Incredibly Detailed Map Of Europes Religions -
Italy threatens to return migrants to Libya in new standoff.
‘Crazy Rich Asians’ brings in $34 million in just five days
What brought down this bridge in Genoa?
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What is behind the Saudi-Canadian row? [via @AJInsideStory]
ICE detains man driving his wife to the hospital to give birth to their baby
From the AP archives: Defense in Manaforts Fraud Trial Rests Case
A Workhorse Rocket Maker Tries to Touch the Sun—And Stay Relevant
Corporate boards are asking us to blame sky-high CEO pay on the laws of supply and demand.
Building a Rapid-Response Network to Defend Immigrant Workers
Abraham Lincoln memorabilia may be sold to pay debts of foundation in his name
The psychology of buying hemorrhoid cream
Red Bulls score late to earn 2-2 tie with Vancouver Whitecaps @Globe_Sports
Recording: Omarosa offered $15,000 a month to be positive
Eating people is wrong – but it’s also widespread and sacred. Editors’ pick @writingben
Rudy Giuliani asserts “truth isn’t truth.”
Greek Island of Tilos Goes Green, Harnesses ‘Smart Energy’
What is a world class reserve of oil to BP, is world destroying to everyone else.
Fountains jet water over entrance to Foster + Partners sunken Apple store in Milan
21-year-old student run over and killed in south-west London named
Trump lawyer Giuliani says truth isnt truth as he expresses fears over Mueller interview
Minehead welcomes first female lifeboat skipper in 117 years
I went to Hajj last year and this is what it was really like
Massive white boxes turn LA warehouse into offices by FreelandBuck
Donald Trump wants ‘to start a race war,’ Omarosa says -
Rise in grenades being smuggled into UK prompts fears over terror attacks
Urban Violence Begins in Broken Homes
Kevin Spaceys first movie since sexual assault allegations opens to just $126 in US cinemas
How a Non Profit Roundtable Turned into a Smart City Pilot Project #commonwealth
Protesters clash at pro-gun and anti-gun rallies in Seattle -
Parkland teens: Instead of calling us saviors and superheroes, go vote
What can we do to be happier? An @TheAtlVideo production
Judge allows Trump administration to dismantle key part of housing desegregation rule
Greece bailout programme finally comes to an end but country faces decades of austerity
Concerns raised over 840 bridges at risk of collapse’ in France after Genoa bridge disaster
Police hunt man, 27, after horrific assault on two women
‘Golden’ Greek Youth Water Polo Team on Top of the World
The amount of toxic wastewater produced by fracking is unbelievable
Jays place Marcus Stroman on 10-day disabled list @Globe_Sports
The most appetizing ways to eat crickets MORE:
.@Frogdesign wants to redesign how America
10 homes that feature colour blocking
Trump’s visa crackdown is hitting Maryland’s crab industry hard
Afghanistans Ghani declares Eid ceasefire with Taliban
From the AP archives: Raw: Afghan City in Ruins As Battles Continue
Search for survivors in Italy bridge disaster ends
How sex affects intelligence, and vice versa, by Dan Hurley
Judge orders new federal review of Keystone XL pipeline
Nun does ball trick, throws perfect pitch before Chicago White Sox game.
Blake Farenthold blames #MeToo movement for his own sexual harassment scandal
Most Say #ECigarettes No Healthier Than #Tobacco #Cigarettes... #smoking
US Prosecutors Seek Jail Term for Former Greek-American Trump Aide
Only wealthy will benefit from Governments ‘care Isa’ proposals, Tory MP says
Indonesia hit by second major earthquake within a few hours
New court records show Robert Mueller is intensifying his focus on Roger Stone
Greece has ‘a Long Way to Go’ after Bailout, Bank of Greece Chief says
‘Wish Tree’ on Greek Island Becomes Tourist Attraction
First Half of 2015 Cost Greece €86-200 Bln, says ESM Chief Regling
16 nurses from same intensive care unit pregnant at same time
Italy threatens to send stranded migrants back to Libya
ICE lawyers looking to reopen thousands of deportation cases that had been considered closed
The top dos and don’ts of working with creative people
Dont Be Fooled Again...
Watch monster waves at the worlds greatest surf destination
“Danger” Was Not a Word We Knew: Elaine Mokhtefi in Algiers With the Panthers
Westminster car crash: Man charged with two counts of attempted murder
US points at China, not Russia, on election meddling
South Korean swaps bitcoins for €2m in fake notes
The virtual absence of famine is a benchmark of human progress in the last few decades
The Case for “Bottom-Up” Smart City Development #governance
ÉCAL students create imaginative oil diffusers and wash bags for Aesop
Thousands remain marooned by Indian floods as yet more rain is forecast
Trump keeps trying to kill agency that investigates chemical plant disasters
Exploring Central Asia through the books of Peter Hopkirk @GlobeArts
We need to talk about the jail to homelessness pipeline
What you need to know about chlorpyrifos READ:
Our weekly read to keep you in the loop on humanitarian issues:
Aretha Franklins music rising on charts following her death
Aretha Franklins family says We have felt your love
Defending Trump, Giuliani proclaims, Truth isnt truth! -
Terraforming Mars is a no-go with current technology, a new study finds.
Geometric animations form a hypnotic tapestry of minimalist design. Aeon Video:
US Army making #mobilerobots more reliable for soldiers:
How scientists discovered extra steps in evolution:
We may have found what lies at the outermost edge of our solar system
How Congress Could Generate Enormous Savings Across the Government
EPP head says SYRIZA government delayed Greeces program exit
Vintage Warfare: Exploring the oldest foods in Madrid and #Barcelona
British woman rescued 10 hours after falling from cruise ship off coast of Croatia
Trump officials sued over killer whales’ plummeting population crisis
Oh, what a difference a doggie bath can make STORY:
A military parade is a great idea, argues retired Air Force Major General Charlie Dunlap
Pentagon worried that U.S. trade war with China could lead to actual war
In #Nigeria, thousands celebrate Osun, goddess of fertility and water
How one kid stopped the contamination of a river
Record number of women have won major party primaries for governor, U.S. Senate and House
Catholic leaders attempt damage control in wake of Pennsylvania child sex abuse report -
Focus shifts to rescue efforts as rain abates in India’s flood-hit Kerala state
Law Students Looking to Fight Trumps Agenda Will Not Find Support at Their Schools
What the history of human sacrifice tells us about our shared past: @knowablemag
Aretha the legend may be gone, but her namesake asteroid orbits on
Georgia politician not bothered by Trump’s use of racial slur ‘in the past’
Average US mortgage rates fall; 30-year at 4.53 percent
This clever wedding band is one ring that breaks into two
🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia tests Japan-inspired nap pods for hajj 📷 @AHMADALRUBAYE #AFP
Hong Kong is at the forefront of China’s expanding authoritarian influence
Merseyside Police and Liverpool council apologise over victim blaming tweet
Turnout in this year’s U.S. House primaries is up, especially on the Democratic side
More than two million Muslims begin annual hajj pilgramage in Mecca
Strategies for Sustainable Food Systems in Smart Cities #resources
British woman rescued 10 hours after falling from cruise ship off coast of Croatia
Search for bodies ends in Genoa as final bridge collapse death toll hits 43
Ecuador shuts door on Venezuelans without passports
How D.C. drowned out white nationalists
Decoding the science behind the amazing glowing fireworm STORY:
Why is the phrase late capitalism suddenly everywhere? Annie Lowrey investigates
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Heres why Turkeys currency has collapsed:
No place to hide: exiled Chinese Uighur Muslims feel states long reach
Chinas Giant Ionosphere-Zapping Radar Is Weaponry Masquerading as Science
#Trump lashes out at #Russia probe, calls it McCarthyism
Wind Solar Conserve Freshwater Reserves That Other Electricity Generators Squander
Midwives under fire after newborn baby dies in hospital bed with mother
Self-Managed Abortion Care Becomes Urgent as Threats to Roe v. Wade Mount
Don McGahn reportedly cooperating with Mueller
Inside the invite-only @SlackHQ channel for designers
Archaeological sites at risk from climate change
Iraq Supreme Court ratifies result of May vote
Does your business strategy incorporate dynamics insights?
Rain eases but danger remains in India flood
Unearthing the secrets of human sacrifice:
Exapunks is a cyberpunk hacking game that has you printing your own zines
#Teach4Climate: Your students can learn about becoming #citizenscientists with CoCoRaHS.
Over 650,000 people are demanding the #FinalSay on Brexit - add your voice here
#ICYMI: What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls
Tributes pour in on Sunday for former UN head Kofi Annan
Why has Turkey detained Christian pastor at centre of diplomatic crisis with US?
London workers are queuing up for free food because they cant afford to eat
Ahead of cross-border family reunion, South Koreans express anticipation.
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EU claims that the Greek crisis is over are tragically optimistic
Indefensible - Seven Myths that Sustain the Global Arms Trade #experimental #publishing
Cities cant sidestep lawsuits over crumbling sidewalks
Up, up and away! Worlds first flying scooter floats over Dongguan
Varoufakis says biggest mistake was trusting Tsipras
Myconos hit by water cuts
Why luck matters—much more than you think, by Robert H. Frank
Genoa death toll hits 43 as missing family found
Aftermath of 6.3-magnitude earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia
NHS kept using danger syringes in bid to save money, investigation claims
This design generation has failed
Drowning woman dies on beach in southern Spain today #EuropeanNews #EuroWeekly
Elon Musk says changing the way he (over)works is not an option @GlobeBusiness
The White House attorney talked for months to the Mueller probe, the New York Times reports.
How Bradfords Bingley Music Live became a blueprint for urban festivals
Northern B.C. residents face more evacuation orders as wildfires sweep region @GlobeBC
Japan and South Korea brace for twin typhoons
How to Create Age Friendly Cities #sustainability
UN panel calls on Bahrain to release activist Nabeel Rajab
Why did NASAs Pioneer spacecraft mysteriously slow down? @AstronomyMag
Modi says India will send manned flight into space by 2022
Cambridge University plans free degrees for poorest students
July housing starts up a slight 0.9 percent as tariffs bite
The Latest: Trump tweets support for pastor jailed in Turkey
The idea of spending money on children is a fairly modern idea.
What happens to the human race if we dont hit our global climate targets?
Voters Don’t Like #Antifa Protesters, Say They’re Looking for Trouble
The Hairy, Sweaty, Stinky Truth About Why We Hate Our Bodies
Ed Westwick will be back to work very soon after sexual assault case dropped
Women activists in Nepal call for equality on citizenship bill
Top Sweden Democrat shared Swedes are white song
10 steps to increase diversity in design right now
From the AP archives: Witness describes the first moments after the crash at Westminster
Trump’s visa crackdown is hitting Maryland’s crab industry hard
#Chinas Xi Jinping says military must resist corrosion of corruption
Scientists find hidden colony of orangutans #orangutanday
A fresh tremor shakes Indonesias Lombok
China agriculture ministry says 88 hogs die from African swine fever in Jiangsu
German FA boss wishes he gave Özil more support over racist attacks
Korean families to meet after decades in temporary reunions
Cities to feds: Wheres the transit money you promised?
Premium paid for upscale Yorkville condo with garden setting
Did you know? #canolaoil #health
Honorary Forest Ranger Betty White Makes Fire Prevention Video
Nature vs. nurture: Study on twins shows athletic destiny not set at birth
Mark Ballas Returns to Broadway in ‘Kinky Boots’
Pete Davidson talks to GQ about love and Ariana Grande
Indian PM pledges aid as rain lets up in Kerala
Add Your Voice to the Many Others Fighting for Change! #Petition #TakeAction #Resist
Cyprus extradites EgyptAir hijacker who took photos with hostages
ICE lawyers looking to reopen thousands of deportation cases that had been considered closed
Donald Trump would deport Melania if she divorced him, claims Omarosa
Greek Navy, Coast Guard Search for Missing Greek-American Enters Second Day
Paris aquarium offers refuge for unwanted goldfish
hy this Florida city is debranding Itself
Brit on FBI’s most wanted list over alleged precious metals ‘fraud’
The Amazing Italian Spiedini | Behind the Scenes | Jamie Cooks Italy
Eight mid-century American motels reborn as boutique accommodation
Be horrified at all the ways climate change will destroy us, kindly collected in one map:
The Evolution of Vehicle Safety: The Intersection of Automation and Human Behavior
Reunion for families divided by Korean war
Putin urges Europe to help rebuild Syria so refugees can return home
Is yoga more beneficial than stretching for NFL players?
Jamie-Lynn Sigler To Star in ‘Hunting Season’
Kelly Clarkson Signs Deal to Star in Her Own Daytime Talk Show
The best way to type ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Robinson Meyer explains
Inmates plan nationwide prison strike over forced labor, appalling conditions
Cyprus extradites EgyptAir hijacker who took photos with hostages
Tropical Space creates playground for chickens and children in Vietnam
As costly as [investing in sidewalks] is, it is not as costly as paving highways.
All the Nuclear Missile Submarines in the World in One Chart
Fire Warnings Issued for Mainland Greece, Greek Islands
Cyprus extradites Egyptian hijacker who dropped legal fight
Hot weather is returning to the UK
Everything you need to know about #Andalucia’s new #tourist rentals
Schools grapple with obligations to migrants in shelters.
Adults and children encouraged to play in Mikiya Koboyashis whimsical park
INSIGHT: Taiwan digs into puppy ice cream
Design is never neutral
Reese Witherspoon, Keith Urban on board for cancer telethon
Never forget: Donald Trump has an incredible memory, except when hes under oath.
Dont eat poppy seeds before taking a drug test READ:
Pentagon worried that U.S. trade war with China could lead to actual war
Government’s Track Record Suggests BUILD Act Wouldn’t ‘Pour Money’ Into Africa
Greek President Hails Former UN Leader Kofi Annan
Renewable resort: Greek island to run on wind, solar power
Regling in Kathimerini: First half of 2015 cost Greece 86-200 bln euros
Tributes pour in for former UN chief and Nobel laureate #KofiAnnan
Jacob Rees-Mogg warns Theresa May Brexiteers will block her plans unless they are changed
More than 2 million #Muslims begin #haj pilgrimage
Its time to end the blue-blood harvest, writes Sarah Zhang
Georgia politician not bothered by Trump’s use of racial slur ‘in the past’
Indian PM surveys flood damage in Kerala as the Air Force drops aid to victims
Over 650,000 people are demanding the #FinalSay on Brexit - add your voice today
Twin typhoons threaten Japan and South Korea
Don’t have the time for long-term travel? Maybe try microgapping
A great reminder to all technology designers, from Apple in 1985
Low-key televised address to mark bailout program exit
Standard Studio use skylights to funnel light into Amsterdam loft
Three Revolutions: What Cities Need to Do To Prepare for Disruption
Judge told to consider protections for Montana grayling fish
Boris Johnsons Facebook page hosts hundreds of Islamophobic comments after burqa row
Swedish PM pledges to hike taxes on the very, very rich
From the AP archives: Washington Rally Leader: Speakers Scared Away
Dale Vince, Eco Warrior: Part 3, Journey Into The Future
Sex scandals fester at unhealthy organizations, experts say.
Panoramic view of the South Pole sky
Around 800,000 people displaced by worst flooding for a century in Kerala, India
More than two million Muslims begin Hajj - the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca
#Italybridgecollapse: Search operation ends, death toll rises to 43
Mike Ashley needs a new approach to make House of Fraser anything like Harrods
Fracking is destroying U.S. water supply, warns shocking new study
Appareil Architectures black metal cabin hides in a Quebec forest
More than two million Muslims begin Hajj pilgrimage
Wildfires are the new normal for California STORY:
This Strange Austrian Machine Is the Best All-Terrain Truck Youve Never Heard Of
Search continues for missing Greek-American off Oinousses
Ben Carsons new push against fair-housing rules has a NIMBY twist
The irony of Moscows unauthorized exhibition has not escaped the infamous graffiti artist
#Chinese police nab suspects after S$120 million #cryptocurrency theft
Government concerned over claims of looting on Second World War shipwrecks
Foodies Look No Further – Here’s a Modern Twist on Greek Moussaka
Our first look at Alphabet’s smart city
Farmers spread red chili peppers on a sunny day in #Sanliurfa, #Turkey #AA #dronephotography
How the Notion of ‘Smart Cities’ Has Changed #economy
How to live like a Local in #Accra, #Ghana #travel
#Iran announces new #fighterjet
The troubled history of horse meat in America, by Susanna Forrest
Judge allows Trump administration to dismantle key part of housing desegregation rule
Putin calls on Europe to help pay for Syria reconstruction
PM invites Estonians to value countrys extraordinary nature
First ever Baltic Film Festival in New York to be held in October
Stournaras says Greece has a long way to go after exiting bailout
If Irans Mossadegh was in charge today, he would have negotiated with Trump, analysts say
What may unfold in Syrias Idlib and why is a bloodbath likely?
Opinion: Is Trump killing nuclear arms control or will he be the world’s saviour?
#SouthKorean families gather on eve of rare #reunion
Spanish league plans to play regular-season match in US
Trump’s visa crackdown is hitting Maryland’s crab industry hard
Rush to visit Francos tomb before his remains are moved
#Israel closes its people crossing with #Gaza over border incidents
Fraher Architects added a simple glass-roofed extension to this terraced house in London
Ghana mourns Annan, grandson of tribal chiefs to UN chief.
Autostrade boss pledges €500m to help Genoa
Retracing the footsteps of Lorca, #Granada’s most celebrated poet, during his centenary year
Couples speak honestly about open relationships in this @TheAtlVideo:
Shortage of medicine, drinking water for Kerala flood survivors
Putin dances with Austrias Foreign Minister at her wedding
This smartphone UI saves your battery (and looks classy AF)
Technology Implementation Guides for Smarter Cities #governance
Greek Water Polo Youth Team Advance to World Championship Final
A top Trump fundraiser is reportedly under investigation
Weather: Cloudy for many with light showers
Western Europeans and Americans share a similar level of skepticism about elected officials
One of the worlds largest urban forests is under threat from a tiny beetle.
Toyota Made the Most Badass Minivan
Cristiano Ronaldo makes winning Serie A debut for Juventus
What if the problem isn’t the president—it’s the presidency? asks John Dickerson
Sheffield kitchen refurbishment by From Works
Club culture, and the design it inspired, finally gets a visual history
#Chinas #agriculture ministry says 88 hogs die from #Africanswinefever in #Jiangsu