Another Russian supply convoy to arrive to Donbas tomorrow via @GirkinGirkin #Ukraine
Some interesting quotes in that article
8 Edo Libyan Returnees Burnt Beyond Recognition in Road Accident: #Nigeria
Trump imposes massive tariffs on solar panel imports in blow to solar industry:
1/23/2018 -- Very large M7.9 (M8.3) Earthquake in Alaska -- West coast USA on watch
Kentucky high school shooting leaves one dead
Netflix seeks to woo debt buyers with $100 billion stock cushion
Netflix seeks to woo debt buyers with $100 billion stock cushion
Tourists evacuated by helicopter amid avalanches in South Tyrol
JUST IN: GOP senator releases additional messages from FBI agent removed from Mueller probe
Timing of Trump peace plan depends on Palestinians: Pence
Want to fall asleep faster? Try this 5-minute technique:
Send us a picture of a bird and well try to identify it.
The US Navys new $440 million warship will spend the winter frozen to a dock in Canada
$NFLX #Netflix shares up almost 10% as Q4 subscriber additions crown 2017
New York City is suing drug companies over opioid epidemic:
One person killed in Kentucky school shooting
#OperationOliveBranch in #Afrin #Syria #Turkey #AA #Border #Military #Operation #Defence
Trump praises Kelly after reports hes looking to replace him
Maersk signs up to the New York Shipping Exchange
Sock of the day: Justin Trudeau, Canada. #WEF18 #Davos
Welcome to the new reality of leaping U.S. Treasury debt sales
10 Ways AI Has Improved Your Smartphone
Being poor in America isnt just about geography
Why Did the Guinean President Pops in and Pops Out?: #Liberia
Minister: Metro barriers to be activated by end-February
Babcock, Goyette and Smyth named Order of Hockey in Canada honourees From @Globe_Sports
New Athens metro stations to open in 2019
Man dies in plunge from 5th floor of Athens hotel
Jams Popularity Spreads Thin as IXL Set for Sale @smh
My Success Is Your Success, Ex-Footballer Weah Tells Liberians: #Liberia
Can high cigarette prices really make you quit smoking?
5 Ways Akron is Redefining Entrepreneurship #economy
Alex Jones is now reading from what he says is the House Republicans FISA memo
Senators say US needs to modernize nuclear arsenal after classified briefing on capabilities
We Are Witnesses — Tommy Porr
Huh! Thats curious. NYSE wont be updating member firm margin any longer.
Capital Economics on #Canadas involvement in the #TPP (and #CETA): #cdnecon #trade
Nothing beats #ETF education with #advisors then at @InsideETFs between two ferns. Great questions asked.
U.S. takes aim at Russia after suspected Syrian government gas attack
JUST IN: Schumer withdraws offer to pass funding for Trumps border wall
Myanmar acted swiftly against Reuters journalists
CDC Women Warn Pres. Weah Not to Work With Corrupt Individuals: #Liberia
Crazy Train! Risk Appetite Has Reached ‘Extreme’ Levels As Cash Flows Slow
Pres. Weahs First Appointments: #Liberia
These are the top questions on #earthquakes today in Alaska.
A sheer money grab: Bitcoin may split 50 times in 2018 as forking craze speeds up
Monday 29 January—Chinese Civil Society in 2018 – Whats Ahead? ChinaFile NCUSCR Present
Ex-Credit Suisse banker spent hidden million on wifes jewelry
Malta Finance Watchdog Pushes Ahead With Crypto Investment Fund Rules
Davos displays the weakness of western leaders
Is the United States a Shithole Country?: #Uganda
Poll: Trump drops below 40 percent approval in Michigan
This DIY toolkit will take you from zero to maker
Devin Nunes wont even show his infamous memo to the Justice Department
Supreme Court to expedite decision on Trump ending DACA
Britain to set up unit to tackle fake news
Bitcoin Value Sinks Post-South Korean Taxation |
NEW Article: Netflix Update: Valuation Makes It Risky For 2018 - by @askSlim $NFLX
Mounting Insecurity Halts Tanzania Exports to South Sudan #Sudan #Tanzania
President Arrives in Switzerland for WEF: #Zimbabwe
Indias Modi mounts globalization defense at Davos
Blog Post: - Asia Breakouts -
#FaceToFace @Lagarde @YoYo_Ma Who won this years Refugee Run? #Davos #WEF18
Today at Davos: @simonjkennedy tells you the five things you need to know #WEF18
US takes aim at Russia after suspected Syrian government gas attack via @Reuters
After cashing in on GOP tax bill, Bank of America penalizes low-income customers
JJ takes $13.6 billion charge related to new U.S. tax law
Scientists are trying to figure out which bacteria have colonized our space station
Figure skating: Two Russians barred from Olympics, hockey players also excluded
Should we be governed by persuasion or by force? | by José Azel
Nigeria Court Orders Probe of Ex-First Ladys Property Demolition #Nigeria
Study: Vaping can lead teens to cigarette smoking
Yo-Yo Ma responds to the #Davos #WEF18 #FaceToFace controversy.
Bloody hell Ive just read @bbclaurak column on Tory concerns over Theresa Mays leadership
CIA chief: Trump grasps intel briefings like a 25-year veteran
A food additive might have triggered an epidemic of the hospital bug C. difficile
guys were getting the band back together
The Modern Urbanism of Cook’s Camden @entschwindet
Lawmakers scramble on immigration as government shutdown paused
Rape Claims - Under Siege Kenyatta Hospital Orders More Guards in Wards: #Kenya
50 years ago, a US military jet crashed in Greenland—with 4 nukes on board
#BREAKING: Schumer withdraws offer to pass funding for Trumps border wall
NEW #podcast: How to land your dream job
Suspect in custody after shooting at Kentucky high school
South Koreans will soon have to go through a bank to buy Bitcoin
Eurozone Jan consumer confidence flash 1.3% vs 0.6% exp - @ForexLive
This is the world’s first graphical AI interface
Pakistan police arrest key suspect in child murder case
No salary for Elon Musk unless Tesla hits milestones
Something has changed with XIV. Doesnt go up anymore. Just goes sideways
Pro-EU academic battles euroskepticism in push to unseat Czech president via @Reuters
Have questions for @Lagarde and @YoYo_Ma? Submit them here and be heard #FacetoFace
Today at Davos: @simonjkennedy tells you the five things you need to know #tictocnews #WEF18
Pilots protest Israels efforts to deport Black refugees
DOJ confirms Mueller team interviewed Sessions
Conway: Trump taking America first message to Swiss meeting of global elites
In which @JohnSpringford and I make the case for Jersey.
Italy center-right divisions widen as League beats anti-euro drum via @Reuters
A reader responds on one of our most commented-on articles:
‘Blended finance’ could lift sustainable development by $1 trillion #WEF18
Feeling the Oscar love: Womens stories grab attention in 2018 nominations
Tesla crash in California draws interest from U.S. investigators
Tesla crash in California draws interest from U.S. investigators
How the Soviet’s stole NASA’s shuttle plans:
Fitch warns of challenges for local credit system
Vodafone confirms Cyta Hellas acquisition
Greek bond yields hit record lows
“Beginning to Gauge Maria’s Effect on Puerto Rico’s Economy” - from @NYFedResearch
We Ask Nigerians if Trump is Right - is Nigeria a SHITHOLE?
Israel’s 50 years of illegal settlements:
Analyst Rick Donner issues statement on #PuertoRicos move to privatize #PREPA #muniland #bankruptcy #publicPower
UBS pledges lower costs as it merges private banks
Aurora, CanniMed shares dip as discussions around possible merger get extended again
Crypto repos. Sounds awesome. via @journofletcher
US dollar slips vs. euro after strong euro zone consumer confidence data via @Reuters
Democrats need to admit Trump is boosting the economy @rickjnewman
JPMorgan rolls out $20 billion investment plan after tax gains
[sucks up to the president and concern-trolls on his behalf in exchange for a six-figure salary] I am a radical
Important mathematical problem-solving tools, in order (by @profkeithdevlin).
Российское зерно завоевывает мир, имея проблемы в тылу
Miners got tonked today
All eyes on Zimbabwes new leader at World Economic Forum in Davos
AfD clinches top budget post after being shunned for parliamentary jobs
France to soften up its laws on smoking cannabis (without making it legal)
Kimmel tears into Dems: Shutdown deal with McConnell was in exchange for nothing
Draft decree opens sector of #pharmacies to non-specialists #Greece
LIVE: Mylan CEO Heather Bresch joins us in Davos to talk about drug prices -
Its good to see that Elton John is still relevant. #Davos #WEF18
Tsunami warning cancelled after 8.2 magnitude coastal Alaska earthquake
Justice Neil Gorsuch meets with a Republican senator to discuss important issues
Location detection when GPS doesn’t work
Rocket Lab reveals secret engine and kick stage for the Electron Rocket
Eight lesser-known #surfing spots around the world by @James_G_Martin #travel
Portugal says Brexit has boosted its economy
Man United bag top soccer financial honor
Here’s the full @RayDalio bite from @SquawkCNBC this am: @CNBC #Davos
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Russia is responsible for Syrian chemical use
Carl Icahn: Doing The Hard Work $
Netflix Options in Focus
LIVE: US Markets at midday - #stocks
A staggering, shameful stat...
Pakistan police arrest suspected rapist and killer of seven-year-old Zainab Ansari
JJ takes $13.6 billion charge related to new U.S. tax law
Uber has hired its first chief diversity officer
Cross-Border Water Disputes With US Supreme Court #Fitchwire
Study Shows African Migrants Are Better Educated Than U.S. Citizens: #Africa
Change the World With a Single Click – Sign Our Petitions! #Petition #TakeAction #Resist
The markets Oxfam scorns have lifted billions around the world out of poverty
The newest pro-Trump conspiracy theory: A secret society in the FBI is undermining Trump
Trump misquotes Jim Acosta in tweet attacking CNN as fake news:
Live now: Prime Minister Justin Trudea speaks at Davos
6 #surgicalrobots that will surprise you:
Americans among 22 killed in Taliban attack at Kabul hotel
turns out you can overdose on irony
Breathtaking Visions of Earth Outdoor Photographer of the Year #OPOTY
LIVE: @Nasdaqs Nelson Griggs gives insight on the markets -
A cutting-edge technique allows MIT scientists to control individual neurons in the brain
Website @verafiles suffers cyberattacks after anti-Duterte story appears
The business benefits of doing good: @TEDpartners
Mmmmmm.....did someone say Larry Summers?
Trump voter fraud commission bought data identifying voters with Hispanic surnames: report
LIVE: @Nasdaqs Nelson Griggs about IPOs in 2018 -
​A Reagan-style playbook for Trumps second year
Police sought Secrets Act probe of @Reuters reporters an hour after their arrest:
LIVE: @rickjnewman explains why hes calling Trump a marketing genius -
.@Citi Economic Surprise Index Daily Chart - @dwyerstrategy @SoberLook
For the kids, from Too Big To Fail
Ex-Ferrari boss takes high-speed rail firm down IPO route
Rising tide of innovation at Davos to keep plastic out of the sea
Top Shot: Escape Flight #YourShot
LIVE: @SPYJared tells us whats driving markets at midday -
Cape Town heads for Day Zero as water runs out
Almost $400M Worth of U.S. ICO Funds Are ‘Lost or Stolen,’ EY Report Says
#Israel Wide religious differences in US on Israel and Palestine
Bots that talk more like people
Trump admitted he was wrong to have Spicer fight media over inauguration crowd size: report
Netflixs market cap has surged past that of Goldman Sachs
Putin 4.0: What will the future bring? @cepa #putinism
Veterans group says NFL censored Super Bowl ad ripping players who kneel for anthem
Michael Wolff: Trump does not want to be president
From the South | Pollution from the coffee industry is destroying wildlife in Central America.
Pretty sure this quote is apocryphal. #WEF18 #Davos
Cass Truckload Pricing Index
Musks new pay deal could make him the worlds richest man—if Tesla succeeds
Come and get some! 2yr yields north of 2%
City Data, New Frameworks Solutions for Health Disparities
From the South | Relatives of the 43 Ayotzinapa students that were disappeared ask for an independent investigation
Twice bitten, the Riksbank should think hard about tightening
Market Performance After The Government Reopens - 23 Jan 18 | Gazunda
David Rubenstein - Happy To Get Close To 3 Percent GDP - 23 Jan 18 | Gazunda
AI In The Year Ahead - 23 Jan 18 | Gazunda
IMF Projects 2.1% Economic Growth for Nigeria: #Nigeria
U.S. Embassy in Haiti shuts down after anti-Trump protests erupt:
Conclusions from a rally
From the South | Talks to resume between ELN and Colombian government with new agenda.
Call Me by Your Name, tale of gay love in Italy, nominated for four Oscars
@flacqua @JosephEStiglitz @bsurveillance
Philippine Congress has vowed to fast track self-rule for Muslims in Mindanao
Gorsuch has dinner at GOP senator’s home
A-10 ground attack aircraft bolster U.S. air power in Afghanistan
European Commission green lights Uljanik loan
‘Anonymous Greece’ Claims Hack of State TV #Greece
I got chipped: A dispatch from the frontier of wearable tech
From the South | More protests in #Haiti against .@realDonaldTrump s racist comments and policies.
the blockchain has been compromised
How far has the Democrats Overton Window shifted on immigration? In 2006, a man named Barack Obama wrote this:
A new way to measure economic growth and progress #wef18
From the South | People march in #Venezuela to commemorate fall of the dictatorship.
The state of Montana says it wont do business with ISPs that violate net neutrality
Has the tide turned against partisan gerrymandering?
Member of Trump’s opioid commission calls the commission a “sham:
Bitcoins price is back above $11,000 after dropping below $10,000 earlier today
Can a government introduce a cryptocurrency? Estonia says maybe via @ottummelas #tictocnews
LIVE: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau speaks at the World Economic Forum in Davos
Mueller interviews Sessions as part of Trump-Russia probe
From the South | General strike in #Honduras continues ahead of swearing in of right-wing President Hernandez.
From the South | #Venezuela rejects EU sanctions
#UnitedStates 4-Week Bill Auction at 1.230%
LIVE: Watch Canadian PM Justin Trudeau speak at the World Economic Forum in Davos
LIVE: Watch Canadian PM Justin Trudeau speak at the World Economic Forum in Davos
Day 1 of Davos coming to a close. Check out @yahoofinance LIVE in 15 mins for the big headlines from #WEF2018
Denmark lays out global maritime hub ambitions
Cars found trapped inside Edinburghs robot car park 15 years on
This is what happens when you trust Mitch McConnell
Inherent tension in sukuk market, says analyst via @TheNationalUAE
Musk to get no salary unless Tesla hits milestones
North Korea wants the world to know it has a working thermonuclear bomb
Netflix shares hit record high after blockbuster results
Why Cadillac sells more cars in China than in America @rickjnewman
Nigeria Set to Build More Oil Depots, Expand Market Share #Nigeria
Prosecutors seek 21-month sentence for neighbor charged with attacking Rand Paul
Photographer analyzes his subjects’ brains to reveal how they really want to look
“They can’t eliminate palm oil exports so easily because demand is very high.
Dont miss the latest news From The South! Now streaming live on our Facebook and website:
TD Ameritrade Cites Blockchain Stock Interest in Q1 Results
US Investment Grade credit spreads at tightest levels since June 2007: 94 bps. $LQD
Can a government introduce a cryptocurrency? Estonia hasnt ruled it out
I can see now why they invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi this year. #Davos #WEF18
Why Turkey is fighting Kurds in Syria
Indian PM Modi defends globalization at Davos summit
How minimum-wage increases squeeze the poorest - from @JournoResource
China’s EV Charging Point Network Grew 51% In 2017 #EVs #infrastructure
one of these things is sincere
In 2017, 82% of New Wealth Went to the Top 1%—While the Poor Got Nothing:
Top tech companies spent record-breaking sums lobbying in 2017
One dead and several injured in Kentucky high school shooting
The real unemployment rate could be as much as 1 percentage point higher
Florida voters to vote on whether felons should have voting rights restored
Jamie Dimon’s $20 bln JPMorgan investment plan is pitch-perfect @AntonyMCurrie
JPMorgan pledges $20 billion for loans and jobs after tax cut
Copper Divergence: Will Stocks Play Catch Up? - article by @Callum_Thomas $JJC $HG_F
Growth Fund of America has made $500 million today on its investment in Netflix
Conservatives Urge Ban on Secret Congressional ‘Hush’ Funds in Sexual Harassment Cases
Most countries trade easily without membership of a single market
Marichuy, Mexico’s indigenous candidate: “My goal goes beyond being president”
South African Jazz legend loses battle with prostate cancer
ICYMI overnight: Tsunami threat declared over after 7.9 quake in Gulf of Alaska
China and South Korea condemn Trumps solar and washer tariffs:
America First tariffs on imports spark Asia outcry
Border Patrol arrests Arizona man for giving immigrants food, water near Mexico border
Trump’s Middle East policy: The good(ish), the bad, and the ugly:
Air Pollution Shrouds the Pearl River Delta #NASA
Emerging Market High Yield credit spreads at tightest levels since July 2007: 323 bps. $HYEM
#Ukraine Industrial Production month-on-month at 1%
Dont count your chickens; NAFTAs end could hit U.S. poultry hard
CFA says 43% of test-takers passed the exams first level last month
Google Celebrates Stephen Keshi On Posthumous Birthday: #Nigeria
No Compensation for Man After Work Accident: #SouthAfrica
Captiva north
Deltec Q1 2018 global strategy outlook: ‘Paradise Lost’ h/t @valuewalk
Man Dies After Helping Boss Get Rid of Explosives - Police: #SouthAfrica
Evangelical leader: Evangelicals gave Trump a mulligan on affair with porn star
Rhône River Delta #NASA
Theres a key factor making the unemployment rate seem lower than it really is
If youre not following the #Davos #WEF18 Live Blog, youre really missing out.
Syrian Kurdish-led authorities urge mobilization against Turkish forces
JUST IN: Supreme Court to expedite decision on Trump ending DACA
Trump Imposes 30% Imported Solar Tariff, Threatens 23,000 Jobs In 2018
When having less fat isnt always better:
Trump shows that U.S. allies aren’t necessarily safe from ‘America first’ trade moves
ValueAct Capital Turns Its Focus To Climate Concerns $
Crude swings higher on signs of shrinking spare U.S. supplies
Courts Keep Thwarting North Carolina Republicans. So They’re Trying to Remake the Courts.
Nekrassov | Athens | Wednesdays Thursdays
Ancient Greek Technology | Athens | Year-Round
Comprehensive solution
Breweries to Quench Capetonians Thirst - With a Different Drink: #SouthAfrica #DayZero
Aker Solutions awarded Troll and Askeladd subsea contracts by Statoil
China sends mixed messages on policies about growth and debt via @WSJ
Beautiful place at #CafedeParisMC #MyMonteCarlo pic from @ malgo2.
U.S. NATURAL GAS bears caught by return of winter:
Trumps phony support for Irans popular protests. @ReeseErlich
Turkish Minister in Athens: Greece Should Give Up Coup Suspects #Greece
‘Good Samarina’ – Greece’s Highest Village #Greece
Sanders tears into Vanity Fair over report that Trump is looking to replace John Kelly
School Choice Helped This Girl Escape a Broken School, Then Become Valedictorian
The Lightning Network aims to save Bitcoin from its competitors. But what the hell is it?
These 16 Democrats voted against reopening the government without protections for DREAMers
China and South Korea protests at US solar, washer tariffs, fears more to come
Strong outlook for European #steel in 2018: #CRUInsight

Hoe these artists are making their mark on Madagascars cultural history

Hoe these artists are making their mark on Madagascar's cultural history