All fanaticism is repressed doubt. ~ Carl Jung
Intel asks customers to stop using faulty patches
House votes to end government shutdown, sending legislation to Trump
Tokyo digs out from heavy snow, transport disruptions remain #Japan #NaritaAirport
Is architecture ashamed of postmodernism?
Facebook says social media is not always healthy for democracy
Rupert Murdoch to Facebook: pay news publishers
oh come the fuck on how is this any different than stairs? Why is this being published as an earnest fear??
Scarborough: How long can Paul Ryan keep playing dumb?
Keep track of and sort through statements on China by senior Trump administration officials
Retail under Trump: More cash, different problems
Police Raid Ammunitions Factory Allegedly Linked to CT Gangs: #SouthAfrica
From the AP archives: Panel Backs Lower Drunken Driving Threshold
From the AP archives: Bob Dole Receives Congressional Gold Medal
Space Radiation Conundrum | More Info
Whirlpool says it is adding 200 jobs in the wake of Trumps tariff decision
Montana becomes first state to add net neutrality rules after FCC repeal
US slaps steep tariffs on imported washers, solar panels via @Reuters
EU confirms new sanctions on seven senior Venezuela officials
#Brazils death toll from yellow fever triples: WHO #YellowFever
Why government shutdowns don’t save taxpayers any money
NGC 281 #nebula © Andriy Borovkov, 2017
Mark Waldron, I wish I loved lawnmowers (Poetry, May 2017) #twitterpoetryclub
SEC to scrutinize companies that pivoted to cryptocurrencies
Dimming the Sun to cool Earth could ravage wildlife: Study #climatechange #science
China invites Latin America to take part in One Belt, One Road via @Reuters
Ocado seals new international tie-up with Sobeys in Canada
Traffic fatalities climb while safety laws lag
So dollar shortage is still the thing
This is why cutting weight is so dangerous for professional fighters
Is Your Weekend Helping or Hurting Your Happiness?
The story of the Free-Net, the cheap way dialup users got online
U.S. YouTuber Justin Bradford Back With a New Swahili Single #Kenya
Correctional Services On Inmates Matric Pass Rate: #SouthAfrica
After cashing in on GOP tax bill, Bank of America penalizes low-income customers
Is evolutionary science due for a major overhaul – or is talk of ‘revolution’ misguided?
Yum! Make these for a snack this week.
Top pharma group upped lobbying spending by 30 percent during Trumps first year in office
The 1-month chart for ICJ cboe implies correlation - catching a bid
If we start geoengineering, theres no going back:
.@Reuters reporters accused under Official Secrets Act due in Myanmar court:
The world sees new billionaire every two days, says @Oxfam
Peak #oil poses serious problems for low-cost producers #OOTT
Russian film watchdogs had a problem with Paddington 2. It was too popular.
1,642 pounds of cocaine found in pineapples by police officials of Portugal and Spain.
Supreme will of the people: Ahead of #Pyeongchang2018, North Korea opens new ski resort
The original FaceTime from 1964. It was a massive failure, too far ahead of its time.
Festive Season Road Death Toll Decreases 11 Percent to 1 527: #SouthAfrica
You can purchase fake concrete wallpaper and give your home a brutalist look:
How Severe Is the Drought? a Detailed Look At the Data: #SouthAfrica #DayZero
Davos kicks off with good and bad news
Cable news has basically ignored the massive sexual abuse scandal rocking US Gymnastics
Suzanne Somers praises Trump: Im happy about him
Honduras: 1 Killed in Nationwide Protests Against Hernández’s Re-election #HondurasResiste
Wave of looting shutters stores, spreads fear in #Venezuela | By @AlexandraUlmer and @anggyp
#LatinAmerica’s left prepares for six election battles.
U.S. needs to pay attention to relationship with Britain, Tillerson says
@afrakt This passage, on the weakness of health literacy, is striking. @afrakt
U.S. slaps tariffs on some imported solar cells, washers:
State of the Union will define Trump agenda ahead of crucial midterms
Fans climb Crisco greased lamp poles after Eagles beat Vikings to return to Super Bowl.
I Am American, Jewish and Banned From Israel for My Activism
Meet some of the women who want to change the face of climate activism #ActOnClimate
#WorldFocus: Makeover for old #Mumbai quarter #India
Pennsylvania high court orders Congressional districts redrawn
Trump just announced a plan that could cripple the solar industry
Commentary: For Trump, the great Davos face-off
The fun is just starting for emerging-market stocks
Contrite pope apologises for sexual abuse comments that wounded many
Trump has humiliated Commerce chief in meetings by ripping his work, intelligence: report
Brexit talks hit cash impasse, Barnier worried about ‘thousands of projects’ #Brexit50
The FRED Blog charts a course through airline travel data
Climate and Building Lessons from Arid Middle Eastern Cities
IMF hikes forecast for Canadian economic growth
#Venezuelan secret police: The key to Maduro’s oppressive hold on power | by @Colladoray
Chelsea Manning at A Night for Freedom
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NEW: The winners and losers from the government shutdown
High-resolution structures of hormone-like FGF proteins in complex with Klotho proteins
Czech presidential challenger Drahos ahead of incumbent Zeman in poll via @Reuters
Winners and losers of the government shutdown.
WATCH: Graham: There are no winners in government shutdown
Want to be happier? Let go of control. #TEDTalksIndiaNayiSoch
Mass resignations and lack of material have left the Venezuela’s industrial zones in limbo
Court orders Pennsylvania redraw Congressional maps
Pennsylvania Supreme Court strikes down Republican gerrymander, orders new maps for 2018
Netflix crosses $100 billion market cap on subscriber surge
Deep dive: How exactly the Apple Watch tracks swimming
Trump is not really presiding over his own administration.
#California refuses to enforce immigration law, prompting ICE response.
From the AP archives: Mike The Situation Sorrentino to plead guilty to tax-related charges
From the AP archives: Panel Backs Lower Drunken Driving Threshold
UPDATE: US Congress votes to end 3-day #GovernmentShutdown, passes bill to Trump
.@ThePointsGuy reveals the best credit card for travel
Trump re-starts immigration talks after Senate ends shutdown
Adobe lifts profit forecast on tax reform boost
JUST IN: House passes funding measure to end shutdown, sending bill to Trumps desk
I follow this site. But twitter hasn’t yet warned me about following a propaganda operation.
Equitable Bank takes on CHIP, enters reverse mortgage world
AG Sessions releases statement on missing Strzok-Page texts. Looks like the inspector general never had them.
The secret behind @Starbucks’ iconic logo (video)
U.S. spending deal may threaten intelligence spending oversight
Diana Shipping panamax fixed to Ausca
Poll: More Americans credit Obama than Trump for economy
...and #ethereum #ETH dwarfs #bitcoin #BTC by factor of several hundred times chart Goldman Sachs
IMF boosts global economic-growth forecasts in wake of U.S. tax cuts
Googles $20 million moonshot is ending without a winner
Politics in Latin America is more sick than well said @Pontifex before returned to Rome.
The many enablers of Larry Nassar
President Donald Trump slaps import tariffs on solar panels, washing machines
Abortion rights didn’t just happen. Women fought and won.
Senate Dems eyeing 2020 run vote against Schumers deal to end shutdown
Trumps draft public works plan asks cities and states to pony up
#BREAKING: House passes funding measure to end shutdown, sending bill to Trumps desk
Trying to lose my religion. How a scientific skeptic grapples with her spirituality:
U.S. requires tougher cargo screening from Middle East airports
JUST IN: Senate approves back pay for federal employees impacted by shutdown
A perfect day in #Singapore: the ultimate one-day itinerary by @ria_in_transit #travel
VERBATIM: Nassar victim still paying for MSU treatments
Where Amazon #HQ2 could worsen affordability the most
What would you do w/ the money if you didn’t have to pay rent this month?
There is a bolded red Bradley Date a week from today.
If you go to an agriculture museum in Palmetto, FL, you may come across this picture of me when I was 5 (rightmost)
Bacardi, which already owns Grey Goose and Dewers, buys Patron for $5.1 billion.
The Government Stimulated The Economy At A Bad Time #InfoGraphs $
Stocks hit record as senators reach deal to end shutdown
NEW POLL: George W. Bushs popularity nearly doubles since leaving office
Who was the first American president?
RMBS Drives 19% Returns For Serenitas Credit Gamma In 2017 $
Out-sourcing property valuations--to India.
Scarborough: How long can Paul Ryan keep playing dumb?
Just under 175M Americans consumed chewing gum in 2017. Sweet! #gum #ChewingGum
Japan’s heated tables with built-in blankets now also have storage spaces
fucking hell chuck
A former Chrysler executive pleads guilty to diverting money from a UAW training fund
Asian stocks set for more gains on U.S. strength @adhaigh
Just under 175M people consumed chewing gum in 2017. Sweet! #gum #ChewingGum
What does war have to do with cheese? In Russia, everything. via @theatlvideo
@4Awesometweet @TheDomino @DiMartinoBooth @RudyHavenstein Rogoff calls for -5%.
Zinke’s ‘political stunt’ on offshore drilling continues to backfire
These drones plant trees by firing seed pods at the ground
Russian navy “exercise” sure looks like a submarine on fire
Hundreds of millions of dollars, three oligarchs, one illicit deal #Oligarchs
A new #robot from MIT can adapt its capabilities with a simple outfit change:
Trump known to use an Indian accent to imitate Indias prime minister: report
How Nigerians beat bitcoin scams
Retail investors are late to the stock market party
Billionaires made enough money last year to end extreme poverty 7 times over, Oxfam says
US Senators Blast Venezuelas Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency Plan
IMF Says Global Growth Picking Up as U.S. Tax Cuts Take Hold - BBG
This is what a meteor shower in Wyoming looks like.
It takes a lot of beer to cover $80k/month rent in Manhattan.
From the South | Paris calls for progress in womens rights.
Crowds Ransack Turkish Cypriot Newspaper Offices
Statoil exercises second option on Odfjell Drilling semi-submersible
Tanzania suspends foreign #ship #registration @Splash_247 -
Bill Ackman cuts staff, shuns limelight as he seeks to turn around fund via @Reuters
NEW: Three-day shutdown sows confusion among thousands of federal employees
A three-day shutdown is about all West Point can handle
Supreme Court rules against Trump administration on Clean Water rule
Heres Citigroup, which should not exist. (Linear scale, because its slightly funnier) $C
Heavy snow humbles the global elite at Davos summit
From the South | Paraguayan authorities evaluate state of emergency.
In March for Life Address, Trump Prods Senate to Pass Late-Term Abortion Ban
For the kids $BAC
Commodity Emerging Market Equities #sentiment reaching extreme optimism chart Sentix via ASR
At least it’s always beautiful on the outside
Citi Research: Equity Risk Premium (note reset from 1990s) #valuation h/t @SBarlow_ROB
Exclusive: Ackman cuts staff, shuns limelight as he seeks to turn around fund
Trump Commerce chief regularly falls asleep in meetings: report
Media-Created Racist Sells House To Fund Legal Loss. Guess Whose Trying To Buy It -
Abbas asks EU to recognise Palestinian statehood
Netflix signs up 8 million more users and stock pops
Cryptos = Dopamine/I’m making money loop $
Imagine Bill Ackman’s subway etiquette.
Maybe it was Bank of Americas Board of Directors that was dumb.
Media-Created Racist Sells House To Fund Legal Loss. Guess Whose Trying To Buy It -
Dont disable Apples iPhone performance limiter @DanielHowley
Before #RoevWade, love could kill women.
What debt ceiling worries? Markets hum along
Fossil fuel companies are the real abusers of the welfare system
Trump’s worst nightmare: a cross-border, US-Mexico bikeshare operation
Tariffs on solar panels would kill U.S. jobs via @bv
Why Alpha Males Make Bad Hedge Fund Managers
How Green #Infrastructure in Parks Can Lead to Community Empowerment #environment
Hunter-gatherers can name many more smells than we can:
From the South | President of Ecuador Lenín Moreno says Assanges asylum is a problem
The Alienist, TNTs new period drama, is almost impressively gruesome, @sophieGG writes
Democrats appear to have squandered all the leverage the government shutdown provided them.
Deutsche Boerse creates index using algorithm to track AI leaders like
Oh my God, hes dumb! A lightbulb went off. The guy running one of the biggest banks in the world is dumb!
Charge off rates spike at smaller banks. @RudyHavenstein @TheLimerickKing @DavidBCollum @DiMartinoBooth
Netflix crosses $100 billion market cap on subscriber surge $NFLX
Netflixs cash-flow hole is becoming a moat, says @Breakingviews @jennifersaba $NFLX
Why Star Wars space Nazis shy away from killer robots: @jeremyhsu
From the South | In Honduras, protesters demand new Congress Speaker.
Conservative groups demand that Congress let FCC net neutrality repeal take effect
Finding a comfortable job could be a struggle even as global economy hits its stride in 2018
Saudi 2018 growth forecast revised up by IMF as oil prices rise
Trump: I’m Pleased ‘Democrats in Congress Have Come to Their Senses’ #SchumerShutdown
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I like Kate McKinnons impersonation of me on SNL
MORE: Pershing Square layoffs substantially affect back-office workers, Ackman to concentrate on investing - sources
EU summit to offer May hope of talks on post-Brexit relationship #Brexit50
Climate coalition tallied all of Trump’s censorship of science. It’s staggering.
Tesla Model S reportedly on Autopilot crashes into fire truck at 65 mph, no injury
How fast can a jet ski engine sharpen a pencil?
The former naturopath who became an industry whistleblower
UN Experts Ask Kenya to Halt Sengwer Evictions From Forest Land #Kenya
EXCLUSIVE: Hedge fund manager Ackman lays off 18 percent of Pershing Square staff - sources
The Alienist, TNTs new period drama, is almost impressively gruesome, @sophieGG writes
This is nominal rigidity: 99p cup of filter coffee for 10 years.
Coinbase booked $1 billion in revenue last year #bitcoin
Be informed and protect your health. #Monsanto #GMO #health
Body broker who sold diseased remains is convicted of fraud
U.S. researchers have used gene editing to combat heart disease in human embryos
As U.S. looks to rein in Turkish offensive, Manbij is key
Democratic Republic of the Congo: 6 Killed in Protest Demanding President Resign #DRC
“The level of Russophobia is really unprecedented,” says #Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov
Government crackdowns haven’t stopped Chinese investors from buying bitcoin @readkrystalhu
Trump meets with red-state Dems to discuss immigration
Senators end shutdown, but immigration battle far from over
Megyn Kelly fires back at Jane Fonda over plastic surgery, questions her patriotism
The fun is just starting for emerging-market stocks
Casino magnate Steve Wynn is planning a fourth hotel in Las Vegas
World leaders converge on Davos: What to watch via @haslindatv #WEF18 #tictocnews
These 16 Democrats voted against reopening the government without protections for DREAMers
Citigroup’s Earnings Miss Undoes SP 500 Earnings Growth In Q4 $
Jan 22, 1918 - New York Times: Irish Unionist leader Carson quits British Cabinet #100yearsago
The Rise of the 4D Toy Kingdom of Generation Z @TheManilaTimes
World Economic Forum opens in Davos
Montana becomes first state to add net neutrality rules after FCC repeal
Senate passes temporary spending bill
January 1918 - British prisoners in German captivity in Bertry, occupied France #100yearsago
January 1918 - British prisoners being guarded by Germans in Bertry, in occupied France #100yearsago
U.S. refiner PES pins bankruptcy plan hopes on biofuel costs
U.S. Supreme Court rejects appeal of protections for Alaska’s bearded seals
Fake concrete wallpaper creates an instant Brutalist look
Yen and bond traders are split on whether the #BOJ will taper in 2018
#LifeEsidimeni - Did Qedani Mahlangu Send Patients to Their Death for Politica: #SouthAfrica
JUST IN: Trump places 30 percent tariffs on solar panel imports in first major tariff action
A decade after the Great Recession, we’re outsourcing home appraisals to India (via @kdrum)
Trump taxes solar imports in the biggest blow to clean energy yet via @bpolitics
Trump’s economy, explained.
Three board members out at USA Gymnastics
White House says it might start deporting DREAMers on March 5
Ubers soap opera has taken some twists and turns, but its not over yet
Citigroup’s Earnings Miss Undoes SP 500 Earnings Growth In Q4 #Economics #InfoGraphs $
#CostaRica Balance of #Trade at $-532.0M
Heavy snow causes chaos in Alpine region
Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Invasion Day was good for Aborigines.
2017 was second or third warmest year, behind 2016 -U.N.
Chronos Shipping scraps asphalt tanker
Turkish Delegation in Athens over Coup Plot Case #Greece
Greek Debt Viability Trajectory Worse than Expected #Greece
FM Kotzias Says Macedonia Rally Won’t Affect FYROM Negotiations #Greece
Hot Spring Discovery to ‘Boost Growth’ in Southern Athens (photos) #Greece
Riot Breaks Out over Torching of Squat in Thessaloniki (video) #Greece
Greek Farmers Launch Highway Protests #Greece
Netflix shatters estimates as year-end subscriptions surge
I now realized there was an entire industry, called consumer finance, that basically existed to rip people off.
European Fun Seeker: The Most Fun Cities in Europe Ranked @OliversTravels
China with Japanese characteristics
#Gold vs US Dollar Index today (Jan. 22, 2018) - via
Heres one stock jumping on news of Trumps 30% tariff on imported solar panels:
#Gold Price in Euro vs Euro/USDollar today (Jan. 22, 2018) - via
Halliburton upbeat on 2018 as oil recovery spreads
Steve King accuses Trump of supporting limited amnesty for undocumented immigrants
Eric Trump on government shutdown: Honestly, I think its a good thing for us.
#Gold up 0.18% and #Silver down 0.01% today (Jan. 22, 2018) - via
Do first-time homebuyers now face tougher credit requirements?
#Gold/#Silver Ratio today (Jan. 22, 2018) - via
While You Were Sleeping: 5 stories you might have missed, Jan 23
Podcast: Conservatives Must Offer Health Care Solutions
Always be critical of the news you read.
.@conor64 looks at the downsides of interviewers putting words into their subjects mouths:
Davos kicks off with good and bad news
Funny guy reveals what’s going on beyond the edges of famous album covers
Nonessential Government Employee Gets Back To Work
Jan 22, 1918 - New York Times: Austrian Cabinet falls in the face of widespread strikes demanding peace #100yearsago
Morgan Stanley warns on U.S. trade risk
This congressman spent a decade battling the agency Trump might appoint him to lead
Why baseboard heaters are so common in old homes
U.S. says audit watchdog staff helped KPMG pass audit inspections
Trump imposes 30% tariff on solar imports to the U.S.
$LQD bond ETF had largest outflows since 2016
The Guardian front page, 23 January 2018: Destructive attack on UK a matter of ‘when, not if’, warns cyber chief
An icy mix will cause slick travel across parts of New England and Canada into Tuesday:
Chat app Die With Me will only open when your phones battery is about to run out
Google announces patent agreement with Tencent amid China push
Bitcoin Slides More Than 10 Percent to Near $10,000 Level
AI Is Overhyped and Misunderstood: Systematic Funds Underperform $
ScotiaMocatta #Gold #Silver Marketwatch Daily (Jan. 22, 2018)
TELEGRAPH: Matt has an offer. #tomorrowspaperstoday
La Transformación Energética se compone de tres fases en aproximadamente 18 meses. #NuevaEnergía
FINANCIAL TIMES: Republican pledge to debate law on ‘Dreamers’ ends US shutdown #tomorrowspaperstoday
This optical illusion creates a handy fake flashlight
Is Zimbabwes President Facing Internal Party Rebellion? #Zimbabwe
South African Power Utility Board Had to Be Fast Tracked #SouthAfrica
Have you tried these acidic foods?
A fondness for raw sushi leads a man to pull a five-foot tapeworm from his body:
Trump sparred with Ross last year over slow pace of trade action
Happy Birthday!

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Taiwans Support to State, Big Private Banks Still Strong

Taiwan's Support to State, Big Private Banks Still Strong