Italian election winners reach deal on parliamentary speakers
This startup is conjuring high design out of garbage
Russia blows up Soviet-era landmark in World Cup city
LIVE: Crowds walk through Los Angeles to rally for gun control #MarchForOurLives
French Senate roundtable looks to future in fight on terrorism in Middle East
Trump denounces horrible attack in France
I watched NRATV for an entire day. Here’s what they said about the March for Our Lives.
If the Earth is spinning, why can’t I feel it?
Emery won’t coach PSG next season, says Meunier
Turns out the Trump campaigns coffee boy had a bigger role than everyone thought
Motor racing: McLaren ready for attack mode, says buoyed Alonso
Turkey still in talks to buy US Patriot missiles
Thousands worldwide join #MarchForOurLives in support of gun control
Terror comes to small French town
Dutch soccer icon Gullit switched on by esports
Reebok’s Vision For “Recycling” Gas Stations
State Department seemingly buys $15,000 iPhone cracking tech GrayKey:
Thousands worldwide join March for Our Lives in support of gun control
Activists and lawmakers react to Trumps transgender military ban
Guframs latest collection takes its cues from the disco era
Germany’s Siemens and France’s Alstom couple train units
Amber Alert: 13-year-old boy missing in Peristeri, West #Athens #Greece
Biden would beat hell out of Trump for disrespecting women
Life imitates art - three billboards seek tougher abuse law for New York
House Republican offers completely incoherent rationale for ending Russia investigation
First Iraqi-made film in 25 years in cinemas
Uncovering the Mysteries of Medicinal Herbs
These fish build group homes that double as devious shrimp traps
Blockchains could be every Data Scientists dream #blockchain #bitcoin #DataScience
Netflix and Formula One team up for documentary series
24 March 1900 - Construction begins on the monumental project of the New York Subway system.
Why the Cambridge Analytica story is not a data breach
American farmers are collateral damage in Trumps trade war
Electric cars look better than ever #citylabarchive
Germany’s Siemens and France’s Alstom couple train units
Black Voters Like #LouisFarrakhan. Everyone else, not so much...
Zimbabwe Ruling Party Politburo Approves Manifesto: #Zimbabwe
Limebike, the dockless bike-share startup, wants to pay people to charge their scooters
Russian double agent poisoned in Britain wrote to #Putin to ask for pardon, says friend
Greek shipping tycoon denies drugs charges
Using Socially Responsible Investing to Enable Local Action #economy
Shes had the same pet for the last 56 years
Sierra Leones High Court pauses preparations for presidential run-off
Get fired up to fight the Man with these 8 protest posters
Croatians protest against European treaty they say threatens traditional family
Swedish municipalities wing Easter decorations without feathers
Finland ready to arrest #Puigdemont on European warrant
Protesters in the US hold rallies demanding tougher gun laws
First India-Israel flight over Saudi airspace angers Israels national carrier El Al
Trump seeks chaos as his alleged mistresses hit the airwaves
Hospitals are scrambling to solve their major air pollution issue
Whales die after mass stranding in Australia
Sir Paul McCartney joins thousands of demonstrators for #MarchForOurLives in New York City
LATEST: Finnish MP @KarnaMikko says Puigdemont is no longer in Finland, left for Belgium again last night.
Trump Says He Will Ban Bump Stocks
Students’ Parade on #Greece’s Independence Day in downtown Athens (picts)
Fired FBI Director Andrew McCabe Fires Back at Donald Trump
Ivorians vote in senate poll likely to shore up presidents power
Stormy Daniels lawyer fires warning shot to Trump
#Crete: Rare footage with amazing scenery filmed in 1910 probably by Frenchmen! (video)
Popular at EarthSky this week ...Massive cyclones at Jupiters poles: Whoa!
Trump wants to ban health warnings on his favorite food
US unveils plan to ban controversial gun devices
JCDecaux open to bidding for U.S. peers but nothing planned: CEO
Nancy Lieberman to coach team in BIG3 league
March for Our Lives: Hundreds of thousands march for U.S. gun control
Elon Musks Tesla pay package could net him $50 billion
Web Application Penetration Testing Cheat Sheet
The Weeknd, Bruno Mars to headline Lollapalooza in Chicago
French officer who took hostages place dies
GOP senator celebrates Bolton’s appointment because it might mean preemptive war
Musical instruments and apps that teach you how to play
#WorldTBDay - A TB Test Thats Cheaper, Quicker and More Accurate #SouthAfrica
Fox News—not Breitbart—has become the real platform of the alt-right
Sierra Leone court upholds injunction to delay election run-off
Jules Gabriel Verne died Friday March 24, 1905 at 77 years of age.
100 Vine compilations playing at the same time opens a portal to a delirious hell
Crowds gather for largest US #guncontrol protest in a generation
Americans Not So Sure About #DeathPenalty for #DrugDealers...
#Trumps plan to open up offshore #US drilling shows signs of sinking #OOTT #ONGT
From the AP archives: Eddie Redmayne announces birth of second child, a boy
Hundreds of thousands march for tighter U.S. gun controls
UK investigators search London office of firm at center of Facebook data storm
The Limits of Data #society
8 TED Talks to give you a confidence boost:
Iowa family found dead in Mexico
Former Catalan leader faces arrest in Finland
Thai pro-democracy protesters march into army headquarters
Two-thirds of Americans (67%) get at least some news on social media.
Texas is building a huge stadium for a billion-dollar sport: Video games
Armed takeovers have become less common worldwide
Our reporter in DC talks to some kids.
Sergei Skripal, Novichok, and the Chemical Weapons Convention
Public lands are being sold in secret on the internet
Elon Musk deletes Facebook pages for SpaceX and Tesla
Turkey poop could help save us from ourselves
Iran should turn to Russia, China after Bolton nomination: senior MP
Electric Drag Racing With True Cousins — The Cars
What is the science behind the Cambridge Analytica scandal? @IvanSemeniuk explains
#SierraLeone court halts preparations for presidential run-off
Ghouta exodus continues as Syrian army strengthens grip on city
Clocks go forward an hour tonight!
French policeman who took place of hostage dies of gunshot wounds
How the Free Movement of People Could Benefit Africa #Africa
Island of plastic debris in Pacific far bigger than previous estimates, study says
#Thai pro-democracy protesters march into army headquarters
Everything you need to know about Egypts 2018 presidential election:
New data leak hits Indias national ID card database Aadhaar: ZDNet
Finnish police receive arrest warrant for Puigdemont but whereabout unknown
The DSE: Hong Kongs high-pressure exams inflict long-term harm on survivors
Guinea worm disease transmission stopped in South Sudan
Macron expresses concern over Turkish offensive in #Afrin
From South Sudan to Yemen, the diary of an Oxfam aid worker:
Zimbabwe Govt Unbans South Africa Music Group: #Hifa #Zimbabwe
Woman says she was paid to claim Broward County sheriff forced her to get an abortion
Naps are really beneficial. Heres how to take them.
Why good economics make for bad politics:
India queries Cambridge Analytica over alleged Facebook data breach
March 24, 1930: Planet X is named Pluto, the suggestion of an 11-year-old girl.
Watching Nature Collapse
How to chose a #NONGMO papaya!
A cyberattack on Atlanta poses massive inconvenience to the city, according to the mayor.
Steve Wynn gives notice he could sell his Wynn Resort shares
An anarchist browser plug-in wants you to help fight fascism on the internet
Turkish aggressiveness out of control, #KKE leader #Koutsoumbas says
Should #Trump Ax #Mueller?...
How Australia could fix U.S. elections
Finnish police seek Puigdemonts arrest under European warrant
Anti-Homosexuality Laws Prevent Us from Achieving Universal Health Coverage: #Africa
Mugabe Fights Farm Eviction: #Zimbabwe
Apple submits plans for disability emojis including wheelchair users and bionic limbs
The Search for a Theory of Cities #society
#DeleteFacebook? Privacy proves hard to protect online
Time runs out for unfinished TV tower in Yekaterinburg
The price we pay for unnecessary #war.
Egypt expels British journalist Bel Trew in media crackdown
The first Iraqi-made film in 25 years is playing in cinemas
LIVE: People gather in New York City for the #MarchForOurLives against gun violence
Video: This sustainable materials library puts hundreds of samples at designers’ fingertips
As Syrian rebels quit Ghouta, Douma stands alone
Local groups unite against Islamophobic march in UK
First direct Australia-Europe passenger service takes off #perthtolondon
Oil price crosses $70 amid Iran deal tensions
Trump tries to implement new ban on transgender people serving in the military
Meet SoFi, the little robot fish that could
Amazon Go might kill more than just supermarkets
UE Blast and Megablast review: One step closer to a perfect portable Alexa speaker
Breakingviews - Review: Pluralist economics is a work in progress
Hundreds of thousands set to march for tighter U.S. gun controls
BYD Gains Foothold In Portugal With First Electric Bus Deal
From the AP archives: 18 karat gold Easter bunnies and more
Teenagers have become lovely human beings. But why?
Former Catalan leader faces arrest in Finland
Portuguese pilot held in Germany after being found drunk in cockpit
Russian soccer World Cup city razes love it or hate it Soviet-era landmark
This is the legal thicket the NRA has created to make it impossible to study gun violence
Natalie Dionne extended this Montreal residence using offset black boxes
Markles wedding ring expected to follow royal tradition of Welsh gold
Motiv Power Systems Receives CARB Emissions Exemption
He survived the Las Vegas massacre. And hes protesting for the first time.
Americans and Danes support March For Our Lives with Copenhagen rally
Zay Jones father says Bills receiver is going to be fine
NRATV host feels bullied by Parkland teen using swear words
Chinas new stealth fighter uses powerful materials with geometry not found in nature
Why cant Trump attract any of the nations top lawyers?
Motor racing: Brilliant Hamilton blazes to Melbourne pole
Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster In Space … Because It’s Fun
Why this small city banned Bitcoin mining
US existing-home sales climbed 3 percent in February
LIVE: People gather in Philadelphia for the #MarchForOurLives
Suspect arrested in burglary of Patriots star Rob Gronkowskis house.
Our quote today is from feminist scholar Audre Lorde
Samalayuca Sand Dunes #NASA
Space pictures show how Spanish reservoirs are shrinking
New coal plants falling but not enough to meet Paris target - study
From the AP archives: 18 karat gold Easter bunnies and more
UN: 124 million people suffer hunger worldwide
From the AP archives: International security teams trained at Jordanian police centre
FM @TerensQuick meets with his Irish counterpart #Cannon in Dublin
Man arrested for burglarizing Patriots Gronkowskis home
March for our lives: Hundreds of thousands set to protest U.S. gun control laws
The Soyuz MS-08 spacecraft journeys to the International Space Station
Student Parade Commemorates Greece’s War of Independence
Making Sure that Smart Cities Work for Citizens #governance
In recent years, there has been a steep decline in international adoptions to the U.S.
Zimbabwe investigates Grace Mugabe for illegal ivory smuggling
A timeline of Facebooks privacy issues — and its responses
Iowa family of four found dead in Mexico
Unfriended: Facebook backlash points to troubling new narrative From @tamsinrm
Listen to the latest episode of #DearHBR on unfair pay with @michiganrosss Shirli Kopelman
Grief is a seismic force for social change: #MarchForOurLives
#DeleteFacebook? Privacy proves hard to protect online
#Minor freed from #underage #prostitution racket in #Andalucia
Congress’ spending bill is a rude awakening for Sessions’ war on medical marijuana
This minimalist wallet eliminates needless bulk
Local knowledge can save endangered animals
Croatians protest against European treaty they say threatens traditional family
How To Turn Science Into A Winning Issue: Lessons From The Creation Of NASA
Heres why Republicans are terrified about the 2018 midterms
Inside IBMs purge of thousands of workers who have one thing in common
Conservationists and foresters at loggerheads over Poland’s ancient forest
China should target U.S. soybeans, says former finance minister
Raila Odinga Makes Another Dubious Deal: #Kenya #Odinga
The Koch brothers tried to spread fake news in black churches. It did not go well.
A major landslide was reported early on Saturday on the old national road #Ioannina -Metsovo
The future of beauty, according to @Loreal’s tech and design guru
Donald Trumps popularity among Republicans is very average
Kenya: Last Male Northern White Rhinoceros Dies
Dubais amazing transformation
President #Pavlopoulos: #Greece and EU have the will and power to defend their borders
Bomb kills two in Alexandria ahead of Egypt presidential vote
Cloak and data: The real story behind Cambridge Analyticas rise and fall
24 March 1945 - Operation Varsity - Glider attack across the Rhine. Greatest airborne operation in WWII.
Jimmy Kimmel brings Katie Couric to his colonoscopy
.@ZacEfron says hes enjoying a vegan diet!
I watched NRATV for an entire day. Here’s what they said about the March for Our Lives.
Scientists have some pretty outlandish ideas for cooling the planet down
Motor racing: McLaren ready for attack mode, says buoyed Alonso
How Buddhism was weaponized during the Cold War:
Research Finds Extreme Temperature Fluctuations Linked To Increased Rates Of Heart Attacks
This hat can fool a facial recognition system into thinking youre Moby
A top leader of Italys Five Star Movement: Why we won
What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key #Polls... #BreakingPoll
#UK sentiment towards #fracking remains frosty #OOTT
French hostage hero dies from wounds
Sweden arrests record number of drugs smugglers
This Is What Car Mechanics Really Think of You
Hungary in no rush to join euro zone, minister says
Creating Transparency for Equitable Government #governance
We Are on a Bus to DC with Students Who Lived Through Sandy Hook. Join Us.
Escape Mass Tourism in the Traditional Cretan Village of Mochos
The Great Fighters of Greece’s War of Independence
UAE-backed Yemeni militia accused of arbitrary arrests and torture in Yemen
Apples Tim Cook calls for calm heads on China, U.S. trade
Arnaud Beltrame, French cop who died a hero
Kenya Lifts Ban on Poultry Products From Uganda After 15 Months #Kenya #Uganda
#Sydney goes dark as #EarthHour climate campaign kicks off
House Republican offers completely incoherent rationale for ending Russia investigation
12 tricks for improving your computers appearance and sound
The Sterilization War In India That Never Stops
Arctic Ocean ice near record low for winter, boost for shipping
Motor racing: Angry Ricciardo slams stewards for grid penalty
French hostage hero dies from wounds
Over 150 whales die after mass stranding
Climate Change Just Revealed A US Military Secret Once Thought To Be Buried Forever
Apple cider vinegar morning detox drink: #ACV #health #detox
British journalist expelled from Egypt and declared persona non-grata ahead of elections
#Earthquake magnitude 4,4 - 95,9 km from #León - #Nicaragua
Beaming Hamilton burns Vettel with smile jibe
Trump tells Congress partys over after reluctantly signing budget-busting spending bill
15 Years of Collecting Rhino Semen Is Finally Paying Off
Hamilton pole lap unbelievably special: Rosberg
The world of #ReadyPlayerOne is not just pure speculation actually
Trump seeks chaos as his alleged mistresses hit the airwaves
David Chipperfields Museo Jumex photographed by Rory Gardiner
The great Pacific garbage patch is even trashier than we thought
Russia says over 105,000 civilians have left Syrias Eastern Ghouta: RIA
Egypt Prepares for Presidential Polls Amid Boycott Calls #Africa #Egypt
Study Uncovers Brutal Policing of Sex Work: #SouthAfrica
We visited the city that banned Bitcoin mining over concerns about electricity usage:
When It Comes To Wind Energy, Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
Security services avert plan to install Gulenists in Greece
Hundreds of Thousands of People Will March Against Gun Violence Today
Netflix and Formula One team up for documentary series
Loewe designs costumes for Anthea Hamiltons Tate Britain installation
Netizen Report: Network Shutdowns Threaten Communities in Syria, Venezuela, Pakistan
A Book Review of New York: 2140 A Novel #environment
Nicholls reaches 50 before rain washes out third day
This is how to survive a school shooting
British woman found dead in southern Spain identified #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
Nissan Pushes Into Energy Storage With Second-Life Battery Initiative
What activities can I do when I turn off the lights for Earth Hour? #EarthHour
This Columbine survivor, now a teacher, is rallying with students at March for Our Lives.
How the world is reacting to Trump’s appointment of John Bolton
If we shrink national monuments, science will suffer
Former Catalan leader facing arrest in Finland
Four Leading Black Reporters Talk About Newsroom Diversity Environmental Justice
The unhappy states of America
French policeman who took place of hostage dies
Hefty airline fees targeted under new Government plans
The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever
This blind artist is challenging centuries of thinking about colour
AP: Hurricane Harvey Toxic Releases Far Worse Than Previously Known
U.S. accuses China of stealing patents in WTO complaint
What happened to Ukraines border wall against Russia?
Why Magufuli Dissolved NHC Board, Sacked Mchechu: #Tanzania
U.S. steel tariffs meet barrage of criticism at WTO
Five ways to make parched cities cooler @ArupGroup
New travel costs revealed for EPA head amid ongoing scrutiny
Musical instruments and apps that teach you how to play
The Rain Will Come - Evangelist Angus Buchan: #SouthAfrica
Iran should turn to Russia, China after Bolton nomination: senior MP
Climate Change Could Make The Opioid Crisis Worse
Zimbabwe investigates Grace Mugabe for ivory smuggling
#Greece Daylight saving time: Don’t forget t change the clocks tonight
Another Oil Leak As Japanese Vessel Runs Aground: #Namibia
Digital journey to Periclean Athens
Inside Albania’s notorious gulag: Spacs legacy of terror
Mongol Empire: 24 March 1401 - Turko-Mongol emperor Timur sacks Damascus.
WTO chief warns of disruption to global economy, urges restraint
Speeding up Technology Use for Setting Equitable Speed Limits #governance
#Earthquake magnitude 5,2 - 51,5 km from #Mekele - #Ethiopia
California police shooting of unarmed black man forcing look at policies
Tuberculosis Survivors Advocate To Eradicate The Disease From India

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