.@Tsakalotos meets with European officials in Washington, DC #Greece
U.S. labels China, Russia, Iran and North Korea morally reprehensible over rights
Golden Dawn MEP Synadinos leaves party, becomes independent @Europarl_EN #Greece
First time Northern Ireland: a small destination with Titanic appeal by @Cliff_Wilkinson
How D.C. got in its own way of cannabis decriminalization in 1975
China zoo under scrutiny after kangaroos die from rock-throwing injuries
Why your cellphone gets so many spam calls, and what to do about it
Michael Cohen says hes never been to Prague. He told me a different story.
Pearl Jam aims to tap into youth movement with Montana show
#ICYMI: Here are todays Daily #Trump Approval Numbers.... @POTUS @realDonaldTrump...
Fruit flies enjoy ejaculation, study finds:
#Brazil: Financiers trade different experiences of the same country | Euromoney #banking
Internal emails show how EPA officials lobby for their former employers
Judge sees gaping holes in Trump lawyer bid to delay Stormy Daniels lawsuit
UNICEF cuts Greek branch citing financial irregularities
Hersonissos tourist project wins approval
Crews begin operation to recover fighter jet wreckage
IMF’s Thomsen proposes broadening the Greek tax base
Wenger calls time on Arsenal reign
Israeli troops kill four more Palestinians in border protest
Keep cool with $100 off this Frigidaire smart window A/C
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Exoplanets might help us figure out how Venus turned into a hell planet
Spotlight Team: Race and Power in Boston
No time for golf as Merkel braces for tough talks with Trump
Meet the teen who turns Beyoncés live shows into amazing unofficial albums
Pesticide Executives Are Running Ag Policy for Donald Trump
Renzetti: Toking while white: A get out of jail card From @lizrenzetti
Brendan Jones: That Sitka dock-rat who disappeared in his skiff was a friend
Watch a repaired iPhone suddenly stop working after an iOS update
UNs Staffan de Mistura calls for political and military de-escalation on Syria
Online Game Challenges Players to be Mayor for a Day, Citizens for Life #governance
The DNC’s Russia lawsuit goes where Mueller hasn’t (yet).
Broken Lizards Super Troopers 2 | Talks at Google
Artist reimagines Canada’s mountain ranges as vibrant geometric landscapes
Were hiring! Browse our list of available jobs
In search of affordable housing, Barcelona turns to repossessed homes
Flu virus finally sequenced in its native RNA form for the first time
Why using the they lied about Iraqs WMDs argument doesnt work in Syria — #AJOpinion
Beans might not be the gassy meal we thought they were:
iPhone jitters sour Apple stock, again
Greek bank stress test results due on May 5
PPC plant bill debate begins amid reactions
High marks in retail market deregulation for Greece
Bill to write off some disputed debts to funds
Bram Stoker, creator of Dracula, died 20 April 1912.
Immigrants relief after threat of paying for own cancer treatment scrapped
Facebook used to hate pre-roll video ads. Now it’s changing its mind.
If you really love public housing, you might be a PHIMBY
Wall Street falls on investor nerves about tech, interest rates
Students across the country are walking out of school to honor victims of gun violence
Why the legalization of marijuana may be good for agriculture #420day
Twitter blocked Kaspersky ads, citing US government ban
Study on female fans of the ‘The X-Files’ backs up ‘Scully Effect’.
Students walk out of class to demand gun law reform
An island-hopper’s guide to archipelagos of adventure: #sponsored by @TommyBahama
Cuba: Outgoing President Raúl Castro Gives Final Speech at National Assembly
Israeli troops kill four more Palestinians in border protest
#BREAKING FDA panel approves marijuana-derived drug to treat epilepsy #420day
How an antibiotics crisis could help worlds common infections to kill again
Web Bonus: Linda Villarosa on Black Maternal Health Crisis America’s Hidden HIV Epidemic
YouTube Bans A Broad Array of Gun Videos
In California, the NIMBYs win this round
Bat key to tequila trade gets off US endangered species list
Teenagers on a date in the 1950s
Anchorages pot shops put on their version of a 4/20 Black Friday sale #akpot
US firms already sell almost 60% of the world’s weapons. Trump wants them to sell more
In Pictures: Japans Akita dogs melt foreign hearts
Fox News: Sean Hannity has our full support
DiCaprio to present Scorsese with award at TCM Film Festival
Pesticide executives are running ag policy for Donald Trump
UAW secretary-treasurer Gary Casteel will not seek re-election - World Socialist Web Site
The Best Veggie Items on the Menu in a Chinese Restaurant
EU suspects tax fraud at Chinas new gateway to Europe
10 Biggest Challenges in #Robotics:
Turkey: Suspect arrested after trying to rob bank with a toy gun
Iceland company to resume commercial hunting of fin whales
Early earthquake alerts are finally rolling out in the U.S.
Ankara ups ante over eight Turkish officers
Kammenos meetings fuel political speculation
ATHEX: Bourse index ascends over 4 pct in week
NRATV host blames Obama for Parkland shooting
Puerto Rico has no power, again
IMFs Thomsen: No doubt Greece can meet targets
Leaders approve Prince Charles to succeed queen as Commonwealth head
Scientists will photograph alien planets with the world’s most powerful camera
Triangular house by Skylab provides sweeping Rocky Mountain views
Californias radical response to its housing crisis dies an early death
One physicist believes its time to replace light-years with petameters and zettameters.
See which metros are most searching for #420day in the last day in the US
In stunning CNN interview, Trump’s divorce lawyer suggests Cohen will flip
Bill Gates backs gene technologies in fight to end malaria
20 April 1611 - First known performance of Shakespeares tragedy Macbeth at the Globe Theatre, London recorded.
Wells Fargo agrees to pay $1 billion to settle customer abuses
The technology in guitar pedals has reached a new level of tonal bliss
Anastasiades: Turkish aggressiveness is a threat for Eastern Mediterranean
Why a cryptocurrency mining giant is burning money in a black hole
How the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Evicted became a museum exhibit
America has never had a black woman governor. Stacey Abrams has something to say about that.
No one knows how long the U.S. coastline is:
Swedish DJ Avicii dies aged 28, his publicist confirms
Greece Can be ‘Stabilizing Force’ Says US Envoy (video)
Mini Lexicons for Refugees Presented at The Cube
Producer, DJ Avicii found dead at 28
Swedish DJ Avicii dies aged 28
Will Congress write the president a blank check for war?
Leaders approve Prince Charles to succeed Queen as Commonwealth head -Sky news
Wanted: new home for a lot of Russian aluminum
From the AP archives: Migrants deported from the US build a new community
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Napoleons farewell to his Imperial Guard, 20 April 1814
Destruction at the ancient site of Mari in Syria:
The DNC just sued the Trump campaign and Russia for collusion
NEW: EDM producer and DJ Avicii found dead in Oman at the age of 28.
Swedish DJ and producer Avicii has died aged 28
The escalating city-state battle over guns
How Switzerland lost a currency battle, but won the war
Latest talks to form Italian government fail
Democrats sue Trump campaign, Russia over 2016 election
Commonwealth summit ends with choice of new leader
From a busy bee to a newly hatched turtle, check out this week in #wildlife!
Criminal referral filed against former FBI deputy director - World Socialist Web Site
Hindware, Jaquar see affordable housing scheme boosting their sales @livemint
How to bend a diamond:
Rare bee offers hope of clean alternative to toxic chemicals
M13 unveils all new Russo-German Smart Bellator at Top Marques
Following the release of memos, Trump and his GOP call for Comeys imprisonment
Californias anti-sanctuary cities were also anti-cannabis
Fossil fuels on are on trial
US brands China and Russia forces of instability
Online platform for tax declarations opens
In #Atlanta, Cafe ULU provides a #cooperative alternative to corporate #coffee:
Police looking for fan who shot man with air gun at Olympic Stadium
Fifteen employees at KAT trauma hospital indicted
Trump rails against high oil prices, OPEC pushes back
These infographics show just how lethal commuting can be:
China is building drone planes for its aircraft carriers
Todays best deals: In Game of Thrones Catan, you win or you die
Global Economy: Is it just a cold, or something more serious?
Wells Fargo hit with record $1 billion fine
Donald Trump is very, very angry about the Comey memos
Fossile fuels on are on trial:
After 50 asylum seekers reach border, several illegally turned away
Swofford expects substantive findings from Rice commission
The Latest: Kudlow says tariff waiver for Japan on table
OASA readies order for 92 new buses
This is how Facebook collects data on you even if you don’t have an account
Farewell to a charlatan and false guru. What finally brought down the Rajneesh cult:
5 Plant-Based Alternatives to Fish Oil
US #familytravel experts share their best trips #travel
How Better Treatment of the Mentally Ill Could Reduce Mass Shootings
In diamonds from a meteorite, scientists see evidence of a long-dead planet:
US offers US$1 million reward to locate journalist missing in #Syria
Michael Cohen says hes never been to Prague. He told me a different story.
U.S. sorghum armada U-turns at sea after China tariffs
Teamsters union fires back at CP Rail for playing the ‘victim card’ as strike deadline looms
Budget Director Mick Mulvaney Says He Will Ask Congress to Cut Spending in ‘Coming Weeks’
NAFTA is doomed and it’s all ‘notoriously unpleasant’ Canada’s fault @dianefrancis1
Canada’s economic engine is showing early symptoms of fatigue
Pricey U.S. home sales soar as buyers ignore new tax code
What happens when 1,000 strangers talk race in L.A.?
Building Towards Resiliency through Healthy Digital Ecosystems
Soros foundation says it might quit Hungary
British teen hacker who rocked top US intelligence officials jailed for cyber terrorism
On a per capita basis, the U.S. trade deficit with Germany stands out.
Can housing policy make a good museum exhibit?
Air France chief threatens to resign if strikes continue
Exorcist director Friedkin films the real thing in documentary
Great Britain Goes 55 Hours Without Using Coal
How could humans live on Mars? Download our free e-book to find out!
German terrorist group the Red Army Faction faxed a letter to Reuters, declaring its dissolution, on 20 April 1998.
Vietnam: Police raid coffee factory that used battery powder to dye beans
Why are married millennials keeping their finances separate? @CAKitchener reports.
Armenia’s anti-Sargsyan protesters promise theyre in it for the long haul
Nearly $4 Billion In Regional Economic Benefits Created By Australian Wind Power
Interview with James Comey: What Am I Doing? How Did I End Up Here?
Why is Kendrick Lamar important? These were the trending questions on #KendrickLamar in the last week in the US
This MP used Wengers resignation to crack a perfect Theresa May joke
Heartbreaking photos of eviction day in America
Rush to house record number of Venezuelan refugees as rainy season looms in Brazils north
Safe no more? Swiss franc slide raises Russia puzzle
Activists Defend Faith-Based Adoption Agencies From Assault by Left
California housing bill #SB827 dies an early death
No lunatics or war maniacs: North Korea dials down the anti-U.S. rhetoric
Wide waist with normal weight bigger risk than obesity: Study
AHI asks US Congress to oppose military assistance to Turkey
Renewed US Leadership Blocks Abortion Agenda at the UN
Italian parliament gives go-ahead to road tests of driverless cars
Romania to move Israeli embassy to Jerusalem
THIS WEEK IN PICTURES: The most incredible photographs from the past seven days.
GE profit tops estimates as cost-cutting kicks in
Greitens Scandal Casts Shadow Over Missouri Senate Race
Tom from MySpace has retired and is now an amazing travel photographer
How did Mars get its organic material? A rain of comets and asteroids, of course.
Wild lose Parise for multiple weeks to broken sternum
Football Leaks: Cristiano Ronaldo Used Offshore Firms in Luxembourg and Jersey
Does weed really help you get to sleep?
Tennessee governor to sign Medicaid work requirement funded by welfare dollars
Gauging the effects of water scarcity on an irrigated planet @MITGlobalChange
Keith Ellison Offended by Questions About Anti-Semitism
The DNC Just Sued the Trump Campaign and Russia for Collusion
Supreme Court strikes down as vague part of immigration law
Find Your Cause. Change the World. Sign Our Petitions! #Petition #TakeAction #Resist
This is how @netflix have been using #BigData
Britain wants Zimbabwe back in the Commonwealth, but eyes July election
Siemens Gamesa Awarded 100 Megawatt Mexico Wind Project In Latest Auction
The modern womans getaway guide to Palm Springs by @AlisonBing #travel
Having spent most of his life in London, G F Handel was buried at Westminster Abbey on 20 April 1759.
The Latest: High court hears internet tax collection case
Simbe, Softbank Partner on #RetailRobots -
The future of marijuana legalization belongs to the capitalists #420day
#EarthDay2018 is right around the corner These were the trending questions on #EarthDay in the US in the last week
#Live From The South | Demands for the resignation of the NWP Prime Minister, in South Africa.
#Live From The South | Palestinians demonstrations continue for the 4th consecutive week.
Media Got It Wrong: Pulse Nightclub Shooting Terrorism, Not Anti-LGBT
#Live From The South | In #SouthAfrica, protesters ask for basic services.
Does this couple need to downsize their $1.6 million house to retire? Maybe
David Lammy had the best response to Arsene Wenger leaving Arsenal
RT @gadfly: Brokers hated the fiduciary rule; they should love the SECs replacement
Exclusive: Lockheed Martin to propose stealthy hybrid of F-22 and F-35 for Japan - sources
#Myanmar minister says conditions in #Rohingya refugee camps very poor
CFPB hits Wells Fargo with $1 billion fine
FM Kotzias to meet with FYROM peer by the end of April
#Live From The South | Windrush protest is about to begin in Brixton, fighting against racism.
#Live From The South | Windrush scandal meeting at House of Commons.
Could a mural in Galicia be the first Bansky artwork in Spain?
The Siege of Boston was a major turning point in the war for America. 20 April 1775.
#Live From The South | Some immigrants wrongfully deported, Windrush scandal.
#Live From The South | Windrush meeting at House of Commons.
History is still not quite sure what to do with the militant suffragettes.
ETA truly sorry for suffering caused by independence campaign
RT @TheStalwart: Bitcoin is about to have its back-to-back weekly gains of 2018
Two killed as more protests, clashes erupt on Gaza border #AFP
Hongkongers battle for a waterfront park in Cha Kwo Ling after govt quietly rezones site
#Live From The South | #Venezuela is 2 days away from the Presidential Campaign.
#Live From The South | Maduro and Falcon are the favorites to win the vote.
Is Donald Trump a plutocrat in populists clothing?
Volcano in Japan erupts for the first time in 205 years
#Live From The South | Presidential Campaign comes to an end in Paraguay.
#Live From The South | Presidential Campaign comes to an end in Paraguay.
Teen who hacked former CIA director John Brennan sentenced to two years in prison
#Live From The South | ELN and Colombian Government Peace Talks will continue.
April 20th, 1972: Apollo Program NASAs Apollo 16 spacecraft lands on the Moon.
#Live From The South | Supreme Court of #Colombia has denied the Habeas Corpus requested by Santrich.
INSIGHT: Students rally on 19th anniversary of Columbine
#Live From The South | Security has been reinforced for the Presidential Elections.
Comey memos say Trump fretted over loyalty and leaks
Students walk out of class to demand tighter US gun laws
Steinhoff lays out salmon wraps, begs investors to help save ‘burning building’
US Government Agencies Unveil Largest Online Database Of Wind Turbines
Swedish Academy admits names of Nobel prizewinners were leaked
Cats do have have facial expressions, researchers say. They catalogue them in a paper:
The man who invented Myspace has retired, and hes become an amazing travel photographer
Readers weigh in on the ethics of American intervention in Syria
Here’s Why Teachers Are Prepared to Defy Arizona’s Anti-Strike Laws:
#NationalLookAlikeDay reminder: there’s a reason old married couples resemble each other
US Democratic Party sues #Russia, #Trump campaign for allegedly disrupting 2016 election
Exorcist director films real thing in documentary
Students Across the Country Are Walking Out of School to Honor Victims of Gun Violence
Developing the next generation of hybrid vehicles in Europe
Climate fears reshape Miami’s housing market
BREAKING: DNC sues Trump campaign, alleges conspiracy with Russia to disrupt 2016 election
Boeing, Brazils Embraer close to tie-up: report
#420day: 4 ideas for redesigning the pot logo (from 2015)
Ahead of #Malaysia polls, bots flood Twitter with pro-government messages #GE14
Is It Time to Admit the Grotesque Caricature of White Evangelicals Is the Reality?
We promise not to have sex on roundabouts: Norway students after plea by authority
Raptors game tonight part of a larger plan for superfan Nav Bhatia #NBAPlayoffs
Book review: How to deprogram economic xenophobia @petesweeneypro
Min Pitsiorlas: Ministerial decisions on Hellinikon ready by Oct
Southwest reportedly paid people on fatal flight
Greek 2017 primary surplus seen beating bailout target, says official
Travel Fest | Athens | April 21 22
Alexis Akrithakis | Athens | To June 3
How to bend and stretch a diamond.
New home, but same worries, as NATO moves into glass and steel HQ
Highway to hell: road trip fails and how to avoid them
A top-floor office may increase your appetite for risk
Funeral held for three members of same family who died in Leicester shop explosion
After 95% Stock Plunge, Steinhoff Finally Faces Angry Investors
Columbine students hold voter registration drive ahead of National School Walkout
The prom is becoming a cheap(er) date
Supreme Court says Sotomayor breaks shoulder in fall at home
A pioneering autism researcher had troubling links to the Nazis: @Neuro_Skeptic
Google Is Indonesias New Weapon in War on Illegal Fishing
Global #StructuredFinance markets see $231 billion in first-quarter 2018 issuance.
Israeli troops kill two Palestinians in fourth week of protests
Works To Fight Hunger and Reduce Food Waste With One Brilliant Model
Whats it really like to build cars for a living? Meet 6 people who built your #Jeep
US regulators float ideas for boosting medical device safety
HSBC To (Mostly) Cease Financing New Coal-Fired Power Plants
#Indian government considering death penalty for child rapists
Japan wants Lockheed Martin to make an F-22/F-35 hybrid
Escalating trade dispute could derail recovery, put many jobs at risk, says #WTO chief
France deports radical Islamist preacher accused of hate speech
Frances scorching early summer breaks weather records
Parents of terminally-ill British toddler #AlfieEvans lose court appeal
Porsches head of powertrain development arrested, source says
Oil is on a tear—are bulls getting ahead of themselves?
Most See #BarbaraBush As Good Role Model #BreakingPoll #rolemodel #FirstLady #FLOTUS #Bush
Swedes hit back at Nazi vandalism by burning swastika flag
Job of the day from @dezeenjobs is for a junior architect to join OMA in Perth, Australia.
Plastic packaging: less than 10% of supermarket fresh fruit and veg is offered “loose”
A Parkland teachers homework for us all: