Fendis chief has been tapped to make Dior a trend-setter again
Wal-Mart Stock Makes Full Recovery $WMT Post:
(PREMIUM) What’s Next For Wal-Mart’s Stock, Post-Recovery? - via The Lyons Share $WMT
AC/DC co-founder and ex-guitarist Malcolm Young dies aged 64
(PREMIUM) Is Russell’s Record Resilient Run All Its Cracked Up To Be? $IWM $RUT
Macrons party elects government spokesman to leadership post via @bpolitics
Wall Street needs to start worrying about a key change in Fed policy
(PREMIUM-UNLOCKED) The Junkie Market (Lots Of Highs Lows) Is Back $SPY $SPX Post:
Three More Dead from Eurydice Flood Discovered in Mandra #Greece
Poll: Majority of Americans will blame Trump, GOP for ObamaCare problems
Free Exchange: Can Hammond deliver the budget Britain needs? - CapX
The Russell’s Record Run Of Resilience $IWM $RUT Post:
The lede on this story. By @suilee:
Thousands rally against Mugabe in Zimbabwe
Sacked Catalan leaders get pride of place in electoral lists
Chart Of The Week (by views): Options Traders Furiously BTD $SPY $SPX Post:
Massive pipeline spill exposes serious flaws in Keystone XL approval process
Hariri tells Lebanese president will be in Lebanon Wednesday: Aoun
Rebuilding Puerto Rico will cost $95 billion, says island’s governor
Slam Poet From Sudans Darfur Puts a Human Face On Refugee Numbers: #Sudan
Trump has nominated 282 men to cabinet-level positions, versus only 77 women.
18 November 1983. The worlds first all-girl sextuplets were born to Janet Walton at Liverpool Maternity Hospital.
Behavioral economist explains a 3-jar system that teaches kids about money by @melodyhahm
News Websites Adopt ‘Trust Indicators’ to Combat Fake News
America is in Terminal Decline | There is a huge stock market crash just around the corner.
Survey: Endowments and Foundations Unfazed by Private Equity Valuations
Co-Ordinated Suicide Attack in Nigerias Borno State #Nigeria
What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls
Want to buy a house? Here’s the most affordable metro area in the country...
This analysis of Tory Brextremists is brilliant.
Walmart To Order 15 Tesla Semi Trucks, Canadian Grocer Loblaw To Order 25
What squatting reveals about wasted urban space #citylabarchive
New Video Shows a Creepily Human-Like Robot Doing a Backflip
These giant stick insects never actually disappeared, genetic tests confirm:
My cartoon Saturday @TheTimes. Nature Notes: The Crocodile.... #Mugabe #Mnanga #Mnangagwe #Zimbabwecoup
#Cambodia charges 2 journalists with espionage
Planet X’s knocks comets into the inner solar system. These comets smash into Earth.
Kosovo celebrates two golden girls at The Hague Grand Prix
Hundreds join search in Swanage for missing teenager Gaia Pope
Co-Ordinated Suicide Attack in Nigerias Borno State #Nigeria
Allianz well-shielded against takeover attempts: Boersen-Zeitung
Trump begins paying his own legal bills in Mueller probe: report
Chinas home-made drone total solution highlight at Dubai Airshow - Xinhua
Seit 278 Tagen ist er in Haft. Deniz Yücel wird noch immer in der Türkei festgehalten. Ohne Anklage. #FreeDeniz
Nigeria Remains Third Most Terrorised Nation - Report #Nigeria
Michelle Obama on coping with the Trump presidency: Dont tweet nasty stuff
#Peru | President @ppkamigo leads defense of free trade at #Asia-Pacific summit.
Diamond Platinumz Record Label Woes Blamed on Women #Tanzania
Zimbabwe: Tens of thousands demand Mugabe step down in Harare
Former Senate President Pius Anyim to Remain in Custody: #Nigeria
Zimbabweans elated at prospect of Robert Mugabe downfall
Drugs, depression, deprivation - “shit life syndrome” in 21st century Blackpool
Pension Assets Up, But So, Too, Are Liabilities $
Chinese Inventions | Athens | To April 29
Zimbabwes Mugabe ready to die for what is correct, nephew tells Reuters
Trump heads to Supreme Court after judge orders release of internal docs on DACA decision
This weeks cartoon from @kaltoons
What can hemp do for humanity? #hemp #health #cannabis
Turkeys Erdogan rebuffs NATO apology over enemy poster
Bank of America plans to move 200 staff to Paris and Frankfurt as Brexit shift begins
President Robert Mugabe is fast losing his grip on Zimbabwe. Here is what you need to know:
Virginia Tech teaching assistant apologizes for his white supremacist statements. Sort of.
Injured defectors parasites and diet hint at hard life in North Korea
Ousted Venezuelan opposition leader escapes house arrest, flees to Spain
The top 11 innovations in recreation this year
Will Hausa Movie Industry Recall Banned Actress Rahama Sadau? #Nigeria
#Chile grants asylum to #Venezuelan opposition leader persecuted by @NicolasMaduro regime
Christie: I think Kushner got me fired from the Trump transition
North Korea says China stressed `friendly relations in talks via @bpolitics
From the AP archives: Schwarzenegger on pollution: Its time we do better
Popescu Report - #Gold, Petrodollar: Iran vs Saudi Arabia (Nov. 12, 2017)
Women say they were sexually harassed working on the Clinton, Sanders campaigns: report
Toyota Suzuki Agree To Cooperate On EV Sales In India Onwards From 2020
Whoever did the subtitles for this episode of The Simpsons on Sky has a great sense of humour.
#neverthoughtiwouldseetheday in #Zimbabwe #Zimbabwe
The House passed a $1.5 trillion tax bill that’s brutal for poor people @ewolffmann
@CutTheKnotMath Never leave home without the table. (Abr Stigum)
Elon Musks greatest hits
Rising alarm in Britain over Russian meddling in Brexit vote
Philippine leader says police to return to drugs war if problem worsens
British Explorer Benedict Allen is rescued from remote forest in Papua New Guinea.
German parties regroup for last-ditch coalition push
LA radio station: We tipped off news partners before publishing Franken allegations
Trumps request for $44 billion in hurricane aid slammed as woefully inadequate
Schedule for Week of Nov 19, 2017
Roy Moores wife: Trump should thank us for taking the focus off of Russia
The secret to losing weight may be less about food and more about environment:
Zimbabweans celebrate expected Mugabe downfall
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Governments Should Start Putting Public Health Warning Labels On…
RT:DeSmogUK: It looks like theyre coming for you, Big Oil... UCSUSA ClientEarth
Video: Tesla’s record-breaking new Roadster
France should not interfere in Irans missile program: adviser to Irans supreme leader
How to trade stocks for a living: @MikeBellafiore
Dem lawmaker: A prominent senator tried to put his hand up my skirt in the 80s
What actually happened at the Bonn climate conference — and why it matters #COP23
Hablando de crímenes financieros y lavado de dinero con @DrewOCCRP @MirandaOCCRP @IDashboard @OCCRP #GIJC17
Families as pawns: Israel pressures Palestinians into exile through foreign spouse visas
The New Commons
Good read #ICOs on Our Terms and Conditions #fintech #blockchain #VC @coindesk
Women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct: We were forgotten
The current state of medical research is unacceptable, says this guy:
Lebanons Hariri arrives in Paris for talks with Macron
Farewell to the last female president in the Americas
Meet Pamela, a soon-to-be-undocumented immigrant fighting to stay and contribute to the U.S.
Are pandas destined to survive only in captivity?
Justice in genomics: how grand sequencing projects have really played out in society
Nigerian Army Denies Cancelling Female Training Programmes #Nigeria
Nigerias Bobsled Team Makes History #Nigeria
Odinga Arrives to Huge Welcome at Kenya Airport #Kenya
Media Uneven in Roy Moore, Al Franken Coverage
LaVar Ball on Trump helping to get UCLA players released in China: Who?
Walls Street Invasion of the Legal Weed Market
Snoop Doggs venture capital firm is leading an investment in a cannabis lab-testing company
Hot Contest in Nigerias Anambra State Governor Race #Nigeria
Why Breeding #Dogs is a Problem, Even if the Breeder is ‘Reputable’ #AdoptDontShop #Pets
The early retirement of a key Fed official offers a chance to address Wall Street conflicts
WATCH: Tapper goes through every sexual misconduct allegation against Trump one by one
US military releases data on sexual assaults on military bases
Real estate MA has eclipsed the record level set on the eve of the financial crisis
Robert Mugabes 37-year grip on political power in Zimbabwe is all but over
The bond that really asks you to bet on the future of the planet
From the clay tablet to predictive text: how tech shapes literature via @FT
The Trump administrations extreme vetting plan is being blasted as a digital Muslim ban
#Russia vetoes last-ditch bid to save probe into gas attacks in #Syria
volunteer of @SyriaCivilDef react after losing colleagues in airstrikes #WhiteHelmets #Douma #Syria @epaphotos
Someone in Paris with a message for @Apple #PayYourTaxes
Fox Friends host on Roy Moore: I would kick his head in if it was one of my daughters
Watch Comedian Trevor Noah Have His Say on Coup in Zimbabwe
Let us now praise Pharoah Sanders, master of sax #Jazz
Dont talk politics at Thanksgiving. Just print this out and hand it to all your grown relatives on the way out.
Saudi Arabia recalls ambassador to Germany over Gabriel comments
Kushner failed to disclosed Russian backdoor overture from Putin ally: report
Jubilantion as Zimbabweans celebrate the ending of Mugabes grip on power
Christophe Castaner - new leader for #Macrons party as honeymoon fades
ICOs on Our Terms and Conditions
Why the Federal Government Can’t Fix the US Housing Crisis
Two Nigerian Airports Rated Among Worst in the World #Nigeria
Venezuelas opposition leader, Antonio Ledezma, flees to Spain
Ohio politician criticized for Facebook post trivializing sexual assault
Jeff Bezos says this exercise convinced him to quit his Wall Street job and launch Amazon
Space Weather, Earthquake, Space-Brake | S0 News Nov.18.2017
Lawsuit argues that Trumps tweets could force open probe on Russia dossier
What makes miso soup so satisfying? @scienceandfood
Woman injured in #Exarchia rioting admitted to ICU in serious condition #Greece
The surprising reason bees cant find flowers: (from 2015)
Timeline: The Incredible Life Of #AlbertEinstein $ $
Montana GOP lawmaker misled police about assault on journalist: report
The conceit that these mainstream sources are centrist and non-partisan is hilarious. NPR? Time? Seriously?
The restless Joe Polchinski is still pushing string theory forward. #ThinkingPlaces
UN secretary-general António Guterres has #LunchwitheFT and chats Trump and North Korea
Saturday’s mini haul. The ABBA compilation is mint condition. Someone loved their vinyl
I am troubled, if this mean another 20% up or it is calling the downside acceleration
Teslas unfettered ambition will drain finances: analysts
The most ingenious gadgets of 2017
South Africas Zuma says supports people of Zimbabwe
Mexico Giving In to Trump’s Request for Suicidal “Sunset” Clause in NAFTA.
Kenyan Man Snatches Woman Hes Never Met From American Husband #Kenya
Did TB Joshua Prophesy the Military Action in Zimbabwe? #Nigeria #Zimbabwe
Some of the biggest trading firms in the world are getting in on the #bitcoin business
#ISIS not dead yet but caliphate dream in tatters
Navy admits that pilot drew penis in sky over Washington
#UK govt to consider tax on throwaway plastic
Gerry Adams to indicate retirement plans at Sinn Fein party conference
Theres a new planet in the neighborhood — and it looks like a nice place to live
Social conservatives won’t change culture without politics
Polarcus secures seismic work off Australia
Volkswagen to invest $27 billion in core brand until 2022
Zurichs public housing problem: the tenants are too rich
Four arrested so far in police operation to dismantle gang of robbers in Athens #Greece
Zimbabwe: Anti-Mugabe protests as pressure piles on veteran leader
Where to draw the line between Al Franken, Roy Moore, Louis CK et al. Smart column:
Trump postpones decision on importing elephant trophies after backlash
Committee to Probe Death of Girls, Women in Mediterranean Sea: #Nigeria
#Cambodia charges 2 journalists with espionage
Man forgets where he parks his car - then finds it 20 years later,
Heres the Review. As things go its quite readable #GoodWorkIs #TaylorReview
Why I Cannot Produce Biafra Leader for Trial - Nigeria Army Chief #Nigeria
WATCH: Country singer mocks NFL protests in new song: Take a knee – my ass!
Links 11/18/17
Beautiful sunshine for @rethinkecon in Aberdeen #APEG @ReteachEcon
#Iran-EU to negotiate nuclear ties in Isfahan on Nov 21
Venezuelan Oil Firm PDVSA Still on the Hook despite Russia’s Financial Lifeline
Burmese Military Accused of Widescale Rape Against Rohingya
RT: UE: Climate change denial or indifference are perverse attitudes – Pope Francis
Even a small amount of alcohol is now related to a higher risk of cancer
I took all my money out of the stock market and it feels amazing
Election expert predicts Democratic wave in 2018
7 whimsical ways to redesign the pencil (from 2015)
#BREAKING Turkish #weightlifting legend #NaimSuleymanoglu dies at 50
Waste to Energy Facility to Be Operational: #Ethiopia
Roy Moores wife: Trump should thank us for taking the focus off of Russia
Why Cities Should Operate Their Own Top Level Domains
Software robots help GE Global Operations
RT:DeSmogUK: UK joins Canada to launch Powering Past Coal alliance at #COP23
#Silver Currency Index (Top 20 GDP Weighted) vs Silver in US Dollar (Nov. 17, 2017) - via
Farewell to the last female president in the Americas
Discovery of new bodies raises death toll from west Attica #Mandra #floods #Greece
NY Times Pushes Case for No Tax Cuts At All
These ancient medieval texts contain new recipes for antibiotics:
What were craving right now: braised beef with pumpkin, prunes and spice
Warren Buffett: The foundation of every market bubble is a sound premise @bySamRo
Five rad and random things I found this week
On November 18, 1895, William H. Fauber filed for bicycle crank shaft
Brunch it up this weekend!
This Is What Happened After Pastor Kathy Kiuna Promised Followers Cars By New Year: #Kenya
COP23 climate talks end in Bonn
Indian Armys Mega Purchase: Surveillance UAVs for Tactical Battle Areas
#Gold Currency Index (Top 20 GDP Weighted) vs Gold in US Dollar (Nov. 17, 2017) - via
From the AP archives: Closures bar injured children from treatment
Watch: Meteor lights up night sky as it crashes over Finland
FREE: Iran will focus on South Pars to raise natural gas production #OOTT
Meet Bitcoin Clashic, a weird and totally unexpected cryptocurrency rebellion
The new Museum of the Bible tries really hard to be apolitical. But is that even possible?
Weekly Transparent #Silver Holdings (Nov. 17, 2017) - via
Nigerians in Diaspora Excited Over Global Terrorism Index Report: #Nigeria
Weekly Transparent #Gold Holdings (Nov. 17, 2017) - via
Spanish police suing Catalan satirists for insults
#Silver Percentage Growth in Major Currencies in 2017 (Nov. 17, 2017) - via
Saudi Arabia tells detained princes to hand over assets and buy their freedom, say sources
Opinion: Shambolic Borussia Dortmund in need of soul-searching
WATCH: Tapper goes through every sexual misconduct allegation against Trump one by one
Why the U.S. should — but won’t — eliminate cheap booze like Scotland did
#Gold Percentage Growth in Major Currencies in 2017 (Nov. 17, 2017) - via
Watch Your Debt, IMF Warns Nigerian Govt #Nigeria
Millions Gone? Broker Takes Fire for Bitcoin Cash Trading Freeze
Stephen Hawking isnt sure whether artificial intelligence will end poverty or kill us all
Ugandan Comedian Anne Kansiime Splits From Husband #Uganda
Saudi Arabia recalls ambassador to Germany over Gabriel comments via @Reuters
Missing Journalist Found Dead: #Nigeria
Zimbabwe: Whatever Robert Mugabe does now, he’s finished. By @johnrayitv
Venezuelas opposition leader, Antonio Ledezma, flees to Spain
Ex-CIA chief: Putin is outsmarting Trump
Berlin and beyond: Sticks and the city
UK govt to consider tax on throwaway plastic
Lebanons Hariri arrives in Paris for talks with Macron via @Reuters
Hariri tells Lebanese president will be in Lebanon Wednesday: Aoun via @Reuters
Ecstatic Zimbabweans flood Harare to celebrate expected Mugabe downfall via @Reuters
Venezuela opposition leader Ledezma flees to Spain via @Reuters
Despite US lagging, climate action gathers speed, if limited cash #COP23
Malaysias MRT Corp requires bidders to seek financing partner in new tender
Sexual harrassment furore: Hollywoods #MeToo wave engulfs Washington
After PM Najibs visit, now Zahid comes around to see Anwar in hospital
US Navy draws giant penis in the sky
Massive Malaysia data breach traced to Oman, police chief says
The Ole Sereni Nairobi
Apple pushes launch of HomePod smart speaker to early 2018
Getting a dog might just save your life, Swedish research says
The 100 greatest innovations of 2017
England frustrated by big stand in final tour match
Nigerian Model Accuses Yvonne Nelson of Husband Snatching #Nigeria
#Bitcoins mysterious creator appears to be sitting on a $5.8 billion fortune
U.S. Singer Ty Dolla $ign to Perform in Kenya #Kenya
Supernatural horror miniseries based on Stephen Kings novel “It” was released on 18 November 1990.
Trump hotel in Panama has ties to Russian mafia, international crime: report
The cheap debt that was taken on by the retail sector could create an avalanche for CRE investors
Massive pipeline spill exposes serious flaws in Keystone XL approval process
How many emergency food supplies were handed out to children last year?
EU and UK deadlocked over who should pay for a larger table
Lebanons Saad Hariri arrives in France to meet Macron President Emmanuel Macron
Should you get a 15-year mortgage?
And heres how many live in each area. Most are really tiny.
#Kenya: Several killed in violent clashes as opposition leader returns
Will be rounding up reactions to @LabourRichard victory for @TheCommonSpace, get in touch with your hot takes
Egypt-Gaza border opens under PA control for first time in a decade
Montana GOP Rep. Greg Gianforte misled police about assault on journalist: report
The confessions of a MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man in Lycra) From the archive @1843mag
One criteria is high numbers of non existent or low labor incomes aka poverty
Lies, Love and HIV - City Wife Hid Her HIV Status for 10 Years: #Kenya
Spain court orders ex-IMF head Rato to be tried for fraud
Richard Leonard is named as new Scottish Labour leader
Looks like the Irish border question is getting Brexiteers a little hot under the collar
Former Zim VP Joice Mujuru at anti-Mugabe rally told me ‘there is a programme in place’ for Mugabe to go.
Zimbabweans thank soldiers for the almost-coup they believe will force #Mugabe to go.
Zimbabwe: Where Are Mugabes All-Weather Friends? #Zimbabwe
Does visual intelligence equate to actual smarts?
Puerto Rico utility head resigns over Maria response
Dems: GOP tax plan is a disaster
Berkshire Hathaway Pre 1965 Era $
Trumps request for $44 billion in hurricane aid slammed as woefully inadequate
Highlights of Fridays NBA games
Elon is working his way through The Usborne Book of the Future I read as a kid...
Cantona the artist ponders sex, life and death in new book
Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit Recap: Clevelands 21st Century Assets
Neuroscience is helping us build a machine with consciousness
#Lebanons premier Saad Hariri tweets before leaving Saudi Arabia
Success! The solar array has deployed . . . a major milestone for #JPSS1
Virginia Tech teaching assistant apologizes for his white supremacist statements. Sort of.
How to watch a meteor shower like a pro
Parole Off The Table for South African Leader Chris Hanis Killer #SouthAfrica
Electric Mobility Decentralized Purchasing Of Electricity With Ubitricity
WATCH: Country singer mocks NFL protests in new song: Take a knee – my ass!
#DIY! How to Make Your Own #Deodorant #LifeHack
Every US states most important international trading partners
Star Wars Battlefront 2 writer @MitchyD on creative freedom and what the series means to him
Denzel Washington cant save the muddled Roman J. Israel, Esq., says @davidlsims
Argentine court rules in favor of Chevron in #Ecuador case
Kenyas Gor Mahia Coach Kerr Wins Award #Kenya
15 men were framed by corrupt Chicago cops. Now they’re being exonerated.
Will officials scrap Chicagos decrepit starship?
Tens of thousands of people may have been underpaid disability benefit after DWP error
Lebanons Hariri to meet Macron in Paris

The Hill

30 days ago

Top North Korean officials believe Trump is mentally ill: NBC reporter

Top North Korean officials believe Trump is "mentally ill": NBC reporter https://t.co/tBSafbyRW1 https://t.co/pBSAYXVAGk