@Marshall_Cohen @TeaPainUSA Here’s a nice spreadsheet to keep track of victims of Trump
Kezia Dugdale set to enter jungle as Im A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! contestant
Silicon Valley’s most powerful black woman is leaving Apple
Hariri tells Lebanese president will be in Lebanon Wednesday: Aoun
The good, the bad and the ugly, according to Canada by @AndrewMitrovica
Migrant boy, 11, commits suicide in Austria
Trump hotel in Panama has ties to Russian mafia, international crime: report
Fans React As Kiss Daniel Part Ways With Record Label: #Nigeria
Governments keep global climate deal on track despite U.S. pullout
Box hill looking pretty steep from down here. Not sure this was a clever idea. Least its not raining.
All you need to know about #Spain’s points-based licence system #Andalucia #Lead
Video Showcasing Seychelles Reaches 2 Million Views #Seychelles
These livable yachts can withstand a category 4 hurricane:
Over 250 migrants rescued off Spain
I have 29 new followers from USA, UK., and more last week. See
On eFinancialCareers: These are the sorts of analysts who actually move to the buy-side
Conjoined glass and steel tubes form Studio Fuksas concert and exhibition venue in Georgia
Zimbabwean Musician Jah Prayzah Set to Perform in Malawi #Zimbabwe
HEDGE FUND ratio of long to short positions in Brent+WTI rose to 7.34 on Nov 14 which was highest since Feb 28
Has Keroche Heiress Dumped Fiancé for This New Catch?: #Kenya
Eagle Bulk to issue bond and secure additional loan to cover debts
US ports oppose tax reform bill’s axeing of some exemptions and credits #shipping
In @ReutersOpinion: Why social democrats have become irrelevant
How to get on the property ladder: a guide for millennials. From todays column:
The best business schools of 2017, according to Bloomberg
Crude Oil Suffers Setback As More Traders Opt for U.S. Blend: #Nigeria
At 70, Elton John wont stop performing, but will take a breather, his manager says.
U.S.-Led Coalition in Iraq Killing Far More Civilians Than Acknowledged
Portraits of London clubbers in the 1980s: @1843mag on the photography of Derek Ridgers
#bahhumbug...or apparently not
Can we just call this a bus?
Trump halts decision to allow elephant trophy imports after uproar
What next?
Virtual Reality | Athens | November 18 19
German Traces city tour | Athens | November 25
Enough is enough
Bank stocks battered on widespread uncertainty
Weather report is 100% go! Watch live coverage now on Photo credit ULA.
#zimbsbwe big crowds gathering Harare demanding #mugabe must go
A quick look at what happened around the world this week, curated by @BelleTimsit
50% of MPs believe, incorrectly, that the majority of bank loans are made to businesses
Worlds carbon emissions set to spike by 2% in 2017, driven by increased coal use in China:
Chinese parenting books come off as stiff and excessively pushy
Kushner failed to disclosed Russian backdoor overture from Putin ally: report
Crunch time for Merkel to build coalition or face new polls
The communist party’s offices around the world
Craig McMahon renovates concrete bungalow in San Antonio for his family
Everywhere you go, Ill be watching you
Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence: Balancing Opportunity and Risk
Online exhibit shows hidden depths of Picassos Guernica
Boston Dynamics Atlas robot can now do backflips
Shellshock and the Telnet USER Variable
RT: UE: China isnt ready to get away from coal
Golf: Koepka blitzes Phoenix to extend Dunlop lead
#EU sanctions #Venezuela with weapons embargo, gives #chavistas ultimatum.
Little Internet Sensation Ghanaian Jake Amo Is Doing Well #Ghana
Police Ordered to Compensate Family of 10 Year-Old Girl Killed in Mathare: #Kenya
These are the leading credit card processing companies
Resurgence Ecologist magazine publishes unmissable book reviews in every issue!
Why Court Jailed Actress Lulu for Two Years: #Tanzania
The current St Peters was consecrated on 18 November 1626 by Urban VIII.
Cork tops, would you wear them? #wine
Study of 500,000 teens suggests association between excessive screen time and depression
Two churchgoers shot during discussion about bringing guns to church
How Despair Helped Drive Trump to Victory
Lebanons Hariri arrives in France after Saudi hostage rumours
Macrons party to name leader in testing times
3 graphs which show what people across Europe actually think of universal basic income #UBI
Dems: GOP tax plan is a disaster
.@CAKitchener asks how much attention the media should give extremists
View: Science proves kids are bad for Earth, morality suggests we stop having them
France should not interfere in Irans missile program: adviser to Irans supreme leader
HEDGE FUNDS had largely completed the covering phase of short-selling cycle #10 in NYMEX WTI by Nov 14
Ex-Nigerian First Lady Asks Court to Unfreeze Her Bank Accounts #Nigeria
City Mum Narrates Life Outside Langata Prison at TED Talks: #Kenya
Free Exchange: Can Hammond deliver the budget Britain needs? - CapX
Lebanons Hariri arrives in France to meet Macron
November 18th, 401 - Visigoths, led by king Alaric I, cross the Alps and invade northern Italy.
Kosovo celebrates two golden girls at The Hague Grand Prix
Public Universities in #Brazil Censor Talk on Victims of Communism.
Keek op de week in (re)tweets — blog #176 voor @oneworldnl —
Saudi Arabia recalls ambassador to Germany over Gabriel comments
The FDA is cracking down on controversial supplement kratom
The Crisis Lending Fund
Good yet depressing piece on why Brexit Britain needs to upskill its workforce via @FT
US ports oppose tax reform bill’s axeing of some exemptions and credits
From the AP archives: SKorea PM Moon addresses ASEAN business summit
.@UN: End child labor by 2025
Governments keep global climate deal on track despite U.S. pullout
Lebanons Hariri arrives in Paris ahead of talks with Macron
How to stream music all around your house
Navy admits that pilot drew penis in sky over Washington
Chinese, North Korean envoys talk up ties despite nuclear tensions
Virginia Tech teaching assistant apologizes for his white supremacist statements. Sort of.
Eagle Bulk to issue bond and secure additional loan to cover debts
Australian doctors want access to Pacific asylum seekers
Rich women like rich men, and rich men like slender women
KwaZulu-Natal Gets First Black Woman Neurosurgeon: #SouthAfrica
ICYM #COP23 climate summit goes slow and steady but King Coal looms analysis, by me
Are These the Oldest Images of Dogs? :
A reckoning with abuses by men in the workplace was long overdue
Despite Amazon, brick stores are not dead yet
Army Gives Permission for Big Anti-Mugabe Rally: #Zimbabwe
Update: Thousands kick off anti-Mugbe march in Harare in rare show of public defiance
amazingly popular take today!
#Brexit talks at a standoff as Tusk sets UKs May an ultimatum via @bpolitics
Brutalist library in Chicago gets interior update by Woodhouse Tinucci
New underwater and aerial drones, sensors, small satellites mean exposed stealth planes and…
4 charts on how people around the world see education
the chyron is a good chyron
Is Saudi Arabia becoming a danger to the region? via @AJUpFront
Central Bank Targets Businesses in New Cashless Economy Drive: #Rwanda
Here’s how Amazon may be a $1 trillion company in a year
Girls writer Murray Miller accused of sexual assault by actress Aurora Perrineau
Lagos Targets Third Largest Economy By 2020, Africas Mega City in 2025: #Nigeria
The 3 key traits of an exceptional designer (from 2015)
Mindstorms Forkliftbots Gonna Take Your Job
The Crisis Lending Fund
.@ElizKolbert explores whether carbon removal can save the planet from overheating:
Global Street Design Guide
SP Utilities Bullish %
Late in day at #GIJC17 in Johannesburg; training investigative reporters from 100+ countries.
UAV Market 2017 Segmentation, Application, Technology and Analysis Report Forecast to 2021
SP technology Index Bullish %
From gaming to philosophy: Aldo Faisal explores the life of VR visionary Jaron Lanier
.@WFP: 150,000 Yemeni Children Could Starve to Death from U.S.-Backed Blockade
This is What Museveni Has Been Up to Amid Mugabe Woes: #Uganda
Not your ordinary #vegan pie!
Tanzanian Actress Lulu Jailed Over Boyfriends Death #Tanzania
Macron seeks to quell Iran furor, avoids taking sides with Saudi
Happy Independence Day, Latvia!
DoW Jones Day Bullish % Index
RT: joh_berger: The good news about plastic waste via ConversationUK
Despite all my rage, Im still just a rat in the Windows 95s maze screensaver
Meet Pamela, a soon-to-be-undocumented immigrant fighting to stay and contribute to the U.S.
.@DrewOCCRP speaks with reporters at #GIJC17 about non-profit fundraising.
From the ruins of a retail meltdown, post-industrial playgrounds emerge
Fox Friends host on Roy Moore: I would kick his head in if it was one of my daughters
Kenyatta University Closed After Night of Chaos: #Kenya
Dow Utilities Weekly problem
Gold up But Gold stocks not so much
What would it really take to make Islam moderate in Saudi Arabia? @SigalSamuel reports
What has Qatars response been to Gulf crisis?
amazing how the MeToos gone too far takes started in the past 36 hrs
Trump threatens to pull out of NAFTA, but theres a reason hes probably bluffing
Happy Saturday from Berlin w/ best wishes for a relaxing but thought-filled weekend!
Nigerian Musician Tekno Comes to Zimbabwe #Nigeria #Zimbabwe
China and the United States are equals. Now what?
RT: UE: Youve heard of climate denial. Now air pollution denial is a thing too
US government should support Spacex and quickly develop moon bases
8 November 1962 - Niels Bohr, Danish physicist (atom, Nobel 1922), dies at 77.
Why media obsession with mass shooter body counts is bad—and could lead to the next attack
China Citic, Baidu launch direct bank in fintech push
VIDEO: Siri talks to HAL 9000 about A.I. sexism
Abdulrahman makes shortlist for Asian player award
Trump hotel in Panama has ties to Russian mafia, international crime: report
NATO apologizes to Turkey for targeting Erdogan and Ataturk in training exercise
Nike and Adidas have entirely different ideas of how to take over the US
NASCAR provides the ultimate proof that the NFL’s rating decline isn’t because of politics
Governments keep global climate deal on track despite U.S. pullout
Govt to Issue Visa on Arrival for All Visitors: #Rwanda
Merkel keeps door open to Macron on euro in German coalition talks via @bjennen1
Is austerity linked to 120,000 unnecessary deaths a year?
WATCH: Tapper goes through every sexual misconduct allegation against Trump one by one
Maternal mortality is the shame of US health care (via @CNNOpinion)
Number of anti-Muslim assaults in 2016 even higher than 2001.
NUS-developed manta ray robot swims faster and operates up to 10 hours
Drownings as River Ewaso Nyiros Banks Burst in Kenya #Kenya
Ashes surprise Marsh eager to grasp his latest last chance
Left behind: can anyone save the towns the UK economy forgot? via @FT
Here’s why you should remain calm when stocks drop, in one chart
Let’s Not Get Run Over by Major Transportation Trends
Oops! New York Times just accidentally sent out what appeared to be an obit slideshow for Queen Elizabeth II.
How Koenigsegg broke the land speed record with its Agera RS
White House: Only men who admit to sexual assault should be investigated for it
#Switzerland to take part in bi-oceanic train route through 5 #SouthAmerican countries.
Five rad and random things I found this week
Highlights of Fridays NBA games
Trump slams Al Franken for “really bad” groping photo, remains silent on Roy Moore
NATO apologises after Turkeys President Erdogan was depicted as an enemy collaborator
Zimbabwe: Anti-Mugabe protests as pressure piles on veteran leader
The Govan Stones.
Explaining the Feynman Technique, using the Feynman Technique.
Nigerian Businessman Kola Alukos New York Penthouse Sold #Nigeria
National Football League roundup
Being busy kills creativity:
WATCH: Country singer mocks NFL protests in new song: Take a knee – my ass!
Vision of the Future, 1930.
What life is like aboard America’s doomsday plane From @1843mag
CVS may have a secret weapon against Amazons move into healthcare
.@thenorthface now has a “climate beneficial” beanie that comes from carbon-positive sheep
[PoC] IP Address Disclosure Vulnerability in LinkedIn
Park takes three-stroke lead at CME Group Tour Championship
Lack of sleep... — Dilbert today
Illustration by Chow Hon Lam
In a currency battle between Asian export giants, Taiwan is winning
Cold and bright in the north but cloudier in the south
China is two Europes and richest provinces catching up to middle income Europe
Two churchgoers shot during discussion about bringing guns to church
Was civilization just a big mistake?
Apple pushes launch of HomePod smart speaker to early 2018
Walmart just proved why Amazon had to buy Whole Foods by @MylesUdland
Zimbabwes ruling party to hold rally as anti-Mugabe tide rises
Senators Press Jared Kushner over Russia-WikiLeaks Documents
If we want bionic limbs that actually work, we might need smarter amputations
18 November 1785- birth of David Wilkie, Scots painter.
Montana GOP Rep. Greg Gianforte misled police about assault on journalist: report
Germanys Sigmar Gabriel in Belarus to boost ties with Russias ally
Here’s how tied retail stocks are to Black Friday and holiday shopping
Mommy, tell me again why Jill Stein and Susan Sarandon said Hillary was worse than Trump?
New Yorks subway announcements get gender inclusive
View: Independence Day in Poland was no beautiful sight
Are Businesses Too Confident About #Cybersecurity? #fintech #insurtech @valuewalk
Australian medical group wants access to Manus Island asylum seekers
Watkins Glen business donates to robotics education
Told you for sometime, the RMB=USDX
Exclusive: North Korea rules out negotiations on nuclear weapons
lack of sleep....
#Earthquake magnitude 5,1 - 64,2 km from #Ejido - #Venezuela
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market Analysis 2017, Demands, Supply
American drivers boost fuel use to new high on stronger economy
How Some Myths about the Brain Just Dont Go Away
Navy admits that pilot drew penis in sky
Why the Golden Gate Bridge is orange (from 2015)
#Venezuelan Oil Firm #PDVSA Still on the Hook despite #Russia’s Financial Lifeline
Dwindling British fortunes to be laid bare
Connecting Staten Island’s Waterfront to Its Community in a Time of Rapid Change
Tax cuts may help realize Piketty’s dark vision of inequality via @HowardRGold
Supreme Court Ready to Deliver Kenyas Poll Petition Ruling #Kenya
The Senate Ethics Committee is a terrible place for sexual harassment investigations
Bell Telephone introduced the 1st electronic push button phone on 18 November 1963.
A fatal disease is spreading among U.S. deer, but there may be a new way to detect it
Business jets risk U.S. pilot shortage on competition from airlines
Thanks to the FCC, Christmas comes early for pro-Trump Sinclair Broadcast Group
Strengthen your hair, skin, and nails with healthy #vegan whole foods!
Lovely #Lantau: secrets of Hong Kongs biggest island by @tesshumphrys #travel
The story of the original ‘M’ and his pet cuckoo reveals how we use animals as our proxies
Meet Bitcoin Clashic, a weird and totally unexpected cryptocurrency rebellion
This sleek $2.4 million supercar makes the Batmobile look like a clunker
#Argentina intensifies search for missing submarine with 44 crew #ARASanJuan
Trump postpones decision on importing elephant trophies after backlash
Lebanons Hariri to meet Macron in Paris
Pro-trade Republicans get nervous that NAFTA talks could fail
Verizon is close to a new deal with the NFL for digital streaming rights
Trump cant tweet Puerto Rico back to health
The Tesla magic is fading for both stock and bondholders
The confessions of a MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man in Lycra) From the archive
3 ways to have a happy retirement, according to people whove already retired
Cavs Rose to miss up to three weeks with ankle sprain
Service to remember victims of Kings Cross fire 30 years on
Moth eyes could help make it easier to read your cell phone in the sun:
The dismal future of Trumps least favorite agency, by @gillianbwhite
Influence of Kenny Rogers impersonators on United States politics cannot be overstated.
Strong Earnings For Small-Cap Cyclicals $
.@Volkswagen Group unveils five-year investment plan
Steve Bannon has launched a secret, last-ditch effort to save Roy Moore — and it’s working
Republicans confirm yet again that their promises are worthless
Trump halts decision to allow elephant trophy imports after uproar
Save your money and your data by preparing your phone for travel
U.S. rejects Ford petition to delay recall of three million vehicles
Kagame Meets With Estonian President During Working Visit to Rwanda: #Rwanda
Fox bans KISS singer Gene Simmons from properties for life: report
US ports oppose tax reform bill’s axeing of some exemptions and credits
Growing ties between Saudis and Israelis could be an ominous sign
Roy Moores wife: Trump should thank us for taking the focus off of Russia
A Roundtable of Hackers Dissects Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 6: Kill Process
Eagle Bulk to issue bond and secure additional loan to cover debts
China Citic, Baidu launch direct bank in fintech push
12 differences between alcohol and marijuana
WATCH: Tapper goes through every sexual misconduct allegation against Trump one by one
Election expert predicts Democratic wave in 2018
Iraqi forces recapture last Islamic State-held town
20 years of changing seasons on Earth packed into 2½ minutes
Trump hotel in Panama has ties to Russian mafia, international crime: report
This is the world’s coolest marble run
Saudi Arabia is betting its future on a new megacity project. @dickinsonbeth
Key NAFTA talks open in Mexico amid complaint of U.S. inflexibility
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is an absolute marvel, writes @OrrChris
Astronomers know how much gold there is in the galaxy now. Its a whole lot:
FCC Vote on Media Ownership Clears Way for Sinclair Broadcasting Expansion
Northeast Ohios Startup Ecosystem: The Visible The Invisible
WATCH: Country singer mocks NFL protests in new song: Take a knee – my ass!
Moscow wants to sell its advanced MiG-35 to more than 30 countries
Orrin Hatch protests too much:
No, there has not been a successful human head transplant
Lebanons Hariri leaves Saudi Arabia for France on Friday
Sanders has a very strange rationale for why Trump’s sexual assault claims don’t matter
Trekking #Rio on the #Transcarioca Trail by @eatrio_net #travel
Castro regime prevents prominent human-rights activist from leaving #Cuba
Why theres no Deck 14 and other things to know about mega cruise liner #GentingDream
Montana GOP Rep. Greg Gianforte misled police about assault on journalist: report
Trump delays lifting elephant trophy import ban
Standing tall in #Kobe - The Japan News #Christmas
#Zimbabwe set for more political turmoil with protests planned on Saturday
This spreadsheet could solve NYC transit
Two years after going public, Square is now worth more than Twitter:
What’s selling at the Hamptons yard sale at Grey Gardens
Women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct: We were forgotten
Europes intercity bus juggernaut is rolling into the U.S.
Dem lawmaker: A prominent senator tried to put his hand up my skirt in the 80s
In this camp in #Iraq, boxes full of fun help children escape the horror theyve seen:


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