Twenty-seven years and counting. Makes for breathless journalism, but what Britain needs is a Tory divorce.
From the archive | Rocket Man Kim
Mexico earthquake update: More than 200 dead as numerous buildings collapse
Kengo Kuma unveils stacked wooden box design for Turkish art museum:
Violence in Mexico Boosts Demand for Women-Only Taxi Service
While only 19% of Germany’s voters live in the east of the country, 29% of AfD supporters do
As the Fed ponders shrinking its bond holdings, a reminder from
Where Protestants and Catholics live in Western Europe:
US sees sharp drop in international tourism under Trump:
Populous updates Lords cricket stand with fan-shaped roof:
@Oxfam denounces Spain for not fulfilling migrant quota #refugees
Realized #volatility in one chart!
In the global #inequality debate, theres a colorful elephant in the room
Keep track of everything happening at London Design Festival on Dezeen:
Spain: Catalan leader accuses Government of imposing de facto state of emergency
A joyful morning at GMA From every one of us at ABC News- Happy 5th Birthday Robin!
Buffett calls pessimists about United States out of their mind
Watch the latest episode of “Peer-to-Peer” with Les Moonves, the CEO of CBS
Why defense giant Northrop Grumman paid $8B for SpaceX rival Orbital ATK
UK police arrest three in Wales over London train bomb attack
Jamie Dimon Bitcoin is a fraud that will blow up, unlike QEd US Dollar....
Voters Think U.S. Winning War Against #ISIS...
The End Of The Beginning Of The #Fintech Revolution @MadhviMavadiya #VC
Cameroon Misusing Anti-Terror Laws - Report #Cameroon
The largest online audiences for jihadist propaganda:
Liberian Candidate Dies Ahead of Elections: #Liberia
These frogs might change color to avoid confusion during orgies
For people with pre-existing conditions, the bill would remove any guarantee of coverage.
Tech company unleashes crime-fighting #robots #fintech #insurtech #AI #MachineLearning
#Russia is far more unequal than Eastern European nations #inequality
Please kill me
Iceberg is quite the metaphor tbh
Necesitamos los siguientes artículos. #Sismo #CruzRoja #CDMX #RT
Russia rejects request to release files on Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of WWII Jews
Trump cracking down on legal immigration for high-skilled workers: report
Job of the day from @dezeenjobs is a Part-I architectural assistant to join @JonathanTuckey:
E-sports at the crossroad, says new chief – with Olympic recognition still the aim
Global stocks flat as investors await Fed meeting outcome
Good metals day
#Philippine soldiers kill 9 #Maoist rebels in fierce clash
Nigerian Leader Calls for Peace, Global Support Against Terrorism #Nigeria
Trump Urges Latin American Nations at UN to Help Restore Democracy in Venezuela
After taking refuge from #HurricaneHarvey in a taxi cab, this hawk is back in the sky
Comcast Corporation $CMCSA Testing Post-2009 Up Trendline ~36.50 #TrendlineWednesday
Qualcomm $QCOM Testing Post-1999 Up Trendline ~49 #TrendlineWednesday
Trumps trade threats are based on a misunderstanding of the US-China economic relationship
If you are what you eat, America tastes like chicken
Like Mother Like Son - Mugabes Son Spotted Shopping in New York #Zimbabwe
General Mills 1Q profit falls as yogurt sales decline $GIS
.@CocaCola’s headquarters have a refreshing new look
TV networks wont hire Spicer due to lack of credibility: report
El Periódico reports scuffles with riot police outside CUP headquarters in Barcelona.
Échange substantiel et exigeant avec le Président iranien @HassanRouhani.
Why workers are losing to capitalists: @Noahpinion via @BV
Alphabet $GOOG Testing Post-2015 Up Trendline (again) ~910 $GOOGL #TrendlineWednesday
Altria $MO Testing Post-2009 Up Trendline (again) ~61.50 #TrendlineWednesday
Film Study: 5 Market Tells In 2017 - blog by @CiovaccoCapital $SPY $STUDY
A peek at the glowing red shell around a distant, aging star, by @marinakoren:
Re-think vaccines... #vaccines #antivax
Former basketball player says university denied her a job for no longer identifying as gay
Across the majority of G20 nations, people prefer Merkel to Trump on world affairs
Over 2,000 Years of Economic History in One Chart: all major powers compared by #GDP from year 1AD.
ChOTD-9/20/17 Silver ETF $SLV Testing Broken Post-2011 Down Trendline $SI_F
After Reaping 40% in Turkey, Traders Eye 2017s Worst Stocks @markets by @Daphniful
Dont ignore what the Fed doesnt know
Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico
From the archive: Witness describes people fleeing Parsons Green station
Trump blasts “friend” Rand Paul: “He is such a negative force” on fixing healthcare
A Framework For Building a Sustainable Mobility System
People just ran: deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico
Trump’s attempt to rewrite NAFTA pushes a provision that is senseless — and unnecessary
The Feds plan to start shrinking its balance sheet could have unforeseen consequences
Ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort investigated in Russia probe
Controversial Israeli film Foxtrot wins at Ophir awards
Eerie calm hangs over Puerto Rican capital before storm
China is developing a warship of naval theorists dreams
Russia hit by second bailout as BN Bank seeks central bank aid
The Jig Is Up for Congos Embattled President: #DRC
Songa Bulk acquires Japanese-built kamsarmax
2001: President Bush pledged to Congress to fight a War on Terror.
Margin for Non-Cleared Derivatives
DJ Mo Apologises to Single Mums After Rant on Njoki Chege: #Kenya
Natural disasters are not preventable, but environmental contamination is.
Espionage, Murder, Bribes: The Perilous Life of Journalists in Mexico
Govt to Hold Referendum On Presidential Limit: #Togo
President Sirleaf Breaks Ground for Modern Clinic in Bomi: #Liberia
Two black holes are orbiting each other surprisingly close to us
US underemployment is rampant
RT GoogleStreetArt: Street Art by Oriol Arumi in Cataluna Spain
Australia building worlds largest single-tower solar thermal power plant HT @DanielPAldrich
NEW POLL: Fewer than a quarter of GOP lawmakers publicly support Trump’s wall
Guess Who Buys Two Rolls-Royces in Zimbabwe - VIDEO #Zimbabwe
Death toll rises as Mexico counts cost of latest earthquake
German court convicts two Syrian fighters on terror charges
US presidents, economic peaks and unemployment troughs
Diverse Cultures and Natural Beauty of Southern Nations: #Ethiopia
These structures are designed to keeping residents cool in our warming climate:
Azar Jammine: KPMG, McKinsey furore is already hitting SA’s economy
Slovakian politician calls for creation of national carrier
Fire erupts at Valero refinery in Port Arthur
Pregnant doctor unexpectedly goes into early labor while delivering another womans child
TFW youre asleep in the coffee shop wearing last nights tuxedo.
North Korea isnt the biggest problem in the world @MichaelBKelley
Walmart, Target demand legislation to protect Dreamers:
B.C. condos designed for storing luxury cars stoke controversy From @GlobeBC
How to work with someone you hate via @rzgreenfield
Tusk to meet May next week to discuss Brexit #Brexit50
Archimede’s USD Smile $
Tipping Point Coming for Clean #Energy as ‘Monster’ Turbines Arrive
New Zealand fuel crisis: 9,000 air passengers affected just today
Uber reviews Asia business amid U.S. bribery probe: source
New evidence! Gupta, Bell Pottinger deep in Moyane-Gordhan battle for SARS - #TomMoyane
Nikki Haley praises Trump for calling Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man”: “It worked”
City’s untreated injuries
Bees Attack Police, Protestors Outside Supreme Court: #Kenya
Unfreeze Ex-Nigerian First Ladys Accounts - Lawmakers Ask Banks #Nigeria
Meet the microscopic life in your home — and on your face: @AnneAMadden
#China rebukes #Trump over threat to totally destroy #NorthKorea
What happens in an internet minute in 2017? #technology
The three critical elements to success in commercial real estate debt investing: #CRE
More heroics from Jezza
Beyond the Supercycle: How Technology Is Reshaping Resources, a report from @McKinsey_MGI
The #Fed will take the next step in its ‘beautiful normalization,’ says @elerianm
@OERcongress was a huge success! #OERCONGRESS
Mexico City to Ban Carpooling Services with New Transportation Rules
“Deep state is both inaccurate and grossly misleading.”
Is artificial intelligence ready for financial compliance?
Sen. @ChrisCoons on protecting Robert Mueller and the function of any special counsel.
You should probably buy this mint-condition 83 Honda Accord on ebay
Donald Trump tweets he is saddened - but not about the earthquake in Mexico
WATCH: Clinton mocks Putin for manspreading
Round number-itis at 2500
Deutsche Bank: Global Asset Prices Are The Most Elevated In History
WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel tears into Bill Cassidy: You lied to my face
Why ESPN is more political than it used to be, from @conor64:
Trump’s attempt to rewrite NAFTA pushes a provision that is senseless — and unnecessary
Wal-Mart to give more hours to current staff this holiday season
Airbus has opened its first China completion center
Do troubles at Toys R Us signal more woes for retail? via @fpinvesting
Toys R Us defined my childhood – 6 of the toys I wont forget, by @justsomesomeone
New program to offer support to Indigenous students From @andreawoo via @GlobeBC
Robot Multiplicity - Techgnosis
#Kenya Supreme Court blames election commission for botched poll for @AFP
Check the great slide deck WTF is the #fintech bank? @slavasolodkiy @LifeSREDA #VC
Walmart, Target join call for Dreamer legislation
@dsmitheconomics Great piece - I hope everyone reads this informative article.
A photographer captures a positive scene from every country in the world
“It’s amazing that this has been captured on film.”
NEW: Grimm close to post-prison run for old seat
African Leaders Focus on Security at UN Meeting
Another headline offering cognitive strain. The bond slump is barely noticeable on the far right of the chart.
#FX Daily - $USD Trade Defensively Ahead of #FOMC
RT MultiDroneEU: Architecture for autonomous multi-drone cinematography planning -
What Happens When Inflation Walks In?
Eagles Regain Their Confidence, Set Sight On Trophy: #Nigeria
How likely is nuclear war with North Korea? @eosnos
So cool to catch up with @xhegwana @SanlamInvest #insights2017. Keep the tweets coming!!
#Palladium at the precipice here but this is strong support…
Spain moves against Catalan separatists with police raids via @estebanduarte4
The Fed risks repeating a ghastly mistake it made right before the last 2 recessions
Disney is already amassing the technology for its immersive Star Wars theme park:
CHANGING AMERICA: Fury fuels the modern political climate in US
Leaders respond to Kurdistan independence referendum
Ray Dalio says bitcoin is a speculative bubble
NEW POLL: Trump approval rating jumps four points
Get House in Order for Poll, Court Tells Kenyas Electoral Body #Kenya
Will Corbynites be in charge of the Labour Party forever? asks @stephenkb
LAs walls have been one of the few places for minorities to tell their side of history.
Canada’s growth expected to top the G7 this year as OECD boosts forecast #business
Brexit has potential to bring about significant economic gains for the UK
The first autonomous drone network will fly above Switzerland starting next month
Welcome to the 2nd biggest bull market since WW2 via @bkollmeyer
The explosion of cryto currencies ...
Asia firms sentiment slips on geo-political tensions - Thomson Reuters/INSEAD
Why Fatah and Hamas wont reconcile
Why this genocide survivor in Bosnia has been on a years-long search for human bones
Where is Nigerias Biafra Leader? #Nigeria
Govt to Hold Referendum On Presidential Limit: #Togo
Artificial Seasonings in Food Can Cause Diseases - Expert: #Nigeria
Spy Camera Scandal Deepens Feud between Ecuadors President and His Predecessor Correa
There is only one China, and there is only one Taiwan
Will it end in war? Malcolm Rifkind @IsabelOakeshott John Wyn-Evans talk Brexit at @ICASaccounting conference
Stunning graph on the decline of social housing under the Tories (the pink line).
ECB recalibration rescaling tapering tightening.
Guggenheim Partners says its CEO not planning to step down
Kurdish referendum: Turkeys Erdogan demands vote be called off
11 new iOS 11 features to try
Toys ‘R’ Us caught credit traders completely off guard
aw yeah
this paragraph leapt out of the @SebastianEPayne piece on Breitbart
Venezuela says it’s prepared to defend itself against U.S. aggression
#Fed to pack up crisis tool, debate next hike: Decision-day guide
GOP lobbyists reluctant to fund legal defense of Trump officials despite green light:
Heat drought drive south Indias farmers from fields to cities Tamil Nadu Cauvery river
Midwives come to aid of pregnant #Rohingya women in #Bangladesh camps
AfDB, Brazil to Train African Youth in Cassava Processing: #Africa
AfDB, Brazil to Train African Youth in Cassava Processing: #Africa
Aung San Suu Kyi: A Leader in Denial? writes @tharanga_yaku from the UN in New York
Its been an awful year for Petra Diamonds. Tanzania dispute, SA labour issues, operational setbacks
MetLife opens first innovation centre in Bangladesh -
20 valemaxes ordered at Chinese and South Korean yards
Its important that our balance sheet reduction not upset or disturb markets
Sorting molecules w/ #DNA #robots #nanobots #healthcare via @Caltech
Trump stokes global tensions with threats against North Korea in UN speech
Tuku Reflects On Career, Music Journey: #Zimbabwe
These 5 startups came on top in the first Slingshot@Switch competition
#Greek Governments official website launched on Wednesday
Two big words show why U.S. oil may finally be turning a corner
Letter to my mom.
SPOTTED: Price discovery explained
Finlands Fortum in talks to buy Uniper stake from E.ON
NEW POLL: Far more support single-payer healthcare than oppose it
Early snow in Norway makes driving hazardous
Global partners Trump and Merkel like oil and water
Worker dies after crane collapses at Yangzijiang yard
#BOE hike in November too aggressive: CIBCs Stretch via @markets
Rio casino reopens after court order returning reserves
Kenyan Actress Maureen Wanza Dies Giving Birth #Kenya
In theory, each Norwegian citizen now owns more than $200,000
This charity rented out President Trumps childhood home and invited over refugees
A really good piece on cocoa smuggling
The two senators who will likely decide fate of ObamaCare repeal:
Raiden Release: Simpler Micropayments Go Live on Ethereums Testnet
A profit-boosting consolidation wave could be headed for China
Proposal From Lyft Would Slash Traffic Congestion In Los Angeles
Tensions to rise after Trumps North Korea comments during #UNGA speech
Governments official website launched on Wednesday:
NEW: Five things to know about the new ObamaCare repeal bill
Bought a very simple French Press - very fast and makes BEST coffee! Good for now/then at home
At U.N., Britain to push internet firms to remove extremist content quicker
Boardroom bust-up sees Aschmann quit Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
.@AfD Islamophobia - will it help get out the Muslim vote? #GermanyDecides
Le anachronism Todays editorial cartoon by Brian Gable. More cartoons: From @GlobeDebate
My cartoon Wednesday @TheTimes.....#borisjohnson to accompany PM to #florence
WATCH: Clinton tears into Trumps UN speech as dark and dangerous
Authorities Reverse Decision to Punish Teachers for Not Cooperating in Contest
Charles Ssenkubuge Siasa - Dramas Living Legend: #Uganda
Londons Parliament Square to get its first statue of a woman
Heres why cryptocurrency markets are ignoring the news out of China
Just 4% own over 95% of #bitcoin chart via @izakaminska @FTAlphaville
Wild #Oktoberfest rides - in pictures:
What comes after user-friendly design?
What is Bus Rapid Transit – and why doesn’t every city want one? @JonnElledge explains
German election shaken up by Thyssenkrupp-Tata deal via @StefanNicolaBBG @bjennen1
US dollar close to 2015 lows as conflicted Fed prepares policy update via @Reuters
Jefferies Analyst Warns That Tesla May Take Longer To Reach Profitability Than Expected,…
Trump at the UN: What to watch for Wednesday
Deadly Earthquake, Climate Stunner, Solar Watch | S0 News Sep.20.2017
Apple and Samsung: Where technology meets luxury... s: WSJ via @SoberLook
The mechanics of Credit Default Swaps (CDS
How to choose whether to invest in a company’s equity or debt
How to effectively manage liquidity risk
Ripon, England A stag reaches for the branches of a tree Photograph: Rex
Barça issues a statement on the situation in Catalonia this morning, supporting the Catalan government.
Photos show destruction after powerful earthquake rattles Mexico City
From the archive: Forensics officers at scene of Parsons Green train fire
Regional Collaboration and Technology Models for City Government
Mum’s bacteria linked to baby’s behaviour in mouse models. Great NV by @cmotpow @UTSWNews
#HurricaneMaria slams the Virgin Islands barrels toward Puerto Rico
#Hurricanes Dont Prove #GlobalWarming, and a Carbon Tax Wouldnt Stop Them Anyway
Desperate night search in Mexico school, other ruins as quake deaths pass 200
After election rout, split stalks Frances National Front
Why Morse code is actually a really weird way to communicate
Malaysia: Unarmed robber in shorts, flip flops walks out of bank with $140,000
If you want the iPhone X, you will have to pay the full $999 via @readDanwrite
How Gossip Girl changed the way we talk about television, by @annaleszkie
Trump Health secretary takes expensive private flights to official meetings: report
Statement: SA successfully places US$2.5 billion in new notes
Midwives come to aid of pregnant Rohingya women in Bangladesh camps
Team Talk: Disasters aplenty - Springboks in NZ, KPMG, McKinsey - @BobSkinstad
Trumps UN speech shows nationalist instincts firmly intact via @Reuters
Trump using campaign funds to pay legal fees in Russia probe: report
FEATURE-In glossy #Bollywood, stories of ordinary Indian women shine @Rolionaroll
All eyes on McCain as GOP prepares new Obamacare repeal
EUs @VDombrovskis confirms that #Greek economy is recovering
More than 20 children dead after school collapses during Mexico quake
From Russia with fuel - North Korean ships may be undermining sanctions via @Reuters
Like Mother Like Son - Mugabes Son Spotted Shopping in New York #Zimbabwe
Govt spokesman #Tzanakopoulos cites positive data for the Greek economy:
LBMA #Silver Price is USD 17.38, EUR 14.48 (Sept. 20, 2017)
#Sismo #CDMX
EUs new cyber strategy aims to reduce the $300b annual cost of cybercrime in Europe
Trumps U.N. speech shows nationalist instincts firmly intact
Boom for Kenyan Miraa Traders as Shortage Hits Somaliland: #Kenya
Obama steps back into political spotlight to campaign for Dem candidates:
Spanish National Guard seized nine million ballots for the Catalan referendum via @el_pais
Verbal autopsies show India has averted a million child deaths since 2005 -
Markets take Spains crackdown on Catalan officials calmly via @toddwhitebloomb
People just ran: deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico
Leah Remini calls out John Travolta
Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Forcadell, to make a statement on the situation at 4 p.m.
US service sector inflation vs goods deflation, chart @boes_ @BloombergTV
Race for the Cure | Athens | October 1
Corruption scandal clatters Transnet’s attempted tariff hike
Heres a first look at this weeks magazine cover: The revenge of the left. Subscribe here:
“We need a thorough rethink of the status of cities within the UN System”
Major terrorist attack in Australia ‘inevitable’, says top cop #terrorism
For many in Myanmar, the Rohingya crisis is fake news
How #FinTech Became an International Unifying Phenomenon
Antiretrovirals for Pupils After Being Injected at School: #SouthAfrica
Powerful #HurricaneMaria lashes St. Croix, takes aim at #PuertoRico
Two Lawyers Wanted By Hague Court to Know Fate: #Kenya
Hickory Nut Gorge: an easy Asheville day trip
US intercepted conversations between Manafort and Russians about Trump campaign: report

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4 days ago

Revealing Photo Series Documents School Lunches Around the World via @my...

Revealing Photo Series Documents School Lunches Around the World via @mymodernmet