Theres something wrong with #BiketoWorkDay
U.S. commodity exports to China to rise amid trade talks, but volumes are capped
Where joy hides and how to find it: @ingridfetell
White House obsessed with Trump’s ‘animals’ comment, releases statement using term 10 times
Meghan Markle puts her own stamp on the monarchy
Georgian Adventures: Subtropical skiing!
Boom, we have an answer! - Gaias revolution in astronomy
Di An Di restaurant in Brooklyn serves Vietnamese cuisine in plant-filled spaces
The Latest: Trudeau touts Canadas AI potential at MIT
What is loitering, really?
One shoe, 25 years of running shoe tech #Asics #Kayano
Prominent Japanese bacteriologist Hideyo Noguchi died #OTD in 1928.
Backstory: A very modern royal wedding
Grenfell Tower inquiry: final phone call of victim Mohamed Neda played by family
Animation shows path of asteroid travelling wrong way around the sun
Rabbit Town: the selfie-themed museum accused of plagiarizing its art
Photographers explain how they got those stunning #royalwedding shots
Tesla shares jump on Model 3 price hype @GlobeBusiness
Even if you aren’t on Facebook, your world is being powerfully warped by its dominance.
LIVE: Gina Haspel will be the first woman to lead the CIA
End of an era as #Taipeis last snake meat shop closes
Georgian Adventures: Pedal power in Batumi
Meghan Markle puts a royal stamp on the monarchy
LaSalle Hotel accepts Blackstone’s $3.7-billion cash offer @GlobeBusiness
British court dismisses charges against Barclays over 2008 Qatar deal
Lasers to imitate lizards! How reptiles and bugs are boosting innovation
In the Amazon, ranchers have cleared large swaths of forest for farmland
Boeings wild folding wingtips are one step closer to reality
The Republican Primary in Georgia Is Taking Racism to a Whole New Level
Malta: FBI may testify in Daphne Caruana Galizia murder trial
Muhammad Ali’s hands after Cooper fight, on 21 May 1966. Photo by Gordon Parks.
70 years ago, this is what Palestine looked like
Artist paints imaginary ecosystems bursting with colorful flora and fauna
Philippines takes appropriate action over Chinese bombers in disputed South China Sea
#Democrats Miss #Obama. #Republicans, Not So Much...
Five questions and answers about what the new government could mean for Italy
#Britains #PrinceHarry and #MeghanMarkle release official photos of their #RoyalWedding2018
Todays best deals: Save big on Coleman camping gear
Forget about oil at $80 – the big rally is in forward prices @GlobeInvestor
Reflecting on Israel and Gaza by Joel Bernstein
One Injured As Kilauea Volcano Destruction Continues | NBC Nightly News
15 years ago, the military tried to record whole human lives. It ended badly:
NRA president blames Santa Fe school shooting on Ritalin
Russias first sea-borne nuclear power plant arrives in Arctic
AstraZeneca potassium drug finally approved, threatening Vifor
Austria braced for Spring storms from the Baltics
Nasa reveals stunning first picture from planet-hunting satellite
How Trial by Skype Became the Norm in Immigration Court
When the housing crisis becomes a healthcare crisis
Senior Russian military official is tellin yall, its sabotage
Photographer captures real-life purple rain #Prince
The official wedding portraits of Harry and Meghan have just been released
Meghan Markle puts feminist stamp on UK monarchy
Russian agency offers fake restaurant reviews ahead of World Cup
St. George, Utah, is growing fast—and using lots of water
Russias first sea-borne nuclear power plant arrives in Arctic
These are the victims of the Santa Fe High School shooting
Venezuela is on the edge, and the U.S. might push it over.
Québec Plan To Roll Out EV Fast Charging Network Re-Invest Revenue
Meet the Ebola Doctor Who Trump Viciously Attacked on Twitter
Photo: smoke as result of shelling on Toretsk today via @GirkinGirkin #Ukraine
UK’s tough-guy act on Russia can only go so far - full view ready soon by @gfhay
Lap of luxury: Frances richest add billions to their wealth from luxury goods
Reviewed: @IKEAUSA’s $25 hoodie
Could Apple and Amazon be neighbors?
Suicide-related hospital visits for children and teens up sharply:
Ebola is back in DRC - but the outlook is hopeful
FREE TO COB WEDNESDAY: #Nigerian #banks make a mint from a crisis | Euromoney
Syrian army takes last insurgent area near Damascus
Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 20, 2018 | NBC Nightly News
How can Trump secure the loyalty of top aides in the Russia investigation? Money.
Italys 5-Star, League seek presidents backing on PM
Our ‘Cold Civil War’ Over 2 Constitutions
After re-election, #Venezuela president #NicolasMaduro faces overseas condemnation
Here are the 15 countries where people work the most hours
A German team is now trying to make the ‘impossible’ EmDrive engine:
I scream! You scream! We all search for ice cream sandwiches. #BritishSandwichWeek
China considers scrapping birth limits by 2019
JUST IN: Supreme Court hands win to companies by allowing employment contracts that bar workers class-action claims
New iniative to rescue migrants
How will you leave a positive mark on history? #quote #qotd #IEEE #engineer #engineering #tech #technology
UK PM Mays spokesman says cannot comment on Russian billionaires Abramovich visa delay
Father of Greek-American Texas Shooter Claims Son was Bullied (video)
21 May 1980. The 2nd Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back, went on general release in the USA.
New attractions in Orlando power jump in park attendance
Book Detailing Alleged Corruption of Obama, Biden and Others Receives Little Media Attention
What rights do I have as a second-hand renter in Sweden?
First Ebola vaccines given as WHO seeks to beat Congo outbreak
The Variable Sea #NASA
Venezuelas Maduro wins another 6 years in power
I asked a bunch of scientists if climate change was affecting the bacteria in my gut
At the open: U.S. stocks rise as U.S.-China trade row put ‘on hold’ @GlobeInvestor
Ontario NDP forced to admit to annual $1.4-billion costing error
Britain more welcoming to migrants, says Brexit-supporting minister Gove
I am proud to be a feminist: Will Meghan shake up Britains royals?
‘Significant’ issues remain with NAFTA talks: Mnuchin @GlobeBusiness
Pompeo issues steep demands for nuclear treaty with Iran
In Pictures: Prime Minister joins stars at Chelsea Flower Show
U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo says U.S. to impose tough sanctions on Iran
Why do Americans refuse to ditch tampons?
After re-election, Venezuelas Maduro faces overseas condemnation
Eight months after Hurricane Maria, the death toll in Puerto Rico remains a mystery.
British court dismisses charges against Barclays over 2008 Qatar deal @GlobeBusiness
First Ebola vaccines given as WHO seeks to beat Congo outbreak
Mexico presidential debate: US needs Mexico as well
Check out todays Daily #Trump Approval Numbers... @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #BreakingPoll
Chinas LGBT community learns to tread carefully
After re-election, Venezuela’s Maduro faces overseas condemnation
In Western Europe, Facebook is the social media site used most often for news
The 15 most hard-working countries in the world
Teachers and public workers protest in South Carolina - World Socialist Web Site
Houston police chief says it’s time to vote out those blocking gun restrictions
Trump says China to buy more U.S. farm products, offers no details
Use these 4 key differences
Hawaii faces new threat of fumes from volcanos lava
21 May 1899, Lexington would see the first arrest in New York for speeding - At 12 MPH (19km/h/)
From the AP archives: Old teach the young the traditions of Ramadan
U.S. trails most developed countries in voter turnout
The Republican primary in Georgia is taking racism to a whole new level
Modi meets Putin as India walks US-Russia tightrope
Recode Daily: While you were waiting for your Tesla Model 3, its price nearly doubled
The state were in
Tsipras: Greece will meet fiscal targets, no fiscal gap in 2018-9
Sweden releases updated booklet of war precautions
Developer pushes back construction of Nova Scotia rocket launch site
An announcement on Ebola research and Nature
Futures jump as U.S.-China trade spat put on hold
Is America ready for a black woman governor?
SNL season finale puts a Trumpy twist on the famous Sopranos finale
#Turkeys Chief of General Staff threatens #Greece as the TL is in free fall...fall..fall ..
Video of 11-year-old Meghan Markle on Nickelodeon resurfaces
Britain unlikely to investigate Comcast bid for Sky, minister says @GlobeBusiness
#Russias first sea-borne #nuclearpower plant arrives in #Arctic
The countries where people work the hardest
Lava from Hawaiis Kilauea volcanic reaches Pacific Ocean:
I am proud to be a feminist: Will Meghan shake-up Britains royals?
Relegated Swansea and Stoke release coaches in record purge
#China calls on all mosques to raise national flag
The USDAs sunny GMO labels dont shine enough light on actual ingredients
.@Moleskine’s productivity app is as addictive as its notebooks
Watch Live: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo outlines new policy on Iran
Who is Giuseppe Conte, the political novice tipped to become Italys populist PM?
The one pasta dish you have to try in each of Italys regions
Highlights from last nights Billboard Music Awards: #BBMAs
Bill Murray to Give Poetry Recital at Ancient Athenian Theatre
CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Shocked Student Activist Didn’t Get Into Some Colleges
Lava reaches ocean in Hawaii, creating toxic cloud over island:
Germany and EU partners scramble to save Iran deal
Shiva Amiri talks about technology, machine learning and women in science @Globe_Careers
Billionaire Ron Baron Sees Potential To Make “20 Times Our Money” With Tesla [TSLA]
Is philosophy absurd? Only when you’re doing it right
British court dismisses charges against Barclays over 2008 capital raise
.@Harvard builds #robots that transition from soft to rigid:
Meet the Ebola doctor who Trump viciously attacked on Twitter
So why is the British rail network in chaos today? @JonnElledge explains
Who lives in the U.S. border zone? Probably, you
The Definitive Guide to Building A No-Nonsense, Clutter-Free Knowledge Base
Ed Sheerans stance hoped to raise awareness ahead of Irish abortion vote
Tsipras: Greece will meet surplus, growth targets
Highs of 34.5°C recorded as Hong Kong heatwave set to continue into public holiday
Wealth-X report shows billionaires gained $1.8 trillion in 2017 - World Socialist Web Site
Trump urges China to keep tight North Korea border
Costa del Sol Royal Wedding party a crowning glory #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
Americans Have Less Faith In Other Outlets to Replace #Newspapers...
Britains media regulator opens three new investigations into RTs impartiality
Modi meets Putin as India reaffirms faith in old ally
EU parliament to broadcast Zuckerberg hearing @GlobeBusiness
Trump says China to buy more U.S. farm products, offers no details @GlobeBusiness
The Great American Fracking Bubble
GE merges transportation unit with Wabtec in $11.1 billion deal
Pubs in #NewDelhi ordered to stop playing recorded music
Women sidelined in new #Malaysian government, despite campaign promises
Nitrogen Versus Compressed Air: Which Is Better for Your Tires?
Donald Trump: special-focus update | Euromoney
21% of children in the U.S. are living with a solo mom.
Most U.S. Muslims observe Ramadan by fasting during daylight hours
Missouri is making it illegal to call this meat
Bob Marleys funeral, 21 May 1981.
All 34 of Chile’s Catholic bishops resign in fallout from huge child sex abuse scandal
Teen Texas gunman suspect studied previous mass shootings: ABC News
As Asians get rich and healthy, smart crops replace rice on future menus
What will happen if we don’t nurture the next generation of scientists? @GlobeDebate
Canada’s mutual accommodation story @GlobeDebate
Tesla Model 3 Battery Teardown, Tesla Stock Dive, A Tesla Wobbling Wheel
Event on repatriation of #Parthenonmarbles in Stockholm
Alt. Defence Min #Kouvelis does not see normalisation in Greek-Turkish relations soon
Trump demands an investigation into the investigation of his campaign
French company Total to expand natural gas search off Cyprus
Toxic patriotism
The self-driving car revolution needs… rental car companies?
Left behind: why boomtown New Zealand has a homelessness crisis
Gun maker complains that people are being mean to its products on social media
Todays column by @edwardhadas : Vatican asks the right financial questions:
Greek Anti-Terror Cops Trump European Rivals in International Contest
#China said to consider ending all birth limits as soon as this year
Dollar strength and emerging market stress are inseparable via @financialtimes
Quick Take: Bosch Posts Bumper Sales Growth Amid Strong Vehicle Market
Hellenic Post pays 22.5 million euros to PPC
Roche drug dramatically reduces bleeds in key hemophilia tests
Texas lieutenant governor uncovers the cause of mass shootings: abortion
Another #Monday.
Opinion: Trump Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving — to China
11-year-old Meghan Markle fights sexism on Nickelodeon in resurfaced video
The future of the Democratic party is on the line in an Arkansas House primary Tuesday
Trump urges China to keep tight North Korea border
They are married
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Trans people suffer from higher rates of suicide. Why are hospitals letting them down?
May 21st, 1881 - American Red Cross is established by Clara Barton in Washington, D.C.
Uses of garlic: #health #naturalhealth
Alicia Keys among readers for audio edition of Rebel Girls
Brace yourself for a weakening rand as EM currency conditions get rough
Hillary Clinton talks about Trump, facts, and fascism in Yale speech
New Yorker Writer Creeped Out By NYC Chick-fil-A Opening
Travel accessories for your summer adventures—including the ultimate in-flight playing cards
New #Vegan Comfort Food Restaurant Just Opened in Brooklyn! #PlantBased #VeganFood
Fitch Revises Unilever Outlook to Stable from Negative; Affirms at A+
Grab to partner with Maybank for mobile wallet in Malaysia
EU summit: Anger over Trump hides European tensions - World Socialist Web Site
Mercer sisters liquidate beleaguered Cambridge Analytica
What to do when the ship docks – making the most of cruise ports
UN Human Rights Council Votes To Investigate Israeli War-Crimes Over #GazaMassacre : #Gaza
Quick Take: COSCO in Tie-Up to Boost Port Efficiency
#HappyBirthday to astronaut Bob Springer who flew aboard STS-29 Discovery and STS-38 Atlantis.
IQiyi Wants In on Short-Video Craze
UPDATE: #Sabah chief minister orders probe into death of 6 pygmy #elephants
The day I dressed up in my finest chicken suit to meet #LiamFox : #Brexit #BrexitShambles
Higher fuel and staff costs to weigh on Ryanair profits
Thousands of Moroccans protest against US Jerusalem embassy move
Greek current account deficit shrinks in March, tourism revenues rise
Influx via Evros dips as migrants return to Idomeni
Hugh Grant to marry Swedish partner Anna Eberstein
Four charged in Greece over attack on Thessaloniki mayor
World in Pictures
A year’s salary blown away in a day. Welcome to the reality of Canadian farmers
US Ship Made of Twin Towers Steel Docks in Greece’s Corfu (video)
Violence and Lawlessness Create a Republic of Fear in Greece
Greece Tells FYROM: Stick to Names Proposed by UN Envoy
Australia: Government refuses to ban live shipments during summer
Champion Bus Motiv Power Systems Deploy Industry-First OEM-Integrated Shuttle
Is #Wikipedia To Be Trusted Anymore? You Might Think Twice After Reading This:
#Earthquake magnitude 4,4 - 140,9 km from #Shimla - #India
Now we’re deciding people’s fate via Skype trials
Japanese climber dies on eighth attempt on Everest: official
Brother of Manchester bombing victim gets trolled for opposing far right anniversary march
The countries where people work hardest in the world
GE merges transportation unit with Wabtec in $11.1-billion deal @GlobeBusiness
#SkripalCase Poisoning: More Evidence Of #novichok Source Emerges:
Teenage suspects arrested after man beaten to death with piece of wood in France
One woman met a stray dog — and changed everything for a forgotten breed
China welcomes drop in tensions over trade war
ANC grasps the land expropriation nettle – stinging issues remain
British court dismisses charges against Barclays over 2008 capital raise @GlobeBusiness
Texas Republican’s trust rewards his kids for marrying someone white
From camels to catfish, Algeria boosts fish farming in the Sahara desert
Jordan Peterson is stuck in an outmoded intellectual tradition.
Fifth Third Bancorp to buy MB Financial for about $4.7 billion
The Empire Strikes Back is a American epic space opera film directed by Irvin Kershner. Released on May 21, 1980.
Ofcom assessing 11 cases against Russia-backed channel RT
Duterte says Philippines did not have the military capability to take on China.
The abstract D.C. Metro maps that might have been
The enduring mythology of the whiz kid
Left behind: New Zealands homeless crisis
Paraguay opens its Israel embassy in Jerusalem, second country to follow U.S. lead
Flare-Up Risks Remain Despite Breakthrough U.S.-China Trade Deal
IN PICS: This is how Brits in Spain celebrated the Royal Wedding
Athens and Skopje would ideally agree on one of the names proposed by Nimetz, gov’t says
We Dropped $18,000 Worth of Phones from a Drone
BOJ wins approval for dropping its inflation target timeframe
British Ambassador records message for all expatriates in Spain #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
Paraguay president inaugurates Israel embassy in Jerusalem
As political uncertainty grips Burundi, refuge in Tanzania no longer feels secure
A Naples tour guide explains why you should give Italys third biggest city a chance
Big surprise. Venezuela Election Won by Maduro Amid Widespread Disillusionment
2 inmates charged with murder on the loose after escaping South Carolina jail:
Save Money Cooking With These 10 Frozen Veggies and Fruits!
Girl who was harassed by gunman among the victims of Texas shooting
The Logitech G305 wireless gaming mouse is like a family sedan with a sports car engine
Nokia phone licensee HMD raises funding to step up growth
Meet a traveller: Elizabeth Gordon, African safari queen
Do pit bulls make good therapy dogs?
Adolf Hitlers teeth debunk conspiracy theories over death, scientists say:
In faddish #China, even glorified vending machines raise billions
Matte lipsticks great for business #mattelipstick
Can a public sphere worth living in ever be built online?
Baidu Shares Sink After Key Executive Steps Aside
Survival mode: Steinhoff in desperate bid to restructure massive debt
#Ebola preparedness much better now than for 2014 outbreak - WHO
Flooding after cyclone Sagar kills at least 15 in Somalia
Women sidelined in new Malaysian government, despite campaign promises
#Chinas vice president Wang Qishan to visit Russia, Belarus
Backstory: A very modern royal wedding
Here are the countries where people work hardest in the world
Oil edges up as U.S. says trade war with China is ‘on hold’ @GlobeBusiness
Kenyas first Cannes-nominated film banned at home
#Ryanair May Stop Flights from #Norway due to environmental passenger tax. @AviationWeek
Greece welcomes acceptance of erga omnes by FYROM leadership, @d_tzanakopoulos says
Mexican rivals attack leftist in second debate, Trump hovers over exchanges
China relieved U.S. trade war is ‘on hold’; U.S. business ambivalent @GlobeBusiness
All you need to know about opportunities and challenges for #Asean
Tesla Model S Versus Tesla Model 3 — Which Is Best For You?
Cyclone Sagar: At least 15 people killed in Somalia
Longtime Trump political adviser expects to be indicted by Mueller for ‘extraneous crime’

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