ALP Demands Election Re-Run: #Liberia
ECB bad-loan rule to have an impact on local banks
Nixon in China, Tsipras in Washington
Police seeking youths who attacked notaries’ office to protest auctions
Ex-SNL star: Trump hosting show was embarrassing and shameful
.@GrahamDavidA on the story Trump’s distracting us from:
What is the National Congress of Chinas Communist party?
Trump signals support for bipartisan deal stabilizing ObamaCare
Jewish group warns of possible anti-Semitic influence if Freedom Party shares power
#ThisWeek Small businesses at risk of being overwhelmed by data protection burden
In pictures: The life of #HongKong’s shop #cats keeping their owners company at work
New Australia energy policy halts renewable subsidies
Electrical experiments with plants that count and communicate
ICYMIChOTD-10/16/17 Japanese Nikkei Turns Weakness Into Strength $EWJ $NIKKEI $DXJ Post:
New OSFI rules on mortgage lending could keep Bank of Canada on hold for longer than expected, BMO says
Rainy Night (1895) by Childe Hassam, born #OTD in 1859.
Singer Ammara Brown Strikes Gold: #Zimbabwe
Tune into our live show From The South this evening:
Clues of Early Cycladic Life on Islet of Thirassia, Santorini (photos) #Greece
Brazilian Amazon is still plagued by the illegal use of natural resources in protected areas
Greece to Play Against Croatia in 2018 FIFA World Cup Playoffs #Greece
Repealing DACA is pretty costly for the hometowns of the most anti-immigrant politicians
How money will divide Europe after Brexit, by Paul Wallace
Alphabet to develop high-tech site in Toronto: sources
The years most exciting innovations in software #BOWN2017
Where a case is heard may be an important factor in whether immigrants can stay in U.S.
Obama aides slam Trump over claim about past presidents, fallen soldiers
Oil Sales - India Dumps Nigeria for U.S.: #Nigeria
Heres how to get a scholarship for just completing the FAFSA @BJonesCooper
Networks aggressively pursuing Ronan Farrow after explosive Weinstein exposé: report
From the AP archives: Ryan, Pelosi Back Puerto Rico Aid
How we discovered gravitational waves from neutron stars – and why its such a huge deal
India imposes anti-dumping duty on flat steel imports from China, EU
As trading slumps, Goldman and Morgan Stanley look for profit elsewhere
US Gulf of Mexico oil output almost back to normal in wake of Nate
What now for Syrias girls? @gaylelemmon
There are over 60 different versions of the Facebook app
While some NBA stars team up, Kyrie Irving bets on himself, argues @robertfoconnell:
The problem with fast-casual architecture
Asian shipowners call for BMP4 update
Catalonia remains on collision course with Madrid over independence
Trump is now using death of John Kelly’s son to back false Obama claim
Trump on claiming Obama didnt call soldiers families: Ask General Kelly if he got a call
Background for Tsipras-Trump meeting. Administration approves $2.4 billion for F16 upgrade for Greek air force
A highly-talked-about paper on the sidelines of the IMF meetings offers a big surprise
The correlation of today, is the superstition of tomorrow #statistics #correlation #causation
Senate Intel Committee subpoenas former Trump campaign adviser in Trump-Russia investigation
Drug Czar Nominee Led Effort to Undermine Opioid Abuse Fight #TomMarino
Are you following us on Insta? The #solidarityeconomy is gram worthy. #gocoop #coopscommit
Man accused of kidnapping Amanda Lindhout testifies he lied to police about ransom
Erik Prince Weighing U.S. Senate Bid While Tackling Xinjiang Security Challenge
Bitcoin takes flight again after overcoming roadblocks
Macron is saying the right things to unify Europe: Kyle Bass via @bpolitics
U.S. #coal production fell in first half of 2017 after increasing in late 2016 #energy
Google is testing delivery drones that lower your purchases on a string
Guantanamo Bays living legacy in the Trump era:
Retailer Casino cools talk of Amazon deal as it posts higher sales
Dow tops 23,000-mark for the first time on strong earnings
Gravitational waves are helping us understand just how quickly our universe is expanding:
Einstein doubted his own theory on the existence of gravitational waves:
Zumas Reshuffle Threatens Govt Stability - ANC Secretary General: #SouthAfrica
In this island nation, flying fox teeth are currency — and that could help save the species:
#ThisWeek Commission wants ‘real progress’ on live animal transport but no law review plans
John McCain condemns half-baked spurious nationalism at medal ceremony
Sarah Sanders blasts media for shameful coverage of Ivanka Trump
Should taxpayers have to subsidize those who choose to build homes in known wildfire zones?
Josh @ReformedBroker. These two paragraphs are the unspoken truth!
combined YTD fund flows: +$110.4B total equities net inflows
.@seanhannitys most recent follow is a Las Vegas truther and sick conspiracy theorist
Champions League live: Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig face crunch clashes
A mug shot of a 16 year old Clyde Barrow, half of the crime duo Bonnie and Clyde, Dallas, 1926.
Watch these stocks as Nafta negotiations teeter on the brink
Turkey: Six killed in coal mine collapse in Sirnak
teleSUR now offers our English broadcast. Watch the news #LIVE on #FromTheSouth, on @telesurenglish.
A Somali gravedigger on the struggle of burying Mogadishu victims
Eagles to Know World Cup Opponents Dec 1: #Nigeria
If Plants Could be Superheroes, Moringa Would Qualify #Africa #Gambia #Kenya
Test your prehistoric knowledge with our @lpkids dinosaur quiz!
Were Starving, Plead Zimbabwe Students in Russia: #Zimbabwe
White House: Americans are going to be begging for four more years of President Trump
Whats the IMF to do without a crisis? Mostly fret, if you ask @Moss_Eco
Puerto Rico stands on the brink of a massive liquidity crisis that will intensify
America’s unprecedented gun problem, in 5 images
The real destabilizer in the Middle East in not Iran... its Trump.
Rwanda Concerned About Uganda Hosting Dissidents #Rwanda #Uganda
Passenger says Delta stopped her from singing anthem on plane
Tsipras says he and Trump have managed to set aside their differences.
Ireland counts cost of Ophelia
2:00PM Water Cooler 10/17/2017
Catalonia refuses to renounce independence, anti-government protests form
Peru’s Former Odebrecht Director Admits to Bribing Officials for #Metro Work Contract
#Coops are responsible for 1 in 10 jobs worldwide:
Malta journalist killed in car blast was assassinated, her son says
MORE: Republican Senator Alexander says bipartisan healthcare deal would maintain Obamacare safeguards for two years
How Russia operated a popular and notorious Texan site as a front @cjcmichel
Sprott asks Gloom, Boom Doom’s Marc Farber to leave board over racist note
Is Man AHL Making Derivatives Industry History, Again? $
#BOEs Mark Carney TSC testimony in 50 seconds via @economics
Bitcoin engineer Jameson Lopp SWATted by angry crypto fans
Conservative rebels push Theresa May to reform Universal Credit ahead of roll-out
Networks aggressively pursuing Ronan Farrow after explosive Weinstein exposé: report
The market-distorting effects and imposed costs of overly restrictive zoning, mapped:
CNN chyron right now
Sibos 2017: social media – identity capitalism » Banking Technology
Bonanza As Africa Prepares to Abolish Call Roaming Charges: #Africa
@NASA @NASASun @NASAJuno #10Things 3. @CassiniSaturn captured this view of the ringed planet
Sarah Sanders defends Trump: He wasnt criticizing past presidents, he was stating a fact
Sainsburys to axe 2,000 jobs in £500 million cost-cutting drive
Dirk Nowitzki: The big mummy embarks on his 20th NBA season
The money and man-hours spent on worthless work product is obscene. Berkshire letter, 1999:
Qatari banks will reduce dollar sales to foreign lenders
Airbus notches win over rival Boeing with Bombardier deal
Trump warns McCain: Ill fight back and it wont be pretty
A clever pump design could have many potential applications
Why are Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, and Casey Affleck still in the academy?
Tom Marino withdraws from drug czar consideration
@NASA @NASASun #10Things 2. Jupiter up close and personal, as seen by @NASAJuno
Trump’s erratic trade policies are already undermining a key driver of economic prosperity
Huh! Facebook, Intel teaming up on chip for AI
U.S. Maintaining a Large Trade Deficit With Nafta Countries {Analysis on Terminal: }
Great Recession scars still leave Americans anxious about spending on the good life:
Tsipras hails US as strategic partner as Trump eyes defense
One robber in hospital after intended victims hit back
ECB bad-loan rule to have an impact on local banks
BREAKING: Senators reach deal to shore up Obamacare markets, Alexander says
Real-time evidence:
Cape Towns Water Supply Augmentation Process Not Cancelled: #SouthAfrica
The unexpected benefits of having a useless passport
Ex-SNL star: Trump hosting show was embarrassing and shameful
Governor of Bank of Greece Calls for Swift Conclusion of Bailout Review #Greece
Outcry in Greece as Preschoolers Show Off their Painting Skills on Horse (photos) #Greece
The Democrats have a Dianne Feinstein problem.
Despite New Gender Law, Mount Athos Monks Vow to Uphold Female Visitors Ban #Greece
Honduras and #Ecuador Agree to Deal Improving Economic Relations
From the AP archives: UK Foreign and Def Secs on Brexit, White Widow report
From the AP archives: Leading US Democrat and Republican both back Puerto Rico aid
Election winner Kurz says Austria must play an important role in the EU
10 Times Grace Mugabe Came Out Guns Blazing Against VP Mnangagwa: #Zimbabwe
With Spain gripped by Catalonia crisis, VWs Seat delays naming new model
George Soros has turned over nearly $18 billion to Open Society Foundations
Republicans in Congress are becoming Democrats when it comes to spending
Energy delusions: What Europeans haven’t been told
Airbus ties up majority stake in Bombardier plane project
#OTD South Texas Floods of 1998 @NWS #TX #Texas #severeWx #flooding #1998 #Wx
October 17, 1604 - Kepler observes a supernova bright enough to be seen with the naked eye.
Trump attempts to politicize the death of his chief of staff’s son
UK inflation hits five-year high as household squeeze continues, reports @Chrisitv
The organizations that could do something about loot boxes dont care:
Trumps top economists tax analysis isnt just wrong, its dishonest - Lawrence Summers:
Trump news conference with PM who once called him evil #cnnchyron
The basic sewing skills everyone should know
Wildfire Burns in Matagorda County, Texas
Senate confirms Trumps Pentagon pick
Trump’s speech on Iran was music to the ears of Israel and its US friends
Angela Merkels coalition talks for next German government: what you need to know
The 13 Commandments Of Successful #ValueInvesting – #TheArtOfValueInvesting
The middle lane of politics
Uhhh, is the Getty photog going for something specific here?
McCain: Weve been waiting for weeks for Trump to provide more information on Niger attack
Trump: Greece offers “immense opportunities” for investment, should get debt relief #Greece #Trump
Views from the roof our our latest listing - 3680 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
San Francisco is suing major oil companies to protect its citizens from climate change
NAFTA teeters as talks bog down
LIVE: Pres. Trump, Greek Prime Minister Tsipras hold press conference at White House
Brazil Central Bank Chief Compares Bitcoin to Pyramid Scheme
Map: How Many Hours Americans Need to Work to Pay Their Mortgage
Powell likely next Fed chief, though Yellen best suited: economists
MI5 boss warns of dramatic increase in UK terror threat
‘Investment opportunities in shipping could perhaps be the best in over 30 years’
Senate Democrats vow to keep Arctic refuge out of the hands of Big Oil
Trump trolls Greece: boasts about Dow 23,000, says he hopes Greece can have record highs too
TD Bank Prevents Customers From Buying #bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies The Merkle
Nigerian Govt Confirms Three Cases Of Monkeypox Virus #Nigeria
WATCH LIVE: Trump holds joint press conference with Greek prime minister
Central African Republic children starve as aid workers flee fighting
President Trump, seen here securely tying himself to the stock markets mast...
The unexpected benefits of having a useless passport From @1843mag
BMO on the #housing market impact of new #mortgage rules from Canadian regulatory body OSFI: #cdnecon
Click here to support Memorial for Dave Bry--Support Emily and Asa
Wilbur Ross told Forbes he hid $2 billion from the government and then took it back
Son of slain Panama Papers journalist rages against govt: This is what war looks like
What Exactly Is At Stake If Nafta Talks Collapse? {Analysis on Terminal: }
How you feel about street harassment can depend a lot on where youre from #citylabarchive
Get The Intercepts best investigative journalism emailed to you each week:
President #Trump and Greek PM Tsipras holding a joint press conference in the Rose Garden
Watch the extent of Ophelias damage as experienced by locals
Chunks of Russian spaceship burn up over Dubai
The end of the Wolfgang Schäuble era
North Korean diplomats in Africa making big money selling ivory to Chinese
Silent starvation in Chads Lake Region: #PovertyDay #LakeChadCrisis
The central US will face rain the threat of severe weather this weekend:
Catholic Priest Escapes After Kidnappers Drank His Wine and Slept Off: #Nigeria
Dow tops 23,000-mark for the first time on strong earnings
NEW POLL: Key Virginia governors race is deadlocked
A $4 trillion hole in the bond market may start filling in 2018
OECD Received £85 Million From EU:
CNOOC’s Huizhou refinery completes 10 million-tpy expansion
Egg-sized diamond for sale: proceeds to benefit Sierra Leones poorest
ICYMI! UK #Inflation rose to 3.0% in September, the highest level in more than 5 years.
Harwoods on.
Faber resigns from Sprott board
Graham and Doddsville newsletter, fall 2017: interview with Howard Marks.
Poll: Dems lead GOP by 14 points in 2018 ballot
High Taxes Drove 80,000 Millionaires out of Their Countries in 2016: Where Did They Flee?
U.S. chalks up potential for civil war between Kurds and Iraqis to a misunderstanding
Hobbyist drone disruptions are becoming a problem in the California wildfires
Average price of a gallon of diesel is little changed in a week: now at $2.787
Spy chief warns UK is facing dramatic surge in terrorist threats via @jeremylawhodges
U.S. homebuilders gauge at five-month high shows storm recovery
.@jameshamblin examines Google Maps failed attempt to get people to lose weight:
The Brief: Accelerating the Brexit circle
How Ready is Kenya For Repeat Presidential Poll? #Kenya
Enter Yahoo Finances Elevator Pitch video series to make your business idea a reality
Trump reportedly joked about Pence wanting to “hang” all the gays
Sneaker Con and its $1 billion market come to Canada
Women’s inclusion is both crucial to, and at odds with, the alt-rights vision.
Tripartite Alliance Now On Brink of Disintegration - SACP On Reshuffle: #SouthAfrica
@OCCRPs Paul Radu on #moneylaundering The criminals from Eastern Europe deposit their money in UK-based companies
A goddess party secretary ponders her future in fast-moving China
Heres a poem to celebrate #NationalPastaDay
The meaning of Hawks sure has changed a lot just in the past 10 years.
Shanghai Composite Index tends to fall after Communist Party gathering
People say Bitcoin is a bubble. If it is, so is gold. Bobby Shiller bringing the heat.
I was sincerely sorry to see Marc Fabers comments.
This charming cabin was built for $500 with repurposed windows
New expose shows the extent of a Russian troll factorys online influence
Iraq sweeps up more territories as Kurds quarrel amongst themselves
Iran Official Backs Extension of OPEC Cuts, Dismisses Trump Risk #OOTT
Its official: California becomes the first state to ban sale of puppy mill pets in stores
Dem bill would add government-run public option plan to ObamaCare
Barclays CEO Says Bank Must Protect Payments Business From Apple, Amazon
Goldman and Google are among the most active blockchain investors
Archbishop reiterates objections to gender identity law
Olympic Flame to be lit next week for South Korea Games
Exclusive: Microsoft responded quietly after detecting secret database hack in 2013
The years most important innovations in security #BOWN2017
Medical board worried by bogus doctor claims
#Venezuelan Opposition in Disarray over Response to “Massive Fraud” in Regional Elections
Is Dancehall Singer Killer T a Hit Man?: #Zimbabwe
Street Vendors Defy Mugabe Ban #Zimbabwe
In 1999, only 2% of adoptees from China were boys. By 2016, that figure had risen to 51%
Scientists rejoice as telescopes capture ‘most spectacular fireworks in universe’
FCC chairman to Trump: No, you can’t revoke broadcast licenses over content you don’t like
China factories grapple with soaring prices as pollution crackdown bites
Regina Dugan, the head of Facebook’s secretive hardware lab, is leaving the company
An October correction: how big is the risk of another Black Monday equities crash?
Oh thank goodness, the cow got away!
15% / 10% -
Trumps net worth plummets $600 million on Forbes list of richest Americans
How Seattle got more people to ride the bus—bucking a national trend
Catalonia refuses to back down on independence
China: Beijing vows to take bigger role in world peace ahead of National Congress
No shortage of leads in Daphne Caruana Galizia murder investigation
Rand Paul isnt bothered by Roy Moores extremism bigotry. In fact, hes endorsing it.
BREAKING: Stocks off highs in historic 0.07% plunge as Charles Evans leaks updated Fed Dot Plot
Credit Suisse’s biggest shareholder shrugs off an activist investor’s proposals
Nigeria: Pro-Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu missing as trial resumes
Somalias Security Forces Must Learn From Attack, Do Better: #Somalia
Welcome to Middle-Earth - a Path Towards Film, Induced Tourism: #Ethiopia
Another thousand points for the Dow as earnings fuel 23,000 run From @GlobeInvestor
Average price of gasoline falls for the fifth week in a row, to $2.489 per gallon
NEW Blog: Important Breakout Test In Play For Steel ETF (SLX) - by @KimbleCharting $SLX
War Veterans Vow to Resist Grace Mugabe VP Push: #Zimbabwe
The road to single-payer is being paved by two centrist Democrats
Indias Andhra Pradesh investigates planting of Monsantos unapproved GM cotton #GMO
Whats killing the Nile? @PSchwartzstein @JonathanRashad @LeylandCecco
Fox News reporter: Clinton operates as shadow president
If you are buying pumpkin spice protein powder, you should just give up
.@BostonGlobe wyd?
The mayor of São Paulo wants to solve hunger by having poor people eat mystery food pellets
Donald Trump ruined Twitter
Trump Claims #US Still Needs Border Wall Despite “Good” Relationship with Mexico
Alphabet to develop high-tech site in Toronto: sources
Are misfolded proteins causing Parkinsons? @Neuro_Skeptic
White House Math on Corporate Tax Cuts Is “Absolutely Crazy,” Experts Say
Ban on Protests in Kenyas City Centres Lifted #Kenya
A Fund Flows Theory for Value and Momentum Investing - summary by @jvogs02
65% of Puerto Rico is receiving water; it was 72% yesterday (Source:
And finally
Trump on claiming Obama didnt call soldiers families: Ask General Kelly if he got a call
How the Russians pretended to be Texans — and Texans believed them
Florida governor declares state of emergency over Richard Spencer speech:
Barry Diller says he will not take independent chairman role at Uber
PayPal rolls out Venmo payments to its U.S. retailers
From Soccer star to President: King George nears goal
Chart: What #Japanese say are the major threats to their nation
Fashion brands in The Hagues dock over factory safety in #Bangladesh
Thirteen Rules of Investing in the New Era by @flecksthoughts (Apr. 2000)
No more Marc Faber for Fox Business Network
We are questioning Andrew Bailey and John Griffith-Jones from the @TheFCA at 10am on Tuesday 31 October.
Prosecutor recommends trial for former @Siemens chief in #Greece over OSE contracts in 1999
NFL weighs protesting players’ passion against @realDonaldTrump’s anger From @Globe_Sports
Nigeria Downplays AU Plans for Visa-Free Travel: #Nigeria
“Dynasty”: if you want a trashy soap opera, you’re better off watching the news
JUST IN: Sprott CEO will ask board to demand Marc Fabers resignation
It just got harder to qualify for an uninsured mortgage in Canada
#BOE officials have convinced economists a rate hike is imminent
Mays cabinet openly contradict each other on no deal #Brexit via @TimRoss_1 @AlexJFMorales
A dozen reasons for the economic failure of nuclear power
Clinton: Im not running for president again

The Spain Report

27 days ago

Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Forcadell, to make a statement on the ...

Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Forcadell, to make a statement on the situation at 4 p.m.