Kaepernick named finalist for NFL Community MVP award despite not playing this season
Inside the lab recreating our ancient ancestors weapons:
Maybe we should start hunting for space viruses:
ATHEX: Benchmark rises to its highest point in 35 months
Kurds in Athens protest Turkish offensive in Syria
Verizon is using some of its tax savings to give each employee 50 shares
South African Minister Testifies at Social Grant Crisis Inquiry #SouthAfrica
The Daily Shot: The most optimistic countries
Trump’s solar tariff backfires: It hits red states and U.S. taxpayers harder than China
#Live | .@NicolasMaduro: The sovereign political power of #Venezuela must have the people, the working people
Why You Should Fear Slaughterbots—A Response
Trump admin uses recent bomb cyclone to push for coal energy
Space Station Crew Walks in Space to Conduct Robotics Upgrades
Canada Successfully Stands Up For Balanced IP and Canadian Culture in TPP Deal
Going for GOLD: Exploring the Interface to Space
Tuesday at Davos: Five things you need to know #WEF18 #tictocnews
We’re casting asparagus on Gohmert on I-20 in Tyler, Texas.
CIA believes North Korea weapons aimed at coercion, not just defense: Pompeo
Chelsea Manning spent her Saturday night with white nationalists. Why?
Big Tech, meanwhile, was more widely overbought as recently as last June (right before it pulled back for a month).
BAE chairman backs Trump on push for more NATO military spending
Justin Trudeau uses his speech at Davos to highlight the need for gender equality #WEF18
How the governments renewed spying law could impact US citizens @robpegoraro
Urban Revitalisation in Middle East Cities #society
Facebook exec announces retirement, vows to help Dems during midterms
Mallorca flight turns around due to depressurisation risk #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
Spread between # of SP 500 constituents at overbought vs oversold levels at 166, the highest level since 2013.
Flying Blind, Part 1: How Bubble Finance Destroys Economic Efficiency And Rationality
All 13 presenters from @Twitters November 2014 Analyst Day have now flown the coop $TWTR
Eyes Fundraising, Listing for Logistics Unit
Ninth U.S. city sues big oil firms over climate change | @SebastienMalo reports
Im Resolute in Implementing My 3-Points Agenda - Buhari: #Nigeria
Our reporting is having an impact. We need your help to keep it up.
Copper inventories surge the most in 10 months
Beijing Has Tools to Prevent Systemic Collapse, Regulator Says
No pay for Musk unless Tesla hits milestones
Last major challenger to Egypts Sisi calls off campaign after arrest
Trump misquotes Jim Acosta in tweet attacking CNN as fake news:
The Navy SEALs have kick-ass custom jet skis
Filming this afternoon for an international documentary at the #WEF2018 in #Davos18
LOL winning
JUST IN: Trump on massive solar panel tariffs: People will be getting jobs again
Stripe is giving up on bitcoin as a payment method
Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin proposes model to minimize risk in ICOs
Dangerous #Russian factories ordered to stop production during #WorldCup2018
Police sought Secrets Act probe of @Reuters reporters an hour after their arrest:
The list of cities suing major fossil fuel companies over climate change just got longer
#California refuses to enforce immigration law, prompting ICE response
ChOTD-1/23/18 The Current Trend Is The Strongest -- By Far -- In The History Of The Dow (via the ADX) $DJIA $DIA
When the religious doctor refuses to treat you, by @olgakhazan
PROTIP: Always do the opposite of whatever Goldman Sachs tells retail clients to do.
...but then you do a little peek under the hood and okay, okay, it does look like theres some exuberance there too
ACCs Chemical Activities Barometer continues to show an economic expansion Dec 2017 120.26 Jan 2018 121.13
Solving the centuries-old mystery of bright nights:
Awilco Drilling finds more work for semi-submersible
Melinda Gates backs largest VC fund run by women
Governments are failing to keep up with AI’s threat to the job market #WEF18
Trump plans to attend CEOs reception at #wef18, BBG reports.
OK, get ready to do the opposite...
Florida will vote on a measure that could turn the state solidly blue
Member of Trump’s opioid commission calls the commission a “sham:
These unexpected places have become start-up hotspots #entrepreneurship
And this is just at the Carlyle Group.
Chemical Activity Barometer Increased in January
In effort to expose voter fraud, Kansas Republican exposed 945 Social Security numbers
CDC director urges flu vaccinations as pediatric deaths mount
How to save everything you post to social media
Venezuela to hold presidential vote by end of April
Should we be governed by persuasion or by force? | By José Azel
Trump’s marketing genius @rickjnewman
Lea Berman and Jeremy Bernard, Treating People Well
From the AP archives: Senators Divided on Putting DACA in Budget Deal
GOP senator releases more texts from FBI agent removed from Mueller probe
Robots have been taking our jobs for 50 years, so why are we worried now?
The Top-Earning Hedge Fund Firms of All Time
NYTimes reporter retweeting person who accused Chelsea Manning of being a Russian agent last week hell yes
These are the worlds 10 most competitive economies
Trump waives dozens of environmental rules to speed up construction of border wall:
US east coast’s biggest oil refinery files for Chapter 11
Are China’s blue skies here to stay?
Bacardi Buys Patron, Valuing Tequila Maker at $5.1 Billion
This artist turns puddles into magical sculptures
Kidunda Water Project Billed for Kick Off July: #Tanzania
A 1,000-year-old illustrated manuscript of herbal remedies available online
How algorithms punish the poor. Amazing review of some new books on big tech by @ethanchiel.
To Hedge Or Not To Hedge – Currency Risk In Your Portfolio $
BIG revises Smithsonian campus masterplan in Washington DC
Talk to Y Combinator Basic Income Research - doing their @reddit_AMA now - #BasicIncome
Family Leaves Bangkok After Living At Airport for 3 Months - Reports: #Zimbabwe
Scientists reconstruct face of 9,000 year-old Greek teenager
JUST IN: Mueller interviewed Comey in Russia probe: report
Brief: EU updates tax haven blacklist and Belgium debates migrant law
Pierre Karl Péladeau evasive about potential return to politics
This was a huge week for the NASA-Russia lunar space station and the future of spaceflight
Crunch time for NAFTA as negotiators open Montreal round of talks
The psychology of Bostons snow parking wars
Air Seychelles to Drop Paris, Madagascar Flights, Re-Focus On Domestic Market: #Seychelles
Biden: Handling Russian election interference was tricky as hell
U.S. tax reform: What to expect for Swiss groups? via @BloombergBNA
JUST IN: Trump: Im not at all concerned by Muellers interview of Sessions
Mexico Nafta chief says deal could be reached as late as July
Teenagers are idiots for eating Tide Pods ... but should anyone be buying them anyway?
Scientists reconstruct face of 9,000 year-old Greek teenager
2 dead, 12 wounded in Kentucky high school shooting by 15-year-old
My time undercover at a men-only event
Abe Lincoln refusing to straighten his hair, 1857
news from the future
This farming county in Washington is a bitcoin mining hub @readkrystalhu
Al Qaeda leader: Trumps Jerusalem decision was declaration of new Jewish-Crusader war
Virginia Lawmaker Calls for New Cryptocurrency Impact Study
Soybean market gets jittery after Trump’s tariff spat with China
#BREAKING: Mueller interviewed Comey in Russia probe: report
Comey to Teach College Ethics Course
The biggest Oscar snubs: Franco, Krieps, Nanjiani, Rees and more @HertzBarry @GlobeArts
Supreme Court to expedite decision on Trump ending DACA
CDC director urges flu vaccinations as pediatric deaths mount
Can you imagine imposing literacy requirements on Medicare eligibility? lol no me either
Business groups spent big on lobbying during the U.S. tax overhaul
Gold medalist blasts USA Gymnastics for allowing decades of abuse
How to price cryptocurrencies
2:00PM Water Cooler 1/23/2018
Barron’s 2018 Roundtable Notes: Oscar Schafer Long O’Reilly Automotive, Cinemark Holdings $
#BREAKING: Trump: Im not at all concerned by Muellers interview of Sessions
Gorsuch has dinner at GOP senator’s home
The U.S. fumbles on Jerusalem, Iran, and Syria in epic fashion
Two days in Oxford – what to see and do by @YayAmyPay
African Migrants Are Better Educated Than U.S. Citizens - Study #Africa
$400 off a refurbished iMac and other deals happening today
Queens College - Water Scarcity Forced School to Promotes Students Without Exams: #Nigeria
Turkey says seeks no clash with U.S., Russia, but will pursue Syria goals
Queens College - Water Scarcity Forced School to Promotes Students Without Exams: #Nigeria
US falls on rankings of best countries over Trumps unpopularity
Why #BearsEars Is About More Than Land, Its About the Future of Our #Environment #Eco
Twitter needs to do a better job of explaining how we got duped by Russia @DanielHowley
Neulich auf der Bude ... #Landbauer
We might have just passed Peak Synchronized (weekly story count)
Can You Pick Managers Better Than an Algorithm?
GOP trolls Dems with I shut down the government t-shirts
Worlds tallest ice tower built with the shape of a flamenco dress
Ice Jams on the Connecticut River #NASA
Smart advice on sign below to make our democracy flourish again.
Talking #Coops with GEO Collective member Jim Johnson and Vernon Oakes:
Evangelical leader: Evangelicals gave Trump a mulligan on affair with porn star
Serial stowaway woman flies to UK without boarding pass or passport
National Bank to build biggest Montreal tower in 25 years to house new headquarters
Chinas new drone company is building a UAV with a 20-ton payload
Great song
UPDATE: Two killed in shooting at Kentucky high school
These are the biggest global risks of 2018 via @tictoc #WEF18
Strong Bull Market Not Unique To The US, Says Robert Shiller $
look at the Mexican peso after those Trump comments on #Nafta
JUST IN: Trump signs executive actions imposing tariffs on imported washing machines and solar products
Top Democrats urge Facebook, Twitter to investigate Russia’s embrace of #ReleaseTheMemo
NEW POLL: More Americans blame Dems than Trump for shutdown
Trudeau announces new Pacific trade agreement without US
Courts keep thwarting North Carolina Republicans. So theyre trying to remake the courts.
Nobel Winner warns that safe cryptocurrencies run by central banks would court catastrophe
Yay or Nay?
This guard is definitely NOT going to be tipped when this is over. #Davos #WEF18
Celebrating 50 years of a legend. Happy birthday #Peugeot504
Is #Germany becoming a new safe haven for #Russian capital?
Apple launches HomePod voice speaker, taking on Google, Amazon
Obasanjo Attacks Buhari, Asks President Not to Run in 2019: #Nigeria
Europes weather woes continue
Invest in Resilience Before Disaster Strikes #infrastructure
Normalization? The #ECB will be more than 3x net supply of Eurozone government bonds even after tapering
Schumer withdraws offer to pass funding for Trumps border wall
Accusers Continue To Speak Out As Nassar Hearing Comes To A Close
Poll: Biden, Oprah and Sanders would all beat Trump in 2020
Finally, you can buy beer with a biodegradable six-pack ring!
Long, long before #AmazonGo there was Keedoozle:
Why boredom can be good for you
U.S.-China trade plan marks key first step via @WSJ
The Atrocious Housing Rule Ben Carson Can End
@cnbc Why dont they pay Elon based on the number of Model 3s he produces?
Several U.S. agencies went on despite the shutdown. Now people are asking if that was legal
Kimberly-Clark to cut workforce by 12-13 percent, shut facilities
Warren to Trump nominee: It would be a mistake to put you on the Fed board
CNN host: Conservatives dont care anymore about extramarital affairs
The skilled construction, industrial and service trades can help fuel business growth
Informative highly entertaining podcast re investing in tech over the prior 40 years
Canada to sign on to Pacific trade pact
BREAKING: Two dead, 19 injured in Kentucky high school shooting - Governor Matt Bevin
Designers use aerial scans to turn any street in Chicago into detailed 3D models
Coming of age film Little Sister takes ninth place in @scottaawilsons countdown
Is 2018 #Golds breakout year? $10,000 Gold? - @JamesGRickards via @KitcoNewsNOW
The Performance Of Every Dividend Aristocrat During The Great Recession $
Indian PM Modi defends globalization at Davos summit
10 apps to help you produce your next album on your phone
Dont Disregard Africa, 78 U.S. Ex-Envoys Tell Trump: #Africa
Hacker steals data from up to 100,000 Bell Canada customers in second breach in eight months
Twitter dips after a key executive leaves for online lending startup SoFi $TWTR
US Embassy in Haiti shuts down after anti-Trump protests erupt:
The sinews of power: European fiscal exaction 1500-1800 Karaman and Pamuk JEH (2010)
woah pretty decent yield curve steepening after the blowout 2Y auction
Exposed: KPMG audit cheats are in the headlines everywhere - SA, US and UK -
Netflix is now worth $100 billion, as much as Goldman Sachs via @fpinvesting
Massachusetts could become a sanctuary state—for marijuana
The confessions of a MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man in Lycra). From the archive
Wall Street culture has been cleaned up, BofA vice chair says
Would you travel to another country for a cheap drink?
Retail investors are late to the stock market party via @fpinvesting
Top Judiciary Dem rips Nunes memo accusing FBI of bias: Its a conspiracy theory
Take a look at Russias HQ for #WEF18 #LoveChange Its surprisingly swanky! @BizNewsCOM
The only horseshoe theory that is real and accurate.
Dem tears into Trumps Fed nominee: Why have you been wrong so many times?
Its time for policymakers to start listening to the warnings and #fixthedebt
Snarkitecture sculpts kitchen islands based on glaciers, rivers and geysers
Scientists urge Justin Trudeau to step up and fund climate research
North Korea, U.S. clash at disarmament forum over nuclear arms
Anti Trump/Davos demos sets off in Zurich #WEF18
Athens fends off pressure to extradite Turkish servicemen
Google Honours Late Nigerian Soccer Legend Keshi with a Doodle #Nigeria
#NorthKorea intent on building reliable nuclear arsenal, says CIA chief
Senate moderates emerge as major force ending shutdown
Up to 4 inches of snow forecast for Tuesday in Southcentral Alaska
This slap bracelet sticky note is totally radical, dude
Art Berman: Like It Or Not, The Future Remains All About Oil
Ooh a protest on the Promenade. Calling for revolution. #Davos18
What’s most notable about the Oscar nominees this year is how few locks there are.
Trump admitted he was wrong to have Spicer fight media over inauguration crowd size: report
Can farmers and robots live in harmony? #agriculture
URI Capital: Finding Value In Financials $
10 things you probably dont know about Oprah and her money
Legendary South African Musician Hugh Masekela Dies #RIPHughMasekela #SouthAfrica
What is it about holding a book in your hands that makes it so much better than a download?
Mary J. Blige was the most searched Oscar-nominated actress today in the US. #MaryJBlige #OscarNoms #Oscars2018
NEW POLL: Biden, Oprah and Sanders would all beat Trump in 2020
Tesla crashes into fire truck while reportedly on autopilot
.@t_mcconnell on the meaning of Kenyas deadly election season:
Fake paramedic who treated teenage boy dying from a drug overdose is jailed
VERBATIM: CIA Director Mike Pompeo talks North Korea
Murdochs Fox takeover of Sky in question, as British regulator fears too much control
BP says it wont be left behind as the oil industry boosts investment in new energy
A basic income for everyone? @Noahpinion says its not such a crazy idea
Bitcoin May Split 50 Times in 2018 as Forking Craze Accelerates
Schumer warns McConnell not to backtrack on shutdown promise to take up DACA fix
Police sought Secrets Act probe of Reuters reporters an hour after their arrest:
Montana just showed every other state how to protect the open internet
@RudyHavenstein Premium Sponsors
#Greece in 22nd position in 2018 Environmental Performance Index
#Greek police union criticizes government for using its officers in foreclosure auctions
Bank CEOs at Davos warn against repeating the mistakes of 2006
Genocide Case in Court: #Namibia
Goodbye, top-down city governance. Say hello to The New Localism
JUST IN: Trudeau announces new Pacific trade agreement without US
WATCH LIVE: Immigration advocates hold rally on Capitol Hill.
Netflix, the $100 billion market cap, and the allure of junk bonds:
Trump says the deadline for a DACA deal is March 5, but its actually right now
Honor the struggle for civil rights in the Southern USA by @adamkarlin #BestinTravel
Embedding fungus in concrete could make the material self-healing
Mexico’s top Nafta negotiator says a deal could be reached as late as July
#UnitedStates 2-Year Note Auction at 2.066%
Border agent arrest aboard Greyhound bus leads to outcry
This is what determines the price of Bitcoin
Philippine Congress to fast track Muslim self-rule in the island of Mindanao
Not Too Young to Run - 12 States Pass Bill - Civil Rights Group: #Nigeria
From the AP archives: NASA: legendary astronaut, moonwalker John Young dies
23 January 1937 - Karl Radek 16 others go on trial in Stalins great purge.
Trumps tax bill will make 2018 a wild year for divorce @ewolffmann
We must balance holding executives to account and allowing them to take calculated risks
WATCH: Conan OBrien lets Haitians fire back at Trump over shithole countries remark
Robots may be on the rise, but humans still build the best new car you can buy
pretty much all FAIR email exchanges
Trump sided with Bannon after Bannon accused Ivanka of being behind White House leak: book
Very liberal or conservative legislators are the most likely to share news on Facebook
Chinas ice flower boy visits Beijing, enjoys central heating for the first time
Another Russian supply convoy to arrive to Donbas tomorrow via @GirkinGirkin #Ukraine
Some interesting quotes in that article
8 Edo Libyan Returnees Burnt Beyond Recognition in Road Accident: #Nigeria
Trump imposes massive tariffs on solar panel imports in blow to solar industry:
1/23/2018 -- Very large M7.9 (M8.3) Earthquake in Alaska -- West coast USA on watch
Kentucky high school shooting leaves one dead
Netflix seeks to woo debt buyers with $100 billion stock cushion
Netflix seeks to woo debt buyers with $100 billion stock cushion
Tourists evacuated by helicopter amid avalanches in South Tyrol
JUST IN: GOP senator releases additional messages from FBI agent removed from Mueller probe
Timing of Trump peace plan depends on Palestinians: Pence
Want to fall asleep faster? Try this 5-minute technique:
Send us a picture of a bird and well try to identify it.
The US Navys new $440 million warship will spend the winter frozen to a dock in Canada
$NFLX #Netflix shares up almost 10% as Q4 subscriber additions crown 2017
New York City is suing drug companies over opioid epidemic:
One person killed in Kentucky school shooting
#OperationOliveBranch in #Afrin #Syria #Turkey #AA #Border #Military #Operation #Defence
Trump praises Kelly after reports hes looking to replace him
Maersk signs up to the New York Shipping Exchange
Sock of the day: Justin Trudeau, Canada. #WEF18 #Davos
Welcome to the new reality of leaping U.S. Treasury debt sales
10 Ways AI Has Improved Your Smartphone
Being poor in America isnt just about geography
Why Did the Guinean President Pops in and Pops Out?: #Liberia
Minister: Metro barriers to be activated by end-February
Babcock, Goyette and Smyth named Order of Hockey in Canada honourees From @Globe_Sports
New Athens metro stations to open in 2019
Man dies in plunge from 5th floor of Athens hotel
Jams Popularity Spreads Thin as IXL Set for Sale @smh

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Wall Streets stock market forecasters agree — 2018 will be great @bySamRo

Wall Street's stock market forecasters agree — 2018 will be great @bySamRo https://t.co/1LAXgH8wky https://t.co/jJlOoTDAGi