in January after government, opposition fail to reach deal

  • 1 hour ago

Even short-term fostering can make a difference.

  • 2 hours ago

The small town at the center of Britain's nuclear arsenal. @matt_kennard

  • 2 hours ago

Kids around the world are suing their governments for ruining the planet

  • 2 hours ago

Relief for Liberals as Bennelong byelection win saves Turnbull's majority

  • 2 hours ago

The key takeaways from Doug Jones's victory in Alabama | Corey Robin

  • 2 hours ago

Australia's coalition government regains majority after winning by-election #turnbull #BennelongVotes

  • 2 hours ago

Matthew Peterson has no business wearing judge's robes | Richard Wolffe

On December 16, 1474 AD, the theologian, astronomer and mathematician, Ala od-Din Ali Ibn Mohammed, known as Ali Qu…

  • 2 hours ago

A Data Detox for a healthier, balanced digital life

  • 2 hours ago

Justice Dept: Release of FBI agents’ texts to media was not authorized

  • 2 hours ago

11 lies you may have heard about net neutrality

  • 2 hours ago

Every day, dozens, sometimes hundreds of Mexicans from the poverty stricken southern states are smuggled across the…

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