George Clooney to join Florida teens in gun control march on Washington
Britains Queen Elizabeth makes surprise appearance at #London #fashion catwalk
Which French fruits and vegetables are most likely to be contaminated with pesticides?
The Apollo Experience: Apollo 17 (NASA Documentary) | Timeline
Govt to Compel Oil Firms to Build Refineries in Nigeria: #Nigeria
Ex-Trump adviser: Trump will want to rejoin Paris climate accord by 2020
.@ShadiHamid on the rise of the anti-liberals:
Syria pro-government forces enter Afrin to aid Kurds against Turkey
California’s nonprofits are still not quite diverse, despite leading the nation:
George and Amal Clooney donate US$500,000 to student gun reform march
Russian bots flood Twitter with messages about guns after Florida shooting: report
Nishizawa Architects adds movable walls to multi-family home in southern Vietnam
Heres a Better Explanation of the Difference Between Horsepower and Torque
Xerox shareholders Icahn, Deason urge company to sell itself to rivals
Chuck Grassley lashes out at college basketball player for protesting during national anthem
If I fits, I sits: proof that cats can get comfortable anywhere #LoveYourPetDay
We can wait no longer: Newfoundland unveils plans to double oil production by 2030
Former Jakarta governor Ahok to appeal blasphemy sentence
Want to save the bees? Heres what you should know.
Qualcomm deals blow to Broadcoms bid with sweetened NXP deal
Turkey fires on pro-government fighters entering Syrias Afrin
American women will decide who wins and loses in 2018 elections
This wood wont float, but its stronger than steel:
Anna Péczeli on continuity and change in the Trump administration’s Nuclear Posture Review
Father of boy smuggled into #Spain in a suitcase walks free
School shooting protesters confront Young and Murkowski over NRA contributions
Can you trust your retirement savings to a robot?
US AG Sessions: we must stop these heinous crimes
US AG Sessions: we must stop these heinous crimes
This clever wedding band is one ring that breaks into two
West Point offers honorary acceptance to student killed in Florida school shooting
Coal Power Continues Its Slow March Toward Death
Guggenheims Minerd warns of a possible replay of 1987 stock market crash
Six ingredients for making easy party dishes @GlobeFoodWine
REAL ECONOMY | What is being done to strengthen Europes banks? (with @ecfin)
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says Colleges Treat Sexual Misconduct Allegations Unfairly
Queen Elizabeth attends her very first London Fashion Week show
Amazing winners of the 2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest
WATCH: Anderson Cooper torches Trump: He went to play golf while they held funerals
Jeremy Corbyn says Czech spying claims are lies and smears
For Black people, ‘Black Panther’ is a crucial viewing experience
Lesser-known North Korea cyber-spy group goes international: report
Psychiatrist who briefed lawmakers: Im reporting Trump as a dangerous leader
Measles epidemic claims third life, raising concerns
Brexit minister to visit Athens as part of three-day capital tour
Guess co-founder gives up duties during probe of alleged improper conduct
The Latest: Nash, Kidd headline finalists for 2018 HOF class
Reds Gennett wins in arbitration, players beat clubs 12-10
Mueller charges lawyer linked to Trump campaign adviser with making false statements
US Army awards Medal of Heroism to three students who died in Florida school shooting
Trump administrations latest attack on Obamacare would cost taxpayers millions
In Iceland, bitcoin mining could soon suck up more energy than all of its homes:
Steven Seagal is pivoting to—oh, let me just see here—cryptocurrency! Alright then.
Vince Gill defends Grammys on female representation
Trump Jr. arrives in India to pitch condos
Maldives extends state of emergency by 30 days - a move the opposition denounces as illegal
Top 10 #Berlin experiences
Check out the new tribute video to @lorde from @loyals48
Senior Pentagon adviser leaving government
Yum! Tempeh fries with a peanut sauce
February 20th, 1835 - Concepción, Chile is destroyed by an earthquake.
Real Stuff: European Commissioner Moscovici His Shiny Bear
Florida teens travel to state capital demanding action on guns
Creating a Smart City? Start With Your Entrepreneurs. #society
OMA unveils plans for colourful courthouse in Lille
Gestioni Armatoriali supramax fire sale in bid to survive
New Justice Minister Wants Term of Court, Grand Jury Sitting Extended: #Liberia
Lawmakers Want Clarity on Porter Timeline
Residents Protest for Electricity: #Liberia
Republicans are avoiding gun talks as election looms
U.S. says ready to talk Mideast peace; Abbas calls for conference
The Munich Security Conference was an odd, ominously blasé affair, @thomaswright08 writes
Rite Aid is a weak prescription for Albertsons’ ills @TheRealLSL
Oxfam CEO apologizes over abuse comments
Robert Mueller charges lawyer with false statements in Russia probe
No survivors as Iran finds wreckage of plane on mountain
The Right Is Attacking the Survivors of the Florida School Massacre
Liberia and Sierra Leone Can Achieve Real Womens Empowerment: #Africa
Mass Dismissal Looms: #Liberia
Seas to rise about a metre even if #climate goals are met: Study
When sexist, racist robots discriminate, are their owners at fault?
Despite massive job growth, just 25 percent of Seattle workers drove themselves in 2017
Florida GOP lawmaker wont seek reelection in 2018
Syria: Up to 100 People Die in Government Airstrikes Against Eastern Ghouta
Renewables Are Supplying a Record Amount of Americas Energy
I Will Reactivate Police Patrol Division: #Liberia
Attack On Liberian Parliamentary Correspondent Condemned: #WestAfrica
Russian medalist denies doping after positive test
Mueller charges lawyer with lying
No survivors as #Iran finds wreckage of plane on mountain
Flake will try to force a vote on DACA plan
Trump falsifies woman’s account of sexual assault, then claims it proves his innocence
Liberian Historian Weighs in On President Weahs French-Speaking Talk in Senegal: #Liberia
Former Steinhoff partner delivers deadly blow in court; claims Steinhoff assets are his -
#Maldives extends state of emergency for another 30 days
Irish president to visit Greece this week; will also inspect migrant camp
Settling non-expired dues in 12 installments
Police in western Greece looking for puppy killer
Fewer Cypriots visit Greece in January
#Live | Tibisay Lucena: This electoral process will be developed as Venezuelans are accustomed
Astronaut John Glenn orbits the Earth on an 81,000 mile trip, today in 1962.
#PanAmPodcast: Will @Oprah run for president? | By @LATINAMERUPDATE
Iran: Wreckage of deadly plane crash found on snow-covered mountain
Heres the weird alphabet soup that scientists use to name stuff in space
Trump calls Oprah ‘insecure’ at a moment of insecurity in his presidency
U.S. to extend skimpy health insurance outside of Obamacare
Why we turn to dogs when disaster strikes #LoveYourPetDay
The arrow of time is all in our heads:
Kentucky governor countersues critics of Medicaid work requirements
Layoffs arrive in Brexit Britain, and auto workers are up first
Top Dems on Energy Committee demand Pruitt justifies every first-class flight
Collection of women’s suffrage posters is on view for first time in 100 years
Guns are the problems, not mental health, Singapore tells US #GunControlNow
February blahs - todays editorial cartoon by Brian Gable. For more cartoons:
Billboard vandalized to read Kill the NRA after Florida school shooting
Oxfam chief apologizes for babies in cots comment as more abuse reported
Trump tweet attacks woman who accused him of forcibly kissing her on the mouth
The Muslim “Bernie Clone” Running for Governor in Trump Country: @AbdulElSayed
Top Dallas official tells NRA to find a new location for its annual convention
This data viz tool explains privacy policies you’re too lazy to read
Turkey Renews Claim to Cypriot Waters for Military Exercises #Greece
Is Canada’s middle class shrinking — or does it just feel that way?
These were the most searched #TeamUSA athletes in the last 24 hours in the US #Olympics
ITER and the drawbacks of #fusion energy: #energy
Cuba’s Bizarre Soft Power By @JoseAzel
Today’s panel will discuss the psychological toll of Duterte’s extra-judicial drug war. #MedillPulitzer
Wakanda forever: Black Panther has a stunner of an opening weekend
Love at first sight, attraction at first sight or retroactive love? Science explains.
Paris plans a suburban forest five times the size of Central Park
West Point offers honorary acceptance to student killed in Florida school shooting
Mitt Romney will never stop being owned by Donald Trump.
Fox News to launch exclusive streaming service for loyal superfans
Cruising into a driverless future: Research on autonomous vehicles -- from @JournoResource
Seige of Afrin imminent as Turks make slow progress in northern Syria
#Live | Tibisay Lucena: Candidacies will be handed next week online.
U.N. issues blank statement on Syria, says it has run out of words
Psychiatrist who briefed lawmakers: Im reporting Trump as a dangerous leader
The Few, the Proud, the Olympic Zamboni Drivers
Mueller charges Russian-linked lawyer with lying to the FBI
MS laying out the cross asset hedging landscape for a repeat of the late Jan / early Feb sell off. YS
Mars to invest $70m to up American MMs and goodness knows production. #mrx #packagedfood
Easy on renewal euphoria – first reconfigure the State - Hamilton - @lhamilton365
Back-and-forth exchanges boost children’s brain response to language
Scott Pruitt’s First Step Is Crippling the EPA. Only God Knows What Comes Next.
Cities cant just wait for a less hostile federal government
Should we be governed by persuasion or by force? | By @JoseAzel
As much he may want to, the fact is Trump can’t kill renewable energy.
Senior Pentagon adviser leaving government
Why nandina berries and certain birds dont mix
Longtime manager of Bon Iver to run for Congress in Wisconsin
Energy Efficiency and Solar in the $8 Billion School Energy Market #infrastructure
Terra e Tuma creates narrow concrete house for dense area of São Paulo
#Live From the South | Turkey has warned the Syrian government not to intervene in the conflict.
Togo Opens Talks to End Political Impasse #Ghana #Guinea #Togo
Polands heavy foresting under scrutiny
Former Cyclone Gita hits New Zealand, bringing floods and high winds
Albertsons to buy rest of Rite Aid as Amazon threat looms
Learn about the #climate behind recent #weather events with our Event Tracker department.
WATCH: Former Cyclone Gita hits New Zealand, bringing floods and high winds
India has too many boxports for too little cargo: DP World
Swedish PM Stefan Löfven to meet Donald Trump in the White House
#Live From the South | In Bermuda, a lawyer appealed the same-sex marriage law repeal.
The promise of indoor, hurricane-proof vertical farms
Top Shot: Split Screen #YourShot
UNICEF: Millions of babies die soon after birth
#Live From the South | The Brazilian government has suspended the debate on pension reforms.
Swiss restaurant raises ire with ban on baby strollers
Top jeweler denies ties to major Indian bank fraud
Delphi to Host International Olive Oil Competition #Greece
#Live From the South | Journalist Kern Mason explains how the March 13 elections in Grenada are shaping up.
Doctor wins landmark legal case against rating website’s ‘protection racket’
What’s the best way to grill a steak in the winter? @GlobeFoodWine
Assessing Trumps impeachment odds through a historic lens
U.S. top court rejects challenge to California gun waiting period
Russian Olympic delegation launches investigation into Russian curling doper
Polands heavy foresting under scrutiny as some parts already hit logging quotas for 2021
AR-15 sales higher after Parkland massacre
IKEA Partners With Big Clean Switch To Save UK Customers Money On Renewable Energy
Zimbabwean Children Smuggled Into South Africa: #SouthernAfrica
Exclusive: EU scraps border projects as Ukraine fatigue grows
WATCH: Anderson Cooper torches Trump: He went to play golf while they held funerals
A Top-Secret US Military Base Will Melt Out of the Greenland Ice Sheet
The Best Robot Vacuums for Hands-Free Cleaning
Gingrich: Arming teachers is the only long-term solution to school shootings
UNICEF issues blank statement following latest Syria massacre
Key facts about black immigrants in the U.S.
Flowers laid for Prince Henrik will be used to honour fallen soldiers: palace
Jellyfish chips are a crispy, crunchy, delicious oxymoron:
Stop pretending that all Americans could ever go vegan
NRA defends grant to Parkland shooting suspect’s rifle team, lashes out at critics
Walmart profit drops, online sales growth slows in holiday quarter
Were pleased to announce Tom Clarke is to join the ITV News team as Science Editor @TomClarkeC4
February 20th, 1547 - Edward VI of England is crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey.
The Pentagon has the worst PowerPoint slides youve ever seen in your life
Pro-Syrian government militia move into Kurdish-controlled Afrin despite Turkish warnings
Mueller charges lawyer linked to Trump campaign adviser with making false statements
Ex-CIA director: The CIA may need to call White House to clarify Russia meddling
It’s Been One Year of Amazing Scott Pruitt Accomplishments, All of Them Horrible
U.S. to extend skimpy health insurance outside of Obamacare
Philippines: Top cop says Dutertes downfall would be over his dead body
Judge rules life support treatment for toddler Alfie Evans can be withdrawn
Plastic bans worldwide will dent oil demand growth, says BP Oh Dear What a Shame Never Mind
Pyeongchang 2018 round-up: Germany draws Norway for most gold medals #pyeongchang2018
Simatech in for Wenchong container orders
.@CapitalOne VP: “The Impact AI is having on design is bananas”
WATCH: Gun owner destroys his AR-15 in response to Florida school shooting
The Best Way To Caulk Your Bathtub
American skier games the Olympic system to underwhelm at Pyeongchang
Volkswagen Vizzion Teased Ahead Of Geneva Reveal
Picture of the Mugabes and AU Commission Chair Goes Viral: #Zimbabwe
NEW POLL: Majority of Americans view North Korea as Americas greatest enemy
US Army awards Medal of Heroism to three students who died in Florida school shooting
Qualcomm shows the strain with NXP bid hike @johnsfoley
Ohio Boy Found Shot in School Bathroom #USA #Greece
Happy birthday, Ansel Adams - the late American photographer and conservationist
Austrian far-right faces new Nazi songbook allegations
Hamilton considering legislation to limit number of payday loan outlets in latest crackdown
Tuesday Morning Briefing
Getting into the spirit: where to sample the world’s top tipples by @kerrychristiani
Donald Trump Jr. embraces smear campaign against students who survived Parkland massacre
Stuffed KFC only has itself to blame @Breakingviews
What working parents in Germany need to know when their child is sick
Explore Without Limits
Latvia exposes euro zone’s money-laundering holes @LJucca @CGAThompson
As snakes travel, they might leave a bounty of new flowers in their wake: @nerdychristie
What is behind the International Criminal Court? A carousel of lies and on-paper victories
Turning Orban’s hateful rhetoric into reality: View
Senior Pentagon adviser leaving government
Why culture matters more than you think for economic development By @JoseAzel
FACTBOX - Despite debunking, conversion therapy persists around globe #LGBT
Alsace: 83 percent of Alsatians back return of their historical region
Robo-picker grasps and packs @mitmeche
What Do Argentinians Give Up in Exchange for “Free” WiFi in Buenos Aires?
Mixed outlook for commodities in 2018
Russian bots flood Twitter with messages about guns after Florida shooting: report
Students across the US lead protests against gun violence
died February 19, 702 - Kinich Kan Balam II, king of the Maya state of Palenque (b. 635)
Why lip-reading is like ‘putting together a puzzle without all the pieces’. Aeon Video:
The simple broth in this soup is rich with flavor!
Ski touring in Japan: explore the wilderness around Hakuba Valley #travel
Bitcoin’s price: who decides the value of cryptocurrencies?
Taylor Maritime continues fleet buildup
Tufton Oceanic takes MCC boxship pair
#Earthquake magnitude 4,2 - 190,5 km from #Antofagasta - #Chile
Can a party founded by a comedian run a major European country? Italy may soon find out.
Two more Danish restaurants given Michelin stars
Leveraging Technology to Improve Transportation in Nairobi and Beyond #mobility
Over U.S.$270 Million Needed For Refugees in Tanzania - UN #Tanzania
What Ramaphosa Said in Parliament Today: #SouthAfrica
Evangelicals sell their souls for Trump
Missile CSI: How We Know Iran Violated an Arms Embargo
ING European Investment Bank Invest €300 Million In Green Shipping
Agonizing subway ride lands New York woman Worst Commute award
U.S. Supreme Court rejects investor appeals over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac restructuring
Canada disqualified in wild women’s short track 3000-metre relay #Pyeongchang2018
US, South Korea will resume joint military training after Olympics
Greece jails Palestinian over migrant smuggling
EU border chief warns migrant pressure will stay high
Two ex-ministers sue witnesses in pharma bribe case
The gift and power of emotional courage | Susan David
Trump Dating site featured man with child sex conviction
Mueller Charges Russian-Linked Lawyer With Lying to the FBI
The rise and fall of former Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili — #AJOpinion
GOP tops congressional campaign fundraising despite record-breaking Dem effort
With glue and tape, skaters strive to keep covered up
Greek Man Speaks 32 Languages #Greece
A new explanation for racially disparate police violence
Justice Thomas delivers pro-gun rant just days after the Parkland shooting
Fragmented figurative sculptures pay tribute to human emotion and strength
ING and EIB link on green financing
Trumps budget cuts are forcing teachers and nurses to work as federal prison guards
Kansas Republican Tyler Tannahill defends AR-15 giveaway
US Navy sends warship to the Black Sea to counteract Russian influence: report
Parody marriages, South Carolinas bizarre scheme to circumvent marriage equality
Ice Hockey: Norway beat Slovenia in first win since Lillehammer
California sea lions have made a magnificent comeback, and they want their beaches back
Support High for #Trumps #Infrastructure Plan #BreakingPoll #taxes #PresidentTrump
Its been one year of amazing Scott Pruitt accomplishments, all of them horrible
With medicine running out, Venezuelans with transplants live in fear
Tiny license plates could help us steer clear of our space junk
Corbyn warns bankers: finance will serve Britain under Labour
Top Dallas official tells NRA to find a new location for its annual convention
Is it more satisfying to punish wrongdoers or help victims? A new study offers some insight:
Mueller charges lawyer linked to Trump campaign adviser with making false statements
Cats love to be high up, and stairs are the best way to the top. #LoveYourPetDay
Time to shine a light and ban conversion therapies - experts
How Scott Pruitt is making America toxic again
No Peace after Islamic State: Foreign Powers Compete for a Slice of Syria
Dopey Russian ads didnt swing voters — federal coverups did
Russian medalist denies doping as probe begins
Koch-linked group: Federal gas tax would hit Trump states the hardest
Liberalism was not the founding creed of the United States.
Club culture, and the design it inspired, finally gets a visual history
Dolly Parton to donate her 100 millionth book to Library of Congress
Make America Toxic Again
The peril and promise of apps to help refugees
Syrian state TV shows pro-government fighters enter Kurdish-held Afrin region
This game teaches the history of cryptography
Authorities Oppose Atul Guptas Asset Forfeiture Unit Challenge: #SouthAfrica
Russian medalist denies doping as investigation begins
Reviving the L.A. River without green gentrification
Special Counsel Robert Mueller charges lawyer with false statements in the Russia probe
B.C. readies housing affordability plan amid skyrocketing home prices and soaring rents

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