19 straight days of gains. Unreal
How about levitating people with acoustic tractor beams?.
.@foxjust investigates the remarkable financial benefits of pushing off retirement
US falls on rankings of best countries over Trumps unpopularity
Female journalists complain of gender segregation during Pence Western Wall visit
U.S. lets more healthcare workers prescribe opioid addiction treatment
Baby steps. From 80% to 85% to 88% Coco
Facebook exec announces retirement, vows to help Dems during midterms
Vietnams main stock exchange is shut for 2nd day after a malfunction
Amazon Go cashierless convenience store opens to the public in Seattle
NEW: Dems look to avoid another shutdown in longterm funding bill talks
Fresh Perspectives in City Government: The Challenges and Opportunities of Driving Innova
Republican senator meets with Justice Neil Gorsuch to discuss unspecified ‘important issues’
Trump set to take on Davos globalism and optimism @serwer #wef18
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: The Successes She Achieved in Liberia #Liberia
Water Crisis Will Have a Significant Impact On Cape Wine Industry: #SouthAfrica
Trump Administration Pledges to Get to Bottom of Missing FBI Texts
Trump nominates wife of ex-GOP senator to be federal judge
Update: Copper pulls back 6% to start the year, closes below its 50-day moving average.
JPMorgan sees brick-and-mortar branches pivotal to U.S. expansion
Michael Wolff: Trump does not want to be president
Jeffrey Saut Likes Commodities, Says Secular Bull Market to Continue
Train passenger captures surreal photos of Hokkaido blanketed in snow.
Trump Goes After FBI for Losing Partisan Agents’ Text Messages
Stability in Southern Africa Hinges On How Leaders Gain and Lose Power: #Africa
Trump to meet with world leaders, business CEOs at Davos forum
Gorsuch has dinner with GOP senators, Trump official
Whats behind Bostons epic parking battles?
This is @Twitter cracking down on hate speech.
NEW: Senate braces for tough path to immigration deal
Trump ramps up America First agenda with solar, washer tariffs
Why Vietnam is spinning atop the global washing-machine market
Dollar Index vs. Crude Oil...
In Xi we trust - Is China cracking down on Christianity?
South Afica Aims to Restore Investor Confidence at WEF Conference #SouthAfrica
Trumps trade policies are raising concerns in the GOP, Senator Pat Roberts says
Science fiction and fantasy writer Ursula K Le Guin dies
White House says it might start deporting DREAMers on March 5
U.S. CDC director urges flu vaccinations as pediatric deaths mount
Davos displays weakness of western leaders
Ranking the Types of Bear Species
WHO Donates 853 Motorcycles to Nigeria for Disease Surveillance #Nigeria
Chile: Lima Group rejects Maduros call for early elections
US Embassy in Haiti shuts down after anti-Trump protests erupt:
Dollar Index closes at a 3-year low, down against every major global currency in the past year. $DXY
The types of people who go to #Davos are the problem, not the solution. #WEF18
Facebook exec announces retirement, vows to help Dems during midterms
Are China’s blue skies here to stay?
Afraid of Smartphones? Your Parents Felt the Same Way About TV
This is what Niagara Falls looks like from above.
Get your fish fix at Anchorage farmers markets this week
NEW: Trumps heavy tariffs worry Republicans
From the AP archives: UN exhibit showcases Holocaust-era art
From the AP archives: Shackled Kids Must Relearn Emotional Interaction
From the AP archives: Couple Pleads Not Guilty to Torture of Children
Japan’s exports recovered throughout 2017
Protestors demand protections for Dreamers outside Schumers home
Qualcomm fine from EU antitrust regulators expected Wednesday: source
Chinese airline stocks soared in 2017, and they may sail higher yet
A republic, if we can keep it
After Neil Diamonds Parkinsons diagnosis, heres what you need to know about the disease:
Its been 2,448 years since Donald Trump took office.
Magnetic Infrared Dark Cloud G34
This is the world’s first graphical AI interface
WATCH: Conan OBrien lets Haitians fire back at Trump over shithole countries remark
GOP lawmakers are now worried about a “secret society” within he FBI.
Consumer goods groups join war on plastic
A Powerful Economic Justice Movement Is Brewing, Even in This Dark Time
Chelsea Manning spent her Saturday night with white nationalists. Why?
Novelis to build $300 million aluminum plant amid auto optimism
A major fake news network is preparing to evade Facebooks changes
NEW: Muellers push to interview Trump raises stakes in Russia probe
This is the Shiller CAPE for Australia.
Japans record exports to Asia raise hopes for fourth-quarter growth via @Reuters
And a big opportunity here for AB beef exporters. Japans meat tariff will, in time, fall dramatically.
U.S. consumer watchdog signals debt collection rules to come
50% of Americans say Donald Trump is able to get things done
Anchorage wasnt at risk of a tsunami. So why did people here get alerts?
#WEF18 attendees, take note. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The First Circle:
How about an Internet of Women Who Dont Pay Taxes? #Davos2016
Petty theft is a big problem at #Davos2016, as seen here. Please do not leave bags unattended.
Netflixs CEO believes critics trashed Bright because theyre out of touch
This Indonesian school is deradicalizing the children of convicted terrorists
GOP senator claims informant confirmed secret anti-Trump meetings at FBI, Justice Dept
CIA chief: Trump grasps intelligence briefings at same level as 25-year intel professional
Five hiking trails that will make you wish you lived in #LA #travel #LosAngeles
QA: Winners, losers of Trumps solar panel tariff
Momentum: No deselection list of moderate Labour MPs
Trumps Nafta partners wont make counteroffer on car rules
Mississippi bill would require teachers to recite the Ten Commandments every morning
Alaskas giant earthquake didnt have the moves to cause a large tsunami
The Lightning Network wants to save Bitcoin. But what the hell is it?
Legendary South African Musician Hugh Masekela Dies #RIPHughMasekela #SouthAfrica
Univ of Manchester develops molecule-detecting #nanorobot:
Video: How Asia’s doing deep learning differently from Silicon Valley
Democrats withdraw offer to fund Trumps border wall via @Reuters
Mueller interviewed James Comey, asked about interactions with Trump: report
South African Minister Testifies at Social Grant Crisis Inquiry #SouthAfrica
US dollar index slips to three-year low on broad-based weakness via @Reuters
El crecimiento económico de China parece fuerte… tal vez demasiado – Español
#Davos2016 #NotACanadianReference
USDCHF M15 Short long-term setup on dip.
US drops to 8th place on best countries list
Allegedly, PG has a new cream that makes you look younger in 28 days cc: @rorol
Construction begins on a new student residence on Vassar Street
“To sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men.” - Ella Wheeler Wilcox #Davos2014
JPMorgan rolls out $20 billion investment plan after tax gains
Senate Confirms New Chair Of The Federal Reserve
Devin Nunes wont even show his infamous memo to the Justice Department
UK anti-monopoly regulator tells government to block Murdoch TV deal
In this years pink wave, women are helping other women run for office.
SAs political relief rally seen as a mere dead cat bounce in Davos -
What Would I do With an Earth Scientist? #resources
What do you think?
The newest pro-Trump conspiracy theory: A secret society in the FBI is undermining Trump
10 top cybersecurity experts have advice for Davos @MichaelBKelley
ML: The Great Rotation Hasnt Happened Yet
Evangelical leader: Evangelicals gave Trump a mulligan on affair with porn star
Fine print in Trump solar tariff holds some good news for Tesla
Fur and fury at 40,000 feet as more people bring animals on planes
The FRED Blog charts a course through airline travel data
Jesus, this story from @EmilyRPeck
Asia protests at U.S. solar, washer tariffs, fears more to come
Thousands of protestors march in Switzerland ahead of Trumps Davos trip
Geoengineering could cool the climate back down. Heres why we shouldnt do it:
10 Quotes on Scientific Issues from 2018 Political Candidates
Thirsty robot gets fired from supermarket job
#OscarsNotSoWhite, or male, in this years nominations. Will history be made at the awards?
Googles Race To The Moon Competition Ended Without A Winner
Florida May Soon Restore Voting Rights To Ex-Convicts
Inara Georges shimmering melodies
What’s next after you serve 23 years for a crime you didn’t commit?
The favorites at this years Oscars are anybodys guess.
Trump Cabinet member Sessions interviewed in U.S. Russia probe
This kit could keep you alive in the wilderness
7,5 Million Nigerians Jobless Since 2016 - Report #Nigeria
#Earthquake magnitude 4,6 - 245,4 km from #Riobamba - #Ecuador
Why #SuperBowl52 ticket prices are plunging @readDanwrite
A hard lesson for Dems
2017 Was the Warmest Year on Record for Oceans
Ant Financial Gains Approval to Issue Securities Backed by Consumer Loans
The party is over for the oil worlds would-be rock star CEOs
Japan’s exports grew 9% in December to close out a strong year
Three steps to improving customer engagement with #AI: #insurtech #ArtificalIntelligence
NEW POLL: Vast majority of Americans believe Trump should testify in Russia probe if asked
From the AP archives: GOP Senators: Dems to Blame for a Govt. Shutdown
From the AP archives: GOP Senators: Dems to Blame for a Govt. Shutdown
From the AP archives: Couple Pleads Not Guilty to Torture of Children
AWESOME RETURNS SO FAR AND MORE! A Business Update From The “Alternative Money Fund” $
Tammy Duckworth to become first senator to give birth while in office
A captivating look at Bogotá’s architecture from above
Senate moderates emerge as major force ending shutdown
Senate Democratic leader says border wall offer off the table
Tammy Duckworth is the first pregnant woman in the U.S. Senate. That explains a lot.
The U.S. fertility rate is dropping. Should Americans be worried about that?
Stormygate continues to move forward, inches at a time (via @kdrum)
Singapore Airlines steward arrested at Delhi airport for smuggling gold
NEW: House Dems furious at Senate leaders over government shutdown deal
From the AP archives: Dozen More Victims Confront Ex-Gymnastics Doctor
Trump to host state visit for Frances Macron in April
Trump shows allies aren’t shielded from ‘America First’ trade moves
RIP, Ursula Le Guin.
Facebook buys startup Confirm, a move that may help it verify profiles on its social network
US-led forces kill 150 ISIS militants in Syria
Watching the news come in from Kentucky, we ask ourselves: what the hell is going on? New cartoon by @mluckovichajc
Trudeau announces new TPP trade deal without the US
Riot Blockchain claims 500 bitcoins in U.S. Marshals auction
Duterte’s $180 billion building boom may be expats ticket home
Poll: Majority of Americans fear Trump will launch nuclear attack without justification
How brittlestars, relatives of starfish, see without using eyes
The Mother Of All Momentum Research Reports. A Must Read! $
Ex-Trump chemical safety nominee leaves EPA job after conflict of interest accusations
Max out on history in #York – 2000 years in two days
Toys “R” Us has bought more time to decide how many of its 840 U.S. stores it will close
A pact Motel 6 made with ICE led to deportation to Mexico, guests claim
Increasing Challenges Could Destroy Bank Profitability
5 Ways You Can Support a Loved One with Depression
New poll suggests people are pretty satisfied with work (via @kdrum)
Trump’s solar tariff backfires: It hits red states and U.S. taxpayers harder than China
Why people are buying more expensive smartphones than they have in years
You cant squash Nikes springy new sneaker soles
Nigeria Set to Build More Oil Depots, Expand Market Share #Nigeria
This mini carrot cake is so moist!
Portugal growth isn’t just in tourism, economy minister says
One of the Angry Birds executives has vowed to build a tunnel between Finland and Estonia
Neoliberalism: The force isn’t with you @Renegade_Inc great interview on neoliberalism
Schumer officially withdraws offer to discuss funding for Trumps border wall
Ugandan president says he loves Trump: He talks to Africans frankly
YouTubes support for musicians comes with a catch
@SMTuffy @AllThatIsSolid @LaurenLaCapra
NYC sues eight drug companies, accuses them of fueling opioid epidemic
Wonder Woman stumbles, Get Out surprises at Oscar nominations
Merger Activity And Value Dips In December 2017 $
#Japan Exports year-on-year at 9.3%
#Japan Imports year-on-year at 14.9%
#Japan Balance of #Trade at ¥359B
my everlasting respect to whomever chose this photo
Health, food and tech are science news topics with the highest level of interest
What’s Next in the Fight Against Poverty? How About Common Sense #society
United expects fare gains as it gets a boost from improving travel demand worldwide
Gaza Residents Fear Impact of US Cuts to UN Aid
RT if you agree! Antarcticas Weddell Sea deserves protected status #ProtectAntarctic
Its Tuesday and there have already been two school shootings this week
Senate approves Powell to follow Yellen as Fed chair in Feb.
Facebook buys Boston software company that authenticates IDs: source
Prosecutors to seek death penalty against suspected Tampa serial killer.
Trump FBI chief replaces two ex-Comey aides in top posts
United Airlines shares tumble as it vows to match low fares, expand capacity
Trump signs order imposing tariffs on imported solar panels
Monday 29 January—Chinese Civil Society in 2018 – Whats Ahead? ChinaFile NCUSCR Present
Watch @SenSanders #MedicareForAll town hall #LIVE in 30 minutes
Postmodernism Did Not Take Place: On Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life | @shujaxhaider
Tiger Subsea Services behind Ultra Deep Solutions DSCV charters
US drops to 8th place on best countries list
Is cloud seeding worth the bet?
Bombardier seeks to enmesh Embraer in trade spat before ruling
Ursula K. Le Guin, best-selling science fiction author, dies
Trumps FDIC pick plays it safe in the fight over big-bank leverage
Chemical Activity At A New Record , Equity Markets To Follow? $
Trump attacks CNN after man threatens to murder CNN employees for ‘fake news’
Texas Instruments fails to beat earnings estimates, shares fall
The Democrats didn’t betray their base with the shutdown deal.
20 essential Windows keyboard shortcuts to save you a click
Should we be governed by persuasion or by force? | By José Azel
Trudeau lectures Davos on empowerment of women power dynamics of gender
From the AP archives: Papa exhorta a estar atentos para defender a migrantes
From the AP archives: Expert: Shackled Children Face Long Recovery
What it really costs to attend #SuperBowl 2018
Canadian auto sector slams TPP deal as dumb move as NAFTA talks begin
8 print artists that will inspire you to try silk screen printing at home
Obama officiates the wedding of former staffers
China SOE profits vs. commodities. Have a feeling someone wants higher commodities.
The danger of Trump at Davos
Border Patrol agents board Greyhound bus, ask passengers to show IDs
Heerema awarded EPCI contract by Tulip Oil
Russia lags behind U.S. in ‘Most Powerful’ countries ranking
CC vs. Base Metals
U.S. attorney general orders probe of FBI agents text messages
10 laws of UX, illustrated
Top group of CEOs: US leaving NAFTA would cost 1.8 million jobs in the first year
Credit creation vs. crude
AP Top Stories January 23 P
The Right Side of History: The Media Continues to Whitewash the Legacy of Communism
Why personal self-driving cars are still a way off @DanielHowley
The Guardian front page, Wednesday 24 January 2018: Paradise Papers firm linked to bank accused over terror cash
Hugh Hendry – The Arrogance And Conceit Of A Well-Formed Argument $
Total Chinese Credit Creation
A hard-hitting exclusive report by @PKleinfeld on Congo-Brazzaville’s hidden war:
Davos elite doubles down on globalization ahead of Trumps visit
North Korea, U.S. clash at disarmament forum over nuclear arms
How to be a reef-safe traveller by @sarahtrvls
US fantasy fiction author Ursula Le Guin dies at 88
Rest in peace, #UrsulaLeGuin, a literary hero who invented many lives, worlds, and reasons to keep reading.
JUST IN: Senate advances Trump pick to be Health Secretary
Davos elite doubles down on globalization ahead of Trumps visit
Lawmaker Shares Why She Chose Life for Her Child When Doctors Said She Should Abort
Ant Financial Gains Approval to Issue Securities Backed by Consumer Loans
RBS to leave its London headquarters in cost-cutting move
Lessons from Leonardo #TopStories $
Amazons smart convenience store has some scary implications
CIA chief: Trump grasps intelligence briefings at same level as 25-year intel professional
Magic mushrooms plus meditation boosts long-term wellbeing, finds @JohnsHopkins study:
African Migrants Are Better Educated Than U.S. Citizens - Study #Africa
T-Bulk sells its last bulk carrier to Navalmar
Eyes Fundraising, Listing for Logistics Unit
Trumps tariffs wont break the bank for homeowners installing solar
The White House is worrying about North Koreas Olympics propaganda bid
Shell Invests In Applied Blockchain Technology |
Modi and Trudeau defend free trade at Davos
Why are female athletes still paid less than males?
This #exoskeleton could eliminate crouch gait -
Mueller wants to question Trump on Flynn and Comey firings: report
Comcast, Ford, and home sales — What you need to know in markets on Wednesday @MylesUdland
Beijing Has Tools to Prevent Systemic Collapse, Regulator Says
Bitcoin Purgatory CNBC Fast Money 01.23.18
Middle class will be impoverished theyll blame Trump
Police sought Secrets Act probe of Reuters reporters an hour after their arrest:
From the South | In Switzerland thousands march against Trump.
Who Really Pays for Corporate Subsidies?
Economists and Reporters #WEF18
From the South | Mexican indigenous women denounce exclusion.
The Stock Market Is Extremely Overbought. Is That A Bad Thing Or A Good Thing? $
Trans-Pacific trade pact, without US, to be signed in March: Japan via @Reuters
Some Earth-sized, rocky exoplanets may have started life as gas giants.
Hispanic Caucus: Conservative immigration proposal is a mass deportation act
Pence aims to counter North Korea propaganda at Olympics: White House via @Reuters
JUST IN: Senate confirms Trump pick to lead Federal Reserve
Rest in Power, Ursula K. Le Guin
Twenty years of bank success show folly of mega-merger pursuit
From the South | Talks to resume new agenda of Peace in Colombia.
Apple launches HomePod voice speaker, takes on Google, Amazon
From the South | Electrical plants are generating environmental problems in #Guatemala.
Euro closes at a 3-year high ahead of the ECB meeting, up over 17% against the Dollar since December 2016. $EURUSD
Majority of Senate backs Powell as next Fed chair via @Reuters
Tammy Duckworth announces pregnancy, will be first senator to give birth while in office
Protesters tell Trump hes not welcome in Davos
Amazon User Orders Bitcoin Miner, Gets Boss Baby DVD Instead

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2 months ago

Republican lawmaker calls on Farenthold to resign after sexual harassment...

Republican lawmaker calls on Farenthold to resign after sexual harassment allegations https://t.co/eXsrVn9sw5 https://t.co/Wsy0w4SRr0