Asia’s Economy starts Q4 on Solid Footing. #SMI
What else? #Italys Renzi pledges to hike budget deficit if he wins election!
New Zealand election result stokes housing, migration fears
Kammenos: US Congress may approve free upgrade of some F-16 jets
Are big checks coming from SoftBank stalling tech IPOs? @heathersomervil reports:
Alpha announces securitization of shipping loans
Korea Eximbank to sell stake in Dae Sun Shipbuilding
Victor Restis invests in Globus Maritime
UK Borrowing Remains Below OBR Forecasts, As Receipts Hold Up
Asian shares, dollar gain after U.S. Senate passes budget plan
Muted Bond Moves Show Catalan Risk `Contained for Investors - via @markets
Bidcorp: Why were joined at hip with Gupta-cursed KPMG. Read the letters! - #KPMG
Xis Thought touted for a place in Chinas constitution
These cities make NYC look dirt cheap via @andretartar
.@tsipras_eu : The EU must send targeted messages to Turkey:
#HongKong Business Confidence at 5
Great chart of the latest housing bubble from Ed Pinto at @AEI | #HousingBubble2
#UnitedKingdom Public Sector Net Borrowing at £-5.33B
A stronger Xi Jinping means no letup in Chinas internet restrictions
Sabre-toothed cats prowled Europe 200,000 years after supposedly going extinct:
In Kurodas face - researchers find ways to predict central bank changes
Dollar gets a boost as Trumpflation bets return
How to speed up your Wi-Fi
Pension Dashboard receives government backing – comment
LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman: ‘Board games inspired my business strategy
#Slovakia #Unemployment Rate at 6.4%
Slovene president set for second term as anti-elite rival fades via @bpolitics
#Slovenia PPI year-on-year at 2.3%
Are the #EquatorPrinciples making the IFC performance standards redundant? Watch here:
Read our blog about the successful 2nd edition of our Brussels gas conference #beyondgas
Horatio Nelson before the Battle of Trafalgar by George Lucy Good (1854)
#Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan takes patrol motorcycle to City Hall due to traffic jam
Six years on: No regrets over Libyas Gaddafi demise
Will Britain Challenge Torture in Turkey?
SA Rugby Remembers Great Day in 2007: #SouthAfrica
Plague Cases Top 1,000 Mark - UN: #Madagascar
Caixin Chinese Rolls Dice With Paid Subscriber-Model
Victor Restis invests in Globus Maritime
India tops global pollution deaths of 9 million a year - @TheLancet study
Duterte vows to blast Abu Sayyaf out of the seas #shipping
ECDIS safety study launched
VIDEO: Is sexual harassment a big problem in Germany?
Univan brand disappears as Anglo-Eastern reveals new corporate look
Slovene president set for second term as anti-elite rival fades via @bpolitics
Just heard Marco Bassetto destroy the FTPL at Gerzensee conference
Crude or condensate? The dilemma over Nigerias oil-cut exemption
#Cuba Abstains from UN Vote Condemning LGBTQ Death Penalty
Presidency Targets Fake News: #Senegal
McCain praises Bush for important speech criticizing bigotry and white supremacy
Australia says good-bye to car-making as Holden closes doors
Weekending in Greenville, a small-town Southern delight by @editrish
Pollution kills 9 million a year (and costs $4.6 trillion)
May or May not? That is the question #Politics #Theresa_May
Catching up with Pinkie, looking forward to Pink Dot Hong Kong!
Trading firms fear mutiny on MiFID rule demanding passport data via @HadfieldWill
Mogadishu Shows Resilience, Starts Rebuilding Site of Deadly Bombing: #Somalia
Tillerson: Burmese Military Responsible for Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing
Hunt for Militants Who Kidnapped British Missionaries in Nigeria #Nigeria
Money is rushing into Chinas biotech sector, but foreign firms are scaling back
.@frogdesign redesigns the dreaded gynecology exam
JUST IN: Spanish government agrees with opposition to hold Catalan elections in January - Socialist spokeswoman
Vivo, one of Chinas Smartphone Big Four, to sell in the West
Juncker: Member states contributed too little to Africa Fund
#Andalucia gets its first batch of SNOW as temperatures reach -2C #Andalucia #Environment
Museum Visitors Matching Artworks
Bank of Englands unreliable boyfriend needs to get message right
South Africa has its eyes firmly fixed on Mozambiques gas reserves #OOTT
How money became the measure of everything, by @Peeloi
Never mind Brexit, missiles or hurricanes: Earnings are fine via @PhilSerafino
EU to pump sufficient funds to stem illegal migration, says Tusk
Another beach made available after cleanup
Theresa May calls on Greek expats to stay in the UK
Banks fear stress test terms will be stricter
Self-Confessed Nigerian Kidnapper Changes Plea to Not Guilty #Nigeria
I feel like this gag needs work.
Can NVIDIA Strike Gold in Drones?
awkward photo of the day - Juncker vs Kurz
Kevin Anderson Cruises Into Stockholm Quarter Finals: #SouthAfrica
May said to signal willingness to offer more on #Brexit via @nejracehic
Debt Rattle October 20 2017 | History does rhyme
Is #ValueInvesting Actually “Dead”? Or Is It Just Getting Harder? $
A bit of a queue of people waiting to take money out of a CaixaBank cash machine this morning. Via @A3Noticias
Rohingya refugee children in Bangladesh in dire state - @UNICEF
RBD Armatori shareholders given jail time for tax evasion
Cyprus Sunshine Cup to take place for 22nd straight year:
Some famously efficient Japanese manufacturers are now lying to compete
Its crunch time for commodity-trader Noble
Debt Rattle October 20 2017 | No spending equals no inflation. Its not that hard
The Little Market that Could
Trump not named as Bush and Obama denounce todays politics
#Armenia Balance of #Trade at $-217.5M
Microsoft CEO Challenges Swift: Build Useful Blockchain Applications
#Spain Balance of #Trade at €-3.2B
Federal lawsuit against new Title IX guidance claims it is ‘offensive’ and ‘discriminatory’
Neutron star collisions may have created most of the gold in the universe
Australian car manufacturing ends as GM Holden closes plant
The Soviet Army Yugoslav Partisans liberated Belgrade, the capital of Yugoslavia, on 20 Oct. 1944.
Lupita Accuses U.S. Movie Producer of Sexual Harassment #Kenya
Pelosi: Wouldnt it be nice if Romney were president today?
Malemas Party Wins Majority Seats at Wits Student Council: #SouthAfrica
Big metal rally today
Some famously efficient Japanese manufacturers are now lying to compete via @SStapczynski
#Armenia Economic Activity year-on-year at 2.5%
#Euro Current Account at €33.3B
#Armenia Industrial Production year-on-year at 8.3%
#Armenia Construction Output year-on-year at 1.3%
Archaeology fossil teeth discovery in Germany could re-write human history
#Taiwan Export Orders year-on-year at 6.9%
#Armenia PPI year-on-year at 4.1%
The latest on the Acacia/Tanzania/Barrick deal. Clearly shareholders were confused too
Oh la vache: France suffers from shortage of butter
Over half of French women victims of sexual harassment as public accusations fly
Flamingo drinks in #HongKong office in support of #PinkDotHK! #BloombergPinkDot #whereispinkie #TGIF
#Sabah opposition leader Shafie Apdal arrives in ambulance for remand hearing
Taxing the digital economy could slow progress on tax harmonisation
Nissans inappropriate inspections started at least 20 years ago: NHK
Vacant Finance Ministry becomes holy grail for parties in coalition talks
Swiss Re takes a battering from natural disasters
Have £1 million to spare? Here are six London penthouses in unlikely places via @JackSidders
How much do you know about Eurostat? Take this #quiz and find out #EuropeanStatisticsDay
Will Messi Face Nigerias Super Eagles At World Cup #Nigeria
Tips for protecting your privacy and warding off trolls on social media
Bacterial snack attack can deactivate a drug used in chemotherapy
Singapore relaxes VC fund manager rules
Venice wants its money back, not independence
U.S. abortion rate falls, but the procedure is still common among certain groups
UK PM Theresa May calls for urgency on Brexit talks
Senate Moves to Probe Govts Bailout Funds: #Nigeria
Japans government denies report that Emperor Akihito is likely to abdicate end-March 2019
I do hope Lloyd has left already!
Meeting with PM @theresa_may on #Brexit ahead of today’s #EUCO EU27 meeting.
Judges, Bankers Caution Against Use of Virtual Currencies: #Nigeria
Victor Restis invests in Globus Maritime
Duterte vows to blast Abu Sayyaf out of the seas
ECDIS safety study launched
and UK has death rate notably higher than other western nations
Univan brand disappears as Anglo-Eastern reveals new corporate look
Odfjell offloads stake in Singapore terminal
Playboys first transgender centrefold as magazine honours Hugh Hefner
20th October 1940 - St Pauls Cathedral after a direct hit during the blitz in London.
New Zealand gets ready to appoint worlds youngest female leader
Florida mayor: Richard Spencer is a terrorist leader
EXCLUSIVE - Tech companies to lobby for immigrant Dreamers to remain in U.S. via @Reuters
Haribo gummy bear ingredients made by modern slaves, documentary shows
Renewable energy threatens the world’s biggest science project via @technology
Betsy DeVos now has an unexpected ally on campus sexual-assault policy, @EmilyYoffe writes
Twins Linked to Islamic State to Appear in High Court: #SouthAfrica
Wanjigi Challenge Excites Kenyans Online: #Kenya
Heres one way Xi Jinping could stay in power after he retires— via @JulianGewirtz
Greek authorities arrest Syrian ISIS member
Lampsa to lease old ATEbank offices to create a new hotel
Merkel: EU to cut Turkey pre-accession funds
The agreed theme breakdown in the German coalition talks #JamaikaKoalition
Myanmar: It’s time to bring back sanctions
Germanys domestic intelligence agency warns of IS sympathizers
Mugabe Scholarship Students Starving in Russia, Turn to Sex Work #Zimbabwe
Africa in 2017 Viva! dancers at the First Ladies of West Africa conference held to campaign against child labour
South Korean presidents shifts in nuclear power policy hurting his approval
The Little Market that Could
Stepping right over the U.S., world powers reaffirm commitment to Iran deal
Study suggests dogs do make facial expressions to communicate and engage with humans:
Unions React to Govts Move to Implement No Work, No Pay During Strikes: #Nigeria
Billions in tax breaks offered to Amazon for second headquarters
Australias second largest state edges towards permitting euthanasia
Tips for protecting your privacy and warding off trolls on social media
Venmo is one step closer to being a full-service digital wallet @ewolffmann
How this lawyer left the office life to start an e-learning business
Who needs Rome? Italian regions vote on autonomy
We’re supporting diversity in our community with #PinkDotHK. Join us on Sunday, Oct 22! #BofAPride
Look who’s back! Keep spreading the love, Pinkie. #whereispinkie #bloombergpinkdot #pinkdothk
Putin slams Western double standards over Catalonia
Colombian court orders return of indigenous treasure gifted to Spain in 19th century
Ride hailing firm Grab secures up to $700 million in debt facilities
GOP senator: Trump doesn’t lie, he uses hyperbole
#Japan Empress Michiko turns 83
Catalans edge toward declaring independence via @mariatad
Nigeria Is Proud of You, Buhari Tells AfDB President, Adesina #Nigeria
Thieves steal 700 kilos of grapes from Swiss vineyard
Police informant encouraged Islamists to carry out attacks in Germany: report
Ericsson posts bigger than expected third-quarter loss, warns on network sales
The FT looks at some of the new faces launching or investing in the UK’s start-up lenders
Appeals court temporarily blocks undocumented teen immigrant from getting abortion
The scenarios we worry about with cyber attacks and nuclear weapons:
A U.K. lawmaker calls for an investigation into dark money role in Brexit
#CDS-wise, #Catalonia is just a blip, so far... #Spain
Angela Merkel throws Theresa May a lifeline - plus Fridays other Brexit headlines
Nissan may not be the only wrong Superman Ghosn needs to right @sbanjo via @gadfly
Juncker: Member states committed too little for Africa Fund
‘Community’ energy projects in Greece under threat, activists warn
The Economist’s KAL on brilliant form this week. #XiJinping #China #Trump
Korea Eximbank to sell stake in Dae Sun Shipbuilding
China Manufacturing SMI Hits 15 Month High in October. #SMI
Tillerson blames Saudi-led group for GCC rift stalemate
Two hurt in shooting in southern Stockholm
Pollution killing more people than war and violence, says report
Correction: Spanish QE purchases about 2x net debt issuance (~€45bn). Thanks @Brad_Setser !
Insects are in serious trouble, @edyong209 reports.
Giant moon cave could one day contain lunar base
Kenyan Police Shoot Teargas Canister at Activist Boniface Mwangi #Kenya #StopKillingUs
UK lawmaker calls for probe into ‘dark money’ role in #Brexit via @AlexJFMorales
We were warned. #TBT
Police probe brutal murder of tax officer, 32, in cemetery
Tsipras asks EU peers to send strong message to Turkey
Greek banks plan record sale of bad loans as pressure mounts
UK lawmaker calls for probe into ‘dark money’ role in #Brexit via @AlexJFMorales
Go-go going as Chinese women fuel Thai #tourism boom
Our best photos from India this week
Honghua Group disposes of offshore business
Is Nick Clegg to blame for Jeremy Corbyns success? - CapX
Theresa May tells EU leaders they must take “urgent” steps to move Brexit talks forward
#Denmark Retail Sales month-on-month at 0.8%
Trump’s chief of staff says we don’t respect women anymore, forgets he still works for Trump
The most ingenious gadgets of 2017
Asian shares, dollar gain after U.S. Senate passes budget plan
This village is a shining example of how successful holistic and sustainable farming can be
3 ways BI is changing the game for fintech #fintech #BI #datascience @DataconomyMedia
To survive in #Venezuela, multinationals slash operations and payrolls to bare minimum
As ISIS nears defeat, old rivalries flare up with oil at stake via @DonnaAN1 @A_DiPaola17
#Denmark Retail Sales year-on-year at 1.7%
#Georgia PPI year-on-year at 13.4%
Southwest Airlines marks their very first unmanned flight with an all-female crew.
#ThisWeek Rajoy to trigger Article 155 on Catalonia: what does it mean?
Charity demands port and flag states are held accountable in crew abandonment fight
Britain: Hate Crimes Surge to Record-High Levels
Live Feed From The EU Summit
Expect more volatility amid a liquidity crunch in Hong Kong @shuli_ren via @gadfly
“Britain’s privately run banks have proved a disaster for everyone except their shareholder”
The fine line of teaching religion in Frances secular schools
Kevin Anderson Cruises Into Stockholm Quarter Finals: #SouthAfrica
Kenya election board CEO rejected by opposition goes on leave ahead of poll
Tusk: No space for EU intervention in Catalonia
Malaysia to ship 4,000kg of Musang King durian to China in November for Durian King festival
Cat sits next to fish box displayed at a market at the Port of Gaza #GazaCity #AA
These 25 cities have the worst air quality in Italy via @TheLocalItaly #Italy #AirQuality
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Recovering After Knee Operation: #SouthAfrica
World in Pictures
Refugees in #Germany: Fewer family reunifications than expected
#EUSummit Schedule For Today, Including #Article50 (Local Time)
The side Pittsburgh doesnt want you to see
USA: This Is How Tyranny Rises and Freedom Falls: The Experiment in Freedom Is Failing:
Its a Communist Party!!
Man moons Trumps motorcade in Washington: report
Remembering Countrys Foremost Elephant Specialist #Tanzania
Microsofts market value hits a dot-com era milestone: $600 billion via @AmrithRamkumar
Got to indulge my obsession with Soviet mosaics in this piece from Central Asia
Foreign investors are returning to Japanese stocks, adding momentum to their rally
CIA director says a more powerful Xi could be a force for good
Even Major League Soccer’s Amobi Okugo has a side hustle
Why can’t booming Ethiopia handle this year’s drought? By @jamesinaddis
May pleads for Brexit deal she can sell at home #Brexit50
Nearly Dead on Arrival — An Excerpt from Michael Meyer’s ‘The Road to Sleeping Dragon’
#Mexico and #Canada vow to maintain free trade even if #US leaves NAFTA.
Go-go going as Chinese women fuel Thai tourism boom
$3.8 Billion Egina FPSO Vessel to Arrive Nigeria Q1 2018: #Nigeria
The stretch of unusually mild and dry weather will continue in the East this weekend:
Pemex get nod to drill its first presalt well
Nonsensical Idea of the Day: Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme
Could Mexico be the next Panama Canal for gas? Drillers think so via @business
Yet more badgers on the telly. Been a massive week for the badgers.
Duterte vows to blast Abu Sayyaf out of the seas
Carbon market reform: Much ado about nothing?
Why America won WW2.
F-16 deal could be paid over a decade
Large Property Tax to be charged per family
Nigeria Can Lift 2018 World Cup - Pinnick: #Nigeria
Thirsty Socialite Huddah Drools Over Vanessa Mdees Ex: #Kenya
Free money at the edge of the tech boom, by @alexismadrigal
Exclusive: Tech companies to lobby for immigrant Dreamers to remain in U.S.
Senator McCain says subpoena may be required to get answers on Niger ambush
Survivors of America’s first atomic bomb test want their place in history
GOLDMAN SACHS: Heres the only strategy you need to crush earnings season
Kenyan Govt Loses Court Fight to Arrest Odingas Financier #Kenya
Kenyans Told to Prepare for Heavy Rains: #Kenya
China is warning of a harsh gas supply situation during the coming winter
Fact or fiction? Doubts over Chinas rising nationalism #cpc2017
Mysterious ambush in Niger sparks firestorm of questions
Japanese are more satisfied with their economy in 2017, but doubts about the future persist
Acacia Shares Up At London Stock Exchange After Deal with Govt: #Tanzania
Did Comedian Chipukeezy Lie About His Meeting With Kevin Hart?: #Kenya
#Bitcoin $5,700, chart @BloombergTV
Euroskeptic Czechs poised to hand power to populist billionaire via @PeterLaca1 @ladkabau
Oil rises on tighter fundamentals, but China warning holds back market
Foreign Affairs Ministry Expels North Korean Arms Dealers: #Uganda
Univan brand disappears as Anglo-Eastern reveals new corporate look #shipping
Odfjell offloads stake in Singapore terminal #shipping
Rowan awarded new contract and extension by BP
Live Animal Exports: Dirty deeds, done dead cheap
Pemex get nod to drill its first presalt well
Yes You Can Apply Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategy!
MEPs call for complete glyphosate ban in 2020
ECDIS safety study launched
EA CPI, chart @BloombergTV
Viewpoint Turns to DroneDeploy to Enhance Construction Solutions - Unmanned Aerial Online
Trump changes his mind about bipartisan health care deal for the fourth time in three days
CIAs Pompeo asserts Russian meddling did not sway U.S. election result
A beginner’s guide to Italy’s autonomy referendums
@JohnCleese Submitted w/o comment.
Ugandan Singer Bobi Wine Sues Police Over Cancelled Shows #Uganda
SoftBank was behind four of the five biggest venture capital deals last quarter:
#Norway Industrial Confidence at 3
Nearly half of Russians (48%) back governance by a strong leader
Japan government says needs to spur firms to spend cash pile on capex, wages

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Guanabana to lulada - where to find delicious local food in Colombia: tr...

Guanabana to lulada - where to find delicious local food in #Colombia : #travel #food