Ex-Bank of England boss Mervyn King attacks the U.K.’s handling of #Brexit negotiations
Former Ugandan Minister Has Case to Answer in Road Saga #Uganda
Hotel Operators Appeal for Lower Interest Rates: #Rwanda
#MachineLearning for predicting in a #BigData world #AI #BigData #IoT #fintech #Insurtech
Aberdeen Asset Management claims there is no housing bubble in Australia. Really?
These are the 7 best places to retire right now
Trump dodges question about true meaning of NFL protests
Researchers uncover flaw that makes Wi-Fi vulnerable to hacks
Nigerian Governor Meets Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos in Spain #Nigeria
‘Fat but fit’ is absolutely possible
Iraqi forces take control of Bai Hasan, Avana oil fields after Kurdish pullout
Turkish spies betray asylum seekers in #Germany
China’s Sales Managers’ Index Increases in October. #SMI
Diwali 2017: When is it and how is it celebrated?
BBC Chartering and Jumbo join forces
In Copenhagen, bike commuting gets a little less popular
Suicide bombers, gunmen attack Afghan police training centre
Mining Accidents Claim 14 Lives in One Week: #Rwanda
NTU Singapore is Asias best university in @QSHigherEds rankings
Indonesias president turns to private investment for the countrys needs
Psychic who claimed to be Dalís daughter ordered to pay for exhumation
Gender-Based Violence On the Decline: #Tanzania
Matters from a #Frontier Sky over London turns red as Storm Ophelia brings dust from Sahara
De Castro MEP: New plant-breeding techniques are nothing like ‘Frankenstein’ GMOs
Iradukunda Ready to Grace Miss World Stage: #Rwanda
Value of #Brexit transition deal is waning by the day, @TheCityUK says via @AlexJFMorales
Today on my blog: Working to preserve #IranDeal
Paris airport bus: Thief hides inside suitcase to pilfer passengers possessions
The U.S. labor market lost jobs for the first time in seven years in September
Airbus-Bombardier deal expected to jumpstart CSeries jet sales in Asia: analysts
Gang hijacked Malmö grocery store and ran it as normal for a day
Peyton Manning donates to campaign of ex-teammate running for Congress
EasyJet, Lufthansa bid to break up Alitalia
Daimler recalls million-plus vehicles worldwide over airbag problems: report
Swiss village gets to keep abandoned gold bars
Over 60 percent of Afghan girls not in school: report
The Atlantics week in culture: a roundup of our recent writing on arts and entertainment:
Zimbabwes Tsvangirai Pardons Deputy Treasurer Hwende: #Zimbabwe
International aid operation @moas_eu arrives in Bangladesh to help #Rohingya @UNmigration
Weird sky over Brussels #Ophelia
Zimbabwe Medical Aid Group Joins Whistle Blower Platform: #Zimbabwe
Severely wounded of Somalia’s deadliest blast flown to Turkey
Eyes wide shut. @roweafrs latest cartoon. For more: #auspol #energy
#Fintech market moves beyond lending #regtech @patrickjenkins_
With paper in hand, Indonesian maids fight exploitation | @behlihyi reports
4000 Coffee Seedlings Planted at Launch of Planting Season: #Rwanda
Authorities Warn of Record High Temperatures in Zimbabwe: #Zimbabwe
Police in New Drive to End Teenage Pregnancy: #Rwanda
What 115 Years of Data Tells Us About Africas Battle With Malaria Past and Present: #Africa
17 October 1962. The Beatles made their first TV appearance on Granada TVs People Places.
Cape Towns Water Supply Augmentation Process Not Cancelled: #SouthAfrica
Trump can’t stop blaming Puerto Ricans for the island’s humanitarian crisis
Unsigned QB Colin Kaepernick Charges NFL Owners Colluded Against Him #TakeAKnee
Italian finance minister Padoan says Italys public debt continues to fall
Somalia attack: 165 unidentified bodies buried -
Chinas tech giants are in the debt business
Another good piece on Chinas steel plant closures
Golden Ocean acquires two capesize bulkers
Nigerian Govt Confirms Three Cases Of Monkeypox Virus #Nigeria
Rwigaras Bail Hearing Finally Begins: #Rwanda
Rebel Chief Riek Machar Rubbishes National Dialogue: #SouthSudan
Student Teacher Charged With Raping Pupil in Zimbabwe: #Zimbabwe
Really good work here on just how big a hole the Chinese SOEs are really in @Aligarciaherrer
Becoming An Economist 2017 Lecture 02: Neoclassical Economics
Becoming An Economist 2017 Lecture 03: Austrian Economics
Becoming An Economist 2017 Lecture 04: Post Keynesian Economics
Five arrest warrants sought over STX yard explosion. Read more on the link below.
Is Tsvangirai Fit Enough to Run for Presidency?: #Zimbabwe
Rwigaras Bail Hearing Finally Begins: #Rwanda
Beijing readies itself for the 19th Party Congress
Ireland counts the cost after worst storm in more than 50 years via @pfmflan
Small sight as De Beers holds back rough
Scientists just found evidence of two stars making the universe wobble to produce gold
#Austrias #inflation has risen to the highest level (+2.4%) since February 2013!
How to Turn Trash Into Energy in 12 Hours #biogas HT @DanielPAldrich More DONG developments
Ford, PSA led European car sales decline in September
Chinas commentators tackle NFL as popularity grows
General cargo ship sinks after hitting reef near Fujian
‘Black gold’ rush to peak in 2030 thanks to rise of electric car
North Korean envoy says nuclear war could break out at any moment
Sometimes Twitter just shines
Germany: CSU migration plan ready ahead of Jamaica coalition talks - Seehofer
RT: UE: NEW | Farm pollution limits at risk post Brexit, say legal experts
Night - Perfect Cover for Aids Testing in Zimbabwe: #Zimbabwe
Using the South African Army to Fight Crime Is a Bad Idea - Heres Why: #SouthAfrica
What to know about hepatitis A as California outbreak triggers state of emergency:
Parliament Calls for Action Against Sexual Abuse in Schools: #SouthAfrica
#Austria #Inflation Rate month-on-month at 1%
#Hungary Construction Output year-on-year at 36.8%
Solar electric cars are the future – and that future is now @renew_economy
Ja, genau! Warum nicht mal ein Österreicher?
NB via @politico
In loving memory of Jeremy, the one-in-a-million mutant snail
OPEC compliance with oil output cut deal at 86 percent: IEA head
Look at the picture and youll know why were excited about this #vegan recipe.
Nigeria Honours South African President Zuma with Giant Statue #Nigeria #SouthAfrica
Leveraging your GPS data using Geospatial Analytics #BigData #DataAnalytics #geospatial
To fight hunger and poverty we have to #empowerwomen farmers! #WorldFoodDay
WATCH: McCain rips half-baked, spurious nationalism in emotional speech
How to meet your money goals by the end of the year
Japan’s Kobe Steel May Have Faked Data for Over a Decade via @SStapczynski + Ichiro Suzuki
#Slovakia Harmonised #Inflation Rate month-on-month at 0.20%
#Austria Annual #Inflation at 2.4%
An Isis widows 12-year-old son was killed by a drone. Was he a legitimate target?
#FitchWire China Party Congress to Signal Policy Continuity
Trump’s Puerto Rico failure is ‘a national disgrace,’ says former Republican Joe Scarborough
Lawmaker Takes Nigerian Leader to Court Over Role As Oil Minister #Nigeria
This was provoked: Spanish PM Rajoy blames arsonists for deadly wildfires
Madagascar Health Authorities Battle to Contain Plague #Madagascar #Seychelles
Mandela Slates Insensitive Proposal on Empowerment Contractors: #SouthAfrica
Chinese oil can fuel North Korea talks, says guest columnist William Rhodes -
#Brexit: UK and EU pledge to accelerate negotiations
Airbus agrees to buy a majority stake in Bombardiers CSeries in a rebuff to U.S. threat
#Austria Harmonised #Inflation Rate month-on-month at 1.4%
#Austria Harmonised Annual #Inflation at 2.6%
Satcoms giant KVH’s onboard security laid bare
Why Frankfurt doesn’t want London’s bankers after #Brexit via @StevenArons @aspeciale
The #Philippines Composite Index is up 1.5% today $EPHE
Iraqi-backed Yazidi group takes over Sinjar after Kurdish pullout: residents
Sweden is in the process of dismantling democracy: ex-Social Democrat head
The London Beer Flood, when a 610K litre vat ruptured killed 8 people, happened on 17 October 1814.
An early-stage founder’s guide: What to expect post-investment
Nazi grandma sentenced to six months in jail for Holocaust denial
It’s high time Macron or Juncker gave a speech at ESA
Tsukiji fish market to be moved to Toyosu waterfront between Sept and Oct 2018
The Western Balkans – biggest priority of the Bulgarian Presidency @eu2018bg
“Bank” Some of Your Gains
Austria paves a path to power for its far right
Neuchâtel woman stabbed to death, son arrested
The FT Big Read: How big is the risk of another Black Monday equities crash?
Heres what to expect from Xi Jinping as he becomes Chinas most powerful leader since Mao
The most embarrassing mistake a foreigner can make in Bulgaria
IMF chief calls for implementation of Greek program, debt relief
Stournaras calls for swift conclusion of bailout review
Suicide bombers and gunmen attack Afghan police training centre in Paktia province
The political game. Today’s cartoon by Ivailo Tsvetkov:
Greenpeace Gives Apple a B- in ‘Guide to Greener Electronics’ by @julipuli
New documentary portrays nuanced view of Africans’ experience living in China
The underside of the viral #MeToo campaign
Fury as Chinese Museum Compares Black People to Animals #Africa
PanAm Podcast: Greater Political Autonomy Might Avert Catalonia Crisis By @LATINAMERUPDATE
Daimler recalls over 1 million cars worldwide over airbags
The Deutschmark still exists in Bulgaria
The flattening UST yield curve, measured by 5s30s, chart @BloombergTV
Spot on from FTs Ganesh. Elegant demolishing of #Brexit bluster of Davis et al.
Spot on from FTs Ganesh. #Brexit
Volatility indices, chart @BloombergTV
Kenyas deputy president says happy for election board to meet opposition demands
The magic money tree wont save the NHS - CapX
Ex-Joint Chiefs chairman fires back at Trump: Obama, Bush cared deeply for fallen soldiers
#Airbus to enter into partnership with Canadas #Bombardier
The worst offense a Presidency ever made to Bulgaria
Check those #startups Future of #Fintech Awards shortlist 2017 #VC
The geopolitics of Bulgarias EU accession
Greek Banks Speed Up Actions Against Strategic Bad Debtors #Greece
Pew Research: Greeks Overwhelmingly Unhappy with Their Democracy #Greece
IMF’s Lagarde: Implementation of Program, Debt Relief Essential for Greece #Greece
The Most Traditional Sites to Visit in Chania #Greece
US urges negotiation after Iraq takes Kirkuk from Kurdish allies
$GBP: watch out for UK inflation! Could be the last time we get a reading close to the BoEs inflation forecast
JUST IN: Kobe Steel says U.S. Department of Justice has requested documents related to data scandal
Eurostat: More Than One in Three Greeks at Risk of Poverty in 2016 #Greece
Looking beyond the architecture A-list in Chicago
RT Roboyhdistys: Kovin on Suomen #erw2017 kartta hiljainen. Ilmoita #robottiviikko tapahtumasi jo nyt! …
Most crowded trades in Oct’17: Long Nasdaq (29%) Long US/EU Corporate Bonds (18%) Long Eurozone equities (16%)
Russian avant-garde artist Natalia Goncharova (Cubo-Futurism), died in Paris #OTD in 1962.
Googles Home recording scandal makes a case against being an early adopter
MAPPED: The battle against ISIL
Tidewater appoints interim CEO as Jeffrey Platt leaves #shipping
Detained terror suspects were targeting beer festival: #Malaysian police chief
Shesh Venkatraman to depart Miclyn Express Offshore - Splash 247
Pacific Radiance debt obligations suspended as debt restructuring nears
Shesh Venkatraman to depart Miclyn Express Offshore
“Bank” Some of Your Gains
Rio Tinto is on track for record annual shipments of iron ore via @David_Stringer
China and Saudi Arabia wont kill the petrodollar @davidfickling via @gadfly
Happy Tuesday from Berlin!
Theres more to Scott Pruitts attack on Obamas climate reg than meets the eye
JUST IN: About 30 militants and 20 hostages remain in conflict zone in Marawi City - military spokesman
How big is the risk of another Black Monday equities crash? chart @FT
VIDEO INTERVIEW: @IEA head Fatih Birol on the global #oil market #OOTT #OPEC #shale
Sebastian Kurz to Hitler comparison sparks uproar in #Austria
Why these top investors are pouncing on Indonesian debt
Good #Nikkei morning! Japanese stocks are up more than 10% since early September.
Trump is coming for your birth control. Can states stop him?
NAFTA trade ministers to square off over hard-line U.S. demands
Trump reportedly joked about Pence wanting to “hang” all the gays
Buhari Meets 12-Year-Old Who Donated to His Campaign: #Nigeria
Saber Capital Q2: Embrace Big, “Inevitable” Trends; Moats And Deep Work
Poorest UK families would take biggest hit from no-deal #Brexit via @jillianfward
Should federal prosecutors be able to search Americans emails overseas? @fordm reports:
Germany is Swedens most important EU ally post-Brexit
Fundraiser in Philando Castile’s memory eliminates $70,000 worth of school lunch debt
Why Nigerias New Luxury Tax Policy Is Yet to Take Off - Minister: #Nigeria
Jack Ma gets the asset-backed debt bug
Alphabet’s Project Wing now delivers burritos by drone in southeastern Australia
Economists dont expect another #BOE hike anytime soon after November via @lucy_meakin
Estonian minister: ‘Nobody is objecting’ to CO2 limit on power plant subsidies
Rio Tinto iron ore shipments climb on rail upgrade, on track for annual target
Climate change informs rug collection by Fernando Mastrangelo:
Corker stands by his criticism of Trump: I didnt just blurt it out
Ikea just released its chicest capsule collection ever
The battle for the oil fields of Kirkuk (the oldest in Iraq) -- vía @A_DiPaola17 #OOTT
1 Lets talk about the dishonest and hypocritical campaign for no deal Brexit - starting with this grotesque lie.
EU should learn from the Catalan crisis
Africas Largest Wind Power Plant Could Relocate From Kenya to Tanzania: #Africa
Its not just climate change where Nigel Lawson has been proved wrong. Heres the lead letter in the Times today...
How woodland devastated by Great Storm of 1987 has bounced back via @the_ecologist
VERBATIM: John McCain slams spurious nationalism
October 17 1849 - composer and pianist Frederic Chopin dies in Paris of tuberculosis at the age of 39.
The value of Brexit transition deal is disappearing by the day
Economists dont expect another #BOE hike anytime soon after November via @lucy_meakin
Alexander Payne: Harvey Weinstein is a ‘Bully and Thug’
Guatemala: Former Dictator Efraín Ríos Montt Back on Trial for Genocide
Hanjin boss accused of misappropriating funds
Iraq-Kurd Clash Starts to Impede Oil Output at Kirkuk Fields #OOTT #Iraq #Kurdistan
From Inside Job. Kids - Google Keating Five.
Heres whats at stake in Japans snap election
Flames communications director tweets some ungoodwill about Nenshi. h/t @CarrieTait
Photojournalist launches online campaign against Ed Gillespie over stolen image
Malabu Scandal - Italian Prosecutors File Charges Against Shell Executives: #Nigeria
Macau plans simulated attacks in security ramp-up after Vegas shooting
The One Thing Arsene Wenger Did Get Right This Week #Nigeria
It looks like were in for another La Niña winter. What does that mean?
EU Lauds IEBCs Plans for Repeat Presidential Election: #Kenya
This debit card for kids can jumpstart financial literacy
Govt Concerned About Uganda Hosting Dissidents: #Rwanda
Nigeria Downplays AU Plans for Visa-Free Travel: #Nigeria
Chinese ecommerce giants tackle the country’s fake goods problem with blockchain
Turns out there may be a silver lining to Chinas debt crackdown, Fidelity says
Punishments pick back up ahead of key Chinese Communist party congress
US Statement on #Kirkuk : “Very concerned”, “urge calm”, “support join administration” acc to #Iraq constitution
Theresa Mays attempts to unblock stalled Brexit talks in Brussels yielded little
The latest battle for Iraq’s future is unfolding around the country’s oldest oil field
Fresh fighting in Iraq? Time for U.S. shale to raise some cash via @gadfly
Today in History for October 17th
Tesla Model 3 reservation going for $7,000 on Craigslist
Man Seeks Divorce Over Wifes Failure to Cook: #Uganda
Catholic Priest Escapes After Kidnappers Drank His Wine and Slept Off: #Nigeria
Police Beef Up MPs Security After Attack Over #AgeLimit Removal: #Uganda
Spanish judge jails two Catalan independence leaders
Australia shuns clean energy target in policy overhaul
Commerce secretary transferred $2 billion to family members after Trumps election: report
Agbakoba Takes Buhari to Court Over Role As Oil Minister: #Nigeria
27 Victims Buried in Latest Plateau Violence - Buhari Speaks: #Nigeria
Why Frankfurt doesn’t want London’s bankers after #Brexit via @StevenArons @aspeciale
Nigeria Monkeypox Victim Commits Suicide: #Nigeria
Tropical storm hits Europe, fuels wildfires in Portugal and Spain, batters Ireland
... Busted, down on Bourbon Street, ...
Battle for Iraqs Future Unfolds Around 90-Year-Old Oil Field via @A_DiPaola17 #OOTT
Bob Schieffer: Finding Real News in the Online Deluge
A vision of the Non-Gendered Scouts of America, as imagined by @jameshamblin:
Study reveals how personal keepsakes can help you save money @BJonesCooper
Trump was asked to explain his support for an anti-LGBTQ extremist. It didn’t go well.
In pictures: The life of #HongKong’s shop #cats keeping their owners company at work
State Capture Named SA Word of the Year: #SouthAfrica
Girls Kidnapped By Boko Haram Share Their Stories At UN: #Nigeria
Land Minister Demolishes Own House: #Tanzania
Mugabe to Die Pastor Makes U-Turn On Prophesy: #Zimbabwe
The town at the heart of China’s black market in ivory
Daniel Radcliffe lost 14 pounds and nearly drowned while filming ‘Jungle’
Taylor Rule (white curve) vs. Fed Funds Rate target (blue curve), chart @BloombergTV
Airbus, Bombardier see boost in CSeries sales under deal
Spurs coach Gregg Popovich blasts Trump: Hes a soulless coward
UST yield curve, the flattest since 2007, chart @BloombergTV
13 “newlydeads” tie the knot in a haunted HalloWedding event on Friday the 13th
We need a better way to get lithium, the element powering the EV revolution
Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck, 88, given six-month jail sentence
Dangote, Dar Disagree Over Mining Laws: #Tanzania
Slovenians’ hearts beat for Catalonia, but in their heads there is less binding them
Rings are not as rare in the Solar System as previously thought
Were #hiring a Extractive Industries Policy Advisor. Apply now: #CharityJobs
Europe’s political balance is tilting to the right after Sunday’s Austrian election
Journalist? Speak Chinese? Write for The Economist
Palma’s Palacio de Congresos in line for prestigious Pritzker Prize #Mallorca #mallorca
Kenya Tumble Down in FIFA Rankings #Kenya
Kenya’s election rerun is raising the country’s risk profile among investors, IMF says
If youre truly in love with the U.S. market, you should let it go @ericlamTO
As California burns, Trump displays little interest
October 17, 1931: Gangster Al Capone is sentenced to 11 years in prison.
Firm behind Trump dossier declines to respond to House panels subpoena
Guess how many giant patches of garbage there are in the ocean now?
Boeing calls CSeries deal a bid to escape U.S. import fees
EU tells Ankara to stay calm, respect UN framework for Cyprus
Famed Chinese dissident: China and Russia are laughing at US under Trump
Tidewater appoints interim CEO as Jeffrey Platt departs
Spacex BFR to be lower cost than Falcon 1 at $7 million per launch
Empire strikes back: Spain, a western democratic country is melting down before our eyes.
Scavenging to survive in Venezuela
Malaysian Transport Minister denies Australian papers report #MH370 search to be resumed
Walmart is making changes that could help solve America’s wealth inequality problem
(US yield curve is flattening) China’s yield curve is steepening, chart @BloombergTV
US electricity sources
Malta blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia killed in car bomb attack
China’s rising debt, chart @BloombergTV
How We Used the Earths Magnetic Field to Date Rocks Rich in Dinosaur Fossils: #SouthAfrica
Philippines optimistic after ISIS-linked leaders killed
As of 11:23pm, heres Smith/Nenshi votes by Ward. Smiths lead in the south is very thin so far.
The late Johnny Carsons beloved Malibu beach home is on the market for $81.5 million.
Trump reportedly joked about Pence wanting to “hang” all the gays
Malaysia says no decision yet on new offers to search for missing MH370
Pennsylvania ObamaCare premiums will rise 30 percent after Trump cut subsidies
San Francisco is suing major oil companies to protect its citizens from climate change
Meet the powerful Latino politician running against Senator Dianne Feinstein
The spread of populism in Western countries — @voxeu


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Russian, American white nationalists raise their flags in Washington

Russian, American white nationalists raise their flags in Washington https://t.co/9Jhz5jvl1O https://t.co/UIQQ8O7z3k