U.S. judge to review Trump healthcare payments cut
.@POTUSs plan to boost the #US economy runs afoul of Republican free trade pillar.
GE Renewable Energy Continues Strong 2017 Growth
South African Lawyers Being Held Illegally in Tanzania #SouthAfrica #Tanzania
What you need to know about the secret John F. Kennedy assassination files set for release
Philippines declares battle against Islamists in Marawi over
The science behind the feed: AI, ML and Facebooks Master Algorithm by @mims
Spanish bonds are worryingly calm about the Catalan crisis: @marcusashworth via @gadfly
RVX the gap is interesting What am i missing ?
Trumps State Dept revokes visa of top Putin critic: report
Join us for the The Euromoney China Global Investment Forum, 21 November 2017, Hangzhou -
Betsy DeVos’s incompetence will harm students with disabilities.
Last Thursday evening with two of the leading lights of Middle East studies, Zeinab Abul-Magd and Amal Ghazal!
The Swedish army spent more than 12 million kronor on dogs
91-year-old Danish man tied to bed during home burglary
A Brexit fix takes shape behind the scenes
Apple, Samsung face new iPhone damages trial: U.S. judge
Does having a high IQ increase your risk of developing a mental illness? @Neuro_Skeptic :
Got a confidential news tip? Share it with Reuters investigative reporters.
Iraq takes steps to save Mosul livestock after Islamic States rule
Donald Trump says he promises ‘no change’ to 401(k) plans
MT @actonostry: Const update: The #IndependentatMain by @RizeAlliance #masonry facade reveal @MountPleasantBC
The new titans of Wall Street have their eyes on your savings
Hundreds of refugees refuse to leave illegal Australian detention centre
US Durable Goods Price Index for October: 80.6, previous: 78.8 (change: 2.3%) #WPI
@fxmacro thats what happens to cocks
#Google and #Cars: A Brief History #fintech #insurtech #autonomouscars
Interiors bad-faith plan for wildlife refuge puts future reform at risk
Spanish Cinema | Athens | October 25 26
Nowhere | Athens | October 25
No offences to Gold bugs XAU Index - shitty shitty bang bang
Amazon says it got 238 proposals for #HQ2. Detroit is one of them. Let’s see how we roll
Alt-right social media site drops lawsuit against Google over ban from app store
Tracing history across Nicosia’s Green Line by @jessofarabia
Trump accuses Gold Star widow of lying about condolence call
Nigeria’s Economy Powers Ahead in October. #SMI
@EmmanuelMacron, from Jupiter to anti-Robin Hood by @MarkJDeen and @HeleneFouquet
Betsy DeVos guts school disability rules that once “confused” her
VERBATIM: Tillerson promotes dialogue in Afghanistan
Clueless Zimbabwean Govt Worsening High Risk Profile - Biti: #Zimbabwe
Moody’s On Global Economy: So Much Debt, Yet So Little Growth $
Klarman Tells Investors That COFINA Recovery Is Essential For Puerto Rico Success $
The Branford head of college house offers an autumnal welcome.
The 20 most beautiful city parks in the world
SP Midcaps could get very interesting fast
BLOG: Working Together toward a #CircularEconomy in #Europe
Three Cubans take the dangerous overland route from Quito, Ecuador to El Paso, Texas.
Fantastic IFA magazine ETF Round Table this morning as part of the InsideETFs conference - Hilton Park London.
These discounted Sennheiser earbuds are a big audio upgrade
#Germany approves deal on three submarines for #Israel
JUST IN: House to take up Senate budget on Thursday
Babiš searches for international allies in anti-immigration course
French drugmaker crashes after its peanut allergy treatment fails a major trial
Trick or Treat? Funds Signal Post-Halloween Chocolate Rally via @Mperez71Perez
the bottom 99% US Income Distribution of households under $350,000
Megyn Kelly: Fox News ignored me after I complained about Bill OReillys behavior
Chinese thieves demand cash via QR code for return of stolen wing mirrors
This is not food. #McDonalds #health #junkfood
Chevy Bolt: Meet the first practical, mass-market electric vehicle
Melania Trump launches anti-bullying campaign:
Scott Pruitts back-to-basics agenda includes 30 personal security guards
Canadian dollar dips ahead of Bank of Canada rate decision From @GlobeInvestor
Nollywood Actress, Funke Abisogun Has Died: #Nigeria
Maryland Governor announces support for Boring Company and Hyperloop from Baltimore to DC
Either German real bond yields have to rise or the euro needs to decline via @SoberLook
Spot the @erikholmwsj dad joke CC: @AmrithRamkumar
Washington Post Details Unsubstantiated Shortcomings of Border Wall
Totals Maersk oil deal is unlikely to be surpassed in the North Sea any time soon #OOTT
How Does Finance Minister Stop Endless Cycle of Waste, Corruption?: #SouthAfrica
Our reporter covering the Rohingya crisis is live taking your questions. Send your Qs
Zambia Opposition Cancels Rally Over Cholera Threats: #Zambia
Brazil thrill-seekers seek rope-jumping record
U.S. army deserter Bergdahls sentencing postponed
Were Changing the World and You Can Help –Sign Our Petitions! #Petition #TakeAction #Resist
.@realDonaldTrump says new trade deal with #Canada could exclude #Mexico
Microsoft wants to make your favorite iPhone and Android apps @DanielHowley
@ObsoleteDogma its okay though because
Heather Bell spoke with @jasonzweig via @ETFcom
Will Trump kill NAFTA? How it could end up a zombie instead. @sdonnan on top form
Sit up straight, pay attention,this really strikes a chord @itsDannyJones in this weeks @hellomag @speakrs4schools
Watch live: May updates MPs about Brexit talks amid dinner-leak row
Megyn Kelly: Fox News ignored me after I complained about Bill OReillys behavior
From the AP archives: The importance of Asida, Salta and Fahsa foods
From the AP archives: Berlusconi backs Lombardy referendum on autonomy
9.7 million-year-old ape teeth found in Germany open debate about human history
Addax extends FPSO contract with BW Offshore despite previous dispute and cancellation
What we learned on the sixth day of China’s big Communist Party meeting
Text from wife. Her source seems pretty credible, would be irresponsible not to share this.
The real Bermuda Triangle.
China Services: Headline SMI growth remains modest in October. #SMI
The wildfires ripple effect on California schools, by @carolynjones100
Call for Postdoctoral position in Data Science at @ceuhungary with @robysinatra and @mszll
Hong Kong has no space left to bury its dead
GOP tax plan would give foreign investors a $70 billion dollar tax cut
Somewhere there is a @WSJ chart from 1999 that looks identical to this for internet funds...
#QOTD How many people on their deathbeds wish theyd spent more time at the office? - Stephen R. Covey
Billionaire Saudi investor Prince Alwaleed says bitcoin will implode: Enron in the making:
From the archives — the data diary of an UberEXEC driver:
You can now trade stocks on Facebook Messenger via @fpinvesting
UPDATE Sentencing hearing of #US army deserter Bergdahl postponed over lawyer emergency
Underwater robots monitor Venice lagoon via @juneholley
Kingdom of Iberia and Caucasian Albania in 211AD, not where you’d expect them to be -
52% Say #Textbooks More Concerned With #PoliticalCorrectness... #School #Education #History
#Ukraine Industrial Production month-on-month at 2.5%
Can Robots Help Get More Girls Into Science and Tech?
Shanghai Dingheng Shipping orders 16 chemical tankers at Xinle, negotiating for 10 more
Klarman Tells Investors That COFINA Recovery Is Essential For #PuertoRico Success $
MIT’s fancy blockchain diplomas are just for show
Apple sees its mobile devices as platform for artificial intelligence
Innovation Needed To Decarbonize Steel Cement Industries To Meet Paris Agreement
Anchorage police arrest 5 teens in brazen robbery spree involving a yellow Hummer
Hunger Game: Venezuela’s Behind on Its Debt and Facing Two Huge Payments
47% of the West is public lands. Privatization would significantly increase productivity.
Pikettys inequality theory gets dinged. @Noahpinion outlines the holes in his data via @BV
Part of honoring servicemembers is asking why they were put at risk, argues @LorenRaeDeJ
New App in Uruguay Aims to Be the Airbnb of Car Rentals
Exports account for more than a quarter of economic activity in 154 counties in the US
Over a million fewer people could enroll in ObamaCare after Trump cut outreach budget
How Americas crazy politics could finally rattle the markets #YahooAMS @HorizonGreg
#Britain slaps huge fine on @MerrillLynch for unreported deals
Shanghai China Factory For Tesla Confirmed
U.S. to put B-52 nuclear bombers on 24/7 alert for first time since Cold War
#Ukraine Industrial Production year-on-year at -0.3%
Heres why Poloz has some wiggle room on rates this week
Seattles Democracy Voucher program is breaking down barriers to the elite donor class.
#Trump congratulates #Abe on big win in #Japan elections
Turn to “Lotta Sea Lice” For Easygoing Listening
#Energy Future: #Electric Taxi charged at one of @Shell first rapid charging points in Greater #London
Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed says Bitcoin is going to end badly
Wife of soldier killed in Niger: Trump couldnt remember my husbands name
Catalonia warns of civil disobedience as Madrid readies direct rule
The three types of supplements you should never buy
RE+D embeds masonry-clad bathrooms into Mexican ranch hillside
LBMA #Gold Price (PM) is USD 1,274.90, EUR 1,085.07 (Oct. 23, 2017)
PayPal, Facebook Messenger Partner On P2P |
Clear up of Raqqa could leave residents unable to return for at least three months
Brie trade agreement: China lifts soft cheese ban
Commission: Some people undermine our Brexit negotiating position #Brexit50
.@Lyft poaches design VP from @Airbnb, with eyes on autonomous cabs
2/ When Synchronoss purchased Intralinks in December 2016, they talked about $50M of LTM EBITDA
“Economic transitions work against smaller America. This is a period demanding excruciating transitions.” @nytmes
US Food Price Index for October: 99.2, previous: 99 (change: 0.2%) #WPI
What we learned on the sixth day of China’s big Communist Party meeting
Most sell side models for Intralinks had ~$70M of 2017 EBITDA. Bloomberg shows consensus of $71.8M.
@alykhansatchu there is grave injustice with the share price of @KenyaPower
Trump’s Fed Picks? More of the Same! @RonPaul
May seeks transition deal within all-in-one #Brexit package
Americans have more debt than ever — and its creating an economic trap by @pdacosta
Macris #Cambiemos coalition sweeps Argentinas mid-term vote w/ @hughreuters
NASDAQ 100 - there is an island reversal but lack of followthrough 2 black crows, MACD possible rolling over.
The battle with ISIS is now online
Sherpas build hundreds of kilometres of paths in Norway’s wilds
Police arrest man in Spain for faking his own kidnapping and extorting his family
A new federal subsidy wouldnt be enough to rescue U.S. #coal power via @bv
somehow both @c_m_dangelo and I have girlfriends
Tellurian Aims to Undercut US Projects
The consumer debt trap
Zambias Timber Traders Implicate Govt Officials in Illegal Dealings: #Zambia
Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal optimistic about Twitter investment: CNBC
Former Crime Fighting Chief Takes Involuntary Termination to Court: #SouthAfrica
Advancing Urban Resilience One Decision at a Time
Target gears up for holidays with free shipping and gifts under $15 $TGT
Love #CreepyIP? Join us on Halloween, 10/31 for a @reddit_AMA with the USPTO team behind this popular series.
you dont see this very frequently
St. Louis Fed Financial Stress Index edges lower, to -1.555 (normal stress=0)
Mexico’s former first lady is promising voters a break from corrupt politics
Big companies active in AI #tekoäly
Mueller shifts to Tony Podesta, Democratic lobbying firm: report
France accused of silencing the fun after slapping new noise limits on nightclubs
Uncle Cleared of 1999 Rape: #Zimbabwe
One of the architects of the GOP’s gerrymandering strategy wants to run an entire state
Global distribution of manufacturing since 1750. Frm Bob Allen’s @nature article
New Nissan LEAF Marketing … China Electric Car Sales Record … Tesla Model 3 Charging Costs…
First snow of the season coats ski resort in south Germany
South Africas Finance Minister to Deliver First Mini-Budget #SouthAfrica
Read some of our Public Policy consulting teams case studies
Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed says bitcoin is just going to implode one day
Seniors are reaping the benefits of debt. Future generations will get the bill
Americans are retiring later, dying sooner and getting sicker in-between
#COFFEE looking good this morning after retrace to 1.24…
Rural development in Europe: How can the CAP support social cohesion and growth?
Police Block Commemoration of Zimbabwes 1980s Massacre #Zimbabwe
US preparing its nuclear bombers for 24-hour ready alert status:
Study Shows Weight-Loss Strategies Should be Tailored to Your Gut Microbiome:
Lombardy and Veneto — #Italys two richest regions — vote for greater autonomy
Must-read @MrKRudd on the West and China
if you happened to read exciting BIS work on fx settlement risk, yous see macroprudential crops up in 1996 paper
On @TheTerminal: U.K. car dealers fall after Brexit cutbacks trigger consumer confidence warning
Junckers chief of staff denies May dinner leaks
Bitcoin doesnt solve a main need in society right now, says Royal Bank of Canada CEO
YPG fighters credit Ocalan with Syria victory
The attraction easily mistaken for the Grand Canyon
Latest Study Finds Pollution Kills 9 Million Worldwide Every Year
South African Lawyers Arrested for Promoting Homosexuality Being Held Illegall: #Tanzania
South African Lawyers Being Held Illegally in Tanzania #SouthAfrica #Tanzania
O’Reilly on sexual harassment allegations: It’s horrible what I went through
Why the United States Needs a “Do-Nothing” President Now More than Ever
Bitcoin Exchange Operator Given 16-Month Prison Sentence
Go home, Rex Tillerson tells Iranian-backed militias in Iraq via @Reuters
Iraq dismisses US call for Iranian-backed militias to go home via @Reuters
SIGN UP to receive a free daily digest of best in energy news + my research notes by emailing john.kemp@tr.com
How #HSBC is preparing for #OpenBanking @scarey102 #fintech @computerworldUK #API #PSD2
Trumps State Dept revokes visa of top Putin critic: report
.@Cristiano Ronaldo the favorite to win FIFAs The Best award
Future presidents on their wedding days.
Apple sees its mobile devices as platform for artificial intelligence
In Pictures: Orphans in Swaziland learn Mandarin, Buddhism and kung fu
Nestle CEO praised by Third Point but hedge fund still wants more
What a beautiful parking lot! - @SenSanders @ONCEsomerville
Will Outlawing Child Marriages Curb Abuse of Minors in Zimbabwe? #Zimbabwe
FT: Wind/solar completely discredited in Eastern Europe.
In Pictures: African orphans learn Mandarin, Buddhism and kung fu
The Chinese are really bossing the bbg world mining index this year
A new federal subsidy wouldnt be enough to rescue coal power
.@Vitsoe’s new HQ may be the most beautiful factory ever built
Zimbabwe Politician Mujuru Shows Off Her Dance Moves - VIDEO #Zimbabwe
US forests, sustainably managed, really can help Europe decarbonise
Global EVRT Launching Longest Electric Vehicle Road Trip In Middle East From World Future…
Return of the adults
At the open: TSX rises with banks, energy stocks From @GlobeInvestor
Nigeria Waking Up to Importance of Identity Numbers #Nigeria
LBMA #Silver Price is USD 17.00, EUR 14.47 (Oct. 23, 2017)
Global Economy Maintains Steady Pace in October. #SMI
Mexico Would Rather Exit NAFTA than Accept US Trade Restrictions
Today in 1961: Mercury Freedom 7 capsule flown by Alan Shepard on May 5, 1961 was donated to @Smithsonian.
Khartoum Intends to Dismantle Darfur Camps By Force - Abdelwahid: #Sudan
Teton Capital: Hurt By Bizarro World Stock Short $
Webinar: Join AIWorldExpo and Kogentix on Thur, Oct 26 at 1pm for a complimentary webinar
Assertive UPDF to Expand Al Shabaab Hunt in Somalia: #Somalia
Eurozone ready to do more on Greek debt, Eurogroup chief says
Final dress rehearsal for lighting of Olympic flame at Ancient Olympia
South Africas Matric Examinations Kick Off #SouthAfrica
Bowe Bergdahl faces life in prison as sentencing hearing begins
#Singapore, #China eye inaugural #Asean-China maritime exercise
New Jerseys Murphy echoes Sanders in Democratic bid for governor
#Germany: #Turkey made 81 extradition requests since failed coup
How Kenyans Shamelessly Reacted to Lupita-Weinstein Saga: #Kenya
The Austrian elections show clearly that media have given up on contextualising events
#ECB tightening can be ‘very significant,’ says Slok via @bsurveillance
Chen Min’er, ally of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, gains favor as potential loyal successor
ATT extends deadline to close Time Warner deal
“Primer” self-folding microrobot from @MITEECS shape-shifts for different tasks.
Unmissable adventures from around the world
Swiss authorities not treating Latvian teens attack as terrorism
Dow ETF is at its most overbought level in history (inception: January 1998). $DIA
New Yorker: Kelly’s Press Conference could be a Preview of a Military Coup
Iraq dismisses U.S. call for Iranian-backed militias to go home
Bloomberg Benchmark podcast: Creating Catalonia from scratch via @Moss_Eco @scottlanman
Why does Israel keep attacking Syria?
FREE: EVs make up 19% of new car sales in #Norway. Whats behind the success story? #OOTT
Quantum machine goes in search of the Higgs boson:
10 Ways to Adopt a #ZeroWaste Lifestyle #Eco #Environment
Megyn Kelly: Fox News ignored me after I complained about Bill OReillys behavior
Complete privatization of airBaltic would be strategic mistake
How do you incorporate the power of nature into your work? #IEEE #Engineering #Tech #Quote #MondayMotivation
This map shows how advances in robots and AI will affect jobs in your city
#Euro Consumer Confidence Flash at -1
France Recreation Index for October: 98.2, previous: 98.2 (change: 0%) #WPI
Man sustains burns after setting self on fire in police cell
Jimmy Carter: Russians didnt steal the election from Hillary Clinton
RT: UE: BPs chief executive: “We’re thinking beyond petroleum”
Colorado River Agriculture #NASA
I think this is an Enron in the making
Maybe the most game theory New Yorker cartoon ever.
WHO Is the Biggest Loser, Says Govt: #Zimbabwe
#TetonCapital: Hurt By Bizarro World #StockShort $
Strong demand for toothbrushes in China brings Philips a sales rise in the third quarter
Large amount of drugs washes onto Lohusalu sea coast
From the AP archives: Crews Battle New Wildfire in Northern Calif.
From the AP archives: Beijing comments on NKorea, Marawi, Japan shrine
Al-Jawad Pike combines brick, concrete and timber for restrained London home extension
Brexit is a ‘future of Europe’ issue, European industry warns
Obama-tied group launches partnership with anti-gerrymandering committee
EU antitrust investigators target Volkswagen, Daimler
The Pentagon wants drone swarms supporting infantry
#Argentina: Mauricio Macris coalition set for big election gains
Big money stays away from booming bitcoin
WATCH: Illinois governor rides in on motorcycle in ad announcing reelection campaign
U.S. Muslims overwhelmingly say they are proud to be Americans
Russia stands by Baghdad and insists on Iraqs territorial integrity
Rimi-Iki deal to affect hundreds of employees in Lithuania
North Korea thinks Abe’s election win is a prelude to invasion
More Fatalities in Western Ethiopia Amid Communal Violence #Ethiopia
#PayPal is outperforming #eBay post-split
Feels like a good time for a new tumblr...
Wall Street opens at record after Abe election win
Prime Minister Lee congratulates Japans Shinzo Abe on Lower House election victory
100% Janet Jackson will be back. @MylesUdland predicts
Zambian President Launches U.S.$50 Million Fish Project: #Zambia
The biggest scam... EVER!
Capitalism: A straw man for the world’s problems? - @RobPrice58
LIVE: $FAT Brands CEO talks about #FATIPO and competition among the burger chains
Top GOP senator: Of course Trump would work with Dems, he used to be one
FBI couldnt access nearly 7,000 devices due to encryption
The mysterious Florida company connected to Russian propaganda websites, Green Floid LLC
LIVE: Justin Timberlake to headline 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show - is he the right choice?
Devaluation - Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Different Outcome: #Ethiopia
OIL PRICES creep higher as traders test higher range:
Underground drones at Lac Des Iles go into areas unsafe for workers
Unreal!!! #Cotton
Matilda hits cinemas as #Russia fears more violence
Prime Minister Lee congratulates Japans Shinzo Abe on Lower House election victory
LIVE NOW: Fat Brands CEO Andy Wiederhorn talks about todays $FAT IPO -

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