Turkey, China strike fear in global markets
The differences between 8 kinds of milk FIND OUT:
This Mercedes-Benzs concept car takes its design cues from art deco
Time to kick renegade Tory MP Maxime Bernier out of caucus, Liberal MP urges @GlobePolitics
Bank of Montreal launches blockchain-based pilot for fixed-income transactions
U.S. F-22 Raptors Deploy to Poland To Take Part in the Armed Forces Day Parade Over Warsaw
This weeks crossword is shaken, not stirred
Hidden Studies From Decades Ago Could Have Curbed PFAS Chemical Problem
Americas 10 most popular conspiracy theories
Deported parents may soon reunite with kids
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How to cure corporate America’s selfishness:
One of Europe’s most wanted men arrested leaving Watford gym
Neo-Confederate white supremacists launch their Russian operation
Collins and Turners Barangaroo House is surrounded by curving timber-clad balconies
Chequered blue sports venue reinvigorates impoverished Mexico City neighbourhood
From the AP archives: Zimbabwe opposition launches court challenge against election
Syria rebel group accused of abduction, murder of key activist
New stats: Crime rose 6 percent across Alaska in 2017
From @foodstirs to @barnana, snack and save with this week’s #DelishDeals
ICE agents set ‘trap’ for immigrants seeking legal residency
The government could - and should - scrap HS2 and invest the money elsewhere
Priced out? There may be a city nearby with better salary-to-cost margins.
Global tree cover has increased 7% over the last 35 years STORY:
The former Teacher of the Year just won her congressional primary
20% of Americans are now “smartphone-only” internet users at home
Crisis in Turkey Starts to Affect Greek Economy
East Coast painter Mary Pratt found ‘little truths’ in everyday objects @GlobeArts
Tong-wielding ‘trash runners’ fight litter in Shanghai
ALEC Is Pushing a New Slate of Viciously Anti-Worker, Pro-Corporate Laws
The Einstein myth: Why the cult of personality is bad for science
ReCup Campaign Imagines The End Of The Disposable Coffee Cup
Prayers aren’t enough to end child sex abuse in the Catholic Church @GlobeDebate
The Latest: Leaders off in PGA Championships final round
Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne suffers knee injury in training @Globe_Sports
Corona owner raises weed bet with $4 billion investment
Hope youre enjoying #PalindromeWeek, backward and forward! Image: Chelsea Turner/MIT
Committee to decide on OLP’s shipyard license on Friday
Police given longer to question 29-year-old man over Parliament car crash
Along Antarcticas east coast, lurks an icy threat:
The alt-rights numbers may be small, but its adherents fill our halls of power.
Christine Hallquist Becomes First Transgender Major-Party Gubernatorial Nominee #VTprimary
Environmental groups warn of Kavanaugh’s history defending corporate polluters
Find stellar views! Stargazing in the southwestern USA... by @megoizzy #travel
Study finds children are easily peer pressured by robots
Self-Driving Truck Startup Kodiak Robotics Raises $40 Million
In Texas, suburban growth is triggering a grim reckoning with history
Canada to phase out crop chemicals linked to bee deaths
Alouettes quarterback Johnny Manziel placed under concussion protocol @Globe_Sports
Malaysian religious court orders two women to be caned for having #lesbian sex #LGBT
Washington judge just dealt a blow to the youth-led fight over climate change
Quiet Boom: Meet the NASA test pilot wholl fly the next supersonic X-plane
Woman receives job rejection because her name is too ghetto
INSIGHT: Ukraine crowns horned beauty queens
Qatar pledges $15bn investment in Turkey
Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Wants to End EPA’s Cruel Animal Testing
Thanks to their NDAs, Trump officials have no credibility. These clips prove it.
#FinancialTimes boss John Ridding to return some of his $4 million pay after staff protest
EPA Staff Claim Fuel Economy Rollback Based On Junk Science
Womens media often exploit a branded version of feminism to make money.
A Future Ready Transportation Plan for the Greater Toronto Region #sustainability
VIDEO: Man gored in leg during bull run in Spain #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
Could Griezmann’s Atletico fill the La Liga hole left by Ronaldo’s departure? @Globe_Sports
Qatari emir vows $15bn investment in Turkey after Erdogan meeting
Burberry plaid cast as resin for Opening Ceremony displays by Sabine Marcelis
Laura Kelly is the only person standing between Kris Kobach and Kansas’ governor mansion
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This city in India has terrifying air pollution
On your final earthly journey, you might as well make it count with a Russian VIP coffin
One blogger uses her beauty tutorials to battle prejudice against Muslims in Myanmar
Climate change multiplies harmful marine heatwaves
A New Wife in the Sun: From Hair to Eternity (Ep 6)
US denies China policy change after speech by Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen in LA
Denmark presents plan to get kids eating healthier food
Half of the Supreme Courts liberal members are over 80 years-old
MALAGA: A leading artistic and cultural gem in southern Europe #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
World Robot Conference 2018 launches in Beijing
Nick Drnasos graphic novel Sabrina is short on words, but big on humanity.
Twitter suspends US far-right figure #AlexJones for a week
Election season officially kicks off in Brazil. Heres what to expect:
House of Fraser website goes offline amid reported delivery ‘wrangle’
Atlantia, Italys motorway operator with global ambitions under scrutiny
Researchers discover why it’s hard to maintain eye contact during conversation
A Bitcoin investor is suing ATT after losing $23 million to SIM hijackers
We all just want to have fun – but are we? @Globe_Careers
Digital media work stoppage at Thrillist is historic for media unionization wave
Find an eagle feather? US law says dont take it. Cuomo did
Cryptocurrency’s millennial mining tycoon is planning a $3-billion IPO
Top Shot: 99% Human #YourShot
‘Who gives a f**k?’: NFL star tells league to stop caring about what Trump thinks
Almost 4 in every 5 US prisoners are re-arrested within 5 years of release
People routinely use cruelty for altruistic reasons. Why is it sometimes kind to be cruel?
This 21-year-old underwent surgery for 31 hours to receive a life-changing face transplant
Check out these awesome Instagrams from the winners of our Epic Hikes competition!
Naspers plunges as Tencent surprises with first profit drop in a decade
England international Danny Cipriani arrested in Jersey after nightclub incident
From the AP archives: The plight of elephants highlighted on World Elephant Day - August 12
Watch a massive C-5M Super Galaxy land without its nose gear
What Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce would look like as ugly regular people (from 2012)
12 facts to change the way you see elephants READ:
Denmark’s foreign minister wants close relationship with UK after Brexit
Glyphosate—deemed likely to be carcinogenic—sticks around on snacks and breakfast cereals
LIVE: Search rescue operation continues at Genoa bridge collapse
US securities watchdog subpoenas #Tesla over #ElonMusk tweets: Report
Harvard researchers have found the source of human consciousness
Trump’s NLRB Is Back in Action After Its Ethics Scandal—And It’s Not Good for Workers:
Why Canada’s steel industry needs protecting
More Americans are dying of drug overdoses than ever before.
How to relax your mind Make time for one through five today on #NationalRelaxationDay
Midterms Are Coming:
Italy: Rescuers search through tons of rubble for Genoa bridge survivors
Turkey’s financial time bomb has ticked for years @GlobeDebate
#Qatar investment is for Turkeys financial markets, banks: Govt source
Randy Bryce wins Democratic primary in Paul Ryan’s home district
Meanwhile, in completely unrelated internet fun...
Watch a YouTuber make DIY laser bazookas and lightsabers in our new video:
Donetsk South bus station is on fire in Central Donetsk via @relictDon #Ukraine
You can rent Anthony Bourdains former New York City apartment for £11,000 a month
The little risks you can take to increase your luck: @tseelig
What could have caused the Morandi Bridge in Genoa to collapse?
Q5: What would be your best piece of advice for someone wanting to try a #cruise for the first time? #lpchat
Yemen: 13 Reportedly Killed by Airstrikes in Hodeidah Province
Christine Hallquist just became the first transgender nominee for governor
The Roundup chemical found responsible for cancer might also be in your oatmeal
This summer’s heat wave put 100 million Americans at risk and it’s only getting worse
How one woman lost nearly half her body weight and became a fitness physique competitor
41,000 one-way permit holders moved from the mainland to Hong Kong over the past year
Fresh images of King Jupiter, brought to you by image processors around the world:
Production targets: OPEC and allies parted ways in July on oil-cuts compliance
What’s Working: Training Entrepreneurship for the Next Global Workforce
Okanagan developers claim B.C. speculation tax hampering their market
Convert nonbelievers to sardines with this gazpacho
Crews prepare to lift sunken tug from mouth of B.C.’s Fraser River
Trump promotes Fox News column based on fake Peter Strzok tweets
US blacklists Russian, Chinese companies for breaking #NorthKorea embargo
Q4: What’s the best on-board experience you’ve had? Share photos! #lpchat
How exercising could help us stay warmer in the cold:
Senior editor Michael Bakich gives his roundup of San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2018.
B.C. declares state of emergency over wildfires @GlobeBC
Novel optics for ultrafast cameras create new possibilities for imaging
Iran’s oil-market realities: How buyers are positioning for U.S. sanctions
6 relaxation techniques to help you sleep #NationalRelaxationDay READ:
How one woman lost over 70lbs and became a fitness physique competitor
Four Years In A Tiny House And Loving It
Germany’s failed climate goals are a wake-up call for governments everywhere
The big five personality traits and what they mean to psychologists
Irans Supreme Leader admits it was a mistake to have foreign minister handle nuclear talks
How Congress Could Generate Enormous Savings Across the Government
Q2: What’s your top tip for getting the most out of a day-long #cruise port stop? #lpchat
Technical education has a serous reputation problem. Selection would help change that
In law school, they told me I wouldn’t be able to read anymore. @tajjaisen
Sudan: 22 children drown as boat taking them to school sinks
Revealed: the Swiss communes with the most public holidays
Brazils Lula to register as presidential candidate from jail
Q1: What would be your dream #cruise itinerary? Have you experienced it for real yet? #lpchat
How Local Greek Goldsmith on Rhodes is Keeping a Dying Art Form Alive
4 things you can do to cheer up, according to neuroscience
Sunday’s pathetic white supremacist rally cost D.C. $2.6 million
McKenna says you can’t erase a troubled history by removing statues @GlobePolitics
In this era of information overload, people mostly hear what they want to
Magnetic fields may be what keeps Jupiters stripes skin-deep:
Undulating balconies wrap housing development on Parisian island
‘Neutrality is not a possibility’: Shopify bans sale of semi-automatic guns on its platform
Here’s why you might be swallowing more air pollution than your next door neighbour
Russians blame the West, not Putin, for a weakening ruble
Dozens of manatees die mysteriously in Mexico
Indonesias richest man going for gold at #AsianGames
White House responds to Sanders’ fake news with more misleading jobs numbers
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This beer is from 500 BC and now scientists are trying to brew it
This time, the Colorado baker refused to make a birthday cake for a transgender customer
Flying archaeologists discover hidden history
Higher grocery store prices coming, Metro warns, amid tariff, minimum wage pressures
Fury after Italian bridge collapse kills 39
Multiple mini-moons could be orbiting Earth:
Easter Island shows why humanity will be extinct within 100 years
Parkland dad. Sandy Hook mom. United in grief and ready for the midterms.
Visibility limited in parts of Alberta as smoke from B.C. wildfires continues to roll
Literary Oxford - a book lovers guide to the city of dreaming spires by @YayAmyPay
Mary Pratt, acclaimed East Coast painter, dies at 83 @GlobeArts
Asia is leading the race for #5G while others are a decade behind #Connectivity
Billionaires George Soros, Stanley Druckenmiller throw weight behind oil rally
Suicide bombing near Afghanistan educational centre kills at least 48
Southwest Airlines announces new rules for emotional support animals.
Turkey doubles tariffs on some U.S. imports
Read our latest rating action on @ProMedicaHealth: #muniland #PublicFinance
Chris Prices black TreeHaus staggers down wooded hill in Utah
.@WHO says DRC conflict hindering efforts to rein in Ebola outbreak
Workhorse W-15 SureFly Electric Vehicles Take New York City By Storm
Could algae help decide Floridas senate race?
E-scooter company @BirdRide’s plan to pay for bike lanes: good for cities or just good PR?
Creating Transparency for Equitable Government #governance
Cities to feds: Wheres the transit money you promised?
A stunning reindeer met by researcher Alexander Yakovlev while working at the Yamal peninsula
Omarosa Manigault Newman addresses Trump arbitration filing in Daily Show interview.
Twitter slaps Alex Jones on the wrist
A growing number of scholars are questioning the historical existence of Jesus
A 1970s look at Thamesmead
Tropos Motors Extends Range Of Its Low Speed Electric Vehicles With New Lithium-Ion Packs
There’s little to cheer in America’s decision to talk to the Taliban
BBC will not seek permission to challenge Sir Cliff Richard privacy ruling
Super Carb Diet makes carbs cool again READ:
Dozens killed in Afghanistan attacks as violence continues
Shocking grand jury report details 70 years of abuse by Catholic predator priests
Austria rejects asylum seeker because he didnt act or dress gay
This foot surgeon invented killer heels that won’t kill your feet
Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard has sex offences case put over until September
What brought down this bridge in Genoa?
Revealed: How @USAID quietly changed its rules to make it harder to fund the @UN.
Mother struck, killed by car while trying to save students outside Texas elementary school.
Thrilling James Bond museum is perched high in the Austrian Alps. 🍸
Waiwai: Protecting Hawaiis wealth of coastal resources
Smoke particles from Canada wildfires cross the Atlantic to UK and Ireland
Aid group: Ships not willing to save Mediterranean migrants
Closing in on vapings most toxic ingredient:
Scientists find first observed evidence that our universe may be a hologram
A targeted approach to treating glioma
ICE agents set ‘trap’ for immigrants seeking legal residency
Regling says Greece will remain linked to ESM
Hume’s morality was rooted in fellow-feeling: that’s why we need him now
Somali-American former refugee wins US congress Democratic primary
From quirky Portland to the Dundee Hills – on the Oregon food trail... by @summersewell
‘Fox Friends’ dehumanizes Christine Hallquist
Canadian home sales tick higher in July led by Greater Toronto Area market
Lawmakers want to know why Ajit Pai lied to Congress about a made-up DDoS attack
4 out of 5 nations flagged for disproportionate fishing activity are in Asia #foodsecurity
From the AP archives: Malaysia ex-PM fails in media gag bid ahead of graft trial
From the AP archives: STILL: India lawmaker dresses as Hitler to criticize PM
Top Swiss court upholds jail term for Isis supporter
Green party seek to cement C02 reduction in constitution
At the open: TSX dips as Turkey turmoil, trade worries weigh @GlobeInvestor
Chevron-patterned parquet covers this swimming pool and spa house by Claesson Koivisto Rune
At least 22 children have drowned in Sudan when their boat sank on their way to school
Phantom Islands – A Sonic Atlas
This city in India has terrifying air pollution
Two giant hands hold up Golden Bridge in Vietnam
Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos transforms ruined buildings within walls of Spanish castle
Edward Snowden divulges the 5 easiest ways to protect yourself online
Sound Artist Ryoji Ikeda Visualizes Big Data #paris
Democrats strongly embrace diversity in primaries.
Design is never neutral
Check out todays Daily #Trump Approval Numbers... @POTUS @realDonaldTrump... #BreakingPoll
When does London’s Crossrail open, exactly?
Women-owned businesses generate $68,000 less revenue than men’s: survey
Rolling wildflower roof covers Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners-designed Scottish distillery
An unwanted bridge for an integrated China
Blocks of grey terrazzo set the tone of muted pizza restaurant in Beijing
59% of social media users think it would not be hard to give up social media
Five Star Movement founder reportedly mocked warnings of collapse of Morandi Bridge
Evictions mar legacy of Vancouver landlord dedicated to affordable housing
Recode Daily: This is the summer of the startup megadeal
This is fine.
31 charged in Huddersfield child sex abuse investigation
What is the difference between #Nationalism and #Patriotism ? #IndependenceDayIndia
Heatwave reveals national treasures for archaeologists across England
DACA recipients are thriving while their legal status remains uncertain
Turkey makes it harder for banks to short lira in latest move to contain crisis
Traffic stopped due to cat crossing the street. July 1925, New York.
South Korea plans to build regional railway community including North Korea
Sinking Cities Saved by Resilient Regions #resources
Billionaires Druckenmiller, Soros throw weight behind oil rally @GlobeInvestor
The Latest: Death toll from Syria blast climbs to 36
Magnetic Fields May Be to Blame for Jupiter’s Skin-Deep Stripes:
Ailing Aretha Franklin honored at hometown church
Aristocrat sues France for €350m over claim to Monaco throne
How to reduce your use of plastic on a trip by @ecotravelist #responsibletravel
Trump wouldn’t have let @IlhanMN in the country, but shell likely join Congress
How Facebook and Google win by embedding in political campaigns
Politics Briefing: Trinity Western drops controversial pledge @GlobePolitics
Aecon Group receives approval to rejoin Gordie Howe bridge consortium
Taymyr Peninsula, the northernmost part of the mainland Eurasia. All pictures via Taymyr Nature Reserve
Top Shot: Summer Bear
Israel reopens Gaza commercial crossing after month-long closure
U.S. retail sales increase strongly in July @GlobeBusiness
The former Teacher of the Year just won her congressional primary
Why Elon Musk thinks were already cyborgs
With high turnout, states tap candidates for midterms
Woman wins handshake discrimination case in Sweden
Sears CEO Eddie Lampert’s hedge fund offers to buy Kenmore brand for $400 million in cash
Opinion: Yellow ribbon torn as infighting erupts
Aecon Group approved to rejoin Gordie Howe bridge consortium @GlobeBusiness
The Worlds Most Liveable Cities - via @StatistaCharts
Some primary night ‘firsts’ as Democras pick diverse slates
At least 35 killed in Italy bridge collapse - World Socialist Web Site #Morandi
Natural painkillers in your kitchen. #health #naturalhealth #naturalremedies
‘Who gives a f**k?’: NFL star tells league to stop caring about what Trump thinks
Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. -- Suzy Kassem #WhaleWednesday
Jailed Bahraini politicians son extends hunger strike protest
Ryan Zinke is clueless about wildfires
There’s a good chance a NAFTA deal will be reached this month, Mexico business envoy says
Finally, we know how to break dry spaghetti noodles perfectly in half
Climate change likely to cause more sewage leaks, McKenna says @GlobePolitics
Laura Kelly is the only person standing between Kris Kobach and Kansas governor mansion
Huge explosion hits Afghanistans capital Kabul, casualties feared
The idea of spending money on children is a fairly modern idea.
China files WTO challenge to U.S. tariffs on solar panels @GlobeBusiness
Only €10. Featured in the shop today, a cartoon by Pavel Constantin:
Afghanistan: Casualties reported after huge explosion hits Kabul
Italy bridge operator in spotlight as collapse death toll rises:
Worst flood in a century kills 43 in #Indias Kerala, shuts airport
Walmart teams up with Ellen DeGeneres to launch fashion line by @nanditab1 $WMT
New Zealand bans most foreigners from buying homes @GlobeBusiness
India’s Modi announces space mission, health insurance scheme as election nears
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