Land EWC will halt development of black middle class – Anthea Jeffery -
L.A.s first chief design officer has big plans
Screening and Early Treatment Can Prevent Cervical Cancer Deaths
Exclusive: Brookfield Property submits new offer for mall owner GGP - sources
Canada to send helicopters, troops to Mali: government source
Creating Community Resilience in Every City #governance
.@UN highlights murder of dozens of activists in Colombia after FARC peace deal
The arrow of time is all in our heads:
A primer on the primal origins of humans on Earth
The city that banned Bitcoin mining:
#Singapores best rooftop bars and bars with a view
Betsy DeVos wants to eliminate the very programs she thinks will help stop school violence
Trump is systematically removing the guardrails in his cabinet.
Who is running against Vladimir Putin in Russias 2018 elections?
#Indias Silicon Valley #Bangalore faces man-made #water crisis
Your First Look at the 2020 Ford Bronco
Live in Canada? You may apply for this cash reward for buying a Tesla truck:
Understanding the #Bolivia | #Chile Sea Dispute.
Xis trusted firefighter lieutenant becomes Chinas vice president
‘Mob rule’: Cult hero director Terry Gilliam takes myopic swing at the ‘Me Too’ moment
White House seeks to allay staff concerns about personnel changes
FBI deputy director fired days before retirement
How a FedEx employee discovered the world’s largest prime number
Venezuela begins power rationing as drought causes severe outages
Democrats may seek prosecution of witnesses who misled House Intelligence Committee
Facebook suspends SCL, Cambridge Analytica for violating policies
How we talk about brain regions is all wrong: @Neuro_Skeptic
Whats the best way to invest your way to a second passport? -
Corn-state senators seek Trump meeting as U.S. biofuel changes loom
The man who painted the Boston Marathons starting line for nearly four decades is retiring.
Landmark study upends GOP lawmakers’ favorite talking point to justify restricting abortion
Raonic outlasts Querrey, to face Del Potro in semis
VASSY Releases New Single ‘Somebody New’
35 Reasons Why You Must Visit Greece #Greece
Offshore Wind Taking Cleveland Back to the Future #infrastructure
Add a dash of chemistry for the best microwave mug cake of your life
The number of hate crimes in Greece nearly tripled in 2017
What Happens When White Parents Adopt Black Children and Move to Black Neighborhoods
Tumblr has a major creepshots problem
Chinas parliament approves government reorganization plan
#Australia warns #South-eastAsia of high-tech #terror threat
From the AP archives: Aftermath of NY helicopter crash in which at least two died
Historic old #Quebec to get tram link
The essays in Martin Amiss “The Rub of Time” defend careful thought and use of language.
Roughly three-quarters of Americans go online at least daily
#Chinas parliament unanimously re-elects #XiJinping as president
Farmworkers Break 5-Day Fast Protesting Wendy’s over Labor Conditions #BoycottWendys
SunPower seeks tariff waiver, cites plan for U.S. expansion
Uncertainty In The White House As More Staff Shake-Ups Loom | NBC Nightly News
How a story about astronaut DNA turned into a story about fake news, by @marinakoren
Trump signs U.S.-Taiwan travel bill, angering China
Space travel changes our genes, and NASAs Twin Study proves it
Engineer left voicemail about Florida bridge cracks
Academy of Motion Pictures chief accused of sexual misconduct: reports
Ex-FBI deputy Andrew McCabe fired days before retirement
Globe in Russia: Back to the USSR: Putin and the new Cold War from @markmackinnon
By supporting Trump, Irish Americans betray their own struggle against oppression.
Listen to this orca saying ‘hello’—for science!
Arctic permafrost will probably melt even faster than we though it would: @yulsman
Berkshire says median employee makes over half Buffetts pay
#Malaysia s ruling Barisan Nasional to offer targeted election manifesto #GE14
Can you guess why... #Monsanto #California #glyphosate #cancer
Their test kitchens are reimagining meatballs, burgers and hotdogs. #IKEA
Greg Berlanti, master of Vancouver’s TV universe From @ianabailey via @GlobeBC
Nigerian Senate Confirms Payment for Running Costs #Nigeria
Wall Streets tech love affair might end in tears
Photo Essay: The lost tradition of female facial tattoos in North Africa
Flying taxis finally arrive… in New Zealand -
Pregnant Swede among eight injured in Georgia ski lift crush
Marine Le Pens attempt to rebrand is full of contradictions, @YasmeenSerhan writes:
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Fired Days Before Scheduled Retirement
Five New York doctors charged with taking kickbacks from Insys
Attorney General Sessions fires former FBI deputy director McCabe
New York Town Bans Bitcoin Miners
Dalís remains finally re-buried after paternity test
How a Non Profit Roundtable Turned into a Smart City Pilot Project #commonwealth
Thanks to climate change, summer will one day be 2 months longer
Birth control for men: gene editing might make it a reality.
Add Your Voice to the Many Others Fighting for Change! #Petition #TakeAction #Resist
It’s not your imagination, we really are getting more blizzards
The Koch brothers tried to spread fake news in black churches. It did not go well.
Cenovus seeks partner for C$1.3 billion Narrows Lake project: sources
Will the ‘information paradox’ pioneered by Stephen Hawking ever be resolved?
Railways feel the heat over grain backlogs, as farmers feel the pinch in their wallets
USA: Homicide squad investigating Miami bridge collapse – Miami-Dade Police Dep.
A glimpse into Chinas consumer culture by French photographer Alain Delorme
Tinder’s parent company Match Group is suing dating app Bumble for patent infringement
Mexican election front-runner offers referendums, could end term early
Anti-gay discrimination just cost this judge 3 years of pay
Hundreds gather for Madrid protest after death of street vendor sparked riots
Our Video Was Featured On NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt
Vatican removes Guam bishop for sexual abuse
Siemens health unit shares surge in Frankfurt debut
Huge bonuses at Deutsche Bank despite 2017 loss
Nick Bailey, officer in Salisbury attack, out of critical condition
You might be inhaling bits of toxic algae
The campaign to privatize public education is anti-democratic.
Exclusive: Brookfield Property submits new offer for mall owner GGP - sources
Philadelphias DA just showed Americas prosecutors how to end mass incarceration
Could fasting while exercising actually help?
Oil prices jump, Brent hits highest in more than 2 weeks
Nike president Trevor Edwards retiring as company addresses workplace behavior concerns.
Brazil creates pulp giant, expansion plans shelved
What the heck are quantum computers and why do they matter? - The Wall Street Journal -
Your weekly Attenborough: Blakea attenboroughii:
EPA planning to adopt climate denier Lamar Smith’s unpopular anti-science rules
Where kid coders are born
Why cant everyone do the Asian squat? @sarahzhang investigates
Berkshire says median employee makes over half Buffetts pay
The surprisingly charming science of your gut:
Go Boston 2030 What Lies Ahead
Henry Behrens, the smallest man in the world dances with his pet cat in the doorway of his Worthing home, 1956.
African, EU states focus anti-trafficking efforts at source
African, EU states focus anti-trafficking efforts at source
These pine trees all point toward the equator no matter where they are:
Macron, Merkel promise EU reform roadmap by June
African, EU states focus anti-trafficking efforts at source
John Kelly tamps down fears of more firings
What Stephen Hawking gave to us
Next to exit Trump White House? Odds favor McMaster, online bookie says
The Trump curse is real.
What you need to know about Egypts 2018 presidential election
Raw and healthy!
U.S. Sanctions Russia, Saying Hackers Targeted Infrastructure
Syria: Thousands flee as battles in eastern Ghouta and Afrin escalate
On our cheat sheet: Grim milestones, forgotten disasters, and paying for peace
The EU is giving teens a month of free train travel across Europe
Understanding the #Bolivia | #Chile Sea Dispute.
Can a newt kill you?
Feds reject three cannabis growers for every one accepted
Former Qualcomm chairman Jacobs to exit board of directors
Sarah Sanders defends Trump’s blatant lies about trade and bowling balls
Human Hybrids Of Ancient Greece.
Cigarette Firm To Pay .US.$5 Million in Taxes: #Tanzania
QA: Sen. Ben Sasse Weighs in on Russian Internet Manipulation, Tariffs
Runaway chair lift injures skiers at Georgian resort
Macron, Merkel promise EU reform roadmap by June
How to teach kids about computers when you dont actually have a computer
Another noreaster—the fourth storm this month—could slam into the Northeast next week.
Boeing moves to keep 777X on track after engine snag
Runaway chair lift injures skiers at Georgian resort
7 years of Syrias war, in pictures
U.S. blames Russia for cyber attacks on power grid
Prehistoric lizards could sprint on two legs
Michael Flynn Campaigns For California Congressional Candidate 3/16/18
2018 is the year of Trump Unchained
Gross national debt surpassed $21 trillion. It is time to #fixthedebt.
Venezuela begins power rationing as drought causes severe outages
.@NintendoAmerica debuts a coding interface for everyone
Georgia GOP pushes elimination of Sunday voting to suppress black turnout
White House seeks to allay staff concerns about personnel changes
Torrential Rain Causes Flooding in Dar es Salaam #Tanzania
Tebow (1 for 18) sent to minor league camp by Mets
Webinar: Introducing the Biznews Exponential Portfolio -
Integrating Formal and Informal Transportation Services into a Hybrid Net #infrastructure
Mumbais Deco Dreams: 2000 years of architecture in Indias mega-metropolis by @joe_planet
Dictatorial regimes have co-opted the capabilities of social media as tools of oppression.
Get more adventurous with this trio of tactical LED lights
Life of Pi actor Irrfan Khan reveals battle with tumor
Tillerson firing complicates State Departments Trump-Kim summit planning.
Flights cancelled ahead of blast of snow and ice
Globe editorial: Jagmeet Singh and the lessons of Canada From @GlobeDebate
Building better bus stops can be a snap
Don’t point the finger at Poloz for our languishing loonie
The first days of spring could bring another snowstorm to the Midwest and Northeast:
Trumps back-to-back visitors unlikely to solve Gulf dispute
Undocumented immigrants can vote in some elections. But ICE could keep them away.
Opinion: Shakespeare’s children: Should artists have kids? From @GlobeDebate
London court rules UK spy behind Trump dossier must give evidence in U.S. libel trial
Nightly Business Report - March 16, 2018
That #FridayFeeling
Idaho Tried to Solve Obamacare Price Hikes. Here’s What Happened
Exclusive: Brookfield Property submits new offer for mall owner GGP - sources
Need weekend plans? Take home a shelter dog
Cant sleep at night? Go camping: #WorldSleepDay
Gene Munster Loup Ventures Expect Tesla Market Share To Triple To 1.5% (USA)
Approval of Sweeping Government Overhaul to Address Nation’s Issues
The pernicious biases behind the term genius:
Bats help grow our crops, but climate change has them on the move
Wall Streets tech love affair might end in tears
Avoiding pitfalls in paleontology — two lessons courtesy of new research: @GemmaTarlach
Six months after Maria, the town where it made landfall feels like it’s been forgotten
Study reveals surprising link in the brain between coffee and cannabis.
Microsoft hits back at claims it ignored sexual harassment
U.S. blames Russia for cyber attacks on power grid
More turbulence at SAA as it suspends CFO, ex-CEO on probe allegations -
Icahn unveils 6.9 percent stake in Newell, could seek board seat
Trump Reportedly Set to Fire National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster
Globe in Russia: Back to the USSR: Putin and the new Cold War from @markmackinnon
Zuora is the latest tech company to file for IPO early this year
Top wellness spots in Latin America by @Lukeandhiswords
The Onramp to the Internet is Broken, But Cities Can Fix It #infrastructure
Trump considers ousting his VA secretary in Cabinet shuffle
Super interesting read!
Corn-state senators seek Trump meeting as U.S. biofuel changes loom
How to Say Goodbye When Someone You Love Is Dying By: @BaileyNinaW
#Live From The South | Over 400 people have died in 2018.
Great lakes and how to explore them by @NanaLuckham #travel
Oklahoma Senate rejects pay raise as teachers ready for strike - World Socialist Web Site
Dogs prefer when we talk to them in dog talk:
New Surviving Mars strategy game taught me that I definitely would not survive on Mars
National debt larger than our economy is in our near future unless we #fixthedebt
Food for Thought
#Live From The South | 50th anniversary of My Lai Massacre, where 504 unarmed civilians were killed by U.S. Troops.
#Live From The South | Speculation over Voter Turnout.
#Live From The South | President Putin is expected to win the elections.
#Live From The South | Russophobia May boost Participation in #Russia.
#Live From The South | 12 people died in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, they were migrants.
#Live From The South | Presidential Elections in #Russia. Volunteers will monitor the elections.
#Live From The South | President Putin is set to win.
#Live From The South | Barbudan Voters will be able to vote in Barbuda.
Afrin Syrians flee
#Live From The South | Voters will be transported.
#Live From The South | In #Colombia protesters clashed with police, protesting against Trumps Visit.
#Live From The South | President @evoespueblo met with Mariano Rajoy.
#Live From The South | U.N. Accused Mexican authorities in the Ayotzinapa Case.
Trump signs U.S.-Taiwan travel bill that China has opposed
A federal judge just ruled against the LAPD and delivered a big win for civil rights
#Live From The South | #Colombia, part of the agreement between the Colombian Government and FARC.
French president blames Russia for assasination attempt on former spy in Britain
BLOG: #DER Opportunities in #Spain
43 US State Governments DC Worked On EV Legislation In 2017
#Live From The South | In #Mexico Feminicide rise. 50,000 women killed since 1985.
Another round of gusty, locally severe storms will focus on the south-central US on Sunday:
Opinion: Smartphones and our memories: Don’t take a picture. It’ll last longer​ @GlobeDebate
Comets and asteroids shower Mars with organic compounds.
#Live From The South | Politics of the State have a huge repercussion. Impunity is common.
#Live From The South | Former President @dilmabr, criticized Privatizations done by Temer Government.
Former DJ releases album to help drive listeners to sleep
#Live From The South | #LGBTI community in Mexico fears conservative and Right-wing rise in the country.
Exotic materials that could find applications in integrated optical and mechanical devices
Boeing 737 Max 7 narrowbody jetliner makes maiden flight
#Live From The South | Reaction to the murder of Marielle Franco goes over only Latin America.
#Live From The South | World Social Forum in Bahia #Brazil, Committee in Defense of Lula Launched.
#Live From The South | #ACS meeting comes to an end in the Margarita Island in Venezuela.
This man build an urban farm in the arctic. So, whats our excuse?
#Live From The South | @jaarreaza Polluter States must answer.
Deutsche Bank pays out billions in bonuses
#Live From The South | @jaarreaza Much more than a declaration, it has obligations for the states.
What explains Element Fleet’s dramatic fall from grace?
Greg Berlanti, master of Vancouver’s TV universe From @ianabailey via @GlobeBC
These bird feathers are so black your eyes cant focus on them
Exclusive: European powers propose new Iran sanctions to meet Trump ultimatum
Corn-state senators seek Trump meeting as U.S. biofuel changes loom
William Gale Gedney, Girl standing on desk in courtyard, performing for a seated girl, ca. 1955.
Does weed really help you get to sleep?
Deafening silence: Romanian protesters keep quiet to make their point
Liverpool draw Manchester City in Champions League quarter-finals #sport #EuropeanNews
What brought down a brand-new “instant bridge” near Miami?
British clubs draw each other in Champions league quarters
A running list of responses to Richard Meier’s sexual misconduct allegations
Panathinaikos fights back to win at Malaga
Bosnian Serb leader calls for peaceful change of Balkan borders
Dead man balking: Court rejects Romanian man claim that he is alive
Peru’s president defends his record ahead of impeachment hearing
Quebec’s maple syrup farms tap foreign workers to fill labour gap From @iperitz
Thousands flee last rebel enclave near Syrian capital Damascus
Cherry blossoms will soon paint Washington, D.C., pink
Stephen Hawking, physicist who reshaped cosmology, dies at 76 -
Trump negotiating with several countries over tariffs: White House
Alaska lawmakers, following other states, consider bills to keep net neutrality #akleg
Where to find Tel Avivs best art outside of its museums
#HimToo? Oscars chief hit with sexual harassment claims
Virginias Hunter to miss NCAAs with broken wrist
Refugees flee Eastern Ghouta
Steve Mnuchin spent nearly $1 million in taxpayer dollars on eight flights
Meek Mills mother asks district attorney to help her son
Neighborhood Knowledge Supports Resilient Communities #infrastructure
Tillersons firing the latest messy breakup for Trump
3 rural Illinois men charged with Minnesota mosque bombing
Wall Streets tech love affair might end in tears
Clitoris Collector Sentenced to Life in Prison: #SouthAfrica
Shelly the tortoise is designed to teach kids not to instinctively beat up robots
Victims of Police Violence Seek Justice: #Kenya
Trump Should Be the Trigger for Africa to Find Common Cause With Americans: #Africa
Guardian front page, Saturday 17 March 2018: Russian exile was murdered, say police
50/50 Celebration Busts Budget: #Swaziland
50/50 Celebration Busts Budget: #Swaziland
Dog dies after airline worker has it placed in overhead bin
Trump Should Be the Trigger for Africa to Find Common Cause With Americans: #Africa
Victims of Police Violence Seek Justice: #Kenya
Victims of Police Violence Seek Justice: #Kenya
Clitoris Collector Sentenced to Life in Prison: #SouthAfrica
UN Threatens South Sudan With Arms Embargo #SouthSudan #UN #PeaceKeepers
EPA chief Scott Pruitt held ‘courtesy call’ meeting with big Trump donor
Zuma charged with corruption
Central Bank Slaps Record Fine on Minsheng Bank
Minneapolis YIMBYs body-slam zoning restrictions
Hundreds gather for Madrid protest after death of street vendor sparked riots
Privacy Policy Flaws Found on Popular Finance Apps 101222464.html
París, c. 1920.
‘The Durrells’ Season 3 Premieres on March 18
BBC’s Controversial ‘Troy: Fall of a City’ Ratings Continue to Tank
BLOG: 2018: A Year for Action and Implementation for Circular Economy
We spent a year photographing the animal crop raiders of the Amazon – here are the results
Arizona teachers escalate their fight for education funding - World Socialist Web Site
#DonaldTrump signs US-Taiwan travel Bill that #China has opposed
Landmark study upends GOP lawmakers’ favorite talking point to justify restricting abortion
EU starts retaliation process against U.S. tariffs
Steve Jobs pre-Apple job application fetches $174,000 at auction
This @USDA lab is turning billions of pounds of almond waste into beer, plastic, and power:
How maps look different when women make them
EU countries propose new Iran sanctions to save nuclear deal
Israel says 2 soldiers killed in Palestinian car-ramming

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