#Live From the South | 19 new species have been found in former FARC areas in Colombia.
The USA women’s hockey team secured its biggest win long before its historic gold medal
5 facts about the Muslim population in Europe
I Could Kick That Boston Dynamics Robots Ass, No Problem
#Live From the South | Despite his conviction of 12 years of jail, Lula said hes going to run for president again.
CIBC kicks off bank earnings with surge in business south of border
#Live From the South | Beltran says the ELN is committed to regaining peace in Colombia.
#Live From the South | Protests against Macris neoliberal reforms paralyze Buenos Aires.
Global orderbook-to-fleet ratio falls to 10%, lowest level since 1999
Even conservatives are starting to ask questions about the mess at the EPA
This is why we need you to become a ThinkProgress member
Seed firms scramble to stop a cancer in Canadas cash crop
USDA secretary wants separate immigration program for agricultural workers
Securing Competitive Advantage with Machine Learning - Dataconomy #machinelearning #business
Using data from fracking country, scientists train a neural network to detect earthquakes
Texas school district threatens to suspend students who protest gun violence
Every iron artifact from the Bronze Age probably came from a meteorite.
Looking for a job? Highlight your ability, not your experience. @JasonShen
West Virginia public schools close after teachers walk out in pay dispute
Brazilian Ex-President’s Loss in Court Is a Big Win for Rule of Law, Economic Freedom
Watch the trailer for Motherboards first feature-length documentary, The Most Unknown
More oil washes up in southern Japan from sunken Sanchi
Florida shooting aftermath: How media errors can make mass shootings worse: View
Easy fixes to school security prove elusive after Florida shooting
Trump breaks with NRA, declares support for raising gun sale age to 21
Absolute populism
Cash buffer may be built on repos too
Rania Bellou | Athens | To April 14
Scientists sound off after levitating ants breakthrough
The 10 things that you really love about living in Germany
Arctic winter temperatures soar 25 deg C above normal
Snow over Vesuvius and frosty deer in Abruzzo: Italy is a winter wonderland right now
Companies could get more flexibility to start IPOs
JUST IN: Obama praises fearless Florida shooting survivors: Weve got your backs
Barrick clings to top gold miner title as Newmont falls short by only 125 gold bars
CBS names Margaret Brennan new Face the Nation moderator
Steven Spielberg on the set of Jaws, 1974
Preacher Billy Graham to lie in honor at Capitol
VERBATIM: NRA says schools must be hardened targets
This Carabiner Keeps Keys Organized and Secure
Three Revolutions: What Cities Need to Do To Prepare for Disruption
Shooting survivors mother: Weve gotten death threats
A frank guide to Amsterdams Red Light District
Im so thirsty for Half-Life 3 Im playing this Final Fantasy XV Half-Life pack
Trump says arming some teachers would stop shootings instantly
Apollo 15 Earthrise #Space #Universe
“Angry Birds” belongs in a bigger gaming henhouse @LiamWardProud
Space-X lobs Spanish military satellite into orbit
More bullets than ballots in #Mexico as another candidate is gunned down by @luqven
Storms generate thunder, lightning and ... antimatter?
CVC’s $5 bln Spanish gas punt is more than hot air @gfhay @Unmack1
Immigrants sue Trump for ending protective status that lets them stay in US
The official next in line to oversee the Russia probe is skeptical of special counsels
JUST IN: FCC officially repeals net neutrality
LIVE: Vice President Mike Pence delivers remarks at CPAC 2018.
First Solar To Build 200 Megawatt Solar Project In Georgia, The Largest In Southeast US
Generations of Peasants Have Occupied Land in Paraguays Neglected Countryside to Survive
Turkey: Tens of thousands of Syrians destined for Afrin
#Greece Finance ministry says Moodys upgrade shows there are positive expectations for 2018
Celebrate #NationalSnackFoodMonth with these chips and crackers!
Tax plan means uncertainty for students and teachers at Denmarks language schools
Venezuelan Armed Forces prepares against possible military intervention
Indian surgeons remove heaviest recorded brain tumour
The suburbs are gun-control advocates key to victory in 2018
Pensioners protest in Spain for increases in line with inflation #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
Watch Live: Vice President Pence speaks at CPAC
Why Do Humans Love Pointing?
Going ‘bricks-and-mortar’ is a hot trend in China’s internet industry.
Why Latvia is one of Europes most dangerous countries to drive in
World leaders are formalizing hate - Amnesty
Hope Hicks tops GQ list of most powerful people in Trump’s Washington:
Weekly Broker: Holidays show little sign of a buying break
Environment over economy key to China’s containerised trade outlook
Denmark To Test Hydrogen Buses — But Why?
Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans want stricter gun laws
In deep red districts, Democrats are running for office in record numbers
Hockey Canada, Quebec politicians face off over pronunciation of names #Pyeongchang2018
Ford names veteran Galhotra as North America chief
Design Museum to exhibit politically charged graphic design from past 10 years
#BREAKING: FCC officially repeals net neutrality
Avramopoulos determined to seek vindication
Harper’s Magazine warns subscribers that passwords may have been stolen
Im not crazy about Canada: Investors bail on trapped oil as pipeline problems worsen
Bitcoin’s Nosedive Hasn’t Hurt Red-Hot Coin Offerings
Trump: I didn’t say “arm teachers.” Also, we should arm teachers.
Head Of Daimler Trucks Claims Laws Of Physics Same In California As They Are In Germany
Molecules that undergo reactions when compressed
NRA head: Liberals smear pro-gun advocates as racists and sexists
Trump tiptoes toward possible fight with NRA
Alpine skiing: Vonn wont quit until she breaks Stenmark record
Enceladus among stars #Space #Universe
Alex Garland: Annihilation | Talks at Google
Streak through the clouds from the @spacex #PAZ launch, seen from Los Angeles. Photo by @dahlmaker
This tiny bit of the brain could offer clues about addiction
SpaceX almost caught part of a rocket with a boat and a giant net
NRA spokeswoman claims shooting survivors wanted to burn her
4 charts on how people in the Asia-Pacific view China
UPS partners with Workhorse to build electric delivery vans
If you do not take action, now, we, the future leaders of America, will.
Frances first mixed-race Joan of Arc hit by torrent of racist abuse
Can Japan compete with China over development aid?
The U.S. states most affected by childhood trauma
This deep-sea fish lays its eggs in the most hellish nursery on the planet:
Man held in Andalucia over alleged artillery shell sale online #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
‘Black Panther’ reveals black audiences’ box office superpower
Uber will aggressively invest in Southeast Asia, wont let SoftBank rule it: CEO
Should we be governed by persuasion or by force? | By @JoseAzel
Rep. Tenney said mass murderers are Democrats
Man dies in ICE custody while awaiting deportation
The Official Next in Line to Oversee the Russia Probe Is Skeptical of Special Counsels
Slovakia rejects treaty combating violence against women
Pass-through businesses are rethinking their status in wake of tax law
NRA chief: Completely ridiculous to think limiting guns would stop school shootings
Trumps former bodyguard paid $75,000 by RNC for security consulting.
Mueller to interview former top Trump campaign aide in Russia probe: report
This designer and robot working in perfect unison is the future of making
#LatinAmerica’s left prepares for six election battles
UKs May determined to get fire disaster answers after Stormzy criticism
Authorities Abuse Children Linked to Al-Shabaab - Report: #Somalia
US Border Agents Pursue Undocumented Immigrants And Smugglers In Texas Rio Grande Valley
NRA spokeswoman claims many in media love mass shootings
Teens may save us all yet.
Dana Loesch deceives shooting survivors about the NRA’s real positions
#Paris #tourism shakes post-attack lull to record decade-best 2017
Will We Ever See The Electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire?
Students return after pressuring lawmakers on gun laws
Eni could move ship off Cyprus but will not pull out of project, CEO says
A View From the Bridge | Athens | Fridays-Sundays
Turkey says wont allow one-sided gas search off Cyprus
NRA comes out against raising minimum age limit for gun purchases to 21:
#LonelyPlanet Destination Editor @megoizzy is just back from Uzbekistan
Italy is drenched in hate, Amnesty warns amid toxic election campaign
List of politicians meeting Trump is all GOP except mayor of Parkland
Maintaining Boston’s Vibrancy and Transportation Systems in the Face of Sea #commonwealth
U.N. pleads for truce to avert massacre as strikes hit Syrias Ghouta for fifth day
King Zuma is dead, but the Zuptoid ghosts remain in the machine -
WATCH: Illinois governor drinks chocolate milk to show positive effects of diversity
Zeta Ophiuchi -- Runaway Star Plowing through Space Dust #Space #Universe
Twitter purges suspected bot accounts
Your weekly Attenborough: Materpiscis attenboroughi:
#PyeongChang2018 in sequence: Olympic athletes in multiple exposure motion
The Swedish village where winter never arrived
Age of Empires: Definitive Edition has the best cheat codes in gaming
British judge sentences prolific pedophile to 32 years
Tucker Carlson Tonight - Tucker Carlson - Moral Blackmail
The attainable wonders of Wakandan transit
A lioness sleeps at the National Zoo in San Salvador / @afpphoto Photo by @recinosmarvin
WATCH LIVE: NRA leader speaks at CPAC one week after Florida shooting
Macron eyes action against Chinese buyers of French farmland
A Digital Map Leads to Reparations for #Indigenous and #BlackFarmers
Rouhani lashes out at US for interfering in Mideast
Golden State Warriors to visit DC children instead of White House: report
Blockchain could help active managers slash billions in fees, compete with passive -
Glossier’s investors have pumped $52 million more into the popular beauty brand
GOP lawmaker: So many mass shooters end up being Democrats
Urban Heat Islands Punch Holes in Fog #NASA
Russian curler stripped of Olympic medal over doping
In the same tweet, Trump says he does and doesn’t want to arm teachers with guns
Ørsted University Of Oxford Team Up To Optimize Wind Turbine Foundations
Dan Rather: The voice of Florida shooting survivors will change status quo on guns
NYU apologizes for serving watermelon-flavored water, Kool-Aid at Black History Month event
Short track: Dutchwoman Schulting claims 1,000m gold
Polluting Poland told to put its people before the coal industry
JUST IN: Trump praises NRA: They love our Country and will do the right thing
Death toll from listeria outbreak in South Africa more than doubles to 172
Sustainable forests: training and jobs add fire power
Racist white powder letter sent to Meghan Markle: Report
Weird Contraption Marries Concentrating Solar Power To Produce Hydrogen, Eventually
Angolan President Sends Message to DR Congos Kabila: #Congo #DRCongo #Kabila #Angola
Amazon plans to open as many as six more cashier-less Amazon Go stores this year
JUST IN: Immigrants sue Trump for ending protective status that lets them stay in US
The best response to foreign interest in Canadian real estate is build more houses
Top donors have already spent $66 million on midterms
Greek bond yields dive after Moodys upgrade
Govt, opposition exchange attacks after parliamentary debate
New Planetary Radio! The Eyes of a New Mars Rover: Mastcam-Z Listen now for free:
Iran says may withdraw from nuclear deal if banks continue to stay away
Mention of NRA draws cheers at CPAC
How Does Namibian Army Spend So Big, Yet So Broke? #Namibia
Here’s everything you need to know about Ontario’s big, bold basic income experiment: #UBI
Michigan Utility Head Acknowledges That Climate Science Is Real
Mystery Over Train Engines Remains: #Tanzania
Trump Doubles Down on Plan to Arm 20 Percent of Teachers
We need to stop letting our pets get fat
Water Restrictions Stay Put for Mozambiques Capital #Mozambique
Construction of the Atlantic Bridge over the Panama Canal @AFPphoto by Rodrigo Arangua
Why would should nationalize the Trump Organization:
Trudeau criticised for overdoing it on his outfits during India trip
Tracing the short and shameful history of the crisis actor conspiracy theory
Unicef Joins Malawis Cholera Fight #Malawi
INSIGHT: Kenyas elephants are moved to safer ground
Russian opposition leader arrested again while leaving dentist’s office:
Claims of United States Being the Worst Country for Mass Shootings are Wrong: Study Shows
Johan Sundberg uses Siberian larch to clad gabled summer house on Swedens coast
#Indonesian official warns of forest and plantation fires threat to #AsianGames2018
#BREAKING: Immigrants sue Trump for ending protective status that lets them stay in US
Capitalism isnt an ideology -- its an operating system: @bhu_srinivasan
Two-thirds of Americans have witnessed some form of online harassment.
Gun free schools are magnets for bad people: @realDonaldTrump Trump
Alaska will no longer allow workers with disabilities to be paid less than minimum wage
U.S. arrests operator of shuttered bitcoin investment platform
Need some science on your morning commute? Check out Its Only Science, our new podcast:
U.S. jobless claims drop to near 45-year low
Kids washing a Meerkat. South Africa, 1950s
Successful deployment of PAZ satellite to low-Earth orbit confirmed.
Damages for spousal abuse are on the rise after several years of neglect in family court
Who Will Ethiopias Next Prime Minister? #Ethiopia #StateOfEmergency #PrimeMinister
Drugs seized in Tromsø could be linked to international network: police
The ten coldest ever places in France
Argentina eyes cutting energy deficit with #renewable #powercapacity. Full story:
GOP lawmaker: Congress must take action on gun violence, not just happy talk
Trump tweet opposing more guns in schools resurfaces after he calls for more guns in schools
The Republican endless attempts to destroy Obamacare havent succeeded just yet
The quiet rise of the downtown tech campus
Ski Champion Lindsey Vonn Has Secret Message in Greek #USA #Greece
Australian Gold Thief Just Wanted a Greek Holiday #Greece #Australia
Belgian police set up security cordon after murder report
Even though ISIS is in tatters, Syria’s conflict keeps escalating. Here’s why:
International Index Ranks Nigeria High on Corruption #Nigeria
What today’s coliving spaces get wrong
McMaster could leave Trump admin, return to military: report
Coco guitar craftsman receives heros welcome in Mexican hometown
Illicit financial flows cost Africa $50 billion a year, states new report
UKs May determined to get fire disaster answers after Stormzy criticism
Zimbabwe: Violence At Tsvangirais Funeral Condemned: #MorganTsvangirai #Zimbabwe
UPDATE: Trump nominee for Indian Health Service withdraws amid allegations of resume padding
Watch this bullet blast through a space shield
One jaw-dropping stat shows why Democrats are getting confident about winning back congress
Intrinsically disordered proteins that break the rules of complex formation
Mueller to interview former top Trump campaign aide in Russia probe: report
Sustainable Seattle #infrastructure
Stock futures largely flat as Fed points to more rate hikes
Irish President begins two-day visit to Greece
Namibia President Takes On New Finance Ministers Critics: #Zambia
Good morning #CPAC2018 - come say hi!
How your brain decides what is beautiful: @Anjan435
Ford’s head of North American operations ousted for inappropriate behavior
India gives Trudeau list of suspected Sikh separatists in Canada
WATCH LIVE: SpaceX launch of the Falcon 9 rocket. #SpaceX #Falcon9
How to make a Prickly Pear Margarita #NationalMargaritaDay
WATCH: Florida shooting survivor demands to know if Rubio will refuse NRA donations
Teachers are embracing Black Panther in their curriculum, and its amazing
Everything you’ve heard is true: #Ireland is a stunner. Find out more here:
Namibian Minister Retires 14 Days After Appointment: #Namibia
Bavarian court jails ex-priest for 108 counts of child sex abuse
How a glimpse of the other side changes those who make it back:
Deported Miguna Miguna To Re-Apply For Kenyan Citizenship #Kenya #MigunaDeported
One of Worlds 6,000 Languages Disappears Every Two Weeks - Unesco: #Nigeria
All the Robots Taking Over the PyeongChang Winter Olympics
Bats help grow our crops, but climate change has them on the move
Tender, crispy, spicy Italian sausage!
Has dogma derailed the scientific search for dark matter?
Why were the warning signs of Sierra Leones worst natural disaster ignored?
Why won’t the EPA watchdog fully investigate Scott Pruitt?
Can the L.A. River avoid green gentrification?
Team USA ends Canadas 16-year gold medal reign in women’s ice hockey
US intelligence says Duterte and Hun Sen are regional threats
Texas school district threatens to suspend students who protest gun violence
How General Electric gambled on fossil fuel power, and lost
Bifurcated market reminds these fund managers of the dotcom bubble
Election security is a high priority—until it comes to paying for new voting machines
MDM Demands Resignation of Maputo Mayor: #Mozambique
Apple planning to make AirPods wireless headphones water resistant, improve Siri integration
Health Ministry Launches Safe Birth Initiative in Tanzania #Tanzania
Three years later, is Microsoft still trying to chase cool? #tbt
Malawi Journalists Challenged to Clear Myths On Cholera: #Malawi
“Interpreting machine learning models”
Pennsylvania GOP asks SCOTUS to block new map
Govt Warns Civil Servants Against Mugabe Day Absenteeism: #Zimbabwe
Loblaw profit falls as grocery and pharmacy giant hit by flat sales and a slew of charges
Golden State Warriors to visit DC children instead of White House: report
Santorini Day Trips to Explore the Greek Islands (Photos) #Greece
Watch SpaceX Launch a Falcon 9 and Attempt to Catch the Rocket Fairings
PODCAST! @NathanielPopkin tells @JonnElledge if it really is sunny in Philadelphia
JUST IN: Trump breaks with NRA, declares support for raising gun sale age to 21
EDITORIAL: There Are Two Venezuelan Oppositions, One Real and One Collaborationist
Jin Yongs Chinese martial arts novel published in English for first time
North Korean closing Olympics delegation includes man blamed for deadly sinking
Amnesty slams Greece over treatment of migrants in rights report
So far, so good: SA bonds best performers among top emerging markets in 2018 -
How news outlets became lifestyle brands:
Police intercept substance sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by @chrisshipitv
Terence Corcoran: Polar bear battle in Toronto! It’s good science vs. climate do-gooders
Therapy dogs heal traumatised survivors of brutal #Uganda|n war
Fox News smears survivors of Parkland shooting
With the D3000, China enters the robotic warship arms race
Buffett letter may tout optimism as broader market worries ebb
Cuba’s Bizarre Soft Power By @JoseAzel
Short track: Hungary storm to first Winter Games gold
Health benefits of drinking peppermint tea. #health #naturalhealth #pepperminttea
Wikileaks Reveals All the Journalists Who Schmoozed With Clinton Campaign
How the media erases people of color from rural communities:
UNStudio plans new cultural centre with rooftop cinemas for Paris
Top progressive think tank releases universal coverage plan:
Seven climate change myths put about by big oil companies
Hate groups in US grow for third straight year: SPLC - Al Jazeera
Global human rights are under siege in the Trump era
Acting ICE director: Im not running a popularity contest
NATO bilats at Germany Security Conference
Texas School District Threatens to Suspend Students Who Protest After Florida Shooting
A guide to mass shootings in America, updated again
When will Americans be angry enough to demand honesty about algorithms?
GOP lawmaker: So many mass shooters end up being Democrats
‘Our country needs to wake up’: U.S. biathletes use Olympic platform to push for gun control

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