Malls should reinvent themselves as retirement communities
Bearish engulfing day on US 2 5 year yields
Colbert to Trump: I dont think Moore is the only one in total denial
Appareil Architectures black metal cabin hides in a Quebec forest
Joe Barton looks like the cartoonish villain from Enemy of the State
Besieged Syrians eating trash, fainting from hunger: U.N. survey
.@YasmeenSerhan argues that the chancellor has seen worse
Should the #NBA keep its one-and-done rule? @ProfBlackistone is not a fan.
Comey trolls Trump with quote on immorality after Trump appears to back Roy Moore:
.@BATHSmusic is doing a @reddit_AMA in 1 hour @ 1PM PST:
Alert status stays the same after Mount Agung erupts - tourists told to monitor situation
Israeli forces assault 73-year-old and demolish family home in East Jerusalem
Trumps hometown papers take on his backing Roy Moore: Im With the Perv!
Zimbabwes Emmerson Mnangagwa returns — Whats next?
Asias Consumers Snubbing Global Brands for These Products @markets
US lawmaker #JoeBarton apologises after explicit photo circulates online
GDP per capita #social justice #Greece
The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest. William Blake
JPMorgan: Every Investor Class Is Now All-In Stocks
South African Power Utility Faces Parliamentary Inquiry #SouthAfrica
Get ready: These are the best #CyberMonday deals @BJonesCooper
U.S. Gymnastics doctor pleads guilty to criminal sex charges
Meet the optimists forecasting Brazil will bounce back fast
Meet the optimists forecasting that Brazil will bounce back -- and fast
Best thing about FDA warning on DIY gene therapy it provides yet another new FDA definition of gene therapy.
Are All Bonds EQUALLY Low Risk? #bonds #risk #chartoftheday #elliottwave
Roy Moores communications director has resigned
Ex-White House ethics chief files complaint accusing Conway of breaking law
Zimbabwes next president returns from exile
When you blow out the candles on a birthday cake, youre also coating it in bacteria:
Older Women and Sex Work in Africa: #Africa
Britain crashes out of worlds top 5 economies: @AlannaPetroff $EWU
GOP lawmaker apologizes after photo of his penis is posted online
British government plans to sell $20 billion of RBS shares over five years via @markets
Share of Total Income Before and After Federal Taxes from An Illustrated Guide to Income
Trump organization reaches buyout to walk away from SoHo hotel
BNEF Reports Electric Car Sales Up 63% In Third Quarter
Why flying home for the holidays might be greener than driving
Napa and Sonoma keep the good vibes and visitors coming by @AlisonBing
FOMC patting itself on the back and taking a SOMA victory lap...
The Latest: Zimbabweans: \I was expecting his resignation\
The Latest: NASCAR finale begins at Homestead-Miami Speedway
Mapping The Richest People In The World 2017 $
Benchmark podcast: Big data goes where economies fear to tread via @scottlanman @Moss_Eco
This in interesting - real per capita durable goods have gone nowhere in 9 years.
Nigerias Dangote Expands Cement Business to DR Congo #DRC #Nigeria
Washington Post publishes detailed list of Trump accusers after he supports Moore:
#Capitalism is not the only choice #JoyfulEconomy
Peter Thiel sells most of remaining Facebook stake
Former Bosnian Serb Commander Ratko Mladic Found Guilty of Genocide #Srebrenica
.@farmbotio reduces manufacturing complexities to meet growing demand for #microfarming:
Rain on the River Yerres - Gustave Caillebotte, 1875.
10 everyday carry favorites with deep Black Friday discounts
How to talk to your Mom and Dad about Bitcoin on Thanksgiving
The World’s Largest Hedge Fund $
Ex-USA gymnastics doctor pleads guilty to several charges of sexual assault
NHS warns Budget deal may not be enough to meet demand, @ITVAllegra reports
Suicide Space Robots | Space Time
$UAA chart
Dave Rosenberg on asset prices driving the economy. #igwt17
Im happy that president Trump leads such a socially involved government.
DAX Bearish engulfing day could be start of Wave 3 down
Nigerian Leader Condemns Adamawa Attack, Pledges Security Support #Nigeria
Flake: Trump made a big mistake when he backed Roy Moore
This game is a Star Wars-themed online casino designed to lure kids into spending money, like the stock market.
LaVar Ball uses Trump feud to market $60 t-shirt
US Gymnastics doctor pleads guilty to sexual misconduct charges
Riddle of the Week #42: Can You Find the Hiding Turkey?
This is why Apple and Ireland are finally starting to fall out of love
Mnangagwa’s task: Rebuild Zimbabwe’s economy from the ground up
Wall Street flat as Fed minutes draw near
Freedom is a right, not a gift from the Government. | by José Azel
The mafia was an unlikely victim of Brooklyn’s gentrification
Mnangagwa to be Sworn in as Zimbabwe Interim President: #Zimbabwe
Treat trafficking as a health problem to break cycle of abuse - academics
Trump to meet with congressional leaders in hopes of averting a government shutdown
UK sets aside $4 billion for #Brexit preparations via @economics
The Latest: Broncos activate Lynch for first time vs Bengals
UCLA fires football coach Jim Mora late in 6th season
Figure known as \Crocodile\ could replace Zimbabwe president
Masinde Muliro University Closed Indefinitely: #Kenya
Official says Trump doesn\t know who to believe about Moore
Model accuses Russell Simmons of sexual misconduct
\Justice League\ disappoints in US with $96 million opening
Longtime country singer, songwriter Mel Tillis dies
Nick Cave plays Israel to \take stand\ against boycotters
Norway\s king hospitalized with infection
Dem lawmaker: Gary Cohn faked a bad connection to get off phone call with Trump
How Robots May Make Radiologists’ Jobs Easier, Not Redundant
The Fed is having second thoughts about raising interest rates further
Kenya SMI: Sale Managers’ Index shows Kenyan Economy Falling into Steep Recession. #SMI
Evangelical Values: Moore dated Teenagers for their Purity
Bush ethics lawyer: Conway should be fired for violating federal law
AI-controlled brain implants for mood disorders tested in people
Nebraska to announce decision on Keystone XL pipeline
Positive Money’s Economics: Keynes, not Friedman.
R.I.P. Elsa the Snow Queen
Strange names happen when these animals get together
Skýli mountain shelter is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
Police search CDU headquarters as part of probe into suspected illegal donations
What is the healthiest way to eat sweet foods?
This is terrible.
Himax Upside Calls Active
U.S. blocks work on WTO ministerial statement ahead of meeting
Washington Post columnist: Huckabee Sanders humiliates the media daily
with expectations slightly weaker, current condition rolling around at highs
Pakistan court orders release of Islamist blamed for Mumbai attacks
Meghan McCain marries conservative writer in Arizona
The best show on TV isnt technically on TV. And its called Mind of a Chef.
My Move From the EPA to Silicon Valley to Green Our Cities
Whats the Difference Between a Fruit and a Vegetable?
3,362 impressions, or less than one of my throwaway tweets. This is a joke.
More than 25,000 Europeans join world’s first space nation
Why @amazon may soon be your new mailman | by Jeffrey Tucker
State and federal officials are investigating Uber’s failure to disclose a major hack
Pressure on U.S. households intensifies, says @DiMartinoBooth
U.K. plans to sell $20 billion of RBS shares over five years
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drones Market Worth 48.88 Billion USD by 2023
Nuco receives funding from Ontario to improve digital identity verification
FYROM Considers Taking Down Greek Statues
Top Commerce Dem calls on FTC to probe Uber data breach
Merkels rivals are split over the chance to name a price for a coalition deal via @bjennen1
Guns N’ Roses Slash to meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill
France calls UN Security Council emergency meeting over Libya slave-trading
Keystone clean-up to last several weeks, line restart unclear
If @englandcricket thought the #Ashes were fierce...!
“Van Gogh Alive” Multimedia Exhibition at Megaron Athens #Greece
Greek Culture Minister: Kasta Tomb in Amphipolis to Be Open to Public in 3 Years #Greece
RT: UE: Buried in the small print of #Budget2017 is a major hit for the renewables industry
Parliament Postpones Debate on Saudi Arms Deal Question Until Monday #Greece
Will they also tell me if I followed any NSA accounts?
Fed policymakers say rate increase likely warranted soon: minutes
Apple scientists disclose self-driving car research
This is how eyeball tattoos are supposed to work
#Ecuador admits President @Lenin met with @PaulManafort in April.
Netflixs Mudbound is a stirring epic about Americas sins, says @davidlsims
#Greeces PM @tsipras_eu to meet @EmmanuelMacron on Friday, during #Paris visit
Things are quiet for VIX, EURUSD and many other mkts; but Golds range this past 5 weeks is the smallest in a decade
Clinton: I dont know if I can ever be friendly with Trump again
Day before Thanksgiving, Trump slams father of UCLA basketball player as ungrateful
Sabotaging Obamacare backfires on Republicans @rob_cyran
US Works to Counter Russian Narratives in Georgia
It looks like Kellyanne Conway broke a federal law on national TV again
Mortgage rates head lower ahead of big decisions from Fed, Congress
Consumer sentiment in November was second strongest in 13 years
U.S. durable-goods orders fall 1.2% in October, in only second drop of the year
U.S. jobless claims sink 13,000 to 239,000, but Puerto Rico still a sore spot
Net neutrality is becoming a household issue and dinner-table topic
Oh thank God.
Dont Get Stuck in the Worst Traffic in America: Top Routes to Avoid on Thanksgiving
One of Hollywoods most famous robots just sold for $5.3 million
JUST IN: Roy Moores communications director has resigned
Tomorrow, Ill be on @reddit_AMA to answer your questions about #netneutrality. Join me:
Track what the Trump administration is saying about China
Durable Goods to drive yall mad...
JUST IN: At least four countries launch probes into massive Uber data breach
Former US Olympics doctor admits abusing gymnasts
Euphoric Zimbabwe greets former Mugabe deputy as new leader
A New Axis
Business churning and new firm formations have been on a persistent decline
Sign-up pace slows in third week of 2018 Obamacare enrollment
#NorthKorean Chancellor makes official visit to #Cuba.
Why tax dodging is a human rights issue: #inequality #EndTaxHavens
Who is this God person, anyway? @rezaaslan on @bigthinkagain w/@jgots
Bitcoin Is Illegal in Zimbabwe, Says Central Bank: #Zimbabwe
#Euro rises as some #Fed members await more #inflation...
Our Chief Commodity #Analyst on whats next for commodities: #elliottwavetv #commodities
British budget is encouraging: @NickyMorgan01 via @annaedwardsnews
Lets destroy the internet.
Trump heads to golf club after White House touts day full of meetings and phone calls
Russian Labor Official Tells Russians to Stop Partying and Start Working:
CME turns up the heat on LME with new copper contract:
With clear contribution from a weak dollar, $GBPUSD has notched a 7th straight days climb to range resistance
Pan-Africa SMI: Business confidence remains high in November. #SMI
JUST IN: GOP lawmaker apologizes after photo of his penis is posted online
Cities At War - Berlin: The Doomed City (WW2 Documentary)
Even sticking to cautious rate path, Fed is on thin ice: McGeever
Fed policymakers say rate increase likely warranted soon: minutes
Champions League live: Anderlecht vs. Bayern Munich
James Dean attending a dance class. NYC, 1955. Photograph by Dennis Stock.
Thank record-high stock prices for a flattening U.S. yield curve
US blocks work on WTO ministerial statement ahead of meeting via @Reuters
Budget 2017: What has been the reaction to key policies?
Fight for $15 minimum wage has businesses, economists at odds over economic impact
What the world likes and doesnt like about various elements of American soft power
Sexual Abuse by Peacekeepers Stains the UNs Image #Africa
Goldman Sachs predicts stocks will rally 11% in 2018 @MylesUdland
How groups can make good decisions:
Opinion: Ratko Mladic represents a disease infecting Europe - the far right movement
Peter Zumthors stilted Zinc Mine Museum captured in photography by Aldo Amoretti
#Fed signals December hike even as debate on inflation persists
Fed policymakers say rate increase likely warranted soon: minutes via @Reuters
Forget Charlie Rose. One of these woman should replace him.
Metro plans to scale back store hours, extend e-commerce service in Ontario
#BREAKING: Roy Moores communications director has resigned
Snow and frost covers scenic spots in China
Could Brexit mean increased prices in fruit imports from the EU?
AI is changing our brains
Pity the Texas GOP House member who has to apologize for his nude selfie going viral.
Pitbull engaging in tug of war with baby, who also happens to have invaded the pitbulls crate.
Treasury teams attempt to recreate Abbey Road cover backfired
Estimated Fed Bias Providing No Reason for the Fed to Hold in December:
Gallery | Rohingyas Stuck in Limbo As Officials Debate Repatriation
Portraits of London clubbers in the 1980s: the photography of Derek Ridgers From @1843mag
#Paraguay #InterestRate at 5.25%
After Mugabe, African leaders wonder what next
Arizona GOP gov: If I were in the private sector, Id fire Moore
UKs Hammond says growth outlook has deteriorated via @economics
Comey trolls Trump with quote on immorality after Trump appears to back Roy Moore:
Microsofts Skype pulled from Apple, Android app stores in China via @fptechdesk
Congrats to the many MIT community members named to @Forbes #30Under30 for 2018!
Fed Signals December Hike
Fed minutes signal a December hike even as the debate on inflation persists
U.S. 2Y10Y:
#WednesdayWisdom via @BSForgery #Mythbusters
I dare Janet to walk into any supermarket and yell worried about low prices!
... if you look at the number of SME house builders, the nadir was actually in 2016. #ukhousing
The Delirious Dozen of 2017
The cost of a 1932 Thanksgiving dinner for five with all the fixings? $5.42
Free market culture: Over 70% of #LatinAmericans support free trade, survey finds.
Cape Town Mayors Director Accessed Confidential Forensic Reports: #SouthAfrica
#LonelyPlanet Account Manager Alex MacLeish is just back from Jura, #Scotland
British Movie Icon Robert Pattinson Spotted Sightseeing at the Acropolis #Greece
Body of Man Believed to be Migrant Discovered Near Border #Greece
No Link between Hurricane Numa and Deadly Floods in Greece, say Meteorologists #Greece
Ancient whale teeth reveal how they went from wolves of the sea to filter feeders:
White House logs show drug industry visitors, meetings
#BREAKING: GOP lawmaker apologizes after photo of his penis is posted online
Does he always talk this fast?
Wow, Liesman has really aged.
Colbert to Trump: I dont think Moore is the only one in total denial
Hope Hicks told one of the biggest Russian whoppers of the campaign
The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line has embraced the digital age, writes @rachgutman
Jamies pretending to be a populist.
Nigerian Children Worry About Poor Education, Violence, Terrorism #Nigeria
Oh God.
Kushner worried Muellers investigation will get Trump: report
Durable Goods Orders Plunge 1.2% Largely on Aircraft Orders Autos Up 1.7% but it wont last
The story behind the housing meme that swept the internet
Emmerson #Mnangagwa pledges to lead #Zimbabwe towards a new democracy
Mom-and-pop shops are threatening the mall this holiday season
Ripped T-shirts will cost you about $95. - DO
HPE CEO Whitmans surprise exit stumps Wall Street
196,372 Acres Set Aside for Cotton Cultivation By 2018: #Tanzania
Fuengirola Lions make rocky start to roller hockey season in Liga Sur #Andalucia #Sport
Metal cube by SOM houses emergency call centre for New York City
*Opens Twitter*
Russia considers GOP lawmaker an intel source worthy of his own code name: report
Goodbye Net Neutrality; Hello Competition | @jeffreyatucker
How has the CoCo market evolved post-crisis? #CoCoBonds
A New Conundrum in the Bond Market? vía @sffed
Britain may suffer weak sterling for longer, says Redeker via @flacqua @bsurveillance
How Ugandans Repurpose Banana Fibre to Make Money #Uganda
Washington Post publishes detailed list of Trump accusers after he supports Moore:
Here are 9 ways you can help the homeless (Theres even an app for it)
France: Kerimov arrives at Nice court for tax evasion trial
USA calls Myanmar action against Rohingya ethnic cleansing
Zimbabwe: Harare crowd cheers arrival of Mnangagwas motorcade
Researchers created the first hybrid link for a quantum internet
Timelapse reveals eight-year construction of Louvre Abu Dubai in just three minutes
US prosecutors charge Iranian in HBO Game of Thrones hack
One Wall Street analyst just doubled his bitcoin forecast to $11,500
Mr. Ichocho Eyeing First Mr Malawi Title: #Malawi
Zimbabwe: President Mugabe Resigns, Ending 37-Year Rule
Chart of the day: Corporate profits as % of GDP since WWII
Its a make-or-break Christmas for these struggling retailers
Akinsanya Deserts Liberty Party: #Liberia
Ruling Party Extols Policies Against Gender-Based Violence: #SouthAfrica
Mapping The #RichestPeople In The World 2017 $ $
Google has its own fake news problem. Eight of top ten suggestions here are climate denialism.
Search for missing Argentine submarine reaches critical phase
Ex-White House ethics chief files complaint accusing Conway of breaking law
How Private Investment is Revitalizing New York City
...and debt as a share of GDP is now actually set to fall this financial year...
...despite much noise on more state pending on infrastructure, the big picture is little changed from March...
South Africas central bank has one less reason to change interest rates
...delivering some abysmal GDP growth forecasts and major downgrades... the face of this Philip Hammond has actually (sensibly) loosened fiscal policy over the next few years...
...though he is still on course to meet his fiscal target of a deficit of less than 2% in 2020-21...
MPC Container Ships plans private placement to fund fleet expansion
Rwandan Students Begin Secondary School Exams #Rwanda
Debmarine Namibia ordering new offshore vessel
Ulstein secures contract from Wagenborg
Scientists build handheld particle detector for seeing through walls
Here’s Why the Airport Security Line is a Nightmare
Morning Joe panelists: If Moore is elected, GOP becomes the party of pedophiles
The problem with Republicans mortgage interest tax deduction
Are parent-teacher conferences becoming obsolete? @YeseniaRobles investigates
...productivity outlook downgraded. Again...
How not to ruin Thanksgiving talking politics
Dont worry about eggs—these other foods are way more likely to give you Salmonella
Why bitcoin is valued in Zimbabwe
Looking to get into some TED Talks? Here are the best from the bookish world this year:
Eritrean Refugees Protest Political Repression, Religious Persecution: #Ethiopia
Canadian Payments Innovation Forum says collaboration continues to drive FinTech innovation
Fed officials are concerned about the hot U.S. labor market

The Upshot

7 days ago

The House plans to vote on its version of the tax bill tomorrow. What’s i...

The House plans to vote on its version of the tax bill tomorrow. What’s in it: