The perfect Rubik’s to challenge your brain—whether youre a beginner, expert, or in between
#Mozambique: a tale of two capitals @suewattuk
How Facebook’s Data Has Been Turned Against Its Users—and Democracy
All the comforting, vegan chowder recipes you need to keep you warm!
#Live From The South | Protesters banned and attacked in #Guinea
Trump fires national security adviser H.R. McMaster in tweet, replaces him with John Bolton
Denmark to protect its pigs by building fence on border with Germany
#Live From The South | Ahead Tamimi has been sentenced to 8 months in jail.
Diana Shipping fixes capesize to SwissMarine
#Live From The South | Bombing Kills 14 people in #Somalia
Rose-coloured view from Alberta as province remains dependent on oil economy
#Live From The South | John Bolton will be the new U.S. National Security Advisor.
#Live From The South | Havana World Music Festival begins tonight.
Saipem buys Lewek Constellation
Indian airliner makes history by flying to Israel via Saudi airspace
#Live | @NicolasMaduro: Venezuela has been subject to criminal and perverse economic war and financial persecution.
#Live From The South | Chilean Government is not willing to negotiate Sea Access to Bolivia.
#Live From The South | Havana World Music Festival beggings tonight.
#Live From The South | Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno will visit the frontier with Colombia after attacks.
#Live From The South | Ecuador is concerned after increasing instability, and attacks in the border with Colombia.
Tech CEOs are like cult leaders – the artists taking on Facebook and big data #interview
Military rule in Rios favelas: What Marielle Franco died fighting
Why dance is just as important as math in school: @SirKenRobinson
No foul play suspected in death of Pennsylvania student, Bermuda police says.
#Live From The South | Chile defends the 1904 Treaty. Friday will be the 2nd day of Chilean defense.
The Batman Villain Behind Cambridge Analytica
#Live From The South | Social Movements protest against privatization of Water.
#Live From The South | In #Ecuador Peace Talks between Colombian Government and ELN continue.
#Live | @NicolasMaduro: The new of the #Petro is the #PetroGold, a cryptocurrency with gold support.
#Live From The South | #Brazil Social Movements protest against the Privatization of Water.
#Live From The South | Reactions to Pedro Pablo Kuczynskis Resignation: @NicolasMaduro .
#Live From The South | Jamaica and Venezuela have strengthen energy ties through PetroCaribe.
#Live From The South | Venezuelan Minister Rodriguez has started his Truth and Peace Tour.
Russian agent may have limited mental capacity after nerve attack
#Live From The South | Martin Vizcarra will be sworn in on Friday.
#Live From The South | Reactions to Pedro Pablo Kuczynskis Resignation.
#Live From The South | Reactions to Pedro Pablo Kuczynskis Resignation.
#Live From The South | ABLP won 15 out of 17 Constituencies.
The Future of Urban Transportation Is Sharing #mobility
Didi Chuxing Sets Up New Venture for Greener, Smarter Rides
#Live From The South | In #Peru the Congress discuss @ppkamigo resignation.
Trump ousts national security adviser HR McMaster in latest White House shake-up
De Lille Disciplinary Postponed Indefinitely: #SouthAfrica
#Live From The South | Browne Sworn In for a 2nd term in #AntiguaYBarbuda. Law reforms are necessary.
#Breaking: John Bolton to replace H.R. McMaster as Donald Trumps national security adviser
Greek Produced and Directed ‘The Capture’ Enters Film Festivals Worldwide
#Live | @NicolasMaduro: #Venezuela is the seventh copper reserve in the world.
#Live From The South | Brownes ABLP won on Wednesdays elections.
Bill Ackman exits @Nike stake with $100 million in profit, source tells @Reuters $NKE
#Live From The South | Gaston Browne Sworn In for a 2nd term in #AntiguaYBarbuda.
French pensioners join public sector workers protest over government cuts
#Live From The South | Browne Sworn In in #AntiguaYBarbuda.
Rongda adds Lomar supramax
#Live From The South | Gaston Browne Sworn In as Prime Minister in #AntiguaYBarbuda. We want a vibrant opposition.
Facebook has an app problem
Houston housing advocates escalate a battle with HUD
#Live From The South | #AntiguaYBarbudas Prime Minister Browne and new Cabinet Sworn In.
#Live From The South | Browne Sworn In in #AntiguaYBarbuda.
Crisp concrete forms house galleries for radical Italian art in Upstate New York:
H.R. McMaster out as national security adviser
Scott Walker ordered to hold special elections he was afraid Republicans would lose
Are Saudi Arabia and UAE buying influence in the White House? (via @AJInsideStory)
The grease recycling industry feeds on your city’s oily underbelly
Reminder: Scott Pruitt spends $2,261 per week on travel.
Self-driving car industry confronts trust issues after Uber crash
Flippy Burger-Flipping #Robot Gets to Work at @CaliBurgerusa -
Dropbox IPO priced at $21 per share: sources
BREAKING: Trump says John Bolton will replace H.R. McMaster as national security adviser
Israel: Palestinian Teenager Ahed Tamimi Sentenced to 8-Month Term
Trump wants to ban health warnings on his favorite food
CFTC astounded as Congress prepares to cut budget
Forget broken windows: think busy streets
Alberta to use carbon tax money to balance its books, expects surplus by 2023
Trump-supporting militia members who plotted to bomb a Muslim community face trial
Bolt Backing Argentina
#Live | @NicolasMaduro: 236,000 homes will be built with the #Petro
#Live | @NicolasMaduro: Starting April 20, Petro is authorized to purchase or sell real estate goods in Venezuela.
Quote of the day: Donald Trump’s imaginary wall (via @kdrum)
What is winter fatigue? #snow #snowday #WinterStormToby
House Republicans vote to release Russia report, ending probe
DOJ urges judge to block ATT-Time Warner merger
Safe places to visit in Mexico now by @Stockingsgo
Minor League Baseball players make poverty-level wages. Congress wants to keep it that way.
Car companies hire climate science denier to do hit job on clean cars
Good news: these exoplanets probably have water. Bad news: AHHH SO MUCH WATER.
Policeman in poisoned ex-spy incident discharged from hospital
One third of Saudi coalition air raids on Yemen targeted non-military sites
Community Comes Together to Help #Cow Who Was Hit By a Train #Compassion #Animals
EU says highly likely Russia responsible for Salisbury nerve agent attack
Guardian front page, Friday 23 March 2018: Facebook shared data on 57bn friendships
U.S. steel and aluminum shares slump on more exemptions from Trumps tariffs: @LKrauskopf
10 of the most bizarrely photographed architecture projects
Technologists use augmented reality to return stolen artwork
#LIVE | @NicolasMaduro: Today alone we have received around 200,927 bids for the #Petro from 133 countries.
Do you want your subway map to look pretty, or to reflect reality? #citylabarchive
Post office near downtown Anchorage cuts back hours after finding people sleeping in lobby
USA: Tillerson bids farewell to mean-spirited town
Congress poised to pass modest gun control measures in spending bill
Lead lawyer quits Trumps Russia team
White House Turns Greek for Independence Day Celebration (LIVE)
Electric cars look better than ever #citylabarchive
French firm reportedly wins contract to make Brexit UK passports, @kcalamur reports:
Stormy Daniels lawyer demands Trump Organization and two banks preserve payoff documents.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg rules that the hot dog is, by definition, a sandwich
Licensing is driving traditional toy sales in 2018, growing by 5% in constant value terms.
US House Republicans vote to release #Russia report, ending probe
Anti-Islam TV Spot in the Netherlands Has Dutch Calling for More Love, Less Hate
Why cant the president attract any of the nations top lawyers?
Citi sets restrictions on gun sales by retail clients
Switzerland: Egypt get ready for clash against Portugal
#Live | @nicolasmaduro: Venezuela delivered an oil field with 5,000 million barrels as support for the #Petro
Dow tumbles 724 points on trade war fears
The Euronews interview that is key to the investigation into Nicolas Sarkozy
Smart Cities Predictions for 2018 #society
This seed startup is redesigning vegetables to make them taste better:
Artist creates edgy illustrations that dissect anatomy of dinosaurs and other animals
#WorldWaterDay: The cities of the 21st century will be defined by water
Heres a way that you can boycott Monsanto. #Monsanto #health #foodfreedom
In 11 days, Trump’s attack on the ‘fake news media’ falls apart completely
What happened when a ship packed with six million pounds of explosives went up in flames
Boeing loyalist Ryanair to fly first Airbus with Austria deal
Spotify CEO eligible to sell up to $2 billion stake in public listing
36 eye-opening facts about water #WorldWaterDay
Duke Energy is drawing power from climate activism @TheRealLSL
Activists hope students protesters will become voters
Dropbox IPO shares are priced at $21 — higher than expected
Need gift ideas? These city map scarves make the perfect gift for any occasion.
This map shows that basically all roads do lead to Rome #citylabarchive
Marcel Wanders uses mismatched patterns and oversized furnishings for Doha hotel
On the #WorldWaterDay we remind you that, 780 million people do not have access to clean water.
50 years after their historic strike, Memphis sanitation workers are still fighting
AG Sessions Tells Prosecutors to Seek Death Penalty in Drug Cases
Norway plans to buy electric planes, mimicking green car success
I have never betrayed the French, says Sarkozy amid Libya funding probe
Tillerson bids farewell to a mean-spirited town
The rising criminalization of black girls
Poland says U.S. missile shield site delayed until 2020
In farewell message, Peru’s outing president pleads “I’m not a corrupt person”
Circa 1981 #ThrowbackThursday
An unidentified sea creature washed up on a Georgia beach, then vanished
Hong Kong Adventure Corps, Air Cadet Corps invited to train in Chinese-style marching steps
BMO in on $100 million financing deal for cannabis company Cronos
5 epic volcano eruptions caught on camera
How the Maduro regime kidnaps minors to silence growing discontent by @pedrogarciao
Incredibly dangerous: State assesses damage to Glenn Highway overpass hit by truck
Vibes hi-fi earplugs protect your hearing without muffling the music
What Everyone Gets Wrong About Lonely People
Russia may annul election results at two polling stations: officials
Graphene hair dye: Scientists use miracle nanomaterial to make non-toxic dye
Kentucky and Arizona teachers rally to defend public education
From the AP archives: Family Members In Shock After Bridge Collapse
Tax Reform Is Boosting Take-Home Pay for Millions of Americans. Here’s the Proof.
Tomorrows @independent front page #tomorrowspaperstoday To subscribe to the Daily Edition
The Pentagon Mimicking Human Speech With Lasers Is the Creepiest Thing You’ll Hear All Week
Mapping the incredible spread of million-dollar homes across San Francisco #citylabarchive
Martin Luther King Jr. wanted more than just desegregation, writes @eveewing #KingLegacy
Goldman Sachs no longer one of top three commodities banks
Arson attack targets Afghan community offices in Athens #Greece
First come the artists: Do the arts really lead to gentrification?
IBM Reportedly Laid of Thousands of Older Workers in a Deliberate Campaign
Photographs reveal the feat of engineering behind the Louvre Abu Dhabis dome
#Greek parliament to discuss temporary expulsion of Golden Dawn after traitors comment
House Resolution Urges ‘Fair’ Deal for FYROM Naming Dispute
How deepfake porn is killing our trust in tech
How might the Supreme Court rule on the issue of capital punishment for drug dealers?
Exclusive: China to respond to U.S. tariffs, resist protectionism - WTO envoy
Lessons Learned from a Concrete River #infrastructure
NEW: No serious injuries reported after small manhole explosion in lower Manhattan, NYPD says.
Austrian lawmakers vote to abandon smoking ban in the name of freedom of choice
Will Saif al-Islam Gaddafi run in Libyan elections?
20,000 Republicans just voted for an actual Nazi
24 hidden Windows settings to help you compute better
Ackman exits Nike stake with $100 million in profit: source
Norway plans to buy electric planes, mimicking green car success
EU leaders condemn Turkey for illegal actions as transgressions continue
Kotzias begins pivotal visit to Skopje as name talks progress
Bill links fines for driving violations to income of offender
African dust blankets Athens
The human stories behind mass incarceration: @Eve_Abrams
Wall Street suffers biggest drop in 6 weeks on China tariffs
Dow Jones closes down more than 700 points as Trump China tariffs spark trade war fears
From the AP archives: Vehicles Removed From Fla. Bridge Collapse
Tillerson bids farewell to mean-spirited Washington in speech to staff
Want to fight crime? Plant some flowers with your neighbor
The real enemy of the white working class is...the white middle class (via @kdrum)
Lawsuit alleges Saudi, Iran support for 9/11 hijackers
Gun enthusiasts outraged over Youtube gun crackdown
GSK advances in Pfizer consumer health auction as Reckitt quits
NYC Cabbie Who Blamed Uber, Lyft for Financial Woes Commits Suicide #NicanorOchisor
#CharlesLazarus, who founded Toys R Us retailer, dies at 94
Download our latest whitepaper, Global Economic Forecasts Q1 2018, today.
.@keithellison: The Time Has Come for Medicare-for-All and a Maximum Wage
Citi institutes major changes to commercial firearms policies
Lights, camera, Australia! Where to spot film and TV locations around Oz by @moniqueperrin
Comedy Centrals Klepper gathers with gun activists
B.C. announces rebates for LNG projects in big boost to Shell’s $40B project
Public lands are being sold in secret on the internet
Make your Android and iOS devices work together
Chipotle wins dismissal of investor lawsuit over foodborne illness
A gun channel moves to Pornhub after YouTubes ban on firearms
Court filing claims Education Dept illegally got SSN data
Investigators scour Texas bombers home, searching for a motive
Children are able to pick up negative racial stereotypes by the age of six
Breakingviews - Self-driving cars may find legal lesson in pharma
Lusaka Goes Days On Dry Taps: #Zambia
VERBATIM: Tillerson bashes D.C. on the way out
Can TV comedies about murder move beyond the punchline? @sophieGG asks:
Golden Dawn MP Makes Vulgar Attacks against SYRIZA Ministers in Greek Parliament #Greece
Putin Invites Greek PM to Russia #Greece
Turkish Fighter Jets Harass Greek Army Chief’s Helicopter #Greece
Why your autonomous car might come with its own drone
The Austin bomber and the effects of continuous trauma
#Russia may annul election results at two polling stations: Officials
Demand for air seats to Greece soars
Labor market picture looks bleak
Citigroup sees growth at just 1.4 pct in 2018
China’s Fosun to bid again for Ethniki Insurance
East Med gas could supply Europe
U.S. Slaps Sweeping New Tariffs on China Imports
Politicians, ironically, are the worst at crafting good policy. Heres why:
Trumps lead lawyer in federal Russia probe resigns
The City as an Instrument of Public Health #society
This site lets you pay the water bill for a family in need: #WorldWaterDay
Criticizing Facebook, William Shatner responds to death hoax: I’m not planning on dying.
Trumps lawyer just resigned because the president wouldnt listen to him
Illegal logging is causing irreversible damage to the Amazon. It’s time to put an end to it:
Trump can’t stop bragging about his campaign’s use of stolen personal data
18 things for people who are always, always cold
Mississippis new law restricting abortion blocked by judge for 10 days
EU leaders receive positive news on Trump tariffs
Targeting a secure future: igaming as a case study. #Gaming #DataScience
Theresa May accuses Russia of ‘brazen and reckless attack against the United Kingdom’
.@tsipras_eu criticizes tax havens, calls for fiscal justice at European Council #Greece
Hong Kongs new human trafficking action plan - a rhetorical manoeuvre or reason for hope?
Public perception of economic conditions hits post-recession high
ACLU sues Palmer police, calling arrest of immigrant ‘false imprisonment’
Goldman Sachs CEO says sovereign balance sheets look risky
Former PMs, ministers turn down summons to @Novartis parliamentary committee #Greece
FM Kotzias arrives in Skopje in a historic visit #Greece #FYROM
BNEF Predicts Mexico To Add 24 Terawatt-Hours Of Clean Energy By 2022
The double standard on how the media is talking about the Austin bomber
Greek Minister Makes Historic Trip to Skopje #Greece
Inside IBMs purge of thousands of workers who have one thing in common
Investigators scour Texas bombers home, searching for a motive
Daughters perfectly-placed plea for a puppy goes viral.
Trump administration eyes tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese goods
1936: Empire State Window Washer Cameraman
Turkish F-16s harass Chinook carrying Greek army chief
ATHEX: Index drops below 800 pts
Objective values to rise for 60 pct of property zones
Chancellor: Index investment riskier than it looks
Donald Trump’s popularity among Republicans is very average (via @kdrum)
Trump surrounds himself with yes-man lawyers -- a great way to wind up in prison
MVP Jose Altuve, Astros finalize $163.5M, 7-year contract
Sacramento, CA: Video Shows Officers Killing Stephon Clark in His Backyard #StephonClark
Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon running for governor
Police release video of self-driving Uber pedestrian collision (via @kdrum)
Tribeca to hold Schindlers List, Scarface reunions
Why I took legal action against Cambridge Analytica
Coming up: @LRacheldG interviews Parkland school shooting survivor @KyleKashuv about #schoolsafety #nextgen
You dont have to delete Facebook, but you could definitely be using it better
Nigeria Govt Denies Dapchi Girls Abduction Was Staged #Nigeria
Russian agent may have limited mental capacity after nerve attack
1949: Vista-Domes allowed train travelers to take in the sights. #AfternoonAd
The Russians are tweeting! The Russians are tweeting!
IDS releases new firmware for GigE Vision cameras -
Steve Wynn settled with second woman over sex allegations
NASAs Curiosity Rover Hits 2,000 Sol (Martian Day) Milestone
President Trump receives court summons at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Smart roads could protect us from self-driving car crashes
Ocean plastic-dump has more plastic than thought
When Brexit literally changes your life, by @YasmeenSerhan:
Trump administration eyes tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese goods
Trump to impose tariffs on $60bn of Chinese imports
#RexTillerson says farewell to Washington, a mean-spirited town
House votes to pass $1.3 trillion spending bill
Investigators scour Texas bombers home, searching for a motive
Greek President Rules Out Lausanne Treaty Changes
How astronaut health studies help us Earthlings
Revitalize the City, Invigorate the Region #governance
British police officer contaminated in Skripal case leaves hospital
Greek-American community continues efforts to highlight Turkish aggression
POLL: whats the best Van Morrison look? A. clean-cut lad B. soulful beardo C. rocker flâneur D. mystic beat poet
The Navys Super Hornets Are Getting an Upgrade
Our #Brexit divorce bill will probably be paid off by 2064. Read the factcheck
Crushed Canadian gas sector finally seeing a ray of light
Karen McDougal is the woman with the best chance of bringing down Trump
No one knows if lobsters feel pain, which makes boiling them alive rather complicated
Scientists develop brain scanner in a helmet
Mattis tells Saudi leader: urgent need to find end to Yemens war
Frances rolling railway strikes: The cheminot status explained
Trump unveils punishing tariffs on China despite uproar
The US Under Donald Trump: Already Hell Enough for This Muslim-American
Dear Mark Zuckerberg, from @JonSnowC4.
Maryn McKenna on Agriculture, Antibiotics and Big Chicken
House passes massive government spending bill
Protesters in France challenge economic reforms
Using History to Resolve the Anglophone Crisis - guest column by @CohenOnAfrica: #Cameroon
Find out who is leading the race on the electric highway with our new #Charged car coverage:
A landmark report shows why Americans keep losing happiness
Congress spending bill is a rude awakening for Sessions war on medical marijuana
Every Wes Anderson film is a subtle revolt against the digital age.
Self-driving car industry confronts trust issues after Uber crash

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