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Detour Gold investor joins Paulson in calling for miner to put itself up for sale
Obama Criticizes Rise of “Strongman Politics” in a Thinly Veiled Criticism of Trump
Boeings Newest F-15 Packs More Than Two Dozen Missiles
#BritishAirways says computer problems affecting operations at #Heathrow
NTSB: Terrain warning system in floatplane that crashed near Ketchikan was turned off
VERBATIM: White House says Trumps no was misinterpreted
From Rust Belt to robot belt?
Report finds states that limit property tax increases are hurting low-income families
Democrats roll out their newest midterms slogan: “For the People.”
U.S. Commerce launches national security probe into uranium imports
Leaked Documents Show Facebook’s ‘Threshold’ for Deleting Pages and Groups - Motherboard
FYROM leaders debate name deal referendum
ATHEX: Bourse index at 17-day high
Centeno calls Athens for reform ownership
According to geologists, were living in a new age
Download the brochure to see what’s in store this year. #MethanolForum #ArgusMedia #Methanol
Costco launches online grocery shopping, delivery in Canada
Mermaid Maritime awarded $16m Arabian Gulf contract
Let’s talk about a woman’s worth
Spanish brand @ZARA agrees on deal to produce hats and scarves in Russian textile factory
Citing Founding Fathers, Former FBI Director Tweets ‘Vote for Democrats This Fall’
Senate Democrats warn of gigantic loopholes in Trump tax cuts
House Republican lies about conservative ‘censorship’ on Fox News
The brain of Ben Barres: How a neurobiologist rewrote how cells operate:
Ruins spanning 13,000 years of history are now exposed to vandalism and looting
A lava bomb smashed through a tour boat in Hawaii, injuring 23 people
Automakers say U.S. tariffs could raise vehicle prices by $83-billion @GlobeBusiness
#FromTheSouth News Bits | The world is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela. #MandelaDay
Facebook emojis concur: Trump’s America is an angrier America.
Wall Street traders set for best year since aftermath of crisis
.@NavigantRSRCH shares the first step for #DER during the Spanish #energy transition. Read:
The best backpack for every type of adventure
The Great Barrier Reef is losing its ability to recover from coral bleaching events
Einsteins office on the day he died, April 18th 1955.
These 5 great ads for good causes were made by college students:
Cuomo widens poll lead over Nixon in New York governor race
Illinois activists protest student debt and demand Education Department forgive their loans
The human cost of getting used to @realDonaldTrump:
First Ethiopia-Eritrea flight in 20 years lands
Police: Suspect dead after wounding 3 Kansas City officers
Queen Elizabeth wore the brooch the Obamas gifted her for Trump’s visit
The First Casualty of Russia’s War Against Ukraine: The Truth
The discovery of a sealed coffin in Egypt has the internet all worked up about curses:
Political leader and anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela was born on this day in 1918.
If Trump really misspoke when he defended Putin, he forgot to tell Tucker Carlson
Whats the impact of the initial rounds of tariffs on rated corporates in the US and China?
Trump resumes his Russia denialism.
North Korea to return U.S. soldiers remains in weeks: Pompeo
Exploring the flip side of downtown #Nashville with @mikkibrammer! #travel
How 500 years of weird condiment history designed the Heinz ketchup bottle (from 2013)
Honda ASIMO #robot development comes to an end -
#ICYMI: Here are todays Daily #Trump Approval Numbers... @POTUS @realDonaldTrump...
It may be too late for the EU’s tech fantasies to come true @GlobeBusiness
Smart Cities and the Weather #technology
Foreign Ministry: Lack of respect towards Greece must stop
Germany forces 1,050 Tesla owners to forgo electric car bonus
Obama was never the revolutionary Nelson Mandela was - @CornelWest
John Booth hand paints abstract faces for Tributes ceramics collection
LIVE: Sarah Huckabee Sanders holds the first White House press briefing in over two weeks.
Southwest Power Pool issues hot weather alert for southern region | @KassiaMicek story:
How to decide if it’s better to pay down debt or build up your savings
NASA-funded solar sail uses metamaterials to generate more power
White Houses Kudlow blames Chinas Xi for blocking U.S. trade deal
Greece’s last bellfounders keep time-honored craft alive
Amazon’s stock market value hits $900-billion, closing in on Apple @GlobeTechnology
EU unemployment rate falls to near pre-recession low
Paying its NATO dues
Zuckerberg doesnt think Facebook should do anything about Holocaust deniers
Prosecutors say arrested Russian guns rights activist was a spy
US #crudeoil stocks up a surprising 5.84 million barrels: #EIA |
Foreign visitors have reportedly spent $1.5 billion in Russia during the #WorldCup
Why some black holes look different from others: @NautilusMag
Mike Pompeo says #NorthKorea deal may take some time, sanctions to remain
Here are all the Republican leaders and conservative activists Maria Butina met
Urbanisation makes us richer, happier and healthier
Commentary: Trump has attacked U.S. intel agencies. Expect them to strike back.
Easyjet plans to sue after French air strikes cost the airline 28 million Euros
Honda’s Clarity Vehicles Hint At Whats To Come As Honda Moves To Electrify Sales
What cities do right to integrate immigrants, in 4 charts
NFLs Cowboys top Forbes most valuable teams list
Mark Zuckerberg doesnt want to ban Holocaust deniers or Sandy Hook truthers
Coroner who didn’t investigate Wettlaufer victim death testifies at inquiry
U.S. housing starts hit nine-month low; permits drop
Trump rejects US intelligence agencies day after claiming he backed them
Team Sky dominates the Tour de France’s action-packed Stage 11 @Globe_Sports
A new web series about #ecovillages and #IntentionalCommunities is ready to launch:
Daniel Dennett: stop telling people they dont have free will
Trump expects big results, including North Korea, after Putin summit
Take your canoeing to the next level on Ontario’s mighty Madawaska
Parks Canada expands Bruce Peninsula National Park with 3,000-acre purchase @GlobeToronto
Take your canoeing to the next level on Ontario’s mighty Madawaska @tgamtravel
Whats three letters and comes before Rock and Cudi? Solve todays crossword:
Cyprus to honor Noratlas dead
Leadership rival Boris Johnson delivers harsh speech attacking British PM’s Brexit strategy
Tackling the ultimate problem set: The first year at MIT
Illegal marijuana grow operations take a big toll on the environment:
The air in US national parks has just as much ozone pollution as the air in major cities
Voters Fear #Government With Too Much Power... #BreakingPoll
Trump Administration Seeks Comments on New Anti-Abortion “Gag Rule” Proposal
Japan: The birthplace of ninjitsu is running out of ninja performers
Oops! Federal officials divulge secret info about Native American artifacts
The #Argus #Ethylene Annual 2018 report is now available! Get a sneak peek now.
stock market value hits $900 billion, threatens Apple
Trump contradicts intelligence director, says Russia is no longer targeting United States
Justice minister #Kontonis unveils draft bill establishing judicial police force in #Greece
Senators detail how Russian hackers targeted American military families
Leaked documents show precisely where Facebooks threshold is for deleting Pages and Groups
What did Russians think of the Helsinki summit?
WH Stenographer Who Resigned in Protest: Trumps Not Even Trying to Tell the Truth
Obama urges Africa to do more to stem brain drain
Trump can’t be impeached for his words in Helsinki @GlobeDebate
academic kindness explained | courtesy of @SarahCAndersen
Scientists discover the purpose of a mysterious 3700-year-old Babylonian tablet
White House releases dire deficit projections as Trump and GOP begin push for more tax cuts
Ryanair says biggest-ever strike to ground 600 flights next week
Trans activist Isa Noyola: Crushing the patriarchy frees men, too #HowWellWin
Trump just nominated a pesticide exec to oversee science at the USDA
Iran takes U.S. to court over violating Iran deal, builds factory for centrifuge parts
Trump says U.S. may pursue separate trade deal with Mexico
Understanding the Soul Of A City #society
Restoring Bond Buckets in US CLOs Not Raising Risk #Fitchwire
Spain: Amazon Workers Continue 3-Day Strike
The law that broke up the Rockefeller oil empire a 100 years ago may soon be used on OPEC
EU slaps record €4.3bn fine on Google
Getting a mammogram is really, really hard when youre disabled
Beijing urges expats to apply for Chinese ‘green cards’
Why are fertility rates falling?
Why do winemakers destem their grapes?
Jupiters got twelve new moons — and one is a bit of a problem child:
Trump says he’s ‘getting closer’ to reaching a bilateral trade deal with Mexico
Immortal Egypt: The Road To The Pyramids (Ancient Egypt Documentary) | Timeline
The Big Banks’ Quarterly Earnings via @WSJGraphics
34 years ago, KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov chillingly predicted modern America:
Judicial watchdogs are incCourt to make Brett Kavanaugh’s entire record public
51% of the public thinks major tech companies should be regulated more than they are now
How the Marshall Plan helped avoid World War 3:
Nineteen Dead, 25 Missing as Migrant Boat Sinks off Northern Cyprus
Woman arrested for stealing from church in Patra
Piraeus Port Authority to host event on maritime surveillance
Armed Forces Chief Evangelos Apostolakis discharged from hospital
Its not too late to save Brexit, Johnson tells UK parliament
Pro-Assad villages evacuated in northern Syria
More Powerful 2019 Nissan LEAF Will Have 200+ Mile Range
Key trends from our new Home and Garden data:
Study: Urgent care clinics are seriously overprescribing antibiotics
The Dow at 30,000? It could happen, Dennis Gartman says @GlobeInvestor
Britain to consult public on possible bid to join Pacific trade pact #CPTPP
Studio Libeskinds Museum of Zhang ZhiDong references Wuhans industrial past
Analysis: How many controversies must occur before Dungavel is finally closed?
What your smart devices know (and share) about you: @kashhill @suryamattu
It was time for take off for the first direct Ethiopia-Eritrea flight in 20 years
The age-old conundrum, is a hot dog a sandwich? is a top US question on #hotdogs. Happy #NationalHotDogDay.
A hidden FANG trade is rising thanks to these exotic bonds
#Breaking: Raptors trade DeMar DeRozan to San Antonio, acquiring Kawhi Leonard
SP hovers at five-month highs, Amazon hits $900 billion market cap
Londons #Heathrow returns to normal after fire alert
Enter the dragon: Understanding Xi Jinping’s new era
Trump says U.S. may pursue separate trade deal with Mexico @GlobeBusiness
Trump and Senators Offer Rival Plans to Reorganize Bureaucracy, Drain the Swamp
#TechHistory #Intel @Intel
From the AP archives: May: Brexit plan would let UK and US strike ambitious trade deal
Greeces last bellmakers keep time-honored trade alive
The front-line fighters of the financial crisis are getting nervous about the next one
Heres what accused Russian spy Maria Butina told ThinkProgress in 2016
Activists Fighting Kavanaugh Nomination Say Schumer Must Step Up
In U.S. prisons, tablets open window to the outside world
American homeowners still have a big underinsurance problem via @WSJ
Here’s What Wave Elections Have Looked Like Over the Last 100 Years
Depth of the food deficit @OurWorldInData
Deepcut soldier shot himself after learning of discharge from Army, coroner rules
Can cities shape the automated future?
Searching for Mr. Right any way (and anywhere) I can find him
Chef Craig Harding’s six key ingredients for a Middle East feast
WATCH: @The_Scotia show 2 on precarious work
First public appearance for rescued Thai boys
Italian police seize vintage cars from suspected tax evader
Out now! The 2018 Latin America University Rankings #THElatamrank #THElatam #THEUnirankings
Nova Scotia unveils world’s first combined liquor-cannabis retail outlet
U.S. asks court to detain alleged Russian agent pending trial
#BREAKING Astronomers just discovered a dozen more moons around Jupiter READ:
In India, regulators are deciding the fate of sensitive data behind closed doors
Why the C-5 Galaxy Is Such a Badass Plane
7 free things to do in #Havana!
Navion computer chip makes #nanodrones smarter -
Passengers evacuated after train catches fire and ‘fills with smoke’
Subsidized Parking Hurts Cities. Here’s How to Start Fixing It. #governance
The Dark Forest theory: A terrifying explanation of why we haven’t heard from aliens yet
.@MichelleMalkin Tears Apart The Left’s Sick Celebration of Abortion
A total laggard
Uranium now in Trump’s tariff crosshairs — and Canada is the biggest supplier
U.S. Commerce launches national security probe into uranium imports
Top Shot: Having a Whale of a Time! #YourShot
One in three German companies can’t fill their training programmes: study
At least 16 people dead after a boat capsized off Cyprus
Federal judge rules the government must treat separated migrant kids for PTSD
In Siberia, Trump burger joint draws customers, occasional ire
Canada PM #JustinTrudeau shuffles Cabinet, seeks to reduce reliance on US
IRS Drops Rule that Required Disclosure of Donors to Political Nonprofits
Heres where evacuations are taking place due to Swedens wildfires
Ten gorgeous undiscovered Spanish seaside towns
Rent prices in Paris soar in six months since rent caps binned
Breakingviews - Gorman shows new Goldman CEO clean pair of heels
Were eating ourselves and the planet to death, writes @SharonFrielOz
For the first time, U.S. resettles fewer refugees than the rest of the world
Repair cafes aim to fix our throwaway culture
South Carolina fights U.S. plan to abandon nuclear project employing 1,800 via @WSJ
Denver Pledges 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030
North Korea set to repatriate US war dead on July 27 - report
North Korea set to repatriate US war dead on July 27 - report
Rights group raises concerns of trigger-happy Indonesian cops ahead of Asian Games
How to know if your life has been worthwhile | philosopher Luc Bovens
Cities and the vertical economy
WeWager: IWG suitors need sparkle to make takeover work @aimeedonnellan #WeWork #IWG
40% of peoples first memories never really happened
The European Union just hit Google with another massive antitrust fine.
Exclusive: Saudi Aramco mulls stake in worlds no. 4 chemical firm: sources
Italian food industry outraged by WHO report that calls for warning labels on salty foods
Labor’s Far-Right Problem: ICE and Border Patrol Unions Cheer Trump’s Immigration Crackdown
Nineteen dead as migrant boat sinks off Cyprus
Greece prepares to fly solo on bond markets
Native American leaders tell Senate to act to protect their voting rights
Here’s why Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t think Infowars should be banned
British man stabbed to death in #Spain party hotspot
Getting kids to eat 16kg of chocolate to win football isn’t sporting, MPs tell Nutella
I designed Facebook, ‘so if someone’s going to be fired for this, it should be me’
Quiz: Can you figure out what these untranslatable German words mean?
Why His Female Law Clerks Are Among Brett Kavanaugh’s Biggest Advocates
Hawaii extends federal Title IX protections to LGBTQ students
Jim Carr handed top trade role, Amarjeet Sohi takes resources as Trudeau shuffles cabinet
Trumps recent behavior is too ridiculous even for Russian state media
Zuckerberg: The Recode interview with @karaswisher
Danske Bank offers to donate gains from laundering scandal to good causes
#TreatYoSelf to some delicious summer treat ideas on a budget from @BrewingHappines:
The Many Benefits of Cherries for Your Heart Health, Weight, and More!
One of Trump’s judges may have just given him the power to ensure his own reelection
Meet a traveller: Chris Sheldrick, world mapper and CEO of @what3words 
Images from NASAs Apollo missions are brought to life in a flip-book style animation.
The to-die-for career of Gus Van Sant @GlobeArts
Einstein was usually right — but not every time. What the legendary physicist got wrong:
Watch Blue Origins escape test that will push the rocket to its limits, live right now
.@BuzzFeed unveils a sophisticated new look
OJT creates compact starter home for skinny site in New Orleans
Congratulations to all the winners in our Asia Awards for Excellence 2018
ICYMI: Under Criticism, Trump Says He Misspoke after Russia Summit
Amazon sells more than 100 million products on Prime Day event
Cliff Richard wins court case against BBC
Ruins spanning 13,000 years of history are now exposed to vandalism and looting
Police arrest 231 people in Pedio tou Areos crackdown
Lawsuit Challenges Trump’s Massive Offshore Drilling Sale in Gulf of Mexico
Lacking protection
Woman dies after boat capsizes in Cyprus
Over a dozen refugees drown off Cyprus coast
Russia says Greeces expulsion of its diplomats to have consequences
Scientists are speeding up evolution to build climate change resistance:
Working in retirement is not a sure thing
Exorcist reveals how to tell if you are possessed by a demon
#Ryanair cancels HUNDREDS of flights across #Spain and Europe for NEXT WEEK
Model claims she was turned away for being black in powerful Instagram post
A New Wife in the Sun: The Darling Buds of Prey
Trudeau shuffles six ministers, adds new ones to expanded cabinet @GlobePolitics
Aston Martin unveils sports car for the skies at airshow
Google hit with $5 billion fine for antitrust violations in Europe
Avison Young to buy European real estate company after $250-million investment from Caisse
How a Glasgow café is repairing the planet, one household item at a time
Democratic challenger to Don Young for U.S. House doesn’t live in Alaska
32 mistakes foreigners make when they arrive in France
Queen Elizabeth wore the brooch the Obamas gifted her for Trump’s visit
Obama urges Africa to do more to stem brain drain
The Janus Decision Scored a Major Win for Workers’ Rights. Here’s What Should Come Next.
How New York City is dabbling in dockless bikesharing
You Won’t Believe the Bizarre Academic Work Your Tax Dollars Fund
Top-tweeted emojis by country.
Eight TV shows that help explain Brexit Britain to your Italian friends
New York City brings dockless bikesharing to its transit deserts
Polestar 2 From Volvo — Electric Sedan With 350 Mile Range
Germanys Acute Nursing Shortage: My Nurse Named Mohamed
Paper Moon | Rethymno | To September 15
Giorgos Lappas | Hania | To August 31
Jewelry in the Cyclades | Myconos | To November 30
Morgan Stanley beats estimates on higher trading revenue @GlobeBusiness
Canadian LNG expected to have knock-on boost to country’s oil output
There may be a quadrillion tons of diamond buried deep inside the Earth
NFLs Cowboys top Forbes most valuable teams list
I want to be a navy SEAL: Thai soccer team makes first public comments since cave rescue
‘Anger’ topped ‘love’ when Facebook users reacted to lawmakers’ posts after 2016 election
Greece to process 1,500 asylum requests from Germany
Norman Hardie and the hype machine
Introducing the @Longreads Store! #StoriesMakeUsHuman
The value of late-in-life health care spending
Japans @FlyANA_official named the third best airline in the world by @airlinequality
Margaret Atwood honoured with Adrienne Clarkson Prize for Global Citizenship @GlobeArts
Police begin interviews over Grenfell Tower fire
The brain of Ben Barres: How a neurobiologist rewrote how cells work:
More than half of entrepreneurs think business rates are quite damaging or very damaging
4 things that currently break the speed of light barrier
The rat invasions of tropical islands can harm nearby coral reefs
#Spain’s three-day #Amazon strike results in #police clashes and arrests
Trump nominates a pesticide exec to oversee science at the USDA
How to Create a Great Home Entertainment System
Teslas Musk apologizes for comments on British caver
Chinese Firm’s Drug Recalled Over Cancer-Causing Impurity
Is Andrew Cuomo insecure about his small donations?

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