4. The Common Sense Indicator (SPX/VIX) -- common sense becoming uncommon... h/t @KaiPflughaupt $SPX $VIX
#KLM #B747 under go
Factbox: How will Spains central government take control of Catalonia?
Maxine Waters: Everyone in Trumps White House is being overtaken by filth
Czech Trump scores major lead in national election
On a beach in #Kefalonia, re-reading a friend’s book @JamesGRickards Even better second time round!
Sam Harris: Mindfullness is powerful, but keep religion out of it.
Profile: Japans controversial, shrewd and ambitious Shinzo Abe
Anwar met a transgender woman who lived in a mansion with a very privileged life. #Pulitzerweekend17
Military members and their families respond to John Kelly’s news conference
CNN anchor: Trump White House thinks the US is a military dictatorship
Oil Spills Lead to Increased Newborn Mortality in the Niger Delta: #Nigeria
Just landed. #Paris $EWQ
3. This bull market will be the GOAT if the SP500 closes above 2717. h/t @LeutholdGroup $SPX $SPY
Fast Measuring of Fuel Cell ‘Printing’ will enable economical mass production
Gary Cohn: The estate tax is really about small business by @nicoleusinclair
The number that explains @Snap’s new strategy
Why is obesity less common in densely built areas? (Its not just walkability)
Anwar: Khawaja Sara people in Pakistan can be transgender, intersex, non-binary. #Pulitzerweekend17
These ‘husband pods’ are the perfect way to relax in shopping malls
Can AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ find new life in season 8?
Stargazing experiences in outback New South Wales by @Carolyn_Bain
Rubab Anwar from @ChiCityColleges reported on non-traditional gender in Pakistan #Pulitzerweekend17
Big election lead for Czech billionaire Babis - results projection
#Greece has a multidimensional foreign policy, Digital Policy Minister @nikospappas16 says
2. The curse of 7... superstition, data mining, or just a rediscovering of the business cycle? h/t @TN $SPX $DJIA
The loved ones of lost soldiers deserve more than comforting words. They deserve justice.
Our panel on marginalized communities is about to start! #Pulitzerweekend17
Bannon: California may try to secede from US
Cremer puts Zimbabwe on top in first test against Windies
Good read How Amazon is Disrupting the Payments Industry by Linas Beliūnas
These obscure officials are rolling back Americans right to vote
EU leaders disagree on #Brexit progress at summit
The 16 Scariest Places on Earth for Only the Bravest of Souls
Helicopter Crashes in Lake Nakuru in Kenya #Kenya
1. Some longer-term context for the SP500... notice any similarities? h/t @esimong $SPX $SPY
By domesticating dogs, humans may have ruined their pack instincts, @edyong209 reports
Federal court affirms undocumented teen’s right to abortion, but delays the procedure
They say hindsight is 20/20 – what #moneytips do you wish you had seen clearly earlier?
What Star Wars taught scientists about sperm
Japans Mitsubishi, U.S. partner to invest $1.8 billion in data centers: media
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Recovering After Knee Operation: #SouthAfrica
Trump says hell allow thousands of JFK assassination files to be released
Venmo is one step closer to being a full-service digital wallet by @ewolffmann
@AnnPettifor Reminds me of Martin Rowson’s class analysis
Pull It Together, Fund Firms Warn Ukraine
From the AP archives: Voters react after casting ballots in Austrian elections
From the AP archives: Long lines for water and ice in Puerto Rico town
From the AP archives: Winds Fan Calif. Fires, Force More Evacuations
Our CEO co-founder @martinksw will be doing a special AMA on @Reddit_MMA at 5pm (Irish time). #KSW40 @reddit_AMA
62% Say #Liberal #Hollywood Has Negative Impact on #Society...
Math suggests income inequality can be fixed with wealth redistribution, not tax cuts
Crowdfunding campaign for fallen US soldiers children raises more than $600k
New Bill Would Stop Energy Department From Risking Taxpayer Money
Latin American Economic Growth Remains Low in October. #SMI
Tales From a Late Stage Bull Market
Czech Trump looks set to win Czech elections. Czech Koruna has gained 5% since #Czexit.
As five former presidents focus on hurricane relief, Trump plays golf
/DRIVE on NBC Sports Is Car TV You Should Be Watching
Czech election: Czechia moves sharply to the right
NEW: RNC uses Trumps tweets to land millions in donations from small-dollar donors
Apple’s new Chicago flagship store is more than an architectural marvel
Ramping up rhetoric, Turkeys Erdogan chastises U.S. over democracy
ICYMI: It took a while, but we finally got 30d HVs below 5% YS
U.S.$260,000 to Be Disbursed to Seychellois Fishermen for Sustainable Projects: #Seychelles
50 Things You Don’t Know About Chocolate via @MSN
As Africas need for food grows, #Mali’s rice turnaround shows a way forward
When People and Robots Collide
Washington Post to Kelly: You owe Dem lawmaker an apology
The $50 Google Home Mini vs. the $50 Amazon Echo Dot—who wins? by @Pogue
Spain: Barcelona residents react to enactment of Article 155
Canadian province bans the burqa. Does this law target Muslim women unfairly?
awesome timing !
Separation of powers in Spain.
Magazine sorry for airbrushing Solange Knowles photo
NRA: Trump is a victim of the most ruthless attack on a president in history
Donald Trump to allow release of JFK files
California judge tosses $417 million talc cancer verdict against Johnson Johnson
Sexual Abuse Can Only Be Blamed On Men - ANC Presidential Candidate: #SouthAfrica
Trump attacks wacky Dem congresswoman: Shes killing the Democratic Party
Egypt: dozens of police killed in desert ambush by militants
Chile Welcomes Venezuelan Supreme Court Judges Seeking Political Asylum
Halloween in New York City.
I Dont Need Pornography to Spice Up My Sex Life - Uche Iwuanyanwu: #Nigeria
Mexican earthquake alert app seeks investors
$ADP CEO on proxy battle: Its really about growing the top line by @nicoleusinclair
Dem: Trumps tax plan rigs the tax code for the rich
Trump could appoint Fed officials committed to fighting non-existent inflation
Czech billionaires party looks to form cabinet in landslide win via @PeterLaca1 @ladkabau
From the AP archives: Bodies recovered after massive blast in Somali capital
From the AP archives: Winds Fan Calif. Fires, Force More Evacuations
From the AP archives: Voters go to polls in Austrian general election
Food fraud: 10 counterfeit products we commonly consume
The limits of John McCains critique of Trumps nationalism, from @peterbeinart
Trump: US-backed forces liberating Raqqa is a critical breakthrough in fight against ISIS
PayPal delivered one of its strongest quarters since becoming an independent company. $PYPL
California judge tosses $417 million talc cancer verdict against Johnson Johnson
Kohli hails Indias new spin duo ahead of NZ ODI series
Stuck in a hurricane? Dont forget to look out for tornadoes.
October 21, 1976, Keith Moon (The Who) played his last public show with The Who at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto.
Afghanistan mosque blasts: Dozens dead in suicide bomb attacks
Trump heads to his Virginia golf club for third consecutive weekend
Maher to Kelly: You cant be both a man of integrity and Trumps hatchet man
Here’s why Trump interviewing US attorney candidates is even worse than it seems
Three #Greek women talk about #gender equality and whether men still more equal
Nigeria Has a Lot to Learn From China: #Nigeria
Forcing everyone to be (economically) equal is not a good thing nor an admirable goal.
From the AP archives: Medical workers strike over pay
THE MEMO: Republicans slowly growing bolder in in speaking out against Trump
Catalan Leaders to be Ousted as Rajoy Aims at Separatists.
#ThisWeek Commission pushes for concluding Mercosur deal by end of year
Wallabies hold on to beat All Blacks in Brisbane
Was Chilean poet Pablo Neruda murdered?
Maxine Waters calls on Kelly to apologize to Dem lawmaker he attacked
Scores of Malawi vampire-hunting vigilantes arrested
How whales got their songs:
Rydex bearish fund assets hit all-time low by @JLyonsFundMgmt
Apple not confirming market’s higher highs by @McClellanOsc
Clinton: I really tried to get out of going to Trumps inauguration
Belief in Vampires Leads to Rioting in Zambezia: #Mozambique
The dirty secret of tax reform: It’s all about cutting business taxes by @rickjnewman
Women-only taxi service to improve female safety in Mexico City
Constitutional crisis deepens as Spain demands Catalonia elect new leaders
For Americas sake, Democrats should end impeachment effort
Philippine President Duterte offers to shoot criminals
Access to Port of Corpus Christi closed after oil barge blast leaves one dead, one missing
Nicki Minaj and HBO Europe: The week in pop-culture writing
Austrian burqa ban: Police raid toy store over a Lego Ninja
A love letter to the humble fruit sticker (from 2016)
GOP considering lowering amount of money people can save pre-tax in retirement plans
Barcelona to offer Messi lifetime deal
.@realDonaldTrump blames Cuba for sonic attack on US diplomats
Here’s a map for the largest company in every state by market cap
this steamed lobster dish with egg white was just stunningly delicious. #HongKong #foodie #weekend #Saturday
Given the probability, Find the sample space #FigureThat #math #probability
Tech misjudges how far its D.C. star has fallen
From the AP archives: Choc art and wacky flavours sweet success at show
From the AP archives: French candidate to be named new UNESCO chief
From the AP archives: Crews continue to battle north California blazes
From the AP archives: Crews Find Bodies in Rubble from Calif. Blaze
From the AP archives: NorCal Fire Danger Continues As Crews Battle Blazes
From the AP archives: Reaction ahead of Sundays election in Austria
Hillary Clinton Blamed 2016 Loss on Not Focusing on Fighting Misogyny
Melania Trump keeping smaller first lady staff than predecessors: report
Size of last week’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill revised upwards to 16,000 barrels
‘A 2-3% correction in US stocks is all it would take to wipe out many short VIX positions’
The Massive Impact of EVs on Commodities in One Chart:
At times I suffer for my craft. This isnt one of them
Ryan’s friends flee as frustration with Trump grows
JP Morgan Chase acquires WePay » Banking Technology
Programmer-friendly #Halloween costume ideas: (comic: pablostanley)
This years 11 most important innovations in engineering
WHO Criticized for Naming Robert Mugabe As Goodwill Ambassador: #Zimbabwe
Billionaire Babis grabs big lead as Czechs count election ballots
21 October 1944: Aachen, first German city to fall to the Allies.
Why Police Minister is Also Minister of Social Media
Brazilian Amazon is still plagued by the illegal use of natural resources in protected areas
Connect with tomorrow’s #technology today. Become an Insider -
How to Use #Avocados on Your Skin to Fight the Effects of Aging #DIY #Natural
Serbia: Convicted war criminal to teach at military academy
Bannon: California may try to secede from US
Self-driving startup Drive.ai raises $15m:
Why the Feds want to make it easier for them to get into your phone
The Worst Investment Conference Imaginable
FCA Creates Program to Help Startups in Asset Management
Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Lead in American Equity Sales
What does Ethan Hawke think about Donald Trump?
Shinzo Abe offers stability — and in Japan, that’s sufficient
More Voters OK With #Taxpayers Cushioning Spike in #Obamacare Rates...
Trumps dark portrayal of the country offers important lessons for his political opponents.
Steam has a hate group problem
When women enter politics they make a difference. Why are so few in high ranks of power? | OUT MONDAY #womenrulers
Protests as Spain says it will sack Catalan leaders
The biggest drop in Facebook organic reach weve ever seen - And this might be why...
Built Robotics developing autonomous excavators for construction sites
Carbon market reform: Much ado about nothing?
CNN anchor: Trump White House thinks the US is a military dictatorship
10 cities where the pay is good and the rent is cheap:
Storm Brian clobbers Ireland and British coastal towns, buildings damaged
Plane by plane, New York greets Puerto Ricans displaced by hurricane
#Cuba abstains from #UN vote condemning #LGBTQ death penalty
Swedish broadcaster reports senior staff member over sexual harassment accusations
Wild boars terrorize northern German city of Heide
World Health Organisation Appoints Mugabe as Africas Goodwill Ambassador: #Zimbabwe
Maxine Waters: Everyone in Trumps White House is being overtaken by filth
Unpalatable Brexit truth in @PrivateEyeNews gives food for thought
UK based scientists have developed a drone that shoots webs like Spider-Man
Does the Czech Republic have a fake news problem? @emilyrs reports
A School Named After Jefferson Davis Will Be Renamed After Obama
.@missdebroy is a @bloomberg reporter. #Pulitzerweekend17
.@Bloomberg is about writing stories across continents. @missdebroy #Pulitzerweekend17
Oil is already having a devastating impact on the Arctic #SaveTheArctic
Call of the week: Buy Apple on iPhone 8 gloom and doom
Body of US soldier was found nearly a mile from scene of Niger attack: report
Somalia was hit by its deadliest single attack last week that killed more than 350 people
3 Senators Talk Next Steps on Health Care
Is the 10-Year Yield on the verge of breaking out? Higher or Lower - What do you all think? $TNX
Historic bubbles and bull markets compared.
Washington Post to Kelly: You owe Dem lawmaker an apology
NATO report casts doubt on ability to defend against Russian attack on eastern flank
#TajMahal becomes target of BJP leaders #india
Meet The Trump Nominee Poised to Be Point Man on Draining Government Swamp
Non-euro states should take part in euro reform talks - EUs Tusk
U.S. warns public about attacks on energy, industrial firms
#PanAmPodcast: Is @realDonaldTrump as anti-immigrant as the media makes him out to be?
These moving photos show the moments before cyclists were killed by cars:
Motor racing: Gaslys U.S. Grand Prix absence proves in vain
Wild is the wind: the resource that could power the world | @guardian
@tuskerlager L. Nakuru
Trump to allow release of JFK files
Mogadishu bombing, Al-Shabab and whats next for peace and security in Somalia
Munich knife attack: suspect detained
Solar installers press homeowners to buy ahead of tariff
ICYMI: 10 things you need to know about Italys Lombardy and Veneto autonomy referendums
Trump says hell allow thousands of JFK assassination files to be released
MIT researchers want to make a dumpling that can fold itself
German police rule out terrorism in Munich knife attack
21 October 1959 - Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, opens (NYC)
#Mexico and #Canada vow to maintain free trade even if #US leaves #NAFTA
.@maliapolitzer is a Pulitzer Center grantee and @ICWAnews fellow. #Pulitzerweekend17
I’m a terrible written pitcher, I’m better at speaking my pitch. @maliapolitzer #Pulitzerweekend17
This Law Makes It Harder to Live Overseas As an American. Congress Can Reverse It.
Why Microsoft is playing nice with iPhones and Android
Find a good story what its all about with @aliceysu @pulitzercenter #Pulitzerweekend17
Bannon attacks George W. Bush: There has not been a more destructive presidency than his
The privileges of being a farmer in Switzerland @swissinfo_en
Does the House Intel Committee have enough staff to investigate the Trump-Russia scandal?
Archaeology fossil teeth discovery in Germany could re-write human history
An island for Naz
A reader asks Bill Nye about matters of the heart. Heres what he has to say about love. ❤️
From the AP archives: Street battles in Kirkuk as Kurds withdraw from the city
One million euro reward for information on murder of Malta journalist Caruana Galizia
Richard Spencer denied space to speak at Ohio State University
#ThisWeek Commission sends blitz inspection to BMW to look into cartel concerns
Does Britain really want to solve the housing crisis? - CapX
Long-term #Nikkei chart suggests that the uptrend is entering “open waters” #WILTW
India cenbank says linking national ID number to bank accounts mandatory
Popular this week at EarthSky ... More evidence for a Planet 9
.@aliceysu is a freelance journalist with exclusively international experience. #pulitzerweekend17
JUST IN: Trump heads to his Virginia golf club for third consecutive weekend
Su started her career as an unpaid intern at a local radio station in Jordan. @aliceysu #pulitzerweekend17
Despite end of sugar quotas, the #EuropeanUnion is still sweet on protectionism
Tapper: Its un-American to say you cant question a general
Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL review: Android phones done right by @DanielHowley
These cute critters were the oldest known mammals to take to the skies (sort of):
In other news: Biggest kebab in the world record set in Berlin
White supremacists charged with attempting to murder protestors at Richard Spencer speech
#RexTillerson returns to #SaudiArabia as #Qatar row simmers
The Little Market That Could $
Kremlin says Putin, Erdogan discuss Syria in phone call
.@KevinDGrant is the founder of the @GroundTruth Project. #pulitzerweekend17
When I was out of college, I couldn’t get a journalism job to save my life. @KevinDGrant #pulitzerweekend17
Lessons from 200 years of failed New York City megaprojects (from 2016)
You heard the man
Dem: Trumps tax plan rigs the tax code for the rich
Election Countdown - What to Expect: #Kenya
“In many ways, industrial agriculture has been fairly disastrous for the environment.”
Neigborhoods descending to the demo against suspension of Catalan autonomy and release of political prisoners
Atlantropa plan from fascinating article on “American Danger” by @Sven_Beckert in latest AHR
SIGN UP to receive a free daily digest of best in energy news + my research notes by emailing john.kemp@tr.com
Growth of North and South Americas and East Asia from 1929 to 2008
An MIT spinout is launching @EmbrWave wristbands, which keep wearers thermally comfortable.
Palestinian steps toward reconciliation met with Israeli intransigence and incitement
Great Saltire tifo from the Hibs fans
On this day in 1879: Thomas Edison invented a workable electric light bulb.
Israel says it will intensify response to Syrian fire
#MeToo - Good Men Should Not be Quiet Spectators: #Africa
Youll want to stock up on this weeks delish deals! ✨ Find more:
U.S. Posts Its Largest Budget Deficit Since 2013
Maher to Kelly: You cant be both a man of integrity and Trumps hatchet man
CalPERS, CPPIB Named Among World’s Most Responsible Allocators
+254 (Always Lit)
Robot Components Lead Industry Into the Future at RoboBusiness 2017
Swiss Franc vs #Gold in US Dollar: very strong correlation (Oct. 21, 2017)
#ThisWeek Myanmar: It’s time to bring back sanctions
Why does Africa go hungry?
What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key #Polls... #BreakingPoll
Tobacco Firms Evolving New Strategies to Attract Younger Generation - Report: #Nigeria
From the AP archives: Sen. Bob Menendez Arrives At NJ Court
MSCI World information technology index has risen 30% year to date, almost 2X gains of the broader benchmark @FT
Euro vs #Gold in US Dollars (Oct. 21, 2017)
Mitsotakis to take reform message to broader conservative audience
Ethnic Greeks plan rally in Himara against house demolitions
Need gift ideas? These city map scarves make the perfect gift for any occassion.
Spain government to impose direct rule over Catalonia
YTD performance across key asset ETFs $SPY $IWM $GLD $TLT $UUP $USO
A DIY idea from #FIAC ... or you can by it ready-made.
Heres Swedish completeled housing since it was discussed. Nothing like the merry 60s
Inquiry finds Chile poet Pablo Neruda did not die of cancer
.@katiadoyl introduces the “How to Pitch a Global Story” panel. #pulitzerweekend17
Bannon: California may try to secede from US
Bannon takes his war against the GOP establishment on the road, @rosiegray reports
.@elizabarclay is a science and health editor at @voxdotcom. #pulitzerweekend17
Austria-Turkey relations go to the dogs over airport checks
Brazil government to rework controversial slavery decree
Barca want to stay in La Liga amid independence crisis - club president
Arizona resort cancels plans to host upcoming white nationalist VDare conference:
Crowded and at times chaotic - a day out in #Istanbul’s bustling Beşiktaş: #travel
Rambus, eftpos Partner On Apple Pay Integration |
Euro/USDollar in bullish uptrend with resistance at 1.23 (Oct. 21, 2017)
Boy with Downs syndrome launches modelling career as one of the new River Island Kids Squad
American novelist and poet Jack Kerouac Died on October 21, 1969.
Maxine Waters: Everyone in Trumps White House is being overtaken by filth
Suspect arrested after string of stabbings in Germanys Munich


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